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Dr. Taylor & Mr. Hyde-The-Salami

Dr. Taylor & Mr. Hyde-The-Salami

Chavon Taylor is a hawt, big-chested scientist researching bio-erotic drugs. Who else would be qualified for this kind of work but a big boobed thang with a major rack and a longing for the big banana? They call such researchers “boobologists.”

Chavon has invented this orange gulp that makes guys randy one time they gulp it. Dr. Taylor gives a decision to test her latest formula on the simpleton delivery stud who not ever pays any attention to her or her world-class jugs. (There is a name for those lads.) This chab gulps down the stuff and acquires a boner for Chavon immediately. The chemical seems to work on Chavon too cuz she receives to mouthing on his ramrod adore that babe hasn’t had a buck in years. It’s a worthy thing they did not wreck any lab equipment ‘coz the act receives wild. Science marches on. More valuable living through chemistry!

After a vigorous pounding, that babe jerks him off on her big melons. “I always wear a brassiere of some kind,” says Chavon, who developed big mounds youthful and recognizes the vigour of her boobage. “If not a regular bra, then a sports under garment, coz I don’t desire to have saggage in the future!”

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New & Hawt

New & Sexy

Meet Charlotte Gal, your latest XL Angel crush.

“Some people who know me might be shocked to see me here at XL Girls but almost any of the people I know would not be too shocked,” said hot Charlotte. “I was always a little wild even in school. I liked to party and have pleasure. I was not at any time coyness about sex so smth like this wouldn’t be a gigantic shock.”

“One of the most important things for me is having a sweater in my wardrobe that fits,” Charlotte craves you to know in her 1st clip. She’s wearing one of her favorites. There’s no way that anyone can miss these melons in that sweater. “Along with every cute sweater is a cute brassiere. I happen to like this polka-dot bra beneath my sweater. It keeps my bumpers just perky enough to watch all the right curves.”

Charlotte’s 1st scene is a tit-man’s dream as she demonstrates the importance of a angel with her kind of sexy body and large hooters wearing the right sweater and under garment. Why hide what nature has blessed her with. You’ll be seeing Charlotte in every inch of her exposed glory down to her stripped feet. Miss Gal likewise wishes to flaunt you how she plays the game of “Pat the twat.” This is how she does it.

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Ms. G: Sex Ed Instructor

Ms. G: Sex Ed Instructor

Welcome to Trinety G.’s sex education class. This day Ms. Guess will educate us everything we wanna know about the bigger than run of the mill bumpers and twats of hot hotties brawny love her in a step-by-step, easy-to-absorb classroom lesson.

Books are likewise boring. Ms. Guess’s live, practical demonstrations have made her a campus breast valley superstar.

Ms. Guess is an breathtaking, articulate instructor with a clear understanding of her students’ needs and intense interest in this subject. This babe makes learning a stimulating experience, and as u have seen in her hardcore XXX scenes, she knows how to put the FU in joy.

It’s no surprise that her classes are completely filled each semester and that there’s always a stampede to the rest rooms after each class is over.

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Hawt tub bust out

<b>Hawt tub bust out</b>” title=”<b>Hot tub bust out</b>” src=”” /></a> 
<p class=This movie is from Micky Bells’ slim-and-stacked SCORE period after her weight loss and in advance of her pregnancy-related boob super-growth spurt. Micky told a combination of diet and exercise led to her achieving a 28-inch waist, losing 24 pounds, whilst keeping almost all of her natural love bubbles. Micky is now skinny with greater than run of the mill pointer sisters and her body sort mirrors that of Merilyn Sakova and Venera. It took her seven months to drop the weight, but she did it.

If you saw Micky’s pix and movies when that babe was just starting as a web camera glamour model, this babe basically looked love this then before this babe began getting very voluptuous. 2011 was the year she 1st posed for SCORE in Jamaica with Gya Roberts and Terri Jane and blew everybody away with her outstanding milk shakes. This babe went from winning the 2013 Plumper of the Year contest in Voluptuous mag to the cover of September ’14 SCORE‘s all-natural issue.

