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A Bucket O’ Chicken For Bailey

A Bucket O' Chicken For Bailey

What kind of bucks does Bailey adore? “I adore them shaven, obese and curly,” that babe told. Obviously, we are not dealing with your standard cutie here. Bailey isn’t superficial and even lists cheeto crumbs on a guy as a turn-on. That’s because she likes to eat, and this babe doesn’t care how large it is gonna make her. “I need a skirt chaser who can eat as much as I do. If that man cant keep up with me during dinner, how is that charmer gonna keep up with me in the bedroom? I screw like I eat–passionately and often. And if u desire to shag me, you more wonderful be ready to feed me likewise.”

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The Large Love bubbles & Wazoo Rubdown

The Big Love muffins & Gazoo Rubdown

“You know, a lad called me a Whooty and I had to Google it. It means ‘a white beauty with a bigger in size than average gazoo.'” Felicia Clover said. “So, I think I am a Whooty. I suppose that my wazoo looks nice in mostly everything I put on, but lad shorts are very comfortable.” One more slang name used on the internet is PAWG. “Phat Assed White Gal.”

Felicia’s masseur Carlos thinks that Felicia looks more amazing with no shorts on her luscious booty as he massages her thick sexy ass cheeks with greasy oil and then goes to work on the rest of her curvy body. His hands rubdown her big, creamy mellons, kneading and fondelling the fleshy orbs of joy. Felicia came in for a rubdown but she’s ready for a sexy fuck on the table right then and there. This woman chaser licks her muff and feeds the hawt redhead his unyielding shlong. She laps the pole hungrily as he pulls her head in close, spanks her butt and bonks her mouth. That dude mutters for her to turn around and acquire on her back so that charmer can plug her new cookie. That babe is completely beneath his control.

“I love missionary coz the leverage is more excellent for boyz I suppose,” Felicia says and her facial expressions and hip actions are the proof. “You know… in missionary with my legs in the air, and that way a smooth operator can just pound me valuable and rigid. I love that.” They need more room to screw in different positions than the narrow table can provide so this chab pulls the ottoman over, sets Felicia on it and resumes ramming her rock hard. At one point, this chab drills her so unyielding and so fast whilst she sucks on his thumb that the sofa makes a rattling sound love a machine gun. He makes sure that this dude gives Felicia Clover a sexing that babe won’t forget also quickly.

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Punk Receives the Fur pie

Punk Gets the Pussy

Wack white rapper, 1 Da Bred just went double gold. Indeed, this chab just spray painted some records gold, but the ladies don’t acquire to know all that. Especially Cheetah Blige, who that guy spots on the street in tiny, white, lace boyshorts with her large ole arse just hangin’ out. This chab takes her back to his (grandma’s) abode to display her his records and then that babe reveals him just how strong that big ass of hers is. That man gives her the meat-thermometer so stiff that this babe swears he’s number one. View that big a-hole jiggle in doggie-style, cowgirl and then lastly get coated with a sexy load of cum. 1 da Bred might think he’s the skirt chaser, but the way that babe works that onion makes Cheetah a star!

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Sha in charge

Sha in charge

Sha Rizel is a girlie-girl, and almost any boys love that. But one time in a while, it’s good to see some other side of a goddess, or maybe watch if that babe can do a little play-acting, and that’s what Sha is doing here. She is General Sha Rizel, and she is in charge. Can you hold up to her examination? Or are you going to be crying adore a little baby in no time at all?

Actually, you won’t be crying cuz Sha’s plan to acquire her greater than typical naturals out, and that makes all of us pleased.

“A lot of males will bring me flowers and invite me out to dinner,” Sha said. “Also, some males invite me to go sailing with ’em. That is very fun. Every domme loves feeling fetching and knowing that bucks admire you. But sometimes it can be a bit also much. There should be a balance to it. Males shouldn’t just stare all the time. They should sometimes view my eyes.”

My advice? Observe her eyes and her bosoms. Spend an equal amount of time on the one and the other.

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Chat With Vanessa

Chat With Vanessa

“It was a greater than run of the mill surprise for me,” told Vanessa Y. about the readers selecting her as the Voluptuous Porno star of the year. That babe has all-natural goodness and a delicious personality that attracts lots of followers.

“I didn’t await it.” Her first thought? “It was a joke,” laughed Vanessa who did this chat just in advance of her fantasy P.O.V. scene. “There are so many cuties who are more pretty than me.”

Vanessa ends this chat by speaking in her native language to her fans in Poland.

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Big breasted Housesitter

Busty Housesitter

Dressed to inspire rock-hard erections, Hitomi re-introduces herself, just because this babe is so polite and formal, and then goes to town on herself, kneading, squeezing, jiggling, rubbing and pinching her super sensitive funbags. We are in the courtyard of a house with a high wall to keep out the snoopers who may hear the cries of this juvenile Japanese goddess. Hitomi likewise finds numerous interesting things to do with an ice cube that makes her areolas harden and wets her mammaries. If there’s one gal who fits the description of “living doll,” she’s Hitomi, princess of all Japanese juggies.

