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Delivery Of Sex

Delivery Of Sex

“I have fantasized about trying porn for years and years,” Lucy Lenore said us. She’d worked in an adult shop and knew all about XL Gals and other SCORE Group magazines and DVDs. “But I have always kind of been…’Little Miss Sinless.’ So it was hard for me to cross that invisible line. But I’m indeed cheerful I did.”

Lucy now has a new job. She works for a web-based company called Boobereats, delivering meals in her car to people at home or at the office.

Now, delivering meals is no bigger than run of the mill deal so the people behind Boobereats needed a marketing angle to differentiate their service. They decided to solely hire sexy angels with big mangos and asses and thick, cushioned bodies. There is one more difference also…Lucy drives over with a meal delivery to a lad. After that babe drops off the food, this chab acquires the deluxe, exclusive Boobereats experience: The driver sat with the customer and joining him.

But wait, there is more. Lucy takes her top off so the customer can touch and motorboat her plush bouncy bosoms. The meal is quickly forgotten.

But expect, there’s even more. Lucy acquires totally exposed, tells him to get in nature’s garb and sucks his pecker to the root. At least someone receives to eat. For the main course and dessert, that guy acquires to fuck her love muffins and furry wet crack until this fellow spurts a load on her face which this babe licks up.

Technology…making the world a more valuable place for males who like thick babes.

XLGirls: So Lucy, what’s your beloved sort of breast play with a spouse?

Lucy: I truly like light breast play. I’m not big on biting or pinching that area. Be worthy to the gals. They’re squishy for a reason.

XLGirls: You’re one of the hardly any who do not shave their wet cracks completely shaved.

Lucy: Yeah, I am. I abhor shaving absolutely. I’ve very sensitive skin and I adore having a little down there. And I love hair on men too!

XLGirls: What have you been doing latterly?

Lucy: Recently, I have been on-webcam and trying to build up my personal content for my own web page and stores.

XLGirls: What do your livecam friends wanna see the majority?

Lucy: They appear to be to ask for a lot of up-close and personal time with me. I’m open to all kinds of kinks and play and I think my webcam friends appreciate that!

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There is tons of jiggle when Sandra Milka copulates

There's lots of jiggle when Sandra Milka fucks

“I love to give head,” told Sandra Milka, one of the small in number SCORE Girls from Spain. “And being fucked in my love tunnel makes me cum the hardest.”

In this scene, naturally slim ‘n’ stacked Sandra gives head and gets banged hard. Her bouncy bosoms jiggle a lot when that babe is on top, and she’s definitely not a cum dodger. The girl’s gorgeous face receives absolutely glazed.

Here’s how Elliot described this scene when it 1st appeared on SCORELAND: “Richy acquires to example Sandra’s talents, but first this chab looks her over and marvels at her hawt body. He’s kooky to begin feeling her squishy skin. This charmer squeezes and shakes Sandra’s bigger than typical juggs, takes a quick detour to take off her spike heels and examine her feet. This babe opens her legs so he can take up with the tongue and finger her muff.

“It’s time for Richy to de-pants so we can observe Sandra’s well-honed oral stimulation skills and tit-fucking abilities. What we have heard is true. Sandra’s got a very experienced tongue and can’t live without to give the ding-dong saliva-dripping lip service. Subrigid as a railroad spike from her large, velvety titties and soaked face hole, Richy turns Sandra around and receives her on all fours so her wazoo is facing him (her much loved screwing position) and this chab plunges his wood into her cunt.”

And so it goes.

“I need sex daily,” Sandra told. “I love sex in public places and I love what Americans call quickies. I like to feel the wang inside me. I like cum. I am a very vehement goddess.”

She’s ardent about the pecker. I can watch that.

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Stacked To The Max

Stacked To The Max

Victoria Vale used to be a car flaunt glamour model. This babe traveled the world for this job and posed alongside the newest autos. If you have ever been to any major car expose, u know that hawt cuties and cool cars were made for each other.

Victoria’s recent to SCORELAND. She’s a college football fan and loves to look at Tampa Bay Brightening hockey games. Victoria lives in Las Vegas. With her looks and really greater than run of the mill meatballs, it is her kind of city.

“I like spin class and I practice yoga for flexibility,” Victoria told. “I love to buy my bras a scarcely any sizes also petite so that they indeed pop out over the top of the brassiere and any shirt I wear. It is not quite impossible to find hot bras in my size. I must get them custom-fitted.”

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Tabletop Titillation

Tabletop Titillation

It is a quiet mid-morning but the stillness of the day won’t last long. Maggie is at tableside having a coffee. That babe waits for her date Renato. Merely a kooky petticoat chaser would keep this charming piece of womanhood expecting also long. And he ain’t crazy.

This gent comes behind Maggie and whispers some excited suggestions. She smiles and that’s all the invitation that buck needs. Their game is on and that table looks sturdy sufficient.

