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Visiting Stacked Nurse Service

Visiting Stacked Nurse Service

Alanna Ackerman did a humanitarian thing by becoming an gal of lenience. We recommended several professions during our guidance counseling session with her. Among the trades talked about were big breasted nurse, breasty maid, breasty meter maid and big boobed TV Weather Girl. Alanna chose Big-Boob nurse. A wise decision.

Alanna has very special talents and they should not be wasted. Her healing touch, healing throat, healing vagina and healing booty can work miracles. After arriving at the home of this poor, sick bastard, Alanna properly checks his pecker pressure, one of the many techniques that babe was taught at big boobed nurse training school. Checking a patient’s testicle pressure with her mouth is often neglected by other nurses, but not by Alanna.

That babe elevates his metabolism by showing him her immense hooters. This one simple procedure has the patient up in no time, and in advance of you can say Hooter Hospital, Alanna’s getting plugged unfathomable inside her pink love-socket.

To enhance the patient’s recovery time, Alanna suggests this chap transfer his cock to her constricted chocolate hole. This one facile act of kindness is sufficient inducement to make him erupt all over her splayed jugs. It is a sure bet that this dude won’t at any time forget the treatment that the visiting stacked nurse service gave him.

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A Living Doll

A Living Doll

Living doll Holly Brooks dolls herself up for a private meeting with u…for your eyes solely. Sit back and let this blonde bombshell do her thing, inches from your face.

“I adore to age play and role play for studs,” told Holly. “It excites me to see a chap take his pecker out of his trousers for me. I adore it when a buck talks indecent to me and my twins.”

Holly plays with her bigger than typical hot fun bags and sticks her fingers in her face hole, clutch and booty, and after she explodes, she pops her fingers in her mouth afresh to smack her girl-nectar. Throw this hotty in the shower now in advance of this babe scorches the daybed.

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This Brit is cumming

This Brit is cumming

Lily Madison, one of the best British naturals I have ever viewed (and that’s saying a lot ‘coz the tradition of British naturals in SCORE and Voluptuous magazines is very long and very incredible), is back to brandish off her fashionable, buxom body and, certainly, a fresh hairstyle. This goddess changes her hair color more than most studs change their underclothing. But that is okay. It’s a woman’s prerogative. She can do whatever this babe desires and it’ll be priceless with me…well, almost everything. That babe cant prevent taking off her hot outfit for all the world to see.

Lily is a girl-next-door in a very modern way.

“I’m not afraid to make the first move,” she said. “I’ll hold his hand. Try to kiss him. If I love a gent, I’ll let him know it. No sense waiting around.”

We asked Lily what a lady-killer should do to reveal her he’s interested, and she laughed.

“Well, he probably shouldn’t try to put his face in my mangos, which has happened in advance of. Boyz have said, ‘Can I put my face in your marangos?’ They shouldn’t do that. If u can make me snicker, you’ve a chance. I love boyz with a wonderful sense of humor.

“I can crush beer cans in my rack. I have gigantic natural billibongs. I have wondrous tattoos. I am super-polite to everybody. I can balance tons of things on my head.

“I truly like swimming, and don’t make any jokes about whether my hooters float. They do, certainly. I love decorating cookies, taking pics and intend to music festivals.”

How wonderful is Lily? After her 1st SCORE shoot, that babe sent us a cake all the way from United Realm. We got the cake, but Lily takes the cake!

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The Ideal Bride

The Perfect Bride

“My flawless day is maybe going on the beach and getting a tan, and swim and splash in the water with my friends. It is admirable.”

Valory Irene is the consummate bride. This babe brought this bridal dream to life, and doing it outdoors on a day bed made it sexier. The weather was ideal. Even though the location was out side by the beach, it was private.

I am a sexy cutie,” said Valory. She meant her body temperature. “I’m always hot. My skin is always hawt, not cold, but if I’m near a fine gent and I adore him, of course, it cheers me up and makes me warm up even more. I do not think of myself as peculiar. I guess all vixens are specific, and any stud can make a lady feel special.”

If all hotties are specific as Valory told, that makes her extra-special.

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Deep Inside Veronica Bend

Deep Inside Veronica Bow

Once JMac began getting acquainted with Veronica Bow, a crowbar couldn’t separate ’em. This fellow was all over her and her large, pliable hangers–stuck adore glue. That stud sucked her nipps rigid. This babe sucked his knob rock hard and licked and sucked his testicles while that babe was down there.

