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Trinity Michaels’ Larger than typical, Enormous Scoops

Trinity Michaels' Big, Heavy Tits

“Hi, baby how are you?” Trinity Michaels asks as we open the scene. “I’ve missed you and I thought I might do smth peculiar for you. I decided to acquire clothed up. I hope you love it!”

Well, that’s not even a question. Trinity already has the one and the other of our heads standing at attention.

“I know u like this blue costume coz it brandishes off my figure just right,” this babe adds.

Trinity is right about that, but we’re prone to impatience when it comes to hawt, Big-Boob girls with endless curves. As fine as it is to see that blue suit hugging her squishy, childbearing thighs, we’d adore it even more if it were on the floor, her bra buddies in our throat and our rod in her muff. But patience is a virtue, and if any girl is fine of our patience it is a goddess love Trinity.

Trinity pulls her mammaries out from her costume and begins to take up with the tongue and tanalise her teats, which quickly get erect.

“There is one issue,” Trinity says after releasing her titties. “My tights has a hole in it. I’m not sure what to do about that.”

Um…we have a few things in mind.

“It might be easier just to make it a little bit bigger,” she adds.

That is one idea we wouldn’t protest. Trinity bends over and her fat, full pussy lips are poking through her torn tights. They’re extra-juicy and look ideal to nibble and kiss. Trinity rips off her tights and begins fondelling her clitoris. She’s teasing herself right now and needs smth a bit more whopping to satisfy her.

In the movie scene, that babe pulls out her favourite toy doggystyle the couch, a pink dildo, and stuffs it into her mouth and betwixt her milk cans, and in a short time after, into her cum-hole and ass. In those pics, there is no toy, solely fingers.

“I know you like that, baby,” she says. “I urge this was your penis.”

Anew, the feeling is mutual. Trinity bonks her muff until that babe pokes herself to a rapturous big O.

“Oh, my god that was fantastic,” that babe says. “My cum-hole is so succulent. I know that makes you happy.”

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Fascinating & Drilled

Lovely & Fucked

Big-boobed Lila Enjoyable puts a spell on Tarzan. Her bulky body is ripe to jump on and there’s no time to waste. He inspects her carefully and pays particular attention to her larger than typical buttocks. They go right to the sexin’ and skip the small talk. Lila has mind blowing BJ skills and a accustomed tongue she’ll use later to catch some cum heading to her lovely face.

“I adore that look on a guy’s face when u know that they are loving your body and your mind,” says Lila, who thinks that sex is more than two bodies meshing. She’s into connections even if it is a one-time total group-sex love this one.

Lila has advice for hotty’s. “Don’t be high-maintenance. Give him compliments. Costume fine and sexy for him. Give him a great BJ.”

Each smooth operator can appreciate that point-of-view.

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Christy’s P.O.V. Boob Bouncing Group-sex

Christy's POV Boob Bouncing Bang

“At home, if I love you or I know u, I’ll be worthwhile to you,” said girl-next-door Christy. “It all depends on the person. I can be the coolest person you have ever met or I can be the huge slut you’ve ever met. U give me flowers, I’ll give you flowers. You throw rocks at me, I’ll throw them right back.

“But I try to have a positive attitude about things. I try not to be too feisty. I would say I like to be the worthy beauty. But when it comes to sex, I’m the nasty one with whips and chains and areola clamps.”

Bad cutie on-camera. Admirable (very valuable) girl off-camera.

Living in a rural area, Christy’s drawn to nature, and even being outdoors can make her horny when the time and place is right.

“I like cumming outside. I always imagine that a nearby hunter will see me and shag me right there in the woods. I’ve such a obscene fuckin’ mind!”

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Erin Star & Sophie Rose: Willing To Pop Part 2

Erin Star & Sophie Rose: Ready To Pop Part 2

Erin Star and Sophie Rose explore their very preggy bodies, play with maternity bras, undress each other, rub their large bellies and areolae, apply lotion on their bigger than run of the mill bra buddies, baby bumps and bigger than standard butts and have pleasure mutual raunchy massages. Erin and Sophie get on their backs side-by-side facing the digi camera of skilled glamour model and photographer Roxanne Miller and rub their bellies and wet cracks.

As this scene was being posted to XL Gals, Erin announced that she was going into labor earlier than anticipated. A scarcely any hours after Erin’s announcement, that babe gave birth to a goddess. Congratulations.

Sophie Rose was a web digital camera beauty for a short time. She’s allies with boyfrend Romanians Erin and Mia Babe. Now this babe is settling into her fresh role as a sexy mum (as the British call hot moms). “When I dated back in the day, I used to wear clothing that drew attention to my bigger than standard love muffins. Now I elect rather comfy hot clothes.”

