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Nila In Daisy Dukes

Nila In Daisy Dukes

“I think my foremost features are my bouncy bosoms and my face,” said Nila Mason, who’s going for the country angel look here in her Daisy Dukes and plaid shirt.

“I like to have my boobies touched and have a fellow rub and suck my nipps for a lengthy time. My nipps are very sensitive. I can have an orgasm from having my love bubbles licked and my areolas softly nibbled.”

Nila turns boys into werewolves. Wolf whistles come with the territory.

“I by no means met a ladies man who did not go nutty about my love muffins. I am often approached and asked for my phone number or email or to have dinner that day.”

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Sha By The Sea

Sha By The Sea

Sha Rizel made the voyage to the Dominican Republic for the second time since 2013 as a worldly, well-versed SCORE Beauty among a group of relative newcomers. In addition to these Caribbean supergroup discharges, Sha had been photographed in Ukraine and Prague.

Sha looks the same as that babe did in 2013, slim, stacked, hawt and handsome. That babe hasn’t changed at all. Her breasts may be a little bigger. Nature tends to dictate that a very slender goddess shouldn’t have actually greater than standard, natural mangos but there have always been exceptions.

Sha has a wealth of experience in glamour modeling and was a larger than average aid to the employees in many ways…a kind of greater than average sister to the other angels. In her captain’s cap and bathing suit, sensational Sha looks ready to take dictate of the island.

SCORE editor Dave wrote in the December 2018 issue, “When u have a combination like Sha + Bathing suit, u could pose her in front of cardboard and nobody would notice the background. But you know us: We’re suckers for photographing big busted hotties in tropical locations.”

Fact is, exotic, excellent locations put a goddess in a particular mood, smth cardboard can by no means accomplish.

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Naia Bee: Cum Honey’s First XXX at XLGirls

Naia Bee: Cum Honey's First XXX at XLGirls

“I adore lots of areola play and my much loved position is cowgirl,” Naia Bee told us. Naia acquires a flogging and also spanks herself as she’s getting dicked-down. She is a lusty, lush girl with 38HH-cup zeppelins. Naia’s full of carnal energy that that babe needs to put out there in the universe so she decided to get into hawt and lustful breast-bouncing XXX videos.

Tyler sits on the daybed next to Naia who’s busting out her curves in a constricted dress. That guy asks her a slight in number questions, and when it comes to how that babe likes a guy’s schlong to measure up, Naia checks it out for herself, unzipping him. A plush princess like this gets jocks springing to attention from the snap and that’s what happens. Naia makes a bee-line for his junk, mad to suck the pleasant heart without it.

Naia gives Tyler a reason to live by opening wide for a screw, pinching and pulling her nipps as they acquire it on in missionary before they switch around to doggie and the one and the other cowgirl poses. That babe rides him rock hard. This Lothario puts her away damp, varnishing her super-whoppers with the nut-honey a horny Bee enjoys.

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Busty Redhead Desiree Jacks and Tit-Fucks A BBC

Busty Redhead Desiree Jacks and Tit-Fucks A BBC

SCORE goes behind closed doors to look at what really goes on in men’s spas and rub-down parlors around North America. Our concealed cameras record a gentleman having a baths in the afternoon at one busy jack shack. The hostesses here are disciplined to bathe their clients and then use their hands and marangos on their jocks until there are happy endings. The customers cum and go all day long.

The client has asked for a pale, creamy-skinned redhead with a voluptuous figure, round a-hole and indeed large natural love bubbles to service him. She have to be very gorgeous, hawt and horny. That chap selects a angel named Desiree who meets all of his criteria. The undercover cameras roll as Desiree enters the room in a very low-cut babydoll, knickers and slip-in heels. This smooth operator instructs Desiree to pose in numerous poses so this chab can investigate her body. She complies.

Her body and her obedience to his commands acquire him stoked for a wank. Desiree loves to call her clients “Master.” This also pleases him. This chab tells her to take out her knockers, one at a time. Once that babe has shown him the goods and is now fully in nature’s garb, her face and body collision his requirements, Desiree receives into the tub with him and begins to work his meat.

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Charley Green in the Caribbean

Charley Green in the Caribbean

Glamorous redhead Charley Green was invited to join the cast of Leanne’s Stacked Summer with Leanne Crow, Michelle Bond and other great SCORE Beauties on the island of St. Maarten in the Caribbean.

A Brit, Charley has admirable marangos and an astounding body. At the time, she was basically a naked “glamour” glamour model.

Said Charley, “I like to wear revealing hot garments. I love attention. Bare modeling comes very naturally to me coz I want bucks to admire my body. Modeling is too my hobby, career and excitement. My wobblers have to be on unveil with constricted hot outfit to show off my gazoo and legs, also.”

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Busty Island Gal

Busty Island Beauty

On the busty island paradise Alexya shared with her recent friends and SCORELAND Beauties, this babe could be called over-dressed in what she’s wearing in this scene. All of the angels are free spirits at heart and Alexya may have been the freest spirit of the group. This babe made friendships yet would go to the beach alone for sun.

The beauties shared rooms on the island. Alexya’s room mate was Sha Rizel who had a sisterly affection for her and the other cuties and especially worried about Alexya

A vegetarian, Alexya was in the right place and the right time. There were a variety of fruits in the Dominican Republic that babe had never tasted in advance of in Romania.

“It wasn’t work,” Alexya told. “It was adore being on vacation. I’ve pleasure being a glamour model very much, and this was the most-wonderful discharge I’ve ever done.”

