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A Gal With More Of Everything

A Girl With More Of Everything

Florida beauty Brandie Moore likes reading, writing poetry, playing clip games and relishing the ravisher of Florida weather.

Brandie’s not a sports fan but will view a game or 2 on TV if this babe is dangling out with friends. What kind of boy does Brandie love? “I adore a tall gent with a great sense of humor, guys with darksome eyes and hair.”

Brandie can’t live out of to costume “cute and laid back.” A skirt or trousers and a low-cut shirt works for her. Her large hills give her enjoyment. She attracts a ton of breast-men whenever she goes out.

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Tool time girl

Tool time babe

Noelle Easton plays a “Tool Time Girl” in a solo scene filmed in our shop. She is well-equipped for the job.

That babe became a hot dancer one month after her 18th birthday. Noelle is from Tennessee and was 18 years aged when she first visited SCORE.

“I was raised to be a good goddess,” that babe told. “We’re raised to be precious angels in the south. But I can likewise kick some butt.”

She’s dunky and top-heavy with natural wobblers.

“I’m definitely a tit beauty. I like milk cans. I like all pointer sisters. Meatballs are pleasure. I was a D until about 10th grade. I was a double-D for a whilst, and then I moved up to triple-D, otherwise known as F. Now I am a G.”

Noelle indeed group drilled out the videos, mostly hardcore scenes. She’s slowed down on the boy-girl since then and now has a website where that babe does at-home clips, mainly girl-alone act. This babe likewise has a tattoo sleeve on her right arm.

“I did not realize how much I loved sex until I got into porn,” Noelle told. “I was adore, ‘Woohoo! This is pleasure!’ I indeed like to reveal off. I adore to be in front of the camera.”

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Lay down, Sally!

Lay down, Sally!

Sally D’Angelo, a 63-year-old granny with blond hair, humongous whoppers and filthy-talking throat, is ready to go out. That babe is wearing a taut, short dress that hugs those larger than average jugs of hers. She sees herself in the mirror and likes what she sees. We do, also. Before she knows it, Sally has decided to stay in and have enjoyment the afternoon. This babe unveils off her mounds and bawdy cleft. This babe rides a sex tool. She talks obscene, certainly, coz that is what Sally does.

Sally, what’s the wildest thing you have done off-camera?
“When I was youthful, I drilled my hubby behind the bed whilst my daddy was asleep on that daybed.”

You’ve been DP’d at Have you ever had a DOUBLE PENETRATION in your personal life?
“Yes. As u know, I’m a swinger, and my first was with my hubby and some hunk I picked up at the disrobe club. I loved having his big shlong in my a-hole!”

Do u ever get recognized when you’re out and about?
“Yes, all the time at airports, the mall, the gym, the post office, neighbors, Wal-Mart and, almost any recently, I just moved and the landscaper recognized me.”

Have u ever had sex with a fan?
“As a matter of fact, I did. A Lothario at a restaurant recognized me. We chit-chatted and he was cute, so I told ok, let us shag, and holy bonk, did this chab have a stupendous ding-dong. Biggest one I have ever seen on a white boy.”

How has being a porn star changed your life?
“It hasn’t. I’ve always been perverted, but now I receive paid.”

What about you would surprise us?
“I’m truly a nun. Just kiddng. Honestly, I used to be very, very shy.”

What’s your prefered thing about being a model?
“I’ve always wanted to be in the spotlight. Now I’m.”

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A BBC for the bigger in size than run of the mill bootied white honey bunny

A BBC for the greater than run of the mill bootied white chick

I once asked Sara Jay why she prevented being a lapdancer, and she told, “I just do not like it. It is not as much fun as rogering. I do what I love. I like exotic dancing on stage, but I do not like hustling lads. I don’t adore saying to them, ‘It’s more worthy in the champagne room,’ when we all know it is not more awesome in the champagne room. I would rather screw a smooth operator than give him a sexy dance. It is much more honest.”

And, so, Sara Jay became a porn star, and the rest is history.

“My plan was to be a psychologist with interior design as a hobby,” that babe said. “Now I am in this for the lengthy haul. I love screwing on-camera. It’s filthy, it’s lewd and it’s pleasure.”

Sara Jay is weird in that this babe is as celebrated for her big ass as she’s for her large scones and deep-throating mouth. In this scene, Asante is all over Sara’s stupendous jugs like darksome on white. This gent checks out the blonde porn star’s a-hole, a wazoo athletic love a dark or Lalin girl girl’s wazoo. Sara wears darksome and white striped skin-tight jeggings that wrap around her wazoo love plastic wrap. She is very proud of that butt.

