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Natalie’s Anatomy Lesson

Natalie's Anatomy Lesson

The student body is in total awe of Miss Natalie Fiore. She proceeds to train in her classroom when that babe should be getting ready to make her imminent special delivery. That’s dedication to all XL Bucks.

The principal has given Natalie Fiore carte blanche to suit as that babe pleases. This dude is a tit-man also, and Natalie is not about to give up her very low-cut tops that unveil acres of warm, squishy deep cleavage made to suck a favourable man’s face or weenie.

The lesson plan today is all about Natalie’s body, her unfuckingbelievably monumental tits, her lovely pussy-hole and sex education in general. It is a practical lesson plan. Natalie will be demonstrating anything on her desk. This babe desires her students to know anything and what more priceless way than to use her own breathtaking anatomy.

It was no surprise that when the class ended, half the students offered to carry her briefcase and the other half loitered in the room so they could sniff the desk after she left. Everybody went home to jack to thoughts of Miss Fiore.

Class dismissed.

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Recent Discovery

New Discovery

XL Chaps, our latest discovery is likewise the angel of our stickiest soaked dreams. Her name is Aimee Jackson, and that babe is a 27-year mature rub-down therapist from Kansas Town, Missouri. Missouri is also known as the “Show Me State,” making it the ideal place for Aimee to call home because we could not be happier that Aimee is here showing us her 34H-cup boobies.

“I detect the attention I acquire coz of my fullsome funbags enjoyment,” Aimee said us. “If I catch lads, and sometimes angels, staring too long I’ll clench one of my fists and go underneath my scones to intentionally bounce them. I always get a great reaction.”

If the reaction is anything less than a standing ovation, we’ll have to give the citizens of Kansas City credit for their restraint.

This is Aimee’s 1st time doing adult modeling of any kind, but she’s a natural in front of the digi camera. Her bright smile lit up the bedroom we shot this photo place in, and that babe is as sexual and sexual as any girl we have shot.

“I’ve always been a actually fleshly person,” Aimee told. “I think that’s why I got into rub-down therapy. I love bodies–men and women–and working with ‘em and the oils is plenty of enjoyment for me. I have been told I have an unbelievable touch.”

It need to feel adore being touched by a big-boobed gal.

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Larger than standard Apple Bottom

Big Apple Bottom

Boyfrends, say howdy to Mary Jean. She’s 23, lives in the Bronx, is half-Dominican and half-Turkish, and with her scrumptious, kewl New York apple bottom, a full-on bad floozy. Mary Jean’s first appearance discharge at our Miami studios was really the 1st time this bangin’ exotic hottie had ever visited South Florida. We were sure to give her a warm BootyLicious welcome.

“Yeah, this is my 1st time in Miami,” this babe said us. “I’ve loved it so far. Everybody has been so nice.”

When a hotty is lookin’ this precious, that is no surprise. This babe is killin’ this petite, red suit, so certainly we rolled out the red carpet for her and introduced her to one of our most-hung buds, Mirko Iron. He is not at all viewed a kewl wazoo he didn’t adore, and Mary Jean’s French vanilla ‘donk is just his type.

Mary Jean starts by sat on Mirko’s lap and grinding on him a bit to warm him up for the sloppy irrumation this babe is willing to serve him up with.

“I love giving blowjobs,” Mary Jean told. “Deep face holes are my specialty. The sloppier they are, the more breathtaking, likewise. I have had a small in number boyz tell me I’ve given them the best blowjobs they’ve ever had. It is a talent.”

Yep, Mary Jean’s tonsil torque talents are off the charts. But her shag skills are even more nice. Mary Jean has been lap dancing at Recent York City exotic dancing clubs since this babe was Eighteen, and is one of the main reasons guys over there can’t acquire any sleep lately.

“I like stripping,” this babe said. “I like the energy from the crowd and chatting with the dudes. Certainly, I love shaking this big wazoo of mine.”

That that babe does. As a top for her skillful ass shaking, Mirko drops a facial on Mary Jean’s nice-looking face.

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Cream My Bumpers

Cream My Tits

In this XL Gals Classic “Cream My Juggs,” it’s a big boobed feast of feasts with Sunshine, a girl who has a lot to give, and give it up she does, time after time. Sex with Sunshine is no quickie. It is a breast-sex adventure. Those bazookas were made for mouthing and fucking daily.

Tony knew that pie was not plan to get thrown in his face. Sunshine uses her jugs to widen the filling all over him. This chab licks the rich carbs right off Sunshine’s tasty milk cans and goes kooky with carnal delirium.

Sunshine does one of our favorite moves. Instead of blowing him, that babe has him fuck her open throat as she tickles and squeezes his balls. Then this chab gives huge-chested Sunshine the ball cream right without his fuckin’ nuts in a boinking scene so hot, the pie plate melted.