Strings of saliva poured without her throat and trickled on her boobs, lubing ’em for a rigid tit-fucking. They fell into daybed, and for the first deep-fucking position, Veronica got on top, her back to him, and lowered herself on his pussy-filling pole.

Veronica likes being dominated. JMac is the fellow for that. Not fetish-style domination. Raunchy domination.

“I’m definitely passive,” told Veronica. “So I like a smooth operator who takes charge in every way. I love unfathomable penetration and that is what this chab gave me. I am happy I had the chance to shoot with JMac.”

Veronica will be back with JMac pretty soon, and Tyler Steel’s along for the ride too.

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Korina Kova’s Stairway To Heaven

Korina Kova's Stairway To Heaven

Stripping. Exotic dancing. Teat licking with tongue and breast play. Acrobatic, erotic moves. Muff playtime. Twerking. Gazoo and boob clapping. It is the boobalicious, bootylicious Korina Kova expose on a stairway to heaven. Hooter heaven.

SCORELAND: What do u desire to try that u haven’t done yet?

Korina: That’s a large question. I think just revert back to traveling. I’ve done a little bit so far and I indeed enjoyed it, so more of it would be great.

SCORELAND: Do you workout?

Korina: Well, “Tomorrow, tomorrow” is my motto. I’ve a guilty habit of setting that goal for myself, and I don’t entire it.

SCORELAND: What receives you off?

Korina: Oh, I like giving oral pleasure. It excites me and can acquire me off, even.

SCORELAND: Have u ever had sex with another hotty?

Korina: No, but that is one thing on the bucket list.

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Shelby Gibson Goes All The Way…Again!

Shelby Gibson Goes All The Way...Again!

SCORELAND: What have you learned about yourself sexually, if everything, since becoming a SCORE Hotty?

Shelby: Oh my god, it has been so much joy! I want that I had started sooner. I desire that I hadn’t waited so lengthy since my final time. I won’t wait this time and definitely wanna come back as pretty soon as you desire me. What held me back before was being unsure of myself. Not being comfortable showing myself to the world. The immense thing I’ve learned about myself since becoming a SCORE Goddess is that I can let go and be myself. That people really wanna watch me and it’s ok for me to display ’em. That sex is joy and don’t be ashamed to flaunt it!

SCORELAND: Do you observe any of JMac’s other scenes at SCORELAND? Which ones are your favorites?

Shelby: I like to observe JMac’s pics and movie scenes. And now that I have lastly screwed him, I adore watching him even more! That gent has done so many fine ones, it is rock hard to pick favorites. But I especially liked him with Nadia Villanova, Alexis Fawx, Sheridan Love and his first movie with Alyssa Lynn. I indeed liked one of his scenes with Maserati ‘cuz I gotta shoot at the same location for one of my solo sets. The threesome he did with Tony Rubino and Sheridan Adore may be my favourite. I’d adore to be in her place with those two guys!

SCORELAND: Are there any active SCORE Gals you’d like to have a girl-girl scene with or in a trio with a porn ladies man?

Shelby: I have really by no means been with some other cutie so that would be a new experience. I adore skinny and stacked girls. Korina Kova, Amy Anderssen, Sandra Sturm, Nadia Villanova, Sandra Star. A threesome with a porn smooth operator would be lots of pleasure. I’d adore to try that!

SCORELAND: How many times do you think you’ll observe this scene with your husband?

Shelby: The simple answer is a lot! It was so much joy for the one and the other of us! My hubby was there on-set and had a large subrigid cock the complete time! I had to take care of him after the discharge. This smooth operator was rock-hard and discharged one of his colossal loads ever!

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A veterinary tech

A veterinary tech

The greater than standard toy Anastasia Blake is pumping up inside her slit in this movie was made by Doc Johnson. It was different and there was something dirty about it. Which means it was priceless.

Anastasia had posed for a local photographer and saw the web resource whilst surfing the Net. She had a friend snap numerous test shots that she emailed to us. The Ohio veterinary technician has a boyfriend and a girlfriend. U know what that means…she just needs a fourth person for bridge.

A Voluptuous Hotty, Anastasia wears a bra “anytime I go anywhere or when I’ve company, but almost any of the time when I’m just relaxing at home, I go bra-less. I am usually in scrubs cuz I’m usually out after work. But when I’m really going out, I wear good jeans and a taut top, a tank top in summer, a sweater in winter and always some sort of good shoes. I have a giant adore of shoes. I’ve more shoes than bras.”

Anastasia related her hottest experience.

