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Bodacious Bathing costume Goddess

Bodacious Bikini Girl

It is bathing suit time at a pool for XL Girl Mya Blair. Mya’s a Carolina goddess who webcams and has a cheery, enjoyment personality. And great, bigger than run of the mill mounds and a great booty. Mya has a theatrical background too and discussed her stage experiences.

Mya: I have been in many musical productions through my school career. I actually performed in Spring Waking a small in number years back. That is my beloved musical. I’ve been in Into The Woods, Thoroughly Modern Millie, lots of shows.

XL Girls: Who did you play in Into The Woods?

Mya: Rapunzel. I was one of the not many people in the cast who could sing indeed well, so they said, “This is the hardest singing part. Here you go!” I was in Greetings, Dolly! I was in Fiddler On The Roof. And I was in The Great American Trailer Park Musical.

XL Girls: We urge you had done some singing in this pool video. What is this Trailer Park Musical?

Mya: It’s exactly what you probably think it’s. It’s a musical that is insert a trailer park. It is mad, but I was the main character. I was a lap dancer who came into city and destroyed everyone’s life.

XL Girls: Did you strip on-stage?

Mya: It was implied. I didn’t acquire stripped, but it was implied that I was topless. I had a hat–a really large hat–covering my mounds.

XL Girls: Too bad for the audience.

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Underwater Floaters

Underwater Floaters

There is always a pool handy in Miami, and for our purposes, it is gotta be a intimate pool so the gals can take off or move aside their bikinis and we can shoot some underwater action of the submerged-boobs kind. That was the game plan with Laddie Lynn on this fine day. The weather was sunny and hot. Laddie was sunny and hot. The ideal combo.

Laddie (pronounced “Lady”) talked about blow jobs. “I love engulfing weenie. It turns me on to know I am turning on my boyfriend. I usually stand up to identify a pool of my juices betwixt my knees. U wager I gulp. I worked so unyielding to empty those balls and I’m going to savor each drop.”

What about getting down with a woman chaser outdoors of the bedroom or living room?

“I once had a few also many drinks and ended up making love in the front seat of a car with a near-stranger. It was astounding.”

Threesomes? Fingering?

“Partner swapping is my favorite and I totally like being fingered until I squirt.”

It is always sunny in Miami when Laddie’s visiting XL Angels.

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Back in the Day Bedeli

Back in the Day Bedeli

Back in the day, Bedeli was just another no-name hotty with larger than run of the mill dreams and an even bigger wazoo. Let us take a watch what made her such a promising up and comer back then.

Bedeli Buttland, a Cuban playgirl with blond hair and a large butt that thunders and shakes, makes her first appearance by getting her face hole, cum-hole and wazoo screwed. Bedeli was born in Cuba and lives in Miami, Florida, where she’s pursuing the American fantasy by being a swinger and porno star. Her goal in life?

“I’m just concentrating on making it far in porn,” Bedeli told. She’ll make it as far as that babe wants if she keeps doing what that babe is doing here.

“The more I get, the more I desire,” Bedeli told of her raunchy appetite. “I have sex four or five times a week. I would do it more if I had the time. I’m open to anything perverted, but I adore being on top and getting screwed from behind doggie-style.”

Bedeli likewise said us, “I had amazing sex at a strip club in Miami. Tiny in number were watching, but, yes, it was public. It was a 3some, me, my boyfriend, and a boy we met. This chab was a dark Lothario with a bigger than run of the mill dick. I almost fell in adore!”

Bedeli says the funniest pickup line she’s ever heard was, “Tu con tantas curves y yo sin frenos! That is supposed to mean, ‘You have tons of curves, and I don’t have any brakes.”

No need for brakes with a goddess adore Bedeli. She’s up for everything.

Watch More of Bedeli B. at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!

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Roxanne rocks

Roxanne rocks

I found Roxanne Miller by happenstance. A not many years agone, I was asked to assist discover fresh glamour models for SCORE, Voluptuous and XLGirls. So I started spending a pair of hours a day on a look for for bigger than average love bubbles. It’s truly a job of work. Webcam sites are tricky cuz the snapshot photos and cam lenses distort the girls’ true bust sizes and blow them up way without proportion. One time u watch the girls in a realistic photo, you detect out real quickly that many of them have only C- and D-cups. Likewise, the cam gals think boys are out to scam ’em out of money or love tunnel, which many of them are. When I am at the beach or a bar or club, I also keep a lookout.

Then one day, I saw Roxanne Miller’s web digi camera and had a wonderful feeling, especially since her knockers happened to be king-size. I emailed her in Romania, explained who I was (which this babe believed) and told her to find out, and that is how Roxanne came to Voluptuous mag. Our team eventually photographed her on a European road voyage.

Romania has been a fertile source of big-boobed gals, mostly all-naturals. Arianna Sinn, Lana Ivans, Joana, Jasmine Dark-skinned and others are Romanians. Romania is second to the Czech Republic in European big mellons.

