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Webb of Bazookas

Webb of Boobs

What are Alice Webb’s sexual fantasies? Does she have any?

“I urge to have sex in a hot air balloon traveling over the countryside. I do not know if I’ll ever do that. There are probably regulations against it!”

Alice Webb is blessed with a handsome face and enormous meatballs that look like they are shaped by a master sculptor. She’s hit the gym to work her kinks out.

A set of jumping jacks is very beneficial…more for us than her. We also like the unfathomable knee-bends so those magnificent hangers can dangle invitingly…and too so this babe can tone her legs, too. Squeezing and licking her mambos and sucking on her teats do not strengthen any peculiar muscles but sure they sure are great for our groin muscles. Then Alice finds an atypical training tool to exercise one more part of her body.

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Stacie’s men’s room break

Stacie's men's room break

I’m a bigger in size than run of the mill fan of sex scenes that take insert a public washroom. There’s a dirtiness and a nastiness to them. I mean, let us face it: Public restrooms tend to be dirty places, and any angel who would come into one looking for sex is obviously a very horny and very bawdy cutie.

“I’m orally captivated,” 41-year-old big boobed divorcee Stacie Starr said. “I adore to engulf rod. I relish light slavery and hair-pulling. I like having my a-hole spanked. I like choking on 10-Pounder.”

Stacie acquires to do plenty of that in this scene, which opens with her knocking on the door of a stall in the men’s washroom.

“What are u doing in the guys’ bath?” the petticoat chaser asks.

“I’m looking for a lad,” Stacie says. “I wanna engulf some ramrod. Could you aid me out with that?”

Stacie still hasn’t watched the petticoat chaser, but that babe doesn’t care what this chab resembles, as long as this chab has a inflexible dick. Or just a ramrod. Stacie knows how to make it rock hard.

Stacie brought along her large love muffins as well as her deep-sucking mouth. And her pierced, rock hard areolas. And her moist pussy. In advance of the lad knows it, Stacie is showing him her muff and getting down on the bath floor to engulf his strapon during the time that he gropes her wobblers and this babe plays with her wet crack. It all ends with Stacie opening up her face hole for his cum.

Stacie is from upstate Recent York and now lives in Florida. Her son drove her to the airport for this shoot. For some reason, I discover that hawt, also.

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Janet Jade Double Feature

Janet Jade Double Feature

This double feature is dedicated to that miraculous yet unassuming girl-next-door, Janet Jade and her jaw-dropping natural mellons. Janet went outside to lift weights and bounce on a big oval-shaped workout ball, spray herself to phat off, shower, cum and enjoy. Changing from her two-piece Health Club outfit to a bikini, this babe ends up undressed and oozing succulent.

Janet said this babe keeps her DDD rack in tip-top shape with stripping and rollerblading. “I don’t love wearing bras any time except when I exercise. I by no means wear one at home and I don’t wear one out if I can help it. If I could wear just a T-shirt and shorts all the time, I would be glad. I normally don’t wear underclothing either.”

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The Larger than average ’90s Superstar

The Bigger in size than run of the mill '90s Superstar

In the early days of SCORE (beginning in 1992), the bigger in size than typical bust adult modeling and exotic dancing world was dominated by the mega-boobed angels. There were dozens of ’em with super-huge milk sacks and Wendy Boobies was one of the almost any well-known of the group. Back then, lap dancing clubs around the America and Canada were booking them as features for the week and the undress club circuit was hectic. The gals were packing those clubs out each night.

SCORE was filming ’em constantly and the roster included Lisa Lipps, Busty Dusty, Lisa Chest, Jessica Mangos, Niki Scoops, Minka, Angelique and many more.

Physically, Pointer sisters is a diminutive beauty with a fragile look that belied her interior toughness. At 5’1″ and a mere 98 pounds, her measurements of 80HHH-21-34 (at the height of her exotic dancing and porn career) were astounding. The audience would go nuts when that babe exposed her super-whoppers on stage. Although she made more specie stripping than from her porn movie scene fees, the public exposure from the adult clips helped to increase her popularity and name recognition. Appearing in every larger than standard boob magazine in the world fueled the fires.

At porno industry expos, Wendy caused pandemonium…just by being Wendy Love muffins. I was there and I saw it. I wrote in SCORE‘s Boob Beat column for the July ’94 edition (which featured covergirl Wendy in a solo photo shoot), “Photographers have a field day at the Consumer Electronics Flaunt and this year was no exception. The ultra-dynamic duet of Lisa Lipps and Wendy Milk cans made explosive entrances and exits, worthy of the Cannes Film Festival, and drew the stupendous mobs of frenzied shutterbugs I’ve ever watched at CES.”

Back in 1994, one of the more widespread publicity gimmicks in the larger than run of the mill bust world was the planned “wedding” of Lisa and Wendy in Las Vegas. At the time, they were living jointly, often worked jointly and were close allies, so it made for priceless copy and talk. Why not? Their names were usually paired up furthermore in the minds of the super-bazooka loving public: Lisa Lipps and Wendy Meatballs. Later they would go their separate ways, with Lisa remaining in Vegas, during the time that Wendy would move to Ohio, then ultimately relocate to Florida.

Boob fellows were jolted by a comeback photo-shoot in September ’97 SCORE of Wendy with much smaller milk cans, black hair and tattoos. The effect is startling at 1st for these used to her trademark monumental bra buddies and golden-haired bangs. The “new” Wendy was hawt. Just in an greatly different way.

