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Making Her Marks

Making Her Marks

Boat? Where’s a boat? We just see Milly Marks. So here’s voluptuous, young Milly, this time in Miami and doing justice to vintage-style lingerie. Love Paige Turner and Codi Vore, Milly’s a gal who’s insanely hawt just standing there and smiling.

SCORELAND: So Milly, you told you have the sex drive of a teenage boy. How often do u copulate on an average week?

Milly: I screw all of the time if there is anybody around that I wish to have sex with, but if not, I’m constantly getting myself off which is still phat with me. If I’m around somebody I urge to fuck, then I’ll copulate them at least three times a day. It’s unyielding for tons of standard people to keep with my kind of kooky sex drive.

SCORELAND: Do you masturbate when u look at porn? What’s your beloved kind of porn?

Milly: Not quite always. I masturbate after I look at porn cuz I adore to absorb what I just watched and then let my imagination run wild with it. I indeed savour watching girl-girl scenes or a gang bang scenes.

SCORELAND: What makes u super-hot?

Milly: I receive extra lewd when a woman chaser watches me play with myself. I love to tease the dudes I’m with.

SCORELAND: Well played, Milly.

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Tag Teamin’ Anna

Tag Teamin' Anna

Every day with Anna Beck is a particular day at XL Beauties. Prague’s premier plush plumper queen doesn’t come around all that often. So in her honor, Anna gets cake, champagne and rod. In fact, two schlongs. The party goddess receives the royal treatment here with Steve as our goodwill ambassador.

Steve introduces his friend Max, a male exotic dancer. That gent is the additional gift and Anna acquires to assist unwrap him. Anna’s hands roam all over him and when Steve joins in, this babe indeed has her hands full. Those males have their hands more than full with Anna’s titanic naturals.

They flank Anna and she reaches into their trousers for the sausages. Taking each ramrod in hand, Anna jerks them rock-hard and takes turns sucking them down. Their three-way party moves to the daybed and every charmer takes a side. Steve acquires her top half, Max the lower half.

Anna is by no means left without a penis in her mouth, betwixt her love muffins or sliding into her snatch. Her allies make sure she is well taken care of. After all, this is her day to shine. It’s her party and she’ll cum when that babe craves to. And this babe urges to cum a lot.

All hail Anna and her royal rack.

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Pecker In Her Arsehole

Cock In Her Butthole

“I’m orally bewitched,” told Stacie Starr, big-boobed Florida MILF. “I like to suck knob. I savour hair-pulling. I like having my ass spanked. I like choking on rod.”

Stacie looks love Lacey Legends, a SCORE Goddess of the 1990s. Just her face, not her body.

When asked about ass slam, Stacie told, “I prefer it and savour it more when I’m in a monogamous relationship.” Even so, Stacie was admirable with meeting Rocky the day of this anal scene and getting his beaded-cock in her rectal hole.

After plugging her fine, this petticoat chaser spurted on her face. It’s a extremely jackable clip. Look at how sexually excited Stacie looks when Rocky jerks on her tongue. She’s truly a sexy performer.

TSG editor Dave wrote, “Stacie told us she has a 19-year-old son who drove her to the airport for her first shoot. That lady-killer drove her to the airport again for her ass-fucking! Now that’s what we call family values!”

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The hawt babe and the douchebag

The sexy sweetheart and the douchebag

“I’m an exhibitionist,” says Contessa Rose, whose 1st XXX movie was for SCORELAND. “Anything that involves the outdoors or groups of people or even one fellow watching me turns me on. Having real sex with a gent in front of a digi camera and knowing that lots of people will be watching is an even hotter dream come true. It is way different than having sex in intimate at home. It is difficult to explain in words. The energy is so different, more naughty and forbidden. In advance of I did it, I was thinking and fantasizing about it. Too, the idea that people are watching my every move is very thrilling.”

Contessa Rose was one of the stars of the DVD Boob Science. During a break in the filming, Contessa, an talented belly dancer, showed off her skills and gave co-star Eva Notty a lesson in the raunchy, ancient art.

In Boob Science, Contessa has an rectal hole for a hubby. Daphne Rosen zaps the asshole to never-never land so the character played by Seth can screw Contessa.

In this scene, Seth is the rectal hole. Thinking that smooth operator is complimenting Contessa, this dude says things to her that would receive majority of us slapped but gets him banged. So sometimes it pays to be an asshole, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m gonna say that mostly it doesn’t, but who knows?