Roxanne turned out to be a playful, free-spirited juvenile gal. This babe is a rocker babe, Romanian-style.

“Being a rock ‘n’ roll dominant-bitch, I most like the metal pubs,” this babe told. “They are cheap, they smell love beer and cigs and the music is loud and fine. I like Slayer. I like to go with my friends to underground pubs and swallow beer and talk a lot about history, art, politics and animals and other subjects.”

Then there’s her poetic, artistic side.

“Sometimes I practice yoga at home. Listening to music is the easiest way for me to unwind. But, and there is a but, I was raised in a miniature village in the mountains, so nature is the majority breathtaking way. I just love to walk barefoot in the grass or lay down on the ground and check out the sky and enjoy the sound of nature.

“I wanna tour all around the globe…but not in 80 days!” Roxanne said me later on.

Some of these voyage fantasies became reality at the end of 2013 when SCORE invited Roxanne to the Dominican Republic to join Lavina Fantasy (another Romanian), Vanessa Y. (a Polish beauty) and Jennica Lynn, a Swede by way of United Realm. That voyage resulted in the DVD XL Gals On Location.

I’m still looking for fresh models, by the way. Do u have a big busted sister or cousin who urges to glamour model?

See More of Roxanne Miller at SCORELAND2.COM!

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Yum Yum Gal

Yum Yum Girl

Ms. Yummy’s only 5’1″ but this babe packs a lot of charming female in her short and stacked physique. Whether you’re checking her out from the front or from the back, Ms. Yummy is a large handsome lady, breast-shakin’, butt-twerkin’ honey. This babe has greater than standard, wide eyes and a welcoming smile. U can squeeze this little buck all you urge if there’s a connection.

Tony’s her screw buddy in this bump and grind and this chab is intend to take advantage of this opportunity. Those overflowing milk shakes and butt can fill any man’s palms. Her hangers are spectacular and merit a lot of lovin’.

“I suit to brandish more of my curves than my mellons,” Ms. Yummy explained. “Because my scones acquire enough attention. Boyz are always looking at me up and down. I am usually ok with it unless they’re with their families. I wear a undergarment when I go out. At home, they’re free so I can chill out out of undergarment belts cutting into my shoulders.”

Ms. Yummy’s sexual fantasy is “being tied-down with red silk, my eyes overspread with a red silk blindfold and bucks taking turns eating my cookie until I orgasm.” Sounds like Fifty shades of Ms. Palatable.

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Action Sex Plumper

Action Sex Plumper

XL Angels super-fan J.T. waxed poetic about Kelly Shibari. “I’ve not at any time been so attracted to an Oriental woman before. I love big honeys and usually Asian honey bunnys are miniature. This babe is so nice-looking I would like to take her out on a date and just stare at her pleasant face. And when she was not looking, I’d completely investigate her hot body, likewise. The BBWs that I have been with were all sexually assertive, but I always felt that Oriental women were passive. I’d be more than cheerful to bone her, whether she wishes to make my knob her own personal shag stick or if she urges to be my sex villein.”

The word “shibari” is a Japanese term for a specialized form of carnal rope thraldom in which male rope masters tie up hotty’s in all sorts of picturesque ways so that’s a clue to her raunchy, exotic, hyper-sexual nature. They don’t shag Them, they just tie Them up. To every, his own.

Watch More of Kelly Shibari at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Vicky Soleil’s 1st XXX

Vicky Soleil's 1st XXX

Vicky Soleil used to be a typist in Romania. Then that babe decided to improve her life instead of slaving away in an office for a boss. She wanted more joy things for one as well as the other herself and for horny dudes. So that babe became a web livecam adult model. Most of the angels on those things masturbate and play with their pantoons for a price per minute.

Roxanne Miller, a Romanian who’s posed for TSG numerous times, told me about this hotty who called herself Adelinn1 on MyFreeCams, so I alerted our studio to a potential hawt candidate for Voluptuous mag.

“I wanna climb the mountains high,” Vicky says. That’s usually what almost any boys say to her when they see her large pointer sisters. “I usually wear dresses or blouses with a low decolletage so I can be appreciated for what Mother Nature gave me. I get tons of attention coz of my whoppers and I am proud of it.”

Vicky enjoys singing, reading novels, drawing and watching soccer (football). Naturally, that babe roots for the Romanian team Steaua Bucuresti.

Our photographer asked Vicky if this babe was the bustiest girl in school. “Oh, yep!” Vicky replied. “Every man stared at my mellons. I’m very proud of ’em.”

In her first-ever shag scene, Vicky goes to a medical clinic for a check-up. Male doctor/female patient sex has always been a popular guy-power fantasy. Male nurses and rubdown therapists also get lots of twat in porn scenes.

When this scene was 1st shown at SCORELAND, I wrote, “No one knows why sexy girls with large mambos are always drawn to visiting quack doctors that bonk ’em rock hard, but they are, and this visit by new discovery Vicky Soleil in her first XXX scene unveils how those physicians operate. Vicky has a rock hard back and neck, so this babe makes an appointment for an exam. Maybe it is these lengthy hours on her PC masturbating on webcams. When the alleged doctor sees Miss Soleil stretching out a taut red dress, he develops a severe stiffness of his own. There can be solely one cure.”

