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Jasmine’s Three-way Riding Lesson

Jasmine's Three-way Riding Lesson

Slavemaster of Big breasted Riding Academy, Lord Chandler is in his bedroom with attractive Jasmine Black. He craves to know what is below her lengthy white cloak. That babe takes it off her shoulders and drops it to the floor. Now this buck knows. This babe is wearing dark boots and a skimpy two piece, as dunky as a string bathing suit. Her large whoppers bulge against the flimsy fabric.

In her hand is a riding crop that she runs along Lord Chandler’s chest, teasing him. That guy comes behind her to play with her love bubbles and grind his pelvis into hers; she spanks her scones with the crop as he kisses her neck from behind.

Laying her down on the couch, Lord Chandler removes her bottoms and fingers her shaven snatch with experienced digits, mouthing greedily on her nipples. Jasmine herself sucks on ’em also. He stands, his dick drooping without his fly. Jasmine sits on the sofa, her dark boots still on, and hungrily engulfs his shaft into her moist mouth, sliding her hand to the base and back one time more.

The sexy, skinny brunette dish queen makes sounds of intensive joy as this babe tongues Lord Chandler. As this chab pulls her head closer to him to swallow every inch, Lord Chandler’s valet enters the bedroom with the evening beverage. “I’m sorry, sir” that ladies man says, an confused look shadowing his face. “I told u about knocking,” admonishes Chandler.

Jasmine, on the other hand, is randy to see the servant. “Come here,” this babe commands him. “Yes, miss?” As pretty soon as he makes his way over to the couple, this babe reaches out to squeeze his package. “It appears adore she wants an extra,” Chandler observes matter-of-factly. Dick is removed from pants and now Jasmine has 2 rigid lap dancing clubs to engulf and jack off. This babe will have her hands full tonight with these 2 jocks. They, in turn, will take her wet crack and a-hole in a furious double penetration.

This scene is obtainable on DVD in the best-seller Big-Boob Riding Academy.

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Meatballs, Tugs and Mouth

Tits, Tugs and Mouth

Allie Pearson is sitting on the daybed with Brad, the lucky recipient of Allie’s generosity. Our cameraman Jose asks this dark brown dish what that babe is plan to be doing for the boyz at XL Cuties. “I’m gonna be giving a hand job and a orall-service and wrapping my tits around some wang,” Allie sweetly says with a chuckle. The conversation turns to how Allie likes a Lothario to touch her ample endowments. This is obviously a two-hander. Jose recommends that Allie sit on Brad’s lap so he can squeeze, then take up with the tongue and suck on them. Her top and underneath garment disappear so we can gaze one time more at her rich, ripe yayas.

Brad stands and drops trou and a kneeling Allie takes his penis between her lips. The digi camera perspective shifts from the 3rd person look at to P.O.V., the paramount angle for Scoops & Tugs. Brad sits and Allie kneels betwixt his legs, showing a happy enthusiasm for jacking, sucking and cleavage-crushing his rod. After she is milked his testicles all over her fetching mangos with a kind of quick, butter-churning handwork, Allie lies back and fast-fingers her wet crack, staring at the camera–a different way of handling a glad ending, for sure. Wow! Whatta honey!

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Gold Star

Gold Star

Stars come in all shapes and sizes, but scarcely any come with a badonkadonk like this. Alycia Starr is a 5’3″ Latin babe from Las Vegas with a 43-inch gazoo and curves that can stop traffic. With all these curves, we hope the men over there have checked their brakes.

Our hung fellow Johnny Champ is more than capable of maneuvering those tight curves, though.

“I observed u exotic dancing at the undress club with this thing,” that lady-killer says.

“Oh, u like that a-hole?” Alycia responds.

Alycia likes to make it clap, and this babe gives Johnny a preview of how she’s intend to work his unyielding knob by demonstrating her skills.

When that babe lastly hops on top, Alycia gets the type of inflexible shag an gazoo love hers merits. Daily a star is born, but this is our favorite Starr in porn.

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Bubbly Bosoms, Bubble A-hole

Bubbly Funbags, Bubble Butt

Longtime XL Girls member Tom: “Roxee has emerged as my favourite adult model. Each one of her sets is exceptional. Her sex appeal is off the charts. Please keep bringing her back. I so look forward to seeing her sets!”