In any case, Contessa, who’s from rural Georgia, had not at any time rogered on-camera in advance of this babe came to SCORELAND. For us, this babe banged four times.

“One of the humongous rushes of my life,” Contessa said us. “I came about 20 times!”

Priceless for her! The gal in a XXX scene should always enjoy it. Makes the scene much better.

In any case, previous to that babe came to us, Contessa was a waitress. She can’t live with out Tim Burton movie scenes and Anne Rice books, spiked heels and corsets and dream art.

“I was nervous doing my 1st porn video,” she told. “I felt this strange mix of excitement and fear but it felt precious, love an adrenaline rush.”

Hey, the pleasure was all ours. And Seth’s.

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An Ocean View

An Ocean View

So youthful, so new and delicate. This 1992 set of youthful Chloe was photographed on the island of Eleuthera, Grand Bahamas. Not lengthy afterward, the island was hit rock hard by Hurricane Andrew. Chloe’s lacy leotard is near the ripping point from the heavy pressure. She’s slim yet her pantoons are heavy in proportion to her waist. No wonder that so many gentlemen fantasized about engulfing on them all night.

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Maid For A Garden

Maid For A Garden

After a hawt bonk and cheerful ending with Steve, which was Roxee Robinson‘s first XL Girls scene with jock, it’s time for some maid service. Roxee’s cosplay dress appears love the kind of Victorian-era maid’s uniform described in old British dirty stories. (The gloves are a modern touch.) That babe goes to the garden for some enjoyment coz it’s likewise precious to receive exposed and dildo her muff in the house. Not plenty of cleaning gets done, although Roxee does use her long tongue on her areolas.

XLGirls: What are the top 3 things your fans ask u to wear?

Roxee: Stockings. Heels. Pearl necklace.

XLGirls: What kind of dreams do you’ve?

Roxee: The very messy kind. I often have sexy, steamy fantasies. The ones where I wake up super sexually excited!

XLGirls: Do you dance when u are playing music at home?

Roxee: Yes. I dance and sing!

XLGirls: How’s the self-sucking coming along?

Roxee: I practice as much as I can. Practice makes consummate. I am getting there.

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Her Name Says It All

Her Name Says It All

Ms Palatable may be from Chicago but this babe dresses adore a South Florida chica, overflowing her gazoo shorts and reservoir top. “I dress to reveal off my curves,” told Ms Yummy. That babe does a great job of it.

Checking out the skyline from a terrace overlooking the bay, Ms Tasty twerk-dances, her butt-cheeks swiveling and bouncing. This is a hotty who can bust the moves that make a ladies man bust a nut.

Brick is a convert to the worship of Ms Palatable and feels the enjoyment the sight of her voluptuous body gives to a woman chaser. Ms Yummy’s loud butt-clapping has him hooked. It is ass-music to a man’s ears. That babe tells Brick to acquire the oil and douse her badonkadonk and greater than run of the mill, heavy marangos.

Ms Yummy tells Brick that they should go inside just in case the neighbors are watching. That chap follows her to the bedroom where a giggling Ms Yummy resumes her intimate twerk reveal. Ms Tasty has very sensitive breasts and Brick’s hoooter-handling gets her hot. This gent receives this little ravisher on her hands and knees on the sofa and gives her his penis to gulp.

And just as this chab was about to blow his cum on Ms. Yummy’s greater than average jugs, the digi camera failed at the most-critical point! So what did we do? Just throw out the entire scene after all that preparation, tour and work? We decided to post it after all cuz twerking Ms. Yummy is so sexy.

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Brook’s darksome hole boring

Brook's anus boring

“I like to dance,” slight and stacked Brook Ultra said. “I love to go to the beach. I adore to hang out and do average stuff. I am boring. I play Scrabble.”

Ok, a petite in number things about that:

1. Girls who like to dance usually love to bonk. Likewise, it would be enjoyment to look at Brook stripping with her mammaries bouncing all over the place.

2. Brook at the beach in a diminutive bathing suit, areolas barely overspread, G-string bottom, has to be a sight to see.

3. I doubt she is boring.

4. She plays Scrabble. Can you think of any three-letter words that end in X? I”m sure this babe uses words adore SHAG and ANAL and CUMONMYTITS even if this babe doesn’t get double-letter score.