“I just adore to expose my gazoo off, so I’ll turn around and reveal it to the Lothario, and that way that dude can watch his ramrod going in and with out my fur pie during the time that this smooth operator looks at my wazoo. And maybe that woman chaser plays with my butt, likewise. U know, pulls it apart and squeezes it and all.”

When Sara rides Asante’s wang, her a-hole shakes and quivers love there is an earthquake going on. The girl is into it. That is why that babe is the one and only Sara Jay.

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The Bride Busts Out

The Bride Busts Out

Don’t panic yet. Milly Marks is not getting married as far as we know. She’s just wearing specialty bridal lingerie made for a hawt honeymoon week in this dream photo shoot.

Milly, who resembles a young Elizabeth Taylor, makes studs freeze with her mesmerizing powers.

“I walk around and I don’t notice that people are staring at my pointer sisters, but I’ll be with my friend and she’ll say, ‘You do not watch that?’ and I’ll say, ‘What?’ and she’ll say, ‘That skirt chaser was just licking with tongue his lips and staring at your boobs and banging you with his eyes.’ I just do not notice.

“Sometimes it is precious and sometimes it is a little also much, but it is nifty. As lengthy as it isn’t likewise creepy or inappropriate. Being called out on the street is kinda unconventional. I don’t adore that.

“I lived in Philly for a little bit, so I’d be walking down the street and chaps would yell creepy things at me adore, ‘Let’s watch your boobies!’ See, that isn’t kewl to me, but if I watch anybody in public and they’re staring at me, I suppose, ‘That’s adore a compliment. They’re into me. That is worthy.’ But I am kind of short, so people look down at me when they’re talking to me, anyway, so they’re looking down right into my breast valley.”

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Creamy Bra buddies

Creamy Boobs

One of Britain’s prettiest and sexiest full-figured foxes, Georgina Gee is not dressed for a walk around Hull, her hometown. She’s wearing a little number meant for indoor activities of the lascivious kind.

While playing with her great, bigger in size than typical, mellow mellons and shaved cum-hole, Georgina turns out to be a cupcake masher in the messy tradition of British sploshing and splodging. That babe does have some very yummy cakes.

XL Girls: Do u have any particular talents apart from these astronomical pointer sisters of yours?

Georgina: I can make my milk sacks do the helicopter.

XL Girls: Do u have any sexual fantasies you can tell us about?

Georgina: I like to do stuff in public. I like to be viewed. I guess that is what acquires me off about doing this and the webcams.

XL Girls: Are you sexually assured?

Georgina: No. I’m passive. I’ll usually let a guy have his way with me.

XL Girls: Beloved position?

Georgina: Doggy, definitely. Mounds drooping down, petticoat chaser permeating me deep from behind. So precious!

XL Girls: U said you love to be fingered.

Georgina: I love it a lot. You can acquire me off just by fingering my love tunnel for a while.

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Breast Blessed With H-Cups

Breast Blessed With H-Cups

A novice to big-bust glamour modeling with experience in webcamming, Lara Jones is destined to reach breast mega-fame if that babe stays in the game. As we have told many times, u by no means know if a adult model will give a decision to keep moving forward for numerous years or longer or move on. A diehard tit-man can merely hope for the breast.

Lara truly knows how to costume and what hot outfit to buy as those images prove. Does this babe check out other gals and investigate how big boobed they are?

“I always look cuz I always crave to know if there exists angels with bigger in size bouncy bosoms than mine. I can’t imagine that there’re, but I am very interested to see! You by no means watch beauties with breasts as bigger in size than average as mine. Not at all. Even in school, I was the huge. I was 12 years aged when my milk sacks began to grow. Very young. I was the bustiest gal in my school for a very long-time.

“Sometimes I liked it and sometimes I didn’t. The other cuties were not worthy, but the boys were all of a sudden very valuable to me and paying me a lot of attention. I was very popular!”

Not as popular as Lara is now.

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Bonk her, she is renowned!

Fuck her, she's illustrious!

Elliot one time asked Mischel Lee, “If you could choose any sentence printed on your T-shirt, what would it be?” And this babe told, “F*ck me, I am illustrious!”

Well, Mischel could have anything she urges printed on any T-shirt that babe desires, so I guess this babe should go ahead and do it. The only problem is, she’d spend all day rogering. Or maybe that is not such a problem.