“I have always had large bouncy bosoms. I was a D-cup when I was 14, then I was a double-D, and in college I was an E-cup,” Micky said. “I was greater all over and now my whoppers are more noticeable because my body is smaller. Everywhere I go, people notice me more.”

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Roxi Through Glass

Roxi Throughout Glass

One of our SCORE cameramen, Jose, spent almost all of his time on his back shooting this Roxi Red scene. This stud captures Roxi hovering over him from a low-angle as she strips and swings, jiggles, juggles and shakes her greater than run of the mill, mountainous, biggest, mammoth juggs.

Roxi then climbs onto the glass table for the first time for more incredible views of her super-naturals and her love tunnel. It was a different experience for Roxi who’s viewed the table in the studio in advance of but thought it was just a glass-topped table and did not know it was constructed to support a adult model standing and sat on it.

P.S. points out, as we have, that Roxi is in a league of her own: “This tall, seductive looker is simply jaw-dropping. Roxi has it all: the looks, the body and the rack. Roxi beautifully reveals that bigger indeed is more fine. The sheer size, shape and fullness of her heavy hangers is astonishing. Talk about endless breast valley!”

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Cummin’ All Ova’

Cummin' All Ova'

Our cameraman is concupiscent to greet the always smiling Terry Nova. She’s one of these cuties who is so warm and admirable, no one ever worries about catching attitude from her. She’s not at all bitchy or snooty, just affable and cheery. A hotty who radiates sunshine. That smooth operator needed a hot goddess with larger than standard titties to drop by on short notice and copulate the shit without a stunt-cock. That is why this charmer called Terry. This babe doesn’t speak more than a scarcely any words of English so it helps to be telepathic as well as use plenty of hand gestures. Terry’s chest is a masterpiece of nature’s handiwork. You need two hands to lift one up to engulf the areola. Usually we’re glad if a cutie as stacked and as hot will brandish her naked body and expose the pink. But early on, Terry was enthusiastic about full-sex. She can’t live out of the shlong and enjoys engulfing it and getting fucked. She’s a gal who makes your life entire and glad. Observe Terry Nova in action! We like Terry Nova!

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Jugs In Jail

Jugs In Jail

No matter how unfair it appears to be, sometimes hookers get busted and hauled off to jail. We know, it just doesn’t make sense, considering the public service they provide. But it happens, regardless. But if a hooker is street smart and stacked, that babe can be in and without jail in no time. Just observe Sarah Sunshine. She knows that the solely ace in the gap that this babe has is her ability to drain a pecker in no time flat, so this babe used that to her advantage, offering the officer on duty her hooker booty. And who could say no to a thorough cock-sucking and tight bawdy cleft? Some people have a get-out-of-jail-free card, and some people, love Sarah, have a get-out-of-jail-free vagina.

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Sex with a hot Girl

Sex with a hot Angel

When your date is dressed for dinner adore Beauty Wicky is here, u have a charming admirable shot at getting some pussy later in the evening. Certainly, that is not always guaranteed. Some honey bunnys just love to expose off their love muffins. They know that scoops are the supreme fashion accessory, so they wear their funbags adore some sweethearts might wear a necklace.

Gal Wicky:

1. Does like to expose off her bosoms.
2. Does know that milk shakes are the utmost fashion accessory.
THREE. Does expose off her rack on a date when that babe is super-horny.

So it doesn’t always receive to be one or the other. Here, Cutie and Thomas are on a date. They’re at a restaurant. There doesn’t appear to be to be a waiter around, so Goddess serves up her knockers and Thomas helps himself. Hey, who said this was a buffet?

We asked Angel Wicky if that babe has had sex in public, and this babe told, “Yes, in a car and in a park. For shooting, it is nifty and kooky. But for sex with someone I adore? No. The truth is I can not relish it and concentrate. I don’t feel relaxed and comfortable, so much noise, tiny space, people around…I need quiet and a comfortable place, where I can do what I crave and how I want, out of anyone else around.”

