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Olarita fills her aperture

Olarita fills her hole

Olarita is a Czech enchanting heart who has had two glamour modeling careers. The 1st was in the mid-2000s, when that babe was barely big busted sufficient to squeak into Voluptuous mag and SCORELAND. The second started in 2014, when Olarita had filled out, so to speak, and was more than big busted sufficient by our standards. That can happen when chicks aged; they become more womanly. I’ve often noticed, for sample, that aged Latin chick babes are much bustier than their younger counterparts.

“I missed making clips and pictures,” Olarita said in Czech through an interpreter. She too said, “I masturbate every day I dont have a stud but that’s usually to cum and then go to sleep. But this [SCORELAND video] is different. When I know I have people watching me, I wanna make myself so hawt for ’em. I squeeze my fullsome funbags, I put a finger and a marital-device in my cunt and take up with the tongue my juice off ’em. My bra-busters are greater now and this makes me cheerful.

“I am sexually excited to be doing this, knowing males are getting horny for me. It makes me feel hawt. My job is not hot. But all of us must work to pay our bills. To reveal my body for the studs who have fun looking at me fills my mind with dreams and makes my body tingle. To have sex with virile fellows, this has merely made me wish more sex.

“What did I think about when I masturbated in this video? I thought about sucking a guy’s large dick or him on top of me putting his schlong betwixt my fun bags until this chab makes a mess on them. I thought about the movie scene I did with Novis.”

That’s the boy she screwed in one of her 2 XXX scenes. I guarantee she’s a more excellent fuck now than this babe was 12 years ago. There’s smth to be told for experience.

Watch More of Olarita at SCORELAND2.COM!

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Bangin’ Birthday

Bangin' Birthday

The birthday boy has a special gift coming his way after Elle Flynn carries his cake over to him. Elle’s going to blow out his candles. What a great birthday gift. No thing could be more awesome.

Elle wraps her lips around his pecker and sucks it unbending. That babe wraps her heavy naturals around his weenie, wet from her throat. She spreads her legs so this charmer can wedge his knob into her tight gap and pound her rigid, just the way she likes to be boned. “A smack of the coarse stuff is precious sometimes,” Elle told. “I like licking with tongue cock, balls and taint clean. That keeps it rock hard all night.”

“Every now and then, I’ll date a lad who isn’t necessarily into tits. I always think it is kind of unusual when bucks don’t love big marangos. But majority bucks are into my melons and I adore that. I’m very glad with ’em and think I’m a favourable hotty.”

Just because a gal is buxom and voluptuous doesn’t mean each smooth operator she screws has to be packing. “Cock size is not all that important. There’re factors other than just length to consider. Do not forget girth and shape. The way the bitch beauty parts you wish was formed also makes a difference. For instance, coz of my tilted uterus, what may be considered a diminutive 10-Pounder can be just right. For the same reason I often like a curved dick.”

With a birthday present love Elle swallowing your junk, what else do you need?

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An Oldie But Goodie

An Oldie But Goodie

Ok, guys, it is Chloe quiz time. Who knows where and when this work of titographic art was originally published? Acquire your stacks of Voluptuous Magazine out of storage and detect the November, 1999 issue. We published 11 pix over six pages, compared to this immense 68 image ChloesWorld set in four sizes. That edition also contained a two-page, seven-photo softcore widen for the movie scene “Chloe’s Hardcore Debut” (which later underwent a title transformation to “Ultimate Chloe”). But Chloe did not receive the cover. The honors went to an awesomely captivating and breasty American hotty named Barbie, who appeared twice, then promptly vanished, not at any time to fulfill what should have been a great destiny. Maybe a jealous spouse got in the way. One time once more it goes to brandish that very few glamour models can ever hope to match Chloe’s talent for longevity. Chloe’s furry triangle, as dense as the Black Forest of Germany, her parted, thick labia exposing a bulby clitoris atop her glazed vulvanic wet crack and her puckered asshole hidden unfathomable within her expansive buttcrack look especially appetizing in this London-shot pinktorial.

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Four-way fuckers at the Busty Riding Academy

Four-way fuckers at the Breasty Riding Academy

Here’s one of the almost all unlikely pairings ever: American Christy Marks and Czech Terry Nova. The pairing isn’t unconventional coz one cutie is American and the other is Czech (although 20 years agone, u not ever would have watched anything adore this) or coz Terry is a big-bodied Amazonian whilst Christy is much more slender (her mangos are actually the solely larger than standard part of her body).

The pairing is odd ‘cuz two angels could not be more different: Christy, the horny legal age teenager who was always on the prowl for cock from the second we arrived at our estate in the Hungarian countryside (where this scene was filmed); Terry, the shy cutie who not at all told much…although, now that I think about it, maybe Terry solely seemed demure ‘coz that babe did not speak English and we did not speak Czech.

The thing is, Terry is 100% Christy’s raunchy equal in this four-way girl-girl-boy-boy, which was shot at an actual stable a few miles down the road from where the staff was living. Christy sucks deep. Terry sucks unfathomable. Christy takes a rock hard pounding and can’t live with out the penis. Terry takes a subrigid pounding and likes the 10-Pounder. Certainly, hours later, Christy was afresh walking the halls of the house in search of shlong and Terry wasn’t. But when the cameras were rolling, Terry gave as worthy as that babe got, and as precious as Christy got, too.