Elliot wrote of this scene, “Mischel’s vagina is so tight, it takes several deep-plunging poses to shoehorn and sink the meat jock inside her. Every move is hawt, with the stand-out copulate position being Mischel sat on Tom’s wang, knees bent.”

Mischel is renowned for her bigger in size than typical zeppelins and hirsute fur pie. That bushy love tunnel truly acquires slammed in this scene. Then it acquires Tom’s bawdy load of cum all over it. That’s what’s called an external creampie. I hope Mischel brought her cookie hair shampoo to the shoot. What, there is no such thing as bawdy cleft hair shampoo? Tell that to Mischel.

Mischel loves to have her nipps sucked. She’d also adore u to pinch them and pull on ’em. You can do that while you are eating her hirsute cookie. That babe will not complain.

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Anal Three-way

Anal Three-way

So does Danielle Derek watch her own scenes?

“No, but I’ll watch other girls’ scenes,” Danielle replied in her always-arousing, come-fuck-me voice. Even in regular conversations, that babe sounds adore a phone-sex operator. “I desire the Lothario I’m rogering to stay focused on me, my love bubbles and my pussy. That smooth operator doesn’t must watch me in a episode when that skirt chaser is got me in his arms.”

We’ve mentioned several times that almost all SCORELAND Girls do not do double penetration in 3somes. Danielle Derek is not majority girls. She prides herself on being a blonde, sexbomb fuck-toy. It is been a whilst since Danielle did a SCORE DP. She outdoes herself in this scene as 2 X-Men pound the one and the other her constricted holes in a bawdy double-penetration.

It is a brand fresh day and Danielle wakes up, gets out of daybed and widens her blinds. Out side, her 2 yardmen are already working. That babe slides into her knickers and then tries to fit her funbags into her undergarment. It’s a super-snug, taut fit and Danielle cant acquire those monumental bumpers into the cups.

The yardmen avoid working and start watching. She sees them and tells ’em to come inside. No thing could stop them from lending helping hands and boners. With their assistance, Danielle literally bounces into her under garment but that’s quickly forgotten as that babe slurps and sucks their rods to acquire ’em soaked for her twat and anal opening. Morning coffee can wait.

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Gee, What A Big busted Hotty You are

Gee, What A Big boobed Cutie You Are

Georgina Gee and our photographer have a tit chat in the countryside in this bonus video. Georgina is seriously wreaking havoc on that constricted tank-top, something all Big-Boob cuties should own by the dozen. The English rose is wearing glasses (that babe wore ’em in her interview with Jem Stone) and that gives Georgina a different kind of sexy appearance.

XL Girls: When u give blow jobs, do u spit or gulp?

Georgina: I gulp or I spit on my fullsome funbags and rub it in.

XL Girls: You said you’ve had sex with other cuties.

Georgina: Yes. Multiple times.

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Milky delights

Milky delights

Bebe Cooper is a comic-book nerd and episode game player from Missouri. On her left leg, this babe has a bigger than run of the mill tat of her DC heroines Catwoman, Wonder Lady and Harlequin. That is hardcore fandom, and it has nothing to do with the garments company.

When a recent glamour model comes in, somebody who has not at all modeled before, I always wonder what it’s about modeling that attracted her. They all have their different reasons.

“I’ve always had a fetish about people looking at me and watching me, and I thought that naked modeling was kinda hot,” Bebe said. “So here I am.”

Bebe is a natural redhead all over. I like her pointy nipps that look erect all the time. You don’t watch that very often. “Tits that can cut glass,” a SCORE editor one time wrote about these kind of nipples. Can u guess that Bebe has an Irish background? The red hair. The ivory skin. The fair features. This babe wears a undergarment solely when that babe goes out.

Bebe is one of the best-looking milkers I’ve ever watched. I like how she squeezes her mellow rack and fingers her pink snatch and clitoris. It is just what the milkman ordered. And I’m not a greater than typical fan of lactation in general. I would rather observe a gal pole-dance in nature’s garb in lap dancer heels on-stage, but I know that many, many boyz go crazy for milkers.

Adding Bebe’s super-attractive face and body to the milking mayhem resulted in what could be the largest amount of positive comments about a model in SCORELAND history. The archetypal web page viewer rarely comments on the adult models. They just do their business and move on, so this was greatly fantastic, just adore Bebe.

Bebe had just had a baby at the time this movie was discharged. At the end of this clip, that babe sprays some milk out of her merry nips, and when that happens, the cameraman receives in close to catch the stream.

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