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Breasts & Tees

Tits & Tees

It’s oily crop-top time with the bodaciously pumped up, blue-eyed, sweet-faced brunette hair named Peyton Thomas, a glamorous 18-year-old novice to XL Girls. And what a great discover this babe is. Peyton does it all and so well. It is adore this babe was born to in nature’s garb it all.

The magic number is 40N. That’s the brassiere size this babe wears. Her whoppers are gigantic. Beyond belief. Solely calling them bigger than average means nothing. Our greasy oil cannon squirts Peyton until that babe is oozing with the stuff. Rubbing it in fine, Peyton’s tee becomes translucent. This babe rips off her top and the cock-stiffening tit display continues. Peyton gets completely undressed and spreads her shaved twat in pix suitable for framing on your petticoat chaser cave wall.

Peyton has done several hardcore scenes with more to come. What does she love lads to do to her?

“I adore foreplay,” says Peyton. “I like getting blow job, neck kissing and biting. Lick my a-hole, also. My favourite position is doggie…being pumped from behind by a sexy lad.”

Peyton receive to have no shortage of volunteers bonkers to get hands-on with her.

Watch More of Peyton Thomas at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Anal Addiction

Anal Addiction

“Guess what?” Layla Price asks as Stud-horse smacks and kisses her gazoo. “Your wang is going into that wazoo very rogering pretty soon.”

Ah… if u ask us, there’s no thing in the world more outstanding than an open invitation for anal. Layla may be the stupendous anal-copulation addict we have ever featured here at BootyLicious. We’ve met girls who loved getting cock drunk on anal, but none of ‘em actually told they most like ace copulate over getting their bawdy cleft drilled. This is one more level of freaky, and we’re lustful to have her.

And so is Studhorse. But u cant give a girl love Layla what she urges all at one time, though. You receive to tease her a bit, and Stud-horse does that by spitting on her ass and love tunnel during the time that playing with her clit and fingering her chocolate hole.

“Fuck, that’s so precious,” Layla groans. “I can not wait for u to be inside me.”

This babe isn’t lying. Layla pulls Stallion’s finger without her gazoo, pulls his pants down and stuffs his knob into her mouth. She lustily works up and down his man-pipe, lubing it up so he’ll slip right into her vice-tight cookie and even tighter butt.

This is a sexy one, mates. You’ll be jerking to this one for weeks.

Watch More of Layla Price at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!

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Dream Girls

Fantasy Girls

There have been numerous great group fondle oil rub-down scenes with the world’s most succulent and exciting big-boobed girls of The SCORE Group. Chloe Vevrier, Lorna Morgan, Kerry Marie and Chaz in On Location Key Largo. Christy Marks, Lorna Morgan, Gianna, Terry Nova and Angela White in Large Boob Paradise. Hitomi, Natalie Fiore and Micky Bells in On Location Puerto Vallarta.

This oily rub-down scene of DDD-cupper Lavina Dream, 36GG bra-buster Roxanne Miller and sensational 34M Jennica Lynn is some other spectacular group massage for the large boob history books. All three gals are superstars of XL Beauties and the DVD XL Angels On Location is proof of their supernatural greatness. Roxanne and Lavina can’t await to acquire their fascinating hands and mountainous, soft milk sacks on the remarkably stacked body of Jennica Lynn.

Love previous oily rub-down group scenes insert exotic locations, this is a once-in-a-lifetime sexual event. The beauties take peculiar delight in their three-way rub-down. The two Romanians suck hard on Jennica’s 34M milk sacks, pour baby oil over her dark hole and bawdy cleft and all 3 grind and slip all over each other. It is as steamy as the weather in this tropical paradise. The cuties need relief to soothe their sexy funbags and wet cracks and they’re going to receive it!

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That babe is Sexy And That babe Knows It

She's Hawt And This babe Knows It

Goldie Ray was born for porn. The 3 bears are not contemplating at home for Goldie. Just one stunt-cock. His assignment: survive a sex session with Goldie. Goldie has a voracious erotic appetite and she has decided to unleash it and express it throughout adult modeling.

She thoughtfully gave SCORE 1st crack at her butt crack. From the very start, Goldie’s lips pour forth ribald talk. “I can’t expect to copulate you,” groans Goldie, rubbing Largo’s junk. “I can not wait to fuck your greater than standard, massive, banging ramrod.”

Goldie wears a blue mini-dress that zips down the front and fuck-me shoes. “Slide your big, plump penis between my biggest tits,” Goldie breathlessly says whilst Largo paws her bouncy bosoms. “I can hardly expect for u to copulate me with your larger than standard, biggest schlong right in my booty!”

Goldie is a live wire and this babe likes thick prick deep inside her constricted chocolate hole.