Vicky went on to do 2 more copulate scenes, one of them with 2 fellows. That babe was a big breasted maid in that one.

See More of Vicky Soleil at SCORELAND2.COM!

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Ivy’s Undergarment Display

Ivy's Brassiere Show

Ivy Darmon has 36E-cups, a stacked-to-the-brim figure and a completely beautiful face. “I thought about modeling,” said Ivy with the aid of a translator. “And then for a during the time that I was too busy. But then I thought about it some more. I talked to my allies and they–both angels and boys–said I should try it. I’m very liberated so the nudity did not turn me away.”

Our photographer told that Ivy was a fun to snap. That babe has the magic. The kind of magic that makes your head spin if u saw her in the car alongside yours, or, even better, walking in the street so u could watch her ta-tas bounce. Yes, we’re shallow and contented of it.

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Brianna Costello’s particular brassiere

Brianna Costello's specific bra

What’s so peculiar about Brianna Costello‘s peculiar brassiere? Other than the happy fact that her captivating, large scones fit snugly into the cups? You’ll have to look at the episode and see the pix. There would be no anticipation if I wrote everything before you saw it.

I detected Brianna at the Adult Entertainment Expo in 2006. This is the annual bash for fans, business people, adult models, novelty producers, technical staff, photographers, geeks, shysters and anyone else who likes adult entertainment.

When not guarding the SCORE booth angels (Crystal Gunns, Summer Sinn, Rebecca Like, Danielle Derek and Alexia Moore) from cads, rascals and bounders (just kidding; the fans are the reason we do what we do), I was walking around looking for fresh discoveries. This is not elementary at AEE since the almost any of the gals are established in some way.

Then I spotted her.

I will let her tell the rest of the story.

“I was browsing around and ran into Elliot James,” Brianna said. “He’s such a nice skirt chaser. And that stud had a digital camera around his neck, and this ladies man appeared one time more when this chab was at a ally of mine’s booth, and this chab asked me if I’d done any in nature’s garb modeling, and I said him, ‘Not much,’ but that guy told, ‘I’d love you to talk to anybody. Do u have time? Would u mind?’ and I told, ‘Oh, certainly not,’ cuz I like people, and he seemed adore a priceless lady-killer.

“So we talked for a whilst, and then this chab brought over this indeed enchanting, hawt lovely heart named Tushna, and they took me to the back and took pix of me in the bath. Well, Tushna took me to the washroom. I was back there in the baths, showing my love muffins and my arse while that babe took pictures, and people even strided in a scarcely any times and saw us. But I actually liked it, and after that, I said, ‘I’m going to do my foremost to do all I can with The SCORE Group.’ I definitely wanted to be in SCORE and Voluptuous after that.”

As Dave pointed out to Brianna, I would not have been so worthy if Brianna was flat-chested and not attractive. He’s more or less right about that. I am shallow.

So I’m glad to say that things worked out for the ultimate. Four weeks after I met her, Brianna was getting cozy in the studio.

Brianna is still adult modeling and lap dancing (she’s feature-danced at T’s Lounge in Palm Beach, Florida) and she’s a Ranch Hotty at Sheri’s Ranch in Nevada. I’m still trying to get her back into the SCORE studio. I haven’t given up.

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This babe likes Creaming

She Can't live out of Creaming

Toy haters will like this pictorial since curvaceously cantilevered Sophie Mae is not a user of woman gratifying devices. On the plus side, a check out totally-nude Sophie sprawling spreadeagle on a couch is hawt enough without a Doc Johnson sweetheart stick obscuring the sight of her deep pinkness.

Popping the cork over her breast creaming and her naked splendor once that constricted white dress comes off is an effect Sophie knows she induces in almost all boyz. Our digi camera workers could not leave her side until they captured as much movie as they could of this nubile dance teacher.

Watch More of Sophie Mae at SCORELAND.COM!

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Chloe And Linsey

Chloe And Linsey

As Linsey Dawn McKenzie wrote in her web resource LinseysWorld about this glamour photoshoot, “Third time’s a enchantment, eh studs? Judging by how much u enjoyed the last two times Chloe and I got jointly for a little boob-to-boob act, those weren’t half bad, either, right? U know what they say, history Iterates itself, and Chloe and I are no strangers to each others’ bras. So, we thought we’d get jointly again and have a little fun in 2 of our fresh, white outfits.” In the opinion of the SCORE employees, this is the very almost all worthy of the 3 Chloe and LDM pictorials. The sheer size and shape of the girls’ unbound monuments staggers the senses. Their bodies have by no means been in better shape. This set was lensed in June of 2000 at the John Graham studios in London, a place that has hosted so many noted huge-breasted ladies that the mind reels.

Watch More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!