This scene originally appeared in the DVD Big boobed Riding Academy. Christy and Terry are strolling the grounds of the Busty Riding Academy. They pair off in the hay, and things are about to receive sexy and heavy when the stable hand spots ’em and invites himself to their party. Christy and Terry suck and take up with the tongue his wang and balls below the bright blue skies, not caring if anyone catches ’em while they thrash and moan. Suddenly, Lord Chandler, the stern boss of the manor, reveals up. This stud is voided urine. No stable employee is intend to savor these 2 juicy big-titters with out his involvement. This chap pulls his dong throughout his fly, and a four-way orgy starts.

By the way, since I pointed out that Christy is very sexually outgoing during the time that Terry seems to be more introverted, I should too point out that Christy has done exactly one anal scene while Terry has gotten her ass-fucked on-camera many times. So much for appearances.

Watch More of Terry Nova at SCORELAND2.COM!

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Game. Set. Juggs.

Game. Set. Marangos.

You won’t watch a match like this at Wimbledon. That’s coz they have no imagination. There are a handful of tennis players that people would love to see play topless. But let’s face it. No one in the world could match Karina Hart and Mandy Pearl on the tennis court in the breast division (except for Minka).

Karina fouls Mandy with a not-very-sporting reveal of water tossing, resulting in a wet tee. That really earned Karina numerous points. We did learn one thing from this love match. That big-breasted beauties make the majority amazing tennis players. Just keep your eyes on their bouncing pantoons.

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In Heat

In Heat

Julia Fun bags, a burlesque dancer and fetish glamour model in Sin Town, Las Vegas, is a fan of Rob Zombie’s El Superbeasto, Jennifer Tilly and woman roller derby, and she can’t live out of to paint, dance, sing and play with her lush body.

“I love dominating alpha bucks,” Julia flaunts. “I love guys who are very assured and gentlemen-like. I also fall in adore with chaps that take me to places I’ve not at any time been.”

This babe jumps on her bonk buddy’s shlong with a take-no-prisoners personality but since he’s a controlling alpha, she’s in for a valuable pounding and creaming. When you watch Julia go into the scene in the clip, you’ll watch her burlesque moves and body language in act.

As for those fetishes, Julia says she’s into strap fetish, tattoo fetish, and smth called knismolagnia. That final one needed a look-up. It turns out to be gratification from being tickled.

Watch More of Julia Fun bags at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Her name is Lola

Her name is Lola

“I receive tons of attention coz of my bazookas and my body,” told Lola Sexy when she 1st dropped her brassiere on-camera. “So I thought that I should try glamour modeling. Lads are always telling me that and asking if I am a glamour model. I always receive attention coz of my juggs and I like it. My scones grew large late. I was Eighteen years old. I adore my wobblers because they make me feel adore a lady.”

Lola was a student when she started glamour modeling. That babe only posed when it did not click this link the way of her studies. At the time, her photographer who detected her said me that babe was nutty and enthusiastic.

That babe was likewise a super-tease in high-school, as I identified out.

“When the weather is admirable, I like to wear taut reservoir tops, high heels and shorts. Most of my teachers don’t adore this so I wear more garments in class. But there is one teacher….

“I think he desires to have sex with me, but this lady-killer won’t ‘cuz he’s afraid of losing his job. This chab looks at my love bubbles and my legs a lot. I will take up with the tongue my lips when I catch his eyes just to tanalize him. I think this gent goes home and plays with himself thinking about me.”

She’s one of the reasons teaching is a fine career prepossession and a bad career prepossession.

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Pick-Up On Big Milk shakes Boulevard

Pick-Up On Large Scones Boulevard

They say to at no time take candy from a stranger. Today, hot Candy Manson is picked up by a stranger who suggests to treat her to ice sperm. Except there is no ice jism. Just a cock-cone.

“I love the guy’s rod to fill my throat, like a jawbreaker!” Candy said us. This babe is an orally-fixated bra-buster, ain’t this babe? “I love to watch how much I can click here my face hole. I adore to stretch my face hole around a guy’s cock and then look in the mirror, if there is one, and watch this large, chunky rod in my throat.

“I love to view myself engulfing 10-Pounder on movie scene. I’ll think, ‘Oh, my, Candy, how’d you acquire such a big ramrod in your face hole?’ Sometimes I’ll watch a rod and say, ‘That’s also thick! There is no way I can acquire that whole thing in my throat.’ But I try, and I always do. I have at not time observed a penis that I couldn’t acquire all the way into my face hole. I suck stiff so the boy can actually feel my throat around his meat-thermometer. I love seeing how fast I can make a boy cum!”

Watch More of Candy Manson at SCORELAND.COM!