“My girlfriend came to my house, and the evening ended with one as well as the other of us in ottoman with my hubby. We tied him up and I sucked his weenie while this chab ate her out and this babe ate me out. It was beautiful intensive and so amazing!”

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Blake Emerald’s Valentine Virgin Confidential

Blake Emerald's Valentine Virgin Confidential

“I am such a tanalise and I feel love no thing is more admirable than a admirable striptease,” told Las Vegas local and girl-next-door Blake Emerald, a ally of Codi Vore and a webcam hotty. Codi alerted us about Blake, who had not at all modeled for an established studio in advance of. “I too enjoy giving oral and being spanked. And I adore when people don’t skip the nipple play. Blake is bi but hasn’t gotten past the make-out stage yet.

Whilst still a virgin, Blake is a bit of a kinkster. She can’t live with out role play, findom (look it up), femdom, taboo topics, mistress worship, masturbation and striptease. This babe doesn’t put in fingers or toys when that babe masturbates. You’ll watch her technique in the movie. She’s not ever been tit-fucked either. She explains why in the video.

“I have had so many perverted experiences because I like asking people about their kinkiest dream that they have been likewise nervous to try and then role playing it with them. Someone requested a coercive alien role-play one time. That was a enjoyment first.” Blake did not say if this babe was asked to costume as Scully from The X-Files for that fantasy.

Blake Emerald’s own carnal dream is rogering somebody with a strap-on. Blake also said that her hiccup movies are popular. That is a kink no one has ever emailed XL Beauties about.

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Stacked And Serviced

Stacked And Serviced

Rachel Like is the real estate agent showing a abode with particular focus on the bedroom. But then this lookie-loo recognizes Rachel from SCORE and solely urges to shag her.

Flattered, she doesn’t mind when this man asks her if he can take her photo. In fact, this babe automatically starts to lift up her whoppers with her hands from vigour of habit. You can take the real estate agent without the model but you can not take the model out of the real estate agent.

They go wild on every other as pretty soon as they can. A goddess has to do what a goddess has to do in this lousy economy. At least her twat isn’t sub-prime. In fact, it is AAA-rated.

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Breasty body pumping

Busty body pumping

Maggie Green looks directly into the camera and begins talking ribald, which she got better and more wondrous at as that babe gained accomplished. Tony DeSergio sits behind her and listens then comes over and begins to shag the shit out of her, eventually jerking into her face hole.

Maggie looks at the digi camera once more and makes a expose of the dripping cum in her throat, rolling it around, eating it and licking with tongue the spillage off her greater than standard milk cans.

Maybe this is no larger than average deal for a boy who watches tons of hardcore but it was for me. We attempted for a long-time to photograph Maggie just to get pictures of her naked mammaries.

Originally, Maggie solely modeled wearing constricted tank tops and tight jeans on a popular sports blogger’s website, “Sports By Brooks.” That is where I 1st saw her pix. When Maggie lastly acquiesced to shoot for SCORE, she would do merely basic nudity, no spreading.

Time passed. She assented to girl-girl with Daphne Rosen. A greater than average step. Daphne fucked her with a strap-on sex-toy.

Two years later, a 3some with Angela White and a woman chaser in Saint Maarten. This chab drilled her funbags and she stroked his nuts, but Angela did all of the enormous lifting.

“I helped put the meat-thermometer in Angela’s cum-hole!” Maggie told. “That was enjoyment. I liked doing that. I have no idea why. It felt filthy, putting somebody’s meat-thermometer in another chick’s wet crack.”

In a separate scene, the same fellow tit-fucked her and nutted her chest. But no screwing.

A year later, Maggie did her first bonk scene, and the genie was out of the bottle. It wasn’t just with out the bottle. The bottle exploded.

From tank-top pics to full-sex and becoming a hardcore sex star was a slow progression that took years. I suppose the merely thing Maggie hasn’t done yet is anal dance.

“I’ve observed plenty of porn,” Maggie said during one of our interviews. “I was a bigger than run of the mill fan of Jenna Jameson. Still am. I always thought it was sexy and I was always curious…like, ‘What would that be like?’ And then I did my first girl on girl scene. I liked that. I love angels. And I adore wang much more than I love angels, and you get maturer and u do not wanna await also lengthy before you try smth, and I am the kind of person who doesn’t regret ram when I do it. I regret when I do not try smth I’m curious about.”

So that is why Maggie Green rolling cum around in her mouth during the time that she looks into the digi camera will always be a greater than average deal to me.

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