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38H-Cup Blonde Wishes Cooze Man juice

38H-Cup Blond Desires Cooze Cream

Brickhouse novice Jenna Jayden is overheated and she’s hot for Tony DeSergio’s porn-cock. Jenna’s making the move from feature dancer in Canton, Ohio to porno star and SCORE is her 1st stop. Dressed in all-red underware, Jenna offers Tony the big boy’s equivalent of a tour to the candy store…her stacked 46-30-38 body and 38H-cup juggs!

Tony lip-locks onto Jenna’s humongous juggs, engulfing her pointy teats and burying his face between ‘em. Jenna is wearing split-panties. Tony doesn’t must pull her panties to the side to finger-drill her pussy and feel her damp candy box.

Tony de-pants and suggests his longhorn to the busty golden-haired stripper. She’s hungry for man-meat and dives for his wiener, sucking it and wrapping her bigger than run of the mill tits around it.

Jenna’s bodacious bazooms were made for tit-banging. They are banging titanic and even big ramrods get lost in ‘em as this scene proves. Jenna receives on her back so her whoppers can form a valley for his skin-bus to drive throughout. It is promptly lost between these twin peaks but finds its way out for a voyage into her pink-lined tunnel of lust.

For Jenna’s 1st screw, she climbs on-board in a cowgirl position, riding and grinding. And that is just the beginning. Jenna is horny about relishing the action with super-studs and getting into the wild, wild world of porn where sex is an event. That babe likes “straight-up screwing! And a lil’ pussy-licking at not time hurts either!”

As far as foreplay, Jenna says, “I’m the type of gal who’d rather just initiate fuckin’! But when there’s foreplay, I like my adore button gently caressed and licked and my fullsome funbags sucked.”

Where does Jenna get her gift of cream? The answer is in the title of her 1st hardcore scene.

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Nobody Does It Love Sara

Nobody Does It Adore Sara

Saying nobody does it love Sara is an understatement. Though it’s been less than a year since her initial debut, Sara has already done it all and fucked a lot–much to the delight of XL Men worldwide. Already one of our hottest new girls, it’s always great to have her back. Especially when Sara is fucking. That babe has a cock-lust not found also often. Even around these parts. This babe is a sensual, take charge pleasing heart, also… smth we adore in a beauty. Smth we know our buddy Thomas Lee will appreciate.

“I am 50-50,” Sara told when we asked her if that babe was more passive or confident. “Sometimes I need my buck to take control, but sometimes I wanna be in charge. To dominate him.”

That is just what Sara and Thomas do in this steamy photo shoot. Thomas starts by fondling her scoops previous to going down on Sara’s wet slit. Then Sara pulls out Thomas’ now-throbbing schlong and tugs and sucks until this chab can’t hold out any longer and this chab is got to fuck Sara’s snatch. Sara says that babe doesn’t work out much, so fucking as often as possible is how this babe keeps her figure and FF-cup mangos looking magnificent.

“I have sex almost daily,” this babe said. “If I don’t, I feel upset and concerned. Sex is my beloved thing to do.

We can watch that, Sara. Detect out the even hotter movie to watch how much this babe enjoys a precious fuck.

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Mary Takes Some Sour Man-juice

Mary Takes Some Sour Cream

Trying to get a smack of a bad bitch’s taco is a glamorous common thing for a guy. Especially when the gal is bangin’ from every angle love this Fresh York honey bunny Mary Jean. But the interesting thing about Mary Jean is if u desire to dive into her palatable taco, u have to bring her tacos.

“Tacos are the easiest way to get into my pants,” Mary Jean told us. “Pussy and tacos go jointly. I’ll call my shag buddies and say, ‘Bring me some tacos right now!’”

Athletes often talk about the importance of a pre-fuck meal, and apparently Mary Jean takes her pre-fuck meals just as seriously. Mary Jean need to have had some gourmet tacos previous to she discharged this scene. With her ample wazoo and meatballs busting with out her little red suit, this babe puts on one of the hottest fuck unveils we’ve ever filmed with our Lothario Mirko Steel.

This babe sloppily lathers up Mirko’s extra-long knob with her consummate dick-sucking-lips to acquire things started. Then, she hops on top of him and goes to work on his wang.

“Oh, that feels so worthy in my slit,” that babe says. “Fuck it. Bonk my love tunnel.”

We’re merely a hardly any minutes into this scene when Mary Jean cums for the first time. After that 1st climax, this babe spins around and rides our chap reverse cowgirl, and afresh she’s cumming in minutes.

After smashing Mary Jean doggy-style for a bit, Mirko drops his jism on her nice-looking face. Which is consummate. If Mary Jean loves tacos, this babe must adore the taste of sour man-cream.