Adult films are tailor-made for Goldie and gals with her kind of heat. She craves raw, nasty sex, not downy Skinemax cable lovemaking.

Largo unzips her dress and displays her larger than average, creamy white melons. Goldie’s suit and knickers come off to reveal her marvelous body in all of its glory. Pale, ivory flesh that entreats to be cosseted and groped by lascivious studs.

Goldie encases Largo’s meat betwixt her melons, squeezing it, and that gent shags her squishy cleavage. Goldie wishes it in her wet crack, then in her constricted ass and that babe wishes that cum on her angelic face after her backdoor is plowed.

Back home, Goldie need to leave a trail of weary fuck-buddies in her wake!

Watch More of Goldie Ray at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

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Three For Pleasure

Three For Enjoyment

If jerking to Anna Beck working one knob is sexy, then seeing her handle two is even hotter. With her M-cup fullsome funbags and plush curves, this babe of course is woman enough to handle 2 lads. This is the second of 2 threeways Anna discharged with us. The first was published last month and the response from the Brotherhood of XL Men couldn’t have been more positive.

Wrote Gio: “I say bravo to XL CUTIES! What a precious surprise! U offer us the worthwhile Anna Beck with two studs, and it’s superb. Thank u very much!”

Wrote Seanster: “Wonderful movie scene and Anna is so nice in a trio! This babe is one of the best all naturals at the pont of time, and I hope we see much more of her. :)”

Ask and you shall acquire, brothers. Anna looks as sexy as ever this day. And we know we say that a lot about her, but it’s true. This babe looks like a hawt librarian with her darksome hair pulled back into a ponytail, thick rim glasses on and a white blouse that stands no chance of containing her super naturals.

And Marcel and Leny can not contain themselves when they see her. Their fuck fest starts on the balcony in advance of the threesome gather themselves a bit and head into the living room to finish what they started. Like all of Anna’s scenes, this one is hawt, enormous and intensive. And it ends with sexy man-gravy splattered on her perfect melons.

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Nutty, Sexy, Nifty

Crazy, Hot, Cool

Kamryn Monroe is our type of beauty. She has a bit of a wild, kooky side.

“I’ve rogered in plenty of places I shouldn’t have,” Kamryn said. “I one time drilled a Lothario in the vice principal’s office. That was during my senior year.”

You could say that babe graduated Magna Cum Louder. And like we’ve seen in her photo sets and vids, Kamryn is remarkably hawt.

“I really love getting myself dolled up,” Kamryn told. “I guess almost all gals do, but it took a whilst for me. I was kind of a tomboy growing up, so I did not receive into makeup and all of that until I was about 15. Now, you’ll always see me in a low-cut top and tight jeans or a short petticoat. Well, that is if I am wearing hawt outfit at all. I am bare most of the time when I am home.”

And all of that’s why this babe is nifty. Kamryn loves to acquire dolled up, but that babe is down to discharge in a black, abandoned warehouse coz that babe thinks it is fun and triggers the thought of fulfilling recent fantasies.

“This place is cool,” Kamryn told. “I’ve really at not time drilled in a warehouse in advance of. I’m gonna need to add that to my list!”

Watch More of Kamryn Monroe at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Bouncy Love bubbles

Bouncy Breasts

Bunny de la Cruz was in and without adult act quickly. That was surprising because everybody predicted a long career could be hers. This babe hasn’t been heard from since this babe left porn.

34JJ-cupper Bunny was fresh when she began shooting at The SCORE Group.

“I’m kind of surprised that there is not tons of rude people here,” Bunny said to one of the TSG editors. “I’ve done another undressed modeling and almost all places I’ve been to, the makeup artists and other people are kind of rude, but everyone here has been very worthy. I am appreciating being here very much. The photographers and all the studio people are very friendly.”

Big breasted Bunny got into adult movies though a familiar route: lap dancing. U don’t see many exotic dancers with such bigger in size than average natural breasts.

“I’m an lap dancer near my home. I dance at a hardly any different places because I acquire bored charming easily. You watch the same people all the time, so I love to move around some and acquire some multiformity. I adore the dancing part, but I also hate hot garments, so being undressed is a fine thing for me. I had a Voluptuous mag at home. I saw an ad there and answered it.”

Bunny had a tattoo placed in a very strategic area. When her bottoms come off, you can’t miss it.

“I think my wet crack looks pretty when it’s hairless, and I’ve a tattoo there. It’s a rainbow and above it, it says ‘taste the rainbow.’ The tattoo artist was even more uncomfortable than I was, I guess, ‘coz the whole time I was telling him how much I abhored him. That shit hurt, you know? The fact that I was screaming in pang kind of took away from the experience for him. He told he did not adore gals to scream and cry on his table, but I couldn’t aid it.