Maggie lowers her top, revealing her bra-encased tittie-treasures. It was a great day when Maggie decided to display and do all for XL Angels. U do not identify girls with her looks and body daily of the week.

Maggie’s placed on the table so Renato can spread her legs open and admire her pink, damp gap. He looks at her face as he tongues it and gets the reaction that man urges. Maggie can’t live out of head and enjoys it when a charmer speaks in tongues to her.

They swap places so Maggie can hold her big fullsome funbags jointly and strapping his pipe in an up and down motion. Almost any lads will ask her to do this to their schlongs but Maggie says this babe instinctively does it with out being asked.

They move over to a chair that Maggie can rest against, her booty offered to Renato for their 1st screw. His penetrator is as rigid as a rock from her tit-fucking. That gent slips it into her envisaging sugar-box and pumps her, leaning forward so this chab can watch her funbags shake from their messy lap dancing. The sounds of pelvis slapping against her ass-cheeks and heavy breathing fill the room. Maggie’s face and her expressions of enjoyment spur on his passion. This babe turns around so they can observe every other and have more boob play as this chab slams into her.

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Perfection from head to toe

Perfection from head to toe

“I have never been a adult model,” Valory Irene told us when that babe began posing at SCORE. That babe was Twenty one and had no idea what an impact that babe would have. “I am a little coyness, but I am so enchanting. I wanted to show you my body. I hope you will like it.”

Valory indeed has it all. She is 5’4″, 126 pounds with measurements of 42-27-38 and an FF-cup rack that’s the picture of firm, natural, ski-jump shaped perfection. Her fullsome funbags (and her much-admired a-hole) are reminiscent of Danni Ashe’s, although Valory is bustier.

SCORE Chaps have discovered a lot to adore about Valory, and their admiration is not limited to her body. As we told, she’s the goddess next door. When those photos and the episode were taken, this babe was living at home with her Mamma and brother, did not have a boyfriend and had had sex merely a small in number times. As that babe mentioned, she was timid at 1st, and although this babe has by no means shed all of that shyness, this babe has loosened up, progressing to spread-leg exposed modeling then toy and finger insertion and, finally, her only tug-job scene in the DVD Boobs & Tugs 8.

“I like lap dancing,” this babe said us. “I adore swimming. I love rabbits and dogs, but I don’t have any pets because I live in a large town and it is rock hard to have pets. I work so much, I hardly have time to take care of myself. That is why it’s so much joy to be a model. It’s smth I have always dreamed of.”

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After-Party Sex Party

After-Party Sex Party

Sharon Pink is inexhaustible. That babe has a sex drive that very not many sweethearts can match. Yet that babe stays as new as a daisy after she copulates. Is this raunchy superwoman from the Czechia or from the planet Krypton?

On this night, Sharon is planning to go out, visit a few parties, go to a scarcely any lap dancing clubs and make an evening of it. So she’s clothed to kill…men. A tight skirt that will split if that babe bends over too far. High heels that arch her back, thrust her pelvis and scoops forward, make her a-hole stick out and tighten her calf muscles. A tight bra that pokes her bra-busters up and out to create a brassiere shelf. An even tighter shirt that will pop its buttons if Sharon takes a deep breath.

And then Mr. Klein walks in. Instantly wanton at the sight of her mind blowing body, this lady-killer makes a play for her greater than standard milk cans. That babe slaps his hand away but this lady-killer is persistent and doesn’t back off. Sharon doesn’t play rough and slap his face love boy-friend Czech Terry Nova did to her friend in her creampie movie. No, Sharon caves in as her smooth operator manages to remove her top and manhandle her jugs. Appears love Sharon won’t be out on the city exotic dancing and having cocktails tonight after all. She’ll be eating Klein’s frankfurter for starters.

One time Klein’s filled up on Sharon’s enormous scoops, that skirt chaser moves down to her pierced snatch and laps it up. Sharon’s haunches gyrate in a banging motion and her eyes roll back as that guy enthusiastically tongue-fucks her. They exchange positions so Sharon can engulf schlong. That babe holds it by the base and slaps her mouth with it, spitting on it to give it some natural lube so she can jack it faster. A man’s jock is in very good hands when the hands belong to Sharon Pink.

This babe acquires on her side for the 1st dick invasion of her pussy, her curvacious leg in the air and they slide it right in for the first hawt screw thrusting of the night. Sharon was planning to get laid in an after-party sex party when that babe got back from clubbing but it’s happening earlier than this babe thought.

Sharon truly did manage to get dressed again and go out and party that night. But that’s one more story.

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Deep-Cleavaged Stomach Dancer

Deep-Cleavaged Abdomen Dancer

“I adore a lady-killer with skill,” Miss Isabelle told. “It could be skill in anything. A great chess player, a mechanic, an engineer. When a gent is very skilled at smth, it’s a great turn-on to me. As far as aesthetics go, I tend to date tall studs. I adore broad shoulders and I melt from an elementary smile.”

