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Brittany Elizabeth: Vixen From Hawaii’s Humongous Pineapples

Brittany Elizabeth: Chick From Hawaii's Stupendous Pineapples

Fully loaded Brittany Elizabeth‘s fantasy is to have sex with a hotty. “I haven’t done that yet but I am hoping to one day with the right one,” Brittany said us. “I haven’t had a 3some yet but would consider having a hotty with myself and my boyfriend.”

In this scene, Brittany shags her vagina with a toy and her a-hole with a ass-plug. “I adore my anal beads, anal plugs and I adore anal dance!”

Brittany is photogenic and has a great rapport with the digi camera. This babe has the peculiar talent of making the viewer feel that she’s talking directly to him in her movies.

“I adore to receive oral stimulation and ride on top. I have sex five times a week and relish having my pieced nipples sucked and bit. Giving head truly turns me on. I always drink. My motto is ‘Spitters are quitters.'”

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Ivanna Lace’s Enormous Honeycups From Hooter Heaven

Ivanna Lace's Enormous Honeycups From Hooter Heaven

The hot and bewitching Ivanna Lace has many super-powers and knows how to use ’em for the precious of humanity. Her body is spectacular and her 38J honeycups are marvels of mammary brilliance.

“I developed early and from then on, I was always the center of attention. I love it. Guys say to me, ‘Your smile is so fetching, I forgot where I must go,’ or they pursue me and try to engage me in conversation.”

Ivanna has an weird bathtub to soak in, and during the time that in it, this babe tries smth with a realistic dildo that’s a first at XL Beauties.

A cutie who’s straightforward about sex, Ivanna explained what turns her on.

“When I do a orall-service, I take his cock out of my throat so that he can cum on my bosoms. I like to see that. I like sensitive fingering, role playing, touching, kissing, licking with tongue of teats and jerking. I’m confident in couch but if my husband loves to be the dominant one, I will be the foremost passive spouse. I did have an experience with a hotty and it was truly beautiful. I didn’t imagine it could be so tender and delicate.”

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H-cup bra-buster’s hawt sex date

H-cup bra-buster's hawt sex date

“I love to feel a hard weenie between my wobblers,” super-curvy Anastasia Lux said. “I can indeed do a oral-job love that as well. Receive the cock right here in the centre and suck it. I like to have cum all over my humongous breasts, and on my face, in my mouth, and I have to say that I adore watching it when the man-juice comes out so if it’s right here betwixt my love melons, I can watch it and it is wondrous, a glamourous thing.”

It is a gracious thing in this scene when Anastasia tit-fucks a bigger than run of the mill meat-thermometer then gets the load all over her mountainous breasts. Certainly, she likewise sucks and copulates it. When the scene widens, this babe is on the phone, asking a boy to come over. This babe doesn’t have to supplicate, but that babe knows how to tempt.

“I would adore to watch you tonight,” this babe says. “We can meet, acquire together and…you know. I’m feeling kinda wanton right now. I might begin by touching myself, watching some clips, and when u acquire here….”

When this lady-killer gets there, this babe gets his cock out and the fun begins.

Speaking about her body, Anastasia said, “Bigger is more good. I’m a very driven person, so I can self-motivate myself to achieve more. Physically, I enjoy being naturally curvaceous with a fine silhouette that emphasizes my femininity.”

We get the message.

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Lucy Laistner: Russian Cowgirl Will Rope U In

Lucy Laistner: Russian Cowgirl Will Rope You In

There are over a thousand Russian cowboys working in their country as wranglers but Russian cowgirls are rare. Big-boobed, bodacious teen Lucy Laistner makes up for this scarcity in this scene. Lucy has the boots, the hat and the glamourous raiment. What a handsome sight! Lucy too has a jug of milk to pour all over her perfect body one time this babe receives in the muscular.

“I’m a student,” said Lucy who turned Eighteen in 2019. “I love photo shoots. Posing is so phat. Preparing for pix and clips and the process of making ’em gives me great pleasure.”

It was Lucy’s fantasy to meet some of her idols. This babe is made some of that dream come true.

“I love gals with big mangos. Demmy Blaze, Cheryl Blossom, Maria Body, Samantha Lily, they are so ravishing to me and I admire them. They inspire me. I love to spend time with them when I can.”