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Anika: A Sucker For Rigid Pecker

Anika: A Sucker For Inflexible Cock

Anika Anderssen keeps herself in shape through fitness routines. “I do cardio work-outs six times a week and I decide with weights 2 times a week,” Anika told. “It’s very important to me to keep my body in the sexiest shape I can. I like to dress super-sexy in public places…that female-dom in a short, constricted, denim petticoat and hot dancer shoes at Costco or Target?…that’s me! I live in Scottsdale, Arizona and coz of the weather, I can costume love that year-round.”

Anika handled JMac’s weenie very well. With her high sex drive, is this babe a size queen? U can at no time tell with hotty’s.

“Yes, size does matter but it’s too overrated,” Anika says. “I love most of all a thick seven inches more than a skinny ten-plus. I’ve had an 11 inch cock in advance of. But knowing how to eat wet crack is very important and it can compensate for the lack of size. My perfect penis is between eight and nine inches and very thick. With the right Lothario, I like to receive facials. I likewise love to spread the cum over my face and knockers so I don’t swallow that often.”

Anika appears to be to have begun and ended her porn career with SCORE. Also bad, because she’d be great for the SEXY HOUSEWIFE sites.

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Sexy, Pink & Big breasted

Hot, Pink & Busty

“My girlfriends know I do this and they are priceless about it,” Denisa tells a staff member who translated her Czech into English. Near the end of her discharge, she’s handed a sex toy and follows the photographer’s instructions on how to take up with the tongue it and stick it.

“I thought my girlfriends would adore to try it, too, but they are seeing jealous boyfriends. Fortunately, I do not have any charmer love that in my life and I am free to do as I adore. If I desire to model, I can do it. It doesn’t take all day and I don’t get to take orders at an office from a mean boss.”

See More of Denisa at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Shower Time

Shower Time

Like the Chloe Tennis Court photo-shoot, Chloe’s “strip and shower” series was discharged in a naturalistic, candid style with on-camera flash photography. This is not a studio. It’s a house, which adds to the “reality” factor. As always, Miss Vevrier looks out-of-this-world. And Chloe’s hirsute underarms will please these members who have asked for more of Chloe unshaven. “Having missed the Bigger in size than typical Bust Lineup in the August ’99 SCORE, I was particularly heartened and hardened to watch the Key Largo Boob Lineup in the February 2002 Voluptuous. It is a great concept: five bosom buddies, tit-to-tit and cheek-to-cheek for the readers’ inspection. First off, sorry to all the other beauties and their devotees, but as far as this browser is concerned, Chloe Vevrier, the Wunderbabe, wins this looker contest hands down. Only Lorna Morgan can even initiate to approach her. Just for a pont of time, concentrate on Chloe’s face alone and try to ignore that spectacular body of hers. What a beauty: these black, almost-Asian eyes, that radiant smile, those classically proportioned features. Chloe’s just drop-dead nice-looking. Chloe’s obviously been taking care of herself: her waist is tight and slim, her legs are pumped up and conditioned. She comes the closest to that pretty hour-glass figure that V-Men prize. And that leads me to the most important point (or rather, points) of comparison: the mambos! Pound for pound, the monumental pair of bongos in that lineup belongs to Chloe. Face it: the majority king-size pair of mammaries in that lineup belongs to Chloe Vevrier. That babe is the quintessential slim-and-stacked mistresse. Finally, thanks for the concluding shots of the women’s derrieres. How inviting! As an aficionado of the woman fanny and particularly, the dominant-bitch poop-chute, this was majority welcome. I would have to vote for Chloe as having the almost any impressive nether-eye, but, as should be obvious by now, I’m partial. Keep up the priceless work!”-Gary B., Tampa, Florida. The following are excerpts from a review of the On Location Key Largo DVD by critic Mike Davis of Fresh York Town, who has been reviewing various SCORE Group brandishes for the past four years.–Editor. On Location Key Largo DVD: “This is a classic video production that have to earn a top rating. Two hours of sun baked, greasy oil slicked, succulent, soapy, and giant milk shakes that dangle, wobble, and shimmy with the camera solely inches away is all you need. This all-new material includes in-depth interviews with Lorna, Chaz and Kerry plus 40 minutes of behind the scenes and back stage positions with Kerry, Lorna, Chaz, and Chloe. We must actually view how the photographers work with the models, all of it presented with pizzazz and aplomb. And the interviews are real, and we acquire even more and more visuals as we hear the adult models talk. It was as if somebody lastly heard what I have been saying all these years, ‘Hey, brandish us the milk sacks!’ The back stage positions are not stills, not a slip brandish, but full motion act as the cameras glide over, around, and into some of the titanic cleavages you’re intend to discover anywhere. We aren’t talking about a single set for every model. No, each model is captured one as well as the other succulent and dry, in multiple settings, and with a lot of eye contact and smiles. And never have there been so many winning shots of absolutely stunningly greater than average love melons. And guess what? Anyway all of the above, there’s a slip reveal likewise. After checking the captures u will urge to see more. Combine the time of the 2 discs and you get over three valuable hours. No, Linsey doesn’t appear, but this DVD edition of On Location Key Largo get to acquire a 5.0 with out 5. For all of you big-tit studs, you won’t find everything better.”–Mike Davis.

Watch More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!