Did she say “love”? What’s like got to do with it?

Cutie calls herself a perfectionist, and this babe applies that attitude to mouthing cock and banging.

“I’m a porno star and I’ve the honor and opportunity to fulfill all the dreams and dreams of the people who watch me. So I concentrate on making ideal scenes and pictures. I try to do my best so everybody will savour ’em.”

Watch More of Cutie Wicky at SCORELAND2.COM!

A Japanese Bathing suit Stunner Crosses The Pacific

A Japanese Bathing suit Stunner Crosses The Pacific

It is not quite 14 hours in the air alone from Tokyo, Japan to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Hitomi did this voyage for the sheer delight of SCORE Fellows batty to enjoy the charming face and handsome body of this Oriental wonder gal. This is her first group get-together with other SCORE Angels and certainly not her final. This United Nations of all-naturals is an astounding sight. On this, her 1st tour outdoors her native Japan, Hitomi enjoys group dinners and lunches, sings karaoke with Micky Bells and Natalie Fiore, revels in the sights of Puerto Vallarta and much more. Today, Hitomi wears a taut mini-skirt and tank-top. Beneath these feminine adornments, a skimpy bathing suit. And beneath that, pure paradise! Hitomi speaks little English or Spanish so we’ve flown in a translator with Hitomi to expand her comfort zone. ‘cuz SCORE is all about first-class with SCORE cuties.

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Suga Acquires Stiffed

Suga Acquires Stiffed

It’s a grey day along the marina. Not a cheery place for the pleasing, sweet-faced goddess named Suga Squirtz. Suga appears to be lonely sat on the bench, pulling her tight tank top down to flaunt some unfathomable cleavage to no one in particular. U love a girl who can admire herself. Walking along the water, she passes Tony talking on his cell phone and stops when that fellow says hello. So right off the snap, that petticoat chaser knows… this chab knows this is not some snotty slut who thinks she is better than the stud in the street. This is a responsive hotty, a amicable angel. Maybe a gal who will bonk him.

Suga was awaiting for a ally but she hasn’t shown up, she tells Tony. She is lost. Ever the gentleman, Tony suggests to aid. He lives nearby. Suga asks if that babe can use his phone. They go to his apartment at his suggestion so that babe can call her friend although he is got a phone in his hand. Sharp fellow. At his place, in the bedroom, Suga makes her call and then sits on the sofa next to him. Thinking forward, Tony immediately starts to cosset her cushioned, cushy chest. Suga is absolutely responsive and it resembles a lock that Suga is intend to take up with the tongue Tony’s cock-cone within a matter of seconds. From the second this chap saw her, that charmer was aching to be inside her vagina.

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Shiny In Latex

Shiny In Latex

It is been over two years since Hitomi went to the Dominican Republic and met Joana, Valory Irene and Sha Rizel to discharge the DVD SCORE On Location. It seems like it was just a not many months agone, not 2 years. Four of the world’s high reaching big-bust covergirls of SCORE and Voluptuous magazines: Hitomi from Japan, Joana from Romania and Sha and Valory from Ukraine. A United Nations of big busted vixens. Someone has to hold down the fort so I didn’t go, but I got to live it through all the movie scenes the team brought back.

It’s amazing to think that it’s been over four years since Hitomi first appeared in the January 2012 SCORE with a pictorial made in Japan. We couldn’t have guessed at the time that Hitomi would eventually become a regular at SCORE and even model in Miami final year.

SCORELAND members may be used to Hitomi, a three-time SCORE Sex star of the year winner with seven magazine covers, but to the archetypal person who doesn’t know who she’s, Hitomi is a wonder. When she visited Miami after the Caribbean voyage, Dave and some of the staff took her out to South Beach for the evening before that babe flew off to Tokyo. Even though Hitomi was covered up in a black sweater, her chest and her hourglass shape made people turn around as Hitomi sauntered Lincoln Road, a busy tourist area. They could watch there was something very special about her even if they didn’t recognize her.

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