Cheerful recent mommy-hood to Erin and Sophie.

We spoke to Roxanne about her day with the cuties.

XLGirls: Had Erin and Sophie modeled jointly before? They appeared to be very comfortable, not timid.

Roxanne: They worked jointly in the same place. But I suppose it was more of Sophie being open minded, Erin already being a model and the 2 sharing a common experience: pregnancy.

XLGirls: Why do u think preggy adult models fascinate some studs?

Roxanne: A pregnant female is a headmistress! She’s the carrier of a miracle: life! A Mother is, in majority cultures, a saint. And for some, becoming a Mommy is to become a dominatrix, not a hotty anymore. For some, it’s so hot cuz they have a fetish with screwing a pregnant lady. If I am to think of myself, when I was preggo, I felt super-sexy up until the final days when I couldn’t wait to watch my baby and likewise I was barely talented to walk and cope with the heat of midst August.

XLGirls: You have modeled preggo. Did it feel more raunchy or hot than when not preggy?

Roxanne: It felt peculiar. In some people’s minds, the preggo female is not to be touched or drilled, and I come and say, “Au contraire, fella!” The pregnant female-dominant is hornier than ever! The darker and harder nipps are really more sensitive. I have flat teats, but during gestation I indeed had teats! So all in all, for me it was an astounding experience!

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Katy Ann: Super-stacked 30J-cups

Katy Ann: Super-stacked 30J-cups

“My hobbies are looking sexy as hell, fashion, traveling, sightseeing, cooking, fitness and horseback riding,” said Katy Ann, online friends with Amber Alena. “I’d love to go on a luxurious cruise around the world. When I’m not traveling, I like competing in horse exposes. I savour watching competitive jumping. I will also look at and go to basketball games with my boyfriend. Go Spurs!”

It would not be inaccurate to state that all eyes are on Katy Ann when she’s out and about. Many of the gals showcased at SCORELAND (such as Amber) would say the same thing about themselves whenever they go out.

“Honestly, I just walk with blinders on. Sometimes I’ll play it up. Sometimes I do love the attention. It’s enjoyment. If I am in a accustomed setting, I won’t wear everything revealing. I will try to cover them up. I suppose ‘coz I am tall and statuesque, they do kinda fit my body and they’re not so distracting, but if I crave to play them up, people will be like, ‘Is that for real?'”

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Getting off in the Babydoll Lounge

Getting off in the Babydoll Lounge

I’d have liked to have observed more of fascinating Anna Loren, but this babe only posed a not many times and then prevented. Why do they do this to us?

Anna was very sexy and her body was handsome. I’m assuming this babe retired for the ordinary reasons: job, career, marriage. Maybe kids. Or all of the above.

“I’m here to receive bare,” said Anna, who was living in South Florida at the time. “I just adore to masturbate in front of people. Not everyone, but I’ve done it. No uncles or everything love that. No neighbors but some boyfriends. Some chicks. Some were girlfriends of mine and others were regular allies when we had also much to gulp. One was my sister’s ex-girlfriend.”

Anna’s sister, Autumn, posed for Naughty Neighbors and Newcummers and even did an booty slam scene. This babe wasn’t as Big-Boob as Anna, but that babe was hot in that scene. Anna did solely solos. She wasn’t willing for sex on-camera adore her sister was.

But Anna was anything but reserved.

“I like to be dominated,” this babe told. “My sister is yielding. My Mother as well. I’m very tractable. I’ll tell u a story. When I was 18, it was a school night, and I had a fivesome. It was mostly gals, one stud, and there was plenty of bondage and discipline play going on, just plenty of the kind of stuff that you would not expect from a bunch of 18-year-olds.

“I had an overactive sexual imagination even back then. It is a matter of joke cuz when I am with a boy, he has to be the dominating one, and when I’m with a goddess, I adore to dominate, so with this fivesome, I gotta be the one and the other. This chab was ordering me to eat some other girl’s vagina, and meanwhile, I was telling the cuties what to do. It was very hot!”

Which all goes to prove that the gals you watch in stores, restaurants, movie theater lobbies, the beach, bars, clubs or the beauty in the car next to your car on the road all have sexually excited adventures you’d not at any time guess they had.

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Codi Vore: SCORE POV Bigger than average Boob Sex

Codi Vore: SCORE POV Bigger in size than run of the mill Boob Sex

Codi Vore opens the door to greet u and steps out side. Clothed in tight jeans and a knotted, midriff-baring shirt, fresh-faced Codi takes u for a walk around the house and brings u into the kitchen.