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Das Busenwunder In The Bahamas

Das Busenwunder In The Bahamas

When SCORE‘s President saw Annina for the first time, his mind traveled to the early 1990s, when the mag was born. Back then, that charmer had in mind his vision of the flawless SCORE Girl: That babe would be impossibly slender and impossibly ultra-stacked. The cutie of each boob lover’s fantasy. The girl he had in mind was a lot like Annina.

Annina traveled to The Bahamas for a series of solo and hardcore discharges after this babe toured the SCORE offices and met the crew. It was the merely time that babe filmed outdoors of her native Germany. Annina was born for porn. “I like to look at myself having sex. And I have a waterbed. Having sex on a waterbed is plenty of pleasure. I have mirrors in my bedroom”

“In Germany, they will say, ‘Oooh, what is that? Her milk cans are so large! Oh, silicone.’ They don’t love it, plenty of people,” Annina told. “But it is laughable cuz I do not have a problem encounter lads, so there’s likewise a different side. In Germany, it’s a little different from here. In the YOU.S., chaps adore bigger in size than average scoops and hotty’s desire to have them. In Germany, not so much as here. Maybe they are jealous. I’ve no idea, but I cant worry about it. I love my large boobs and my body, and many guys adore them, too.”

“When I go out, I wear attractive clothes. Tight tops. Little shorts. I like to wear jeans, tight tops and, an absolute need to, high heels. U know, fuck-me pumps? Majority of the time, I wear very little clothing or bikinis and high heels. U know, I actually donot wear tons of hot clothes. No Lothario craves to see me suit in evening gowns.”

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Joggin’ Jugs

Joggin' Jugs

Sometimes u can detect really great things on the side of the road. Whether it be furniture that someone has dumped or a great classic car that some poor schlep is selling (probably cuz his wife is making him or killing him in a divorce), there are deals and steals along the highways and roads u journey. Inspect this great find: Amber Lynn Bach oozing along in a taut and tiny top, jugs a’jiggling and bouncing. This is a deal, buddy. All u have to do is pull over, suddenly take up jogging, bump into her and receive her to come up to your place nearby and suck your dick. That appears to be gorgeous elementary, right? Now we are not saying that this kind of thing happens each day, but sometimes, a little effort goes a lengthy way and you can truly end up with a hot, stacked fox love Amber on your 10-Pounder. Go ahead, try it out. U can thank us later.

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Captive Audience

Captive Audience

Tied and gagged, May West squirms and struggles. Finally she escapes her restraints and, aroused from the servitude, May pounds the pink for a climactic finish.

May is one of the not many gals in new years with hair in the twat zone instead of being absolutely de-fuzzed love majority.

“I used to not shave everything,” May told. “I didn’t love to shave anywhere. I too love bigger in size than run of the mill bushes. I adore big bushes on other hotties. I think it’s truly sexy, so I
just let mine grow out. I have had plenty of partners who complimented it. I really adore it. I have nearly always had it. Just one time I shaved it off all the way and I regretted it. A boyfriend of mine asked me to, and I would by no means attempted it, so I did it and I didn’t like it.

“My skin is very sensitive, so doing it was a little painful, and too I get luscious during the day. I get aroused, and when I would acquire soaked, my briefs would receive soaked vs. having a bush, which catches that wetness. So it was a practical issue.”

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Chloe And Rocki

Chloe And Rocki

This photo set was originally published in August ’99 SCORE magazine. Both Chloe and Rocki are at the top of their game, the height of their physical prime and stunner. In addition, Chloe’s hairstyle is extra-attractive and youthful. Rocki is a goddess. Chloe’s armpits are full so Rocki shaves them so this babe can lick ’em more worthwhile. Rocki then razors Chloe’s curly ass-crack and pubes. Not absolutely hairless, just trimmed down. The British SCORE studio in London smelled especially heavily of cuntal juices that memorable day.

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Bosom buddies

Bosom buddies

Angela and Brandy Talore are sharing a hotel room. They are in Miami to film the Busty Ladies of Baby oil Wrestling (B.L.O.W.) DVD with Annie Swanson and Cherry Brady. One as well as the other cuties are in the same double bed. Majority boyz would sell their souls to be in the midst of Angela and Brandy for one night.

“Brandy, if you’re planning on plan to sleep, I need that side of the couch,” Angela says.

“No, I’m already over here,” Brandy replies.

“C’mon, I need that side,” Angela insists.

“Why?” Brandy says, a little annoyed.

“Because it is likewise close to the air conditioner and I’ll receive cold,” Angela tells her.

“No!” Brandy says firmly.

“Are you serious?” Angela says. Both of them pick up pillows and whack every other. Brandy’s pillow knocks Angela’s strapless top off her chest, exposing her impressive, greater than typical whoppers. And the action starts.

Brandy was doing XXX with fellows at this point (her 1st two were at SCORE, naturally). Angela has always been into cuties big-time but when this was discharged, that babe was still a long time away from her 1st on-camera knob in 2011 (with SCORE also). Imagine the 2 of them on one dick. The brain locks up thinking of what could have been.

Angela thongs on a fake pink weenie. This babe stands on the couch and Brandy receives into a kneeling position. Angela tells Brandy to engulf her fake prick and “use tons of spit.”

This was the merely time Angela and Brandy connected. One as well as the other would become big-time fuck stars. In the beginning, they were the one and the other SCORE Gals.

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