XL Girls: Roxee, we liked the video of you walking to buy coffee and your cleavage was showing. When you go out, do u suit to expose your chest?

Roxee: I do usually suit to display off my large fun bags.

XL Girls: Do u have plenty of breast sex? What are your much loved “tit-fucking” poses?

Roxee: I adore tittie banging. I like wrapping my greater than standard milk shakes tightly around a weenie and milking it dry. My beloved position for titty rogering is probably me on my knees with the Lothario standing over me. I truly acquire a priceless cum load on my love bubbles in that position.

XL Girls: Maybe one day we can see that here. Do you love to talk indecent in daybed?

Roxee: I love messy talk. The dirtier the more charming.

XL Girls: Do u do housework topless or stripped?

Roxee: Only if I’m trying to impress someone or drive someone eager. I do cook in nature’s garb often.

XL Girls: Do you like looking in a mirror during sex?

Roxee: Like looking in the mirror. Watching sex throughout a mirror is a titanic turn on.

XL Girl: Now let’s identify out Roxee getting breastfully clean.

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Ultra sex

<b>Ultra sex</b>” title=”<b>Ultra sex</b>” src=”” /></a> 
<p class=Brook Ultra is giving Tony DeSergio a private dance in his apartment. Tony whispers instructions, telling her what that petticoat chaser loves strippers to do. Brook can give a boy a boner in his trousers just by standing there. Brook bows over and sticks her wazoo in his face. That babe continues dancing, dancing and gyrating, pointing her bigger than standard love muffins and butt at him.

If Brook danced in a club, we’d rent orchestra seats. But Brook says that babe doesn’t urge to dance in exotic dancing clubs.

“I sauntered into a club ‘cuz I wanted to become a hot dancer until I realized how immodest it was, so I didn’t undress. I desire a indeed spruce disrobe club. I’d like a clean club.”

That was a great loss to the lap dancing club industry. The lesson here is to keep those strip clubs clean and classy, Mr. Lap dancing club Owner.

Brook has very particular ideas about fucking, oral sex and male orgasms. This babe loves being hogtied and then banged truly rigid in that position. This babe says that babe likes being face-fucked. Bottom line: Brooke desires it coarse.

“I like when boyz cum all over my face. I think that’s so sexy, and the thought of that, being banged truly rock hard and having cum all over my face, makes me so moist. I likewise adore engulfing jock. Love, usually, I’ll tanalise a buck and go around the head and then go down indeed slow, then I’ll go betwixt his testicles and lick it indeed fast as I jack off his weenie, then I go back up to the head, and I usually can deep-throat him all the way down. Boys are surprised by that because I’m so little. And then when this lady-killer cums, this chab can cum in my mouth. I think all girls should gulp.”

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Big-Boobed Belt Soaker

Big-Boobed Knicker Soaker

The 1930s clip star Mae West said to Cary Grant in “She Done Him Incorrect,” “Come up sometime and see me.” Our beginner May West might say, “See me and cum.” May changes from her slide to a SCORELAND T-shirt, licks and squeezes her pliable naturals, then moves to her unshaved bits. Pulling off her bottoms, May fingers her muff through her wet sheer knickers. Tossing ’em away, she digs her fingers deep into her succulent gap.

A very carnal girl, May’s done the tit tango with a pro-cock in “Go West, Hung Man” and masturbation is one of her main hobbies.

“Of things to do, masturbation is in my top five,” May said. “I definitely use toys in my personal play. I adore dildos. I also sometimes use paddles and ram. [Jilling] In the car is rigid. I have attempted whilst driving. It’s rigid to acquire the angle right. I can receive aroused but I can not receive all the way there. I’m usually in bed when I masturbate. Mainly, I view photographs. I like to see pictures of a tractable lady wearing nipp clamps and a collar and maybe anybody pulling her hair or 2 hotties having sex and both are collared and paddling each other. A gent and a female doing that’s sexy to me, also. It’s the image that I find arousing.”