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Big Tit Hooker Picked-Up & Ass-Fucked

Big Tit Hooker Picked-Up & Ass-Fucked

In the history of Greater than standard Tit Hookerology, what happens in this Kiki Daire movie is unheard of and will be disclosed at the exciting, cock-worshipping culmination so observe it to the very end, after Kiki rubs Steve’s cum-spurting penis on her marvelous face.

Our hero prowls the byways and bad cutie boulevards in search of large scoops and constricted pussies. That stud strikes gold when that guy spots fascinating Kiki Daire decked out in sexy outfit so taut, she would need the fire department to acquire with out ‘em. That babe comes over to his car and chats him up. This babe can spot a wanton Lothario a mile away. Anyway fun bags and snatch, Kiki’s butthole is laid back to opening too.

Kiki receives into Steve’s copulate palace on wheels and starts to taste his pecker but he’d rather take Kiki to his place where there’s a lot of room to widen Kiki’s cum-hole and darksome hole.

Back at his place, Kiki gets on her knees and sucks his stiff-bone, hands-free, staring into his eyes. That babe offers her breast valley to fuck and Steve partakes of her generosity. Steve gets the dirty-talking Kiki on her knees and hands, her feet dangling off the daybed, and begins to copulate the impressive streetwalker doggy style, her ideal wazoo in his hands.

Kiki is a man’s perfect fuck-doll, compliant and yielding, and can take any position Steve puts her in, including the all-controlling pile-driver, while this impure hotty entertains his ears with her perky, non-stop sex talk. Blow jobs, tit-fucking, bawdy cleft screwing and anal rogering is what it is all about. A SCORE Classic episode that’s part of the DVD SCORE Xtra 9.

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Texas-size Billibongs

Texas-size Tits

When Danica Danali points her 52-inch, 38L-cup Texas-size bra-busters at someone, they freeze. It is one of her many super-powers. U have viewed Danica’s other super-powers before at If you’ve not, it is time to catch up. We’re always happy to have her over to widen the enjoyment.

What makes Danica supplementary sexually excited?

“Tit and nipple play. Admirable, lengthy sucking of my nipps with tons of suction and touching with tongue. Likewise I adore lengthy, unbending kissing.”

What does Danica do for her skirt chaser to make him feel specific? What can this stud do for her?

“He loves that I cook for him and bake him his prefered foods. In couch, that stud likes face-sitting and my large mellons right in his face. Then this dude does anything I ask!”

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Acquire The Beck Body Check

Get The Beck Body Check

You’ve probably heard of the term “bedroom eyes.” It’s when a hawt babe–and super-busty Anna Beck certainly qualifies–gives you that certain seductive look that just makes u desire to pounce. That is the look Anna, this babe of the M-cup mams, has painted on her charming face as we open this photo set. Her tatas are pouring out of her over-matched pink top, and her come-fuck-me smile could not be more inviting. And right now, we’re sure XL Guys worldwide are making themselves comfortable as this eminently jackable babe lazily peels off her glamourous clothes.

Anna has always been a tease, and this babe is in uncommon form in this glamour photoshoot. That babe flicks and licks her upright teats, her eyes at no time breaking eye contact with the camera. Pretty soon, Anna pulls out her new much loved toy. A dark double-ended sex tool. A goddess love her needs all the weenie that babe can receive.

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Fresh Neighbour

New Neighbor

Does this face look familiar? If it does, it is probably ‘coz this thick white sweetheart from the town of Miami initially appeared in our sister mag Nasty Neighbors back in 2007 at the mellow, youthful age of 19. Scarlett’s all grown up now, though. And we cant receive enough of how this chick’s body has filled out. Phatter a-hole, greater bosoms…it doesn’t really acquire better than this, does it? Our guy Jeremy Ace is favourable sufficient to give the new-and-improved Scarlett a test drive, and he’d more astonishing be ready. Scarlett still has the same insatiable cock-lust that we loved about her back in the day.

“It’s so fun getting to come back after all those years,” Scarlett told. “I’m all grown up, my wazoo is king-size now and I still adore to fuck.”

Jeremy has a thick piece of man-meat that’s consummate for Scarlett’s now extra-heavy cheeks and extra-tight fur pie. But first, that babe is plan to unveil off her competent cock-sucking skills. Right away, that babe takes Jeremy’s magic stick all the way down her face hole until she’s balls-deep on it.

That is just a warm-up, though. 1st, Jeremy bows Scarlett over and gives her a hard face down, gazoo up bonk. Then that babe perches her consummate can on top of him and rides him love the experienced ramrod jockey this babe is. Banging a bad wench love this, Jeremy can merely hold out so lengthy in advance of this chab busts a nut. This chab drops a enormous load onto her nice-looking face and perky bouncy bosoms.

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