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Christy Sparks: Finger Lickin’ Precious

Christy Sparks: Finger Lickin' Good

Juvenile, cute and thick Christy Sparks is a high school pupil looking for fresh experiences and that babe discovered some of ’em at XL Beauties. This babe said she doesn’t usually date, smth that surprises us. We’re sure that lots of boyz in her town have their eye on this curly-haired, flirty, breasty girl-next-door with braces.

“I receive bashful but I like attention,” told Christy. “I costume to show off my marangos. I even wear hawt bras. I adore to wear tank tops and constricted T-shirts, for myself and to flaunt off.”

Christy said this babe likes engulfing rod. JMac and Sean Lawless will assent that 10-Pounder mouthing is one of Christy’s talents. Christy was a little nervous previous to her scenes with the males but that babe warmed up fast and it is obvious that she can’t live out of sex.

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Heavy jugs, large booty

Heavy jugs, big ass

“Guys make comments about my large boobs and my big bottom,” said naturally stacked, bootylicious Anna Carlene. “I was at the airport a hardly any years agone and a youthful Italian charmer snatched my shoulder. He spun me around to look at my behind. Then he told to his ally, ‘Look, this goddess has a glamourous booty!’ I was shocked but I liked it!”

You’ve to adore a gal who enjoys attention. Some angels will give you the mind blowing stare if u say, “Nice tits” or “Nice ass” when you walk past ’em, but not Anna, who likes her body and how it turns fellows on. Anna said us this babe looks at porn online and was looking forward to seeing her own stuff at SCORELAND. When it hit, some charmer who called himself Mr. Emotional said of Anna, “Oh god, to leave everything out about this female would be a shame. That hair, these eyes, those charming hooters, that bigger in size than standard round arse. This girl is a bonk machine. Fantastic.”

We photographed Anna in Prague, Czech Republic. An Italian, Anna was living in Romania when we first met her, but this babe is since moved to some other country. Her English is glamorous valuable. Her accent is honey-sweet and matches her fleshy, buxom appearance.

There used to be a drink called “Slow, Comfortable Bonk.” I have no idea if it still exists, but Anna looks to me adore she’d be a comfortable fuck. Plenty of cushion. Plush. The “slow” part I’m not so sure about.

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Casca Akashova’s Good Vibrations

Casca Akashova's Nice Vibrations

Casca Akashova found out about SCORELAND throughout word of throat. That babe did not say whose throat but the important part is that Casca was bonkers to explore her sexual side. The response Casca received when her first scene was released was astonishing. Lads were pleading to see more of her. That babe has a magnetic personality that the digital camera picks up.

Showing off her slender and stacked bod in lingerie, Casca brings one of her toys and pleasures her teats, love button and cookie. She’s cum a lengthy way since her first glamour photoshoot at SCORELAND.

“It’s worthy to know how to please yourself so that when you are with a boyfriend, u can tell them what turns you on. I think it is very healthy to explore your own body and your erotic nature, to inspect what you relish and to experiment.”

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Getting Ready For A Date

Getting Ready For A Date

When this scene with German superstar Sandra Star was originally posted, I wrote, “This is the first time at SCORELAND that Sandra is shown putting on a undergarment instead of taking one off. She hooks it from the front and spins it around and, with some effort, that babe stretches the cups over her bigger-than-big whoppers. This bra is undersized for her bust measurement and gives her huge, high-riding breast valley. ‘I will not wear a under garment when I’m intend to a club and wearing something hawt, like a sheer top, and I urge my nipps to expose through,’ said Sandra.”

This living Barbie Doll has a university degree in business administration, but porn and sex were a meaty lure, and that babe followed her star very successfully. Adore numerous models who became SCORE Cuties, Sandra was influenced and inspired by the mag and website. She had the opportunity to go into the Miss Hot SCORE contest run by the German edition, Sexy SCORE and contacted the editor.

“Because of my meatballs, I was very interested in magazines like SCORE, and I like modeling very much. I loved how handsome the beauties are, and I loved that there are so many fellows who love beauties with big milk cans. I like the way SCORE celebrates larger than run of the mill mangos. It makes me feel special. I got the information from a ally, and I was very concupiscent about it. I was so horny to have the opportunity to have my picture in the magazine. I hoped so much that I’d win and become a SCORE Goddess, and I did.”