“I also like engulfing rod,” Brook said. “Like, usually, I’ll tease a man and go around the head and then go down truly slow, then I’ll go between his testicles and take up with the tongue it indeed fast as I jerk off his weenie, then I go back up to the head, and I usually can deep-throat him all the way down. Guys are surprised by that ‘coz I’m so little. And then when he cums, that smooth operator can cum in my mouth. I guess all gals should drink. I have at not time spit after a oral-sex. Not at any time!”

Yeah, real boring. In this scene, Brook receives banged in her tight little a-hole. I have no idea how a porn-sized shlong fits in that little booty of her, but it does. In this scene, the dong looks love it is plan to split her in half. Her booty is split into two hemispheres by the 10-Pounder, east and west.

“I adore when boys go in my asshole slow and kick off pounding me,” this babe told. “It feels so worthy, especially when they start fingering my bawdy cleft during the time that they’re screwing my a-hole. It acquires me off.”

Usual ram. Right.

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Princess Racks Up

Princess Racks Up

Handsome, blond Princess Pumpkins will remind longtime SCORE Boys of the Big ’90s when an army of super-busty girls took over the world. Month after month, new dream feature dancers with stupendous juggs would appear on the covers of SCORE. You’ll recall the names. SaRenna. Minka. Deena. Lisa. Casey. If Princess Pumpkins could get into a sexy tub time machine right now and trip back to 1997, that babe would totally sail on the Boob Cruise. But that was then. This is now.

With measurements of 50-28-43, Princess is the latest member of “The 20 Club” for SCORE Cuties whose chest measurement exceeds their waist measurement by Twenty inches or more.

“I acquire lots of attention and I like it,” said Princess, a cam-girl. The name “Princess” comes from being a slavemaster. “Pumpkins” needs no explanation.

“I’ve at no time had a bad experience. People just generally wanna know about ’em. I wear a undergarment when I am camming so I’ve something to take off. Otherwise I don’t indeed have to. They stay up on their own.”

What’s a day as a cam-girl adore for Princess? Tons of masturbating?

“As a web-cam adult model I charming much spend all day playing with myself so I’d say non-stop masturbating.”

What about any peculiar talents? We’re sure Princess has many. She even has a bush. That is rare with today’s models.

“I can turn a straight gal bi just by looking at her,” Princess said.

Princess’s chat with SCORE magazine editor Dave is presented separately on movie scene.

Watch More of Princess Pumpkins at SCORELAND.COM!

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How To Make A Porn Episode

How To Make A Porn Video

Angelina did not know what to expect when this babe 1st checked out shooting adult movie scenes. So that babe was nervous. To her surprise, Angelina found that that babe liked screwing in front of a lad with a digital camera. That babe told later that that babe did not think this babe would like it. And she trembled with excitement at the thought of a lot of males at home seeing her acquire sexed by a hung man.

“It makes me feel desirable,” Angelina told with the help of our translator. (Angelina speaks nearly no English except “Hello!” and “Too tiny!”) “It makes me feel more alluring…that I make lads lascivious. I love that feeling.”

Angelina is not looking for adore either. “I like that I can have sex for the sex–casual and enjoyment. Pure sex, not lovemaking. It is raw and I like that! And my husband was a hot dude.”

Watch More of Angelina Vallem at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Leanne peels it off

Leanne peels it off

Things a big-boobed gal can do with bananas and other fruits? Leanne Crow has a diminutive in number worthwhile ideas. If banana-eating contests ever return to their former glory in United Kingdom, Leanne should go into ’em.

Leanne can’t live with out fruit as much as any SCORE glamour model, but she really can’t live out of chicken.

“I adore to go out with my girlfriends and go to fine restaurants,” that babe said. “I like intend to Nando’s for chicken. But most of my fans know that because they know I adore chicken. Anybody told me they inject chickens with hormones to make them grow. That need to be what happened to me.”

Leanne said she was a late bloomer. Then that babe busted out big-time.

“I did not develop until I was around 16 years mature, and then it was adore they grew overnight. It was crazy ‘cuz I was flat-chested through almost any of my schooling. I remember that I would make excuses not to go swimming with the other gals coz I was extremely flat-chested and they all had milk sacks. I really used to ram my undergarment, and I could not go swimming because it would be like I had boobies and then in a bikini, I didn’t.”

Bra-stuffing’s a thing of the past for this breast dominant-bitch.

I receive to remind myself that the United Kingdom has historically given us many of the world’s highest naturally busty models, not quite all of ’em cuties who do not do hardcore sex. Until Leanne, Terri Jane, Dors Feline and Karla James came along, there were a hardly any years in the mid-2000s when it was difficult to identify new British melons. Not anymore.

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