Codi murmurs how much she’s missed u. She’s bonkers for some hands-on lovin’ and a slutty dick-down. Codi takes her spectacular boobies with out her shirt and lets them hang. U get hands-on, caressing and fondelling her downy breast-flesh and sinking your fingers gently into her areolas.

A cutie who’s heaven-sent, Codi tells you to meet her in the bedroom upstairs. When that babe enters the room, you’re already on the couch. You are batty for her warm, soaked face hole to swallow your shlong. You are potty for her enormous hangers to wrap around your bone and make it disappear in her breast valley. She’s bonkers to do that to you.

Kicking off her jeans, Codi acquires on top of you and makes your wood disappear inside her furry slit. Riding inflexible, thighs grinding against yours, Codi’s face displays the pure joy this babe feels as you copulate every other into some other dimension of erotic heat.

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Danica Danali: Thick Babe With A Fun Stick

Danica Danali: Thick Sweetheart With A Fun Stick

“I wouldn’t be where I’m this day with out alluring production studios love The SCORE Group choosing me to adult model with ’em,” told Danica. “I will forever be grateful for all the opportunities I have had with, and coz of, XL Cuties.”

So does Danica check out the vids she is made?

“Well, we are our own worst critics. I do think I look gorgeous and strong. My partner has always loved all of my scenes. He indeed enjoys watching my movies. Sometimes we don’t make it through a whole scene. Sex pops up.”

Danica said this babe now wears a 40L-cup underneath garment.

“Physically, it’s a toss-up betwixt my bazookas and my eyes about what part of my body I like foremost. Mentally I feel I’m a positive person. I’m so grateful for what I have and what I have accomplished. I merely focus on things I can control and I refuse to live a toxic life of regret.”

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Dina Sahari Rocks Her Big boobed Bathing suit Body

Dina Sahari Rocks Her Big boobed Bathing dress Body

Sensational beauties continue to toss their tops at SCORELAND, and here we’ve Dina Sahari, a alluring brunette with 34DDD natural scoops and the kind of figure that is inspired artists throughout history.

Dina brought her pink bathing suit to the Large Expose at swimming pool side and a bottle of suntan oil to anoint her body after shedding her bathing dress.

Back home, Dina acquires plenty of attention. In a word, she’s spectacular. How does she feel about being the focus wherever she goes? “It really depends on how I feel. Sometimes, it makes me self-conscious ‘coz I’m worried people think my meatballs are also bigger in size than run of the mill for my miniature body frame. But I still adore the attention sometimes.”

We think Dina’s perfect the way this babe is.

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An XL Hotty Doubles Her Fun

An XL Goddess Doubles Her Pleasure

Our tale of two mountainous milk sacks starts with almond-eyed Marilyn Mayson at the desk writing an entry in her diary. “Dear diary, it is always been my dream to sleep with more than one buck at a time. I’ve watched this in so many sexual films….”

There will be no sleeping with any guys for Marilyn. No snoozing or dozing. The fellows will be rogering and engulfing and squeezing handfuls of these large, hawt hooters. Marilyn is escorted to her couch, and her 2 shag buddies waste no time in tag-teaming her. One gent pushes his weenie between her legs during the time that buck #2 feeds her rod.

They alternate between sliding their cocks between her plush meatballs and banging her enjoyable, hungry mouth. Sat up, Marilyn takes a rod in every fist and sucks on it, jacking the shaft as this babe sucks.

They acquire her on her hands and knees so one can fuck her doggystyle in doggie while the other gives her his shaft to gulp. It’s a lengthy, subrigid bonk party for Marilyn as her dream of 2 men doing her comes true. Two big cum loads are deposited on her nice-looking face.

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Miss Craven Wishes Ball batter

Miss Craven Urges Cream

The biggest hands can not entirely cover the 36H-cup pointer sisters of blond sexbomb Jes Craven. Even Sasquatch doesn’t have hands large sufficient to encompass these humongous mambos. As for larger than standard rods, they simply vanish inside Jes’ breast valley.

Large knockers need greater than run of the mill pecker and that’s what floats Jes Craven’s boat. She sucks and tit-fucks and gets the larger than typical stick in her constricted, pierced twat ending with a creamy injection inside her pink twat.

Jes says this babe doesn’t get enough sex back home. So that was a fine reason to come to XLGirls and get some action. Her prefered position is missionary with her legs on her partner’s shoulders. This babe loves G-spot stimulation.

Jes can’t live out of to go on dates that take her to recent places and offer recent experiences. Her fantasy date is a game of tiny golf. Here, Jes’ date forgot to bring his lap dancing club so they decided to bonk instead. The superlatively precious decision they could have made.

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