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Anal Engagement

Anal Engagement

“Doggy style is my much loved position,” said our big-chested ally Kamille Amora. “And if a boy craves to put his 10-Pounder in my ass, this fellow can go right ahead. Let me know 1st, of course, but I adore anal job.”

During the time that Tony receives dressed for his wedding ceremony, Kamille, one of the bridesmaids, knocks on his door. She bears a gift for the happy couple but too needs to speak to Tony about something. It appears to be Kamille feels awkward in the gown her ally has chosen. This babe thinks there is also much undressed cleavage. The other bridesmaids do not come close to the 36I cups that Kamille was blessed with. This gives Tony the chance to touch her top and offer that she pin part of the dress so less titty flaunts.

This is the moment Tony picks to play the sad, conflicted groom and scam Kamille, telling her that he’s attracted to her. Kamille falls for his douchebag line of shit and in a miniature in number minutes, she’s engulfing his rock hard ramrod like it’s her own honeymoon night. Yes, weddings do make hotties wanton.

The marriage plans are totally forgotten as this chab and Kamille receive naked and initiate screwing love eager. Tony not solely receives to pump Kamille’s vise-tight snatch, he likewise receives to feel her arsehole encircling his cock.

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Too Sexy To Handle

Too Hawt To Handle

“I think about sex a lot these days,” blonde, astronomical breasted British Mom I’D LIKE TO FUCK Annellise Croft told. “Watching porn, getting my teats sucked, the list goes on. I have done my share of experimenting. I suppose my almost any odd experience was a threesome with a pair in a hot tub. I like sex in hot tubs. I’m definitely an exhibitionist who totally can’t live with out to pose in front of a camera, but I had at no time done anything adore this until I came here.”

Here means SCORELAND and, where affable, bubbly Annellise has become a big star. In this scene, pointy-nippled Annellise, who’s divorced and a Mamma, gets ass-fucked by JMac, and that is not exactly Intro to Anal 101. This is advanced stuff.

“I’m not as coyness as I was,” Annellise said with a laugh when this babe was asked if seeing her episodes has changed her at all. “A little more confident. I can not say it’s changed me. I took being asked back to SCORE as a compliment and I guess all the boyz enjoyed seeing me. I watched my episodes alone at 1st. When I 1st observed them, I thought ‘Oh, my god! That is me doing that!'”

Yes, that’s her taking a bigger than typical strapon down her face hole and in her slit and a-hole and then a load of cum in her mouth. Fine going, Annellise!

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Large Tit Showtime With Sirale

Big Tit Showtime With Sirale

Sirale plays hot lap dancer and works the pole. 2 poles, in fact. The brunette curvette looks sexy as this babe spins around the cold iron tube. Her audience of 2 in this intimate exotic dancing club urge to give Sirale something subrigid also.

Sirale can work it and this babe is got moves. Her grinding against the pole is working its magic. Next, this babe takes her large pantoons and wraps ’em around the pole. This babe taunts the two with the promise of a great time. And this babe will deliver, different from many other dancers.

Thomas and Neeo reach out for Sirale to come closer. They crave her. She sits betwixt ’em and they each reach out to suck a nipple and squeeze her natural bra-busters. Sirale’s nipps become as subrigid and as subrigid as pencil erasers from the attention lavished by their lips and tongues. The elongation is noticeable.

Thomas has first rights to take up with the tongue Sirale’s grab. That sends her over the edge. That babe takes a weenie in each hand and sucks and jacks ’em. If one shaft is not in her mouth, this babe is jerking it. At one point, that babe takes the one and the other ramrods in her throat.

They put Sirale on her back. Neeo bangs Sirale’s deep cleavage while Thomas shags her face hole. They pull off her knickers for a admirable, unblocked see of her bawdy cleft. Thomas shoves his prick into her while Neeo fucks the brunette hair stripper’s mouth.

Now Neeo needs Sirale’s pussy. They turn her around so this babe is in a from behind, one knee on the daybed. Neeo takes her cum-hole and Thomas gives her throat meat-thermometer. That babe sucks it hands-free.

Who has the majority stamina left when this three-way bonk is over? Not those 2 disrobe joint punters.

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