Miss Isabelle knows her body and knows what she can’t live with out sexually. “My love melons are so big that I need to wear a bra almost any of the time. But as pretty soon as I receive home from my job, I take it off and loosen up. I not ever sleep in my undergarment. I’m assertive but the real trick to having a sexually confident angel is that every once in a whilst u must surprise her and take control. I like to acquire anything going and then get flipped over so my face is in the mattress and I’m being banged good and rock hard.”

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Game on for the Big-Boob goddesses

Game on for the busty goddesses

When Joana Bliss and Vanessa Y. met for the 1st time in the Dominican Republic and shot a game of pool for us, boob history was made. There was an attraction between them that didn’t need to be staged. Could they or could they not hustle any chap and make him lose his shirt, as well as his trousers? The one and the other are Voluptuous Porno star of the year winners and one as well as the other are the kind of angels that are very difficult to identify.

Romania (Joana) and Poland (Vanessa) formed a treaty. If only other nations could receive along as nicely as those two did.

Joana and Vanessa are one as well as the other bisexual. “Sometimes I like sweethearts, but I prefer bucks,” Joana told.

They took turns sucking and touching with tongue every other’s areolas and lip-locking. They examined their noted cookies and buttholes and showed ’em off. Pool tables are not made to be stages for girl on girl discharges, but this one worked out just worthwhile.

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Double Vision

Double Vision

Emily Cartwright stuffs her big boobed body into another of her tight PVC dresses that she loves so much. She likes latex, leather, PVC and other raunchy materials. She can’t live out of costumes, role playing and dress-up. This babe loves Dark-skinned Gothic. She can’t live out of perverted. This babe can’t live out of fetish and SADOMASOCHISM.

The big breasted Brit is a masturbation professional. That babe doesn’t just rub one out and go to sleep. She enjoys recent poses, recent joy toys, fresh ideas and experiments. She’ll masturbate with enormous rock & metal playing: Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Guns & Roses and Deftones. She watches porn and masturbates.

And with all that, even with a fetish nun’s dress hanging in her closet, Emily has no tattoos on her creamy, pale skin. She’s not overloaded with body jewelry, just a slight piercing in her navel. No pierced tongue. This babe doesn’t smoke, do drugs or drink. So in many ways, despite shoving it to the edge, Emily is old-school British.

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Lily Valentine’s first copulate

Lily Valentine's first fuck

We haven’t shot lots of big-boobed cuties from Canada, but when we do, they’re particular. Tiffany Towers. Taylor Stevens. Taylor Steele, Amy Anderssen, Roxee Robinson, Smiley Emma and one of my favorites, Lily Valentine, whose plush melons, sensuous face and pliable pink flaps could have made her a huge star if this babe had wanted to be one. But she did not. This babe modeled for fun, for kicks, to knock something off her bucket list, then that babe went on to live her life as the Canadian girl-next-door. Where is this babe now? Who knows.

We went with out our way to photograph Lily, and that babe was worth it. We rented a chalet in the woods just out side of Montreal, where Lily lived at the time, and discharged her in the dead of winter. To compound things, Lily, who is French-Canadian, spoke not quite no English, so we had to bring along a translator to communicate with her and, eventually, to interview her. If you think Lily’s body is hot, expect until u hear her speak French. There’s smth about a youthful, breasty ravishing heart speaking French.

Lily was a student who enjoyed exotic dancing, drooping out with her allies and playing on her computer. She rarely wears underclothes. Almost any of her allies are guys ‘coz beauties can be a little judgmental and jealous of gals with large titties. Her dream was to have sex while other people observed, and that was proud when she drilled on-camera for the 1st time. This babe enjoyed doing it as much as you’ll have pleasure watching her.

“I love a ladies man to spend plenty of time kissing and tongueing my bumpers,” that babe said. “Licking my muff for a ages is also nice. Then when we screw, we copulate stiff and for a ages. I like to be dominated with tons of good penetration and deep thrusting. If I could, I would have sex 2 to three times a day.”

If this babe could? Is she kidding? A girl adore Lily could summon males to satisfy her sensual wants at the snap of a finger (or a brassiere strap).

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The Rich Wench & The Working Hard

The Rich Wench & The Working Stiff

Lucy Love used to read lots of erotic fiction and told one of her much loved themes is the rich woman and virile laborer. After reading one of those books or short stories, she’d masturbate, fantasizing that this babe was one of those repressed, aristocratic dames trapped in a marriage to a limp-dicked, rich, mature petticoat chaser, sneaking out to have an affair with the virile stable-man, gardener or pool-boy.

So thinking about that, Lucy began her wet-dream dream in this photo-shoot and clip by staring out the window of her castle and checking out the gardener’s hose. That acquires Lucy’s hormones pumping and motivates her to receive with out the abode for a hook-up and to receive the shit rogered without her, in a romantic way, naturally.

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