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Moist & Shiny

Wet & Shiny

There’s a first time for everything and for Terry Nova, it is getting into a bathtub fully dressed. Really, skimpily clothed. Terry doesn’t love wearing a lot of enormous, cumbersome impressive raiment which hide her sensuous curves and monumental jugs. What she has on suits her just priceless, a constricted couple of ass shorts and a top that has less material than a handkerchief. This babe acquires soaked, the fabric sticking to her incredible body love a second skin. Terry peels off her finery and grabs the showerhead. The cooling spray makes her nipples and pussy tingle. In Spanish Nova means “no go” but that doesn’t fit Terry’s personality at all. This babe can’t live with out going…and coming.

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Pet My Snatch

Pet My Pussy

Was not it Tesla who told, “Signs, signs, everywhere the signs. Blocking out the scenery, breaking my mind. Do this, do not do that, cant u read the signs?” And fellow is it true. There’re signs everywhere those days. Signs to tell us to prevent, to yield, and that there’s construction ahead. Signs have become so popular that even stacked street walkers are using ’em to order their customers on how they should be handled. Look at horny June Summers. That babe is a hooker who uses “sign” language to tell her Johns what that babe likes. Just take a view her top. It says, “Pet my Vagina.” That’s beautiful straight-forward instruction. So, go ahead, pet her wet crack, we doubt this babe will mind. (If this babe does it is false advertising!) We’d likewise like to point out that although it is not on a sign, we do adore it when June says, “That’s precious bitch cum-hole, right?” Any dominatrix-bitch who refers to her cock-box as a “Slut pussy” is a winner in our book.

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Tigerr’s in our tank

Tigerr's in our tank

It is the 1st time at SCORELAND2 for Tigerr Benson, a mega-busty Asian playgirl who lives in London, Great Britain and does some of the hottest porn, including Dual Penetration, you have ever seen. And u will see it pretty soon. For now, though, we have to have her all to ourselves. Cherish the moment. It is not often that Tigerr poses solo.

Tigerr’s zeppelins are double-Hs. Her twat is hairless, tattooed and pierced. That babe has a slight waist. This babe is wild and nasty. This babe has a dirty mind.

“I like when boyz tease me,” she told. “I like to suck and take up with the tongue 10-Pounder and balls. My much loved position is being on top so u can see all of me. I love to train my wazoo to take larger weenies than my pussy. I’m greedy. I always swallow the cum when a buck blows his cum.”

I am not sure that counts as greedy. I suppose it counts as accommodating.

“I like boys to be sexy for me with tons of tongue and touching,” Tigerr said. “I like when studs and honeys appreciate my body. I don’t hide my bigger in size than average tits. I want ’em out there.”

In other words, if you’re favourable sufficient to watch Tigerr out in public, you’ll know her by her face and her bazookas. After watching this scene, you’ll be professional to detect her by her slit, also.

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At The Neighbor’s Pool

At The Neighbor's Pool

During the Key Largo sessions, we learned that our next-door neighbors, a married couple, were very curious about the hot angels with bigger than typical mellons that were all over the beach house. When we said them what we were all about, they invited Chloe to pose in their swimming pool. This is what happened.

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Heavy Bumpers Need Cum

Heavy Bra buddies Need Cum

Analee Sands. Absolutely mind boggling boobies. Sexy, juicy body. Beautiful face. All in all, a moist piece of eyecandy that we were very pleased really to have as a guest in these hallowed halls of tits, at least for a relatively short time.

This scene started with a hawt solo show that led right into the licking, sucking, throating and bumping with out a story or plot. Just pure act and tons of tit play as Analee gave her sex date what each chap needs. Some alone time with the cutie previous to the skirt chaser walks into the picture is usually better than just starting off with her and the boy.

XL Girls: Do u adore to have sex in public places?

Analee: Not too public. If I can sneak it in, then maybe. But not something where it’s for sure that somebody will walk by.

XL Girls: Where is the almost all public place you have had sex?

Analee: In a Walmart parking lot. I have likewise done it in a park in mid-day, and in a moving MPV in the backseat whilst family was driving.

XL Girls: Have u ever been caught?

Analee: Merely one time by an mature boyfriend’s aunt. She strolled into the washing room right in the midst of it with me with my legs up.

XL Girls: Did u prevent or keep going?

Analee: We kept going. That babe strided in, looked at me, got her stuff and strolled out. So I figured we’d just finish what we started.

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