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Massage Parlor Bra-Buster

Massage Parlor Bra-Buster

Dani Moore did not intend to be a glamour model. A ally encouraged her to contact The SCORE Group. Dani’s worked at hotels in different poses. She’s waitressed in a lap dancing club. These days, Dani works in a tattoo shop. Here at XL Cuties, Dani finds that there’re many positions to be enjoyed working as a masseuse in an XL Girls-approved massage parlor.

For a new masseuse recent with out massage therapy school, Dani is doing sensationally. Her customers are raving as they leave the building, newly invigorated guys. They especially like her rub-down technique; massaging various body parts with her oily big mounds (47-inches of breast-flesh).

You’ll now see one of Dani’s rubdown sessions caught on-camera. The merely thing she did not learn in rubdown school was to stroke then group-sex her clients’ dicks with her velvety, pliable bosoms, then engulf ’em until their dicks are as hard as railroad spikes.

When that happens, the rubdown ends and the sex therapy starts as Dani fucks them into squirting a happy ending into her mouth, which she promptly swallows. How many masseuses do u know who eat cum? Dani sticks her pierced tongue out to brandish the cum on it.

This peculiar client is so taken with Dani that that chap licks her pierced muff right there on the rubdown table. Perfectly understandable. Her hot bawdy cleft needs some mouth play before his rod slips in. The masseuse gets massaged. This form of oral job fur pie rubdown is called Tongue Fu.

It is a shame that more big busted massage therapists don’t emulate Dani’s style and techniques. The world would be a more unbelievable place.

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Star Baby

Star Baby

When Erin Star slipped into her red bodysuit with naked vagina and stepped into the bedroom where the photographer had set up his lights, the temperature shot up. This Romanian with a rack has a body that other girls would do anything to have, the definition of the word “stacked.”

Erin and her larger than standard sister Helen are celebrities in their neighborhood. When they go out jointly, it is an event. “Women and guys admire us,” Erin told. “We can’t go anywhere with out getting attention, even when we wear loose fetching clothing. They’re jealous. You can tell by the looks on their faces.”

Erin told this babe is the most-outgoing of the two whilst Helen told she’s the coyness one. “We will see a boy and talk about him. Or I will say to Helen, ‘Do you adore him?’ I guess that is what majority sisters do.”

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Mother Zeppelins, Mamma Love tunnel

Mom Scones, Mamma Pussy

Danica Danali is a stay-at-home Mother with 38J-cup juggs.

“I do not have any fantasies. Honestly. I know it sounds unconventional but I truly do not. I do adore when a lad wears a constricted cotton shirt during sex. I like the way it feels. A tank-top is majority nice but any shirt works.”

“As far as perverted sex goes, I am a pretty boring person. The kinkiest place I’ve done it would be in a car. Boring, I know. I do masturbate in my bedroom but I have done it outdoors in the backyard at times. I think I like the idea of possibly getting caught but still knowing in the back of my mind that I’m alone. I have toys I love to use. An eight-inch long pink fake penis and a silver bullet vibrator.”

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Big boobies of Poland

Big mammaries of Poland

Dave and I not at any time gotta meet Vanessa Lilio. She’s called Wanessa in her native Poland cuz a V is a W there. One of our European photographers shot this photoset and clip in Poland. We did, however, need to ask Vanessa some questions. I thought this babe had some interesting opinions about life and sex.

Vanessa said she could tell a man’s erotic prowess by how that man dances. If this chab holds her close, moves rhythmically with her and touches her firmly but gently, that babe says she knows that man will be admirable in ottoman. So, naturally, she goes out stripping a lot, especially on weekends. I guess she’s auditioning partners.

Vanessa too said her favourite place to have sex is a public restroom. Why is she bewitched on toilets as the hottest place to fuck? Probably ‘cuz that is where this babe said this babe lost her virginity. Plus, there is the danger of discovery, and sex in a public water closet looks messy.

“There’s nothing kinkier than a restaurant lavatory,” Vanessa told.

“The Czechia is illustrious for its big busted cuties but I think my country Poland is showing we have big milk shakes also,” Vanessa said. “Now, ‘coz I adult model like I do, men think I am a fast hotty, but this is not the truth. I’m very shy.”

However, shy is relative. In this episode, Vanessa finger-bangs her shaved wet crack and plays with her 34DD love melons. That babe walks into a living room wearing what she tells us is what this babe would wear going out for the night. I am sure Vanessa receives hit on by countless men in Warsaw looking to bonk her.

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Micky Bells, pregnant and greatly stacked

Micky Bells, preggy and extraordinarily stacked

What more can I say about this scene other than that the great Micky Bells, the Queen of Cleavage, one of the high reaching naturals ever whether she is a V-Girl, an XL Hotty or a SCORE Goddess, is six-months preggy. Her mounds, always giant, are enormous here. Her areolae are dark. Always fantastic, Micky is now…more attractive? Love I told, words fail.

Words did not fail Elliot. He wrote, “Six-months-pregnant Micky Bells is really busting out! Even in her original SCORELAND and XL Angels shoots produced in Mexico, Jamaica and Prague, Micky’s bosoms were not this heavy. Even this babe is astounded by her breast growth. Micky’s worn a 36J-cup underneath garment and then a 36K-cup. Now she bears a resemblance to an L or greater.”

Micky is the answer to the trivia question, “Who is the only beauty to be the main covergirl of Voluptuous, XL Gals and SCORE magazines?” Even appearing in all 3 magazines is a trifecta u don’t watch often, for obvious reasons. Some of the other gals who have been in all 3 mags are Renee Ross, Arianna Sinn, Cat Bangles and Milly Marks. But only Micky has been on all three covers.

Adore I’ve always said, that babe is specific. And this time, Micky is super-special.

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