“I had to go back three times to receive it completely finished. It took Fourty minutes to an sixty minutes every time. It was awful, but it is something that I wanted. It is different and no one else has it. Everybody always remembers it. As far as shaving, I guess it looks and feels very clean to have my pussy bald. I’ve not at any time actually had hair down there, at least not since I have been sexually active. I’ve bald it for years, so I do not know how it feels to have hair down there.”

Why Bunny left porn, and so quickly, is unknown to us. Maybe it was a case of been there, done that. She’s missed!

Watch More of Bunny De La Cruz at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

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Cheerful Endings

Happy Endings

Well-built chicks like Suzumi Wilder need a beefy couple of hands to handle ‘em. There’re a lot of curves to navigate, and Tony Rubino is just the gent for the job. Suzumi has been feeling a bit stressed and this babe needs to unwind a bit. Tony is an professional at full-body unfathomable tissue rub-down. He’s hands-on, hands all over, and that is just what Suzumi needs right now.

“I’m a very sensual person,” Suzumi says. “I think touching and teasing is one of the hottest things. You can truly acquire any gal damp doing that. If you touch and tanalize a beauty everywhere but the hot spots–her wet crack and tits–that will actually acquire her going. She’ll be the one to pounce on you if u do that lengthy enough.”

Suzumi does just that after Tony oils up every inch of her plush body. She blows him off, hops on top of his dong and works him until this buck spills a sexy load onto her DDD-cup naturals.

Watch More of Suzumi Wilder at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Wide Load Nymphos

Wide Load Nymphos

One of Keama Kim’s sexual fantasies is “being taken control of.” That common female dream is more than gratified in this scene from the DVD Wide Load Nymphos. Keama acquires the thick shaft workout in this tender shag story. “A truly fine, inflexible fucking that makes me cum hard is what I adore,” Keama told. And that’s what Keama acquires.

You cant keep a priceless female down. In her robe, Keama bears a resemblance to a box of enjoyable chocolate candy, willing to be unwrapped. Her jugs appear ready to rip free of her 38F under garment straps. Banging in a tub is a slippery deal, but these two know how to get it on. Keama may be fine and clean in this washroom, but she loves getting down and filthy with a dirty stud.

See More of Keama Kim at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Sightseeing With Nikky

Sightseeing With Nikky

Looking for photo ops around city, Nikky Wilder and the XL Beauties employees checked out a deserted, graffiti-covered choo-choo teach depot where she showed off her big, suckable mammaries. Afterwards, Nikky and company went to a coffee shop to relax and enjoy the Florida sun.

Over coffee, we asked Nikky if this babe watches her XL Angels videos.

“I saw ‘em alone the first time and with a man-friend once more,” Nikky replied. “I haven’t had sex watching them but that sounds hawt. It is on my bucket list now, so thanks, XL Angels!”

Next up for Nikky is a XXX scene with one of her man-friends from XL Beauties. It is a tent pitcher, for sure. Nikky’s scenes always are!

Watch More of Nikky Wilder at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Ride Her Curves

Ride Her Curves

Sweet, sexy Dulcinea has a sexy date tonight. With her squishy curves and 36HH fun bags, that babe can make a unbending dude harder in seconds. Tony DeSergio aims to please. Dulcinea’s areolas harden as he plays with her bosoms. When this buck buries his schlong betwixt her magnificent mangos and screws her hooters, her nips acquire even more vertical.

A exciting couch fella, Dulcinea takes Tony’s subrigid meat in her face hole and sucks him subrigid. He pumps her mouth, her lips tightly encircling his enlarged shaft. From beginning to orgasm, the room is filled with Dulcinea’s fun sounds. This soaked steamer is a captivating screamer. “I love a guy to cum on my face and billibongs,” says Dulcinea. “Cumming anywhere is fine, actually, but I love the bukkake.”

Is Dulcinea more into foreplay, or penetration?

“I’d must say I love one as well as the other equally. Obviously, I like penetration cuz it’s more stimulating, but foreplay is great. I truly adore giving oral-sex ‘coz u can watch the other person’s reaction. It’s kind of the same thing with a ladies man going down on me. They can watch my reaction and receive more into it.”

And Dulcinea’s titties? Sensitive?

“My mambos are somewhat sensitive so I do not like anything also coarse. I definitely like ‘em being squeezed and licked. I love when boys nibble on the areolas. A little bit, not too much. Light nibbling. I adore tit-fucking. It’s adore one of my much loved things to do. I indeed adore it when I am lying down and the stud is on top of me ‘cuz u can receive a truly admirable cum discharged in the face that way. It’s likewise enjoyment if they’re sat down, though,because I can bounce and I’ve a bit more control that way.”

Dulcinea’s sexual quest is not the impossible fantasy. More vigour to her!

Watch More of Dulcinea at XLGIRLS.COM!