With her feature lap dancing and modeling career behind her, the “new” (now blond again) Wendy entered the equally recent world of the Internet. That babe taught herself web design and lives a life that is a million miles away from the mobs of lewd fans who once encircled her at the CES and Clip Software Dealers Association conventions and in adult stores throughout USA.

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In Your Face

In Your Face

Claudia’s prefered actresses are Carmen Electra and Pamela Anderson. That kind of throws you off because you wouldn’t think a woman would appreciate these 2. In fact, you’d think majority vixens would loathe them.

Her prefered sports team is the University of Arizona Wildcats baseball team based in Tucson, Claudia’s city. In Tucson, U can fry bacon and eggs on your car hood in the summer and get lap dances year-round. Her hobbies are traveling, shopping and tanning. The solely thing we’re constrained about is Claudia’s fetish, which she says is “neck-kissing.” That goes against anything we believe in.

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Sleepy Play

Sleepy Play

One of the newer editors at SCORE Magazine suggested this carnal drama this chab called the ‘Sleepy Girl’ fetish. Chloe was to action the role of a sleeping female, and sleep in different poses. The editor described how a sleeping woman’s pajamas will disarrange and slide off her body as this babe changes positions. That babe may sleep with one undressed breast or one as well as the other, or her pants may slip beneath her behind. When that babe awakes in a groggy condition, she feels the have to have an orgasm and to feel a man’s thickness inside her cookie. But there is no lady-killer beside her in couch, so she must masturbate with a sex-toy. It was an unconventional idea but it worked well as a site photo discharge. Whether it would have been successful in a print magazine is a question that may at no time be answered. There exist quite numerous Internet pay sites that concentrate on outlandish, odd fetishes that are often non-sexual in content if not implication. These include sleeping girls, chloroformed cuties, hypnotized cuties, unconscious babes being carried and drunken cuties (the video line Beauties Gone Wild has tons of soused beauties at Spring Break locations).

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Hands-On Lesson

Hands-On Lesson

Holly Halston is known for two things: Larger than standard marangos and great fucking. In fact, she’s one of the reigning queens of big-tit fuckery cuz of her commitment to getting the job done right. That babe knows all the ins and outs of how to rock a cock with her colossal jugs. So it is only natural that this diva be the one to reveal u how to enjoyment her melons while slamming your meat-thermometer between them. That is right, Holly desires to educate you a banging lesson…as in a lesson on how that babe loves to be banged, certainly. Do you have an apple of the teacher? That is great cuz she wishes to give u her cantaloupes. And with a little STIFF work and some additional one-on-one time with Holly, u could just go to the head of the class…or ram your head in her a-hole. Either way, it is a win-win situation. So sit back and soak it all in, buddy, ‘cuz she is about to teach u how to soak her bumpers in nut-juice.

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Walk With Roxee, Talk With Roxee

Walk With Roxee, Talk With Roxee

During a break from her photo shoot in Prague, Roxee wanted a cup of coffee so she put on her coat and went for a walk to the local coffee shop. She’s covered up well from the cold except for the rounded melons of her gigantic twins. The photographer offered to walk her there ‘coz A) he is a stud B) that stud wanted to film Roxee walking. The cobblestoned street was a little tricky to walk on in high heels. “But it is absolutely worth it. I love the attention I get,” Roxee mentions to him.

“I read the comments that the boys post and I like reading what fans are saying and what they like,” Roxee tells us. “I love all my fans and appreciate them.”

Roxee enjoyed her trips to the Czechia. Our photographer has driven her around town to expose her a diminutive in number places. She enjoys the flavor and style of Prague and its historic architecture and art. Next time, this babe wants to visit the illustrious Prague Castle.

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Bells Rings Our Bells

Bells Rings Our Bells

Micky Bells was not in Voluptuous mag during 2015 coz she had slimmed down and was a covergirl for SCORE instead (July 2015). That was the reason Micky was in the SCORE contest for Porn star of the year instead of V-mag’s contest. Had Micky been in Voluptuous last year looking like this, this babe probably would have won Adult model of the year. Like everything else in life, love muffins have their ups and downs.

Micky has consistently been in the Top 20-rated list at SCORELAND for years and her new series of preggo shoots (that babe thought her love muffins had grown to 36L-cups) have breastnotized everybody with the sheer size and shape of her scoops. She even told in a chat that that babe has a unbending time self-sucking her teats, one of her uniquely mammarable talents when she is on-camera.

In this episode, the last in her preggo series, Micky checks herself out in a mirror, examining how her massive super-knockers look in a tight cocktail dress. Lowering the thongs, Micky studies her bod, then walks over to the couch to give us a tit brandish. She’s still expert to engulf each nipple. Her hands voyage south to poke her pink pussy–sticking 2 fingers in–and gets herself cumming with a circular clit rubbing.

In a Bonus 2nd movie, Micky tries on tight tops and receives busy with a tape measure!

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You’d think having a pair of G-cup bouncy bosoms would be sufficient for any hotty. And Angela’s naturals look wondrous in this red, taut, low-cut top. Her wazoo looks damn precious in these cutoffs, also. And you are going to adore how that babe is plugging her wet crack and arsehole with toys.

But back to these fullsome funbags…can’t that babe just be proud with what she has?

“I’ve been massaging my mounds constantly to make them grow larger but that does no thing, it seems. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?” Angela told.

Angela’s interest in bigger than run of the mill mammaries goes beyond the enjoyment they provide others. When this babe learned that the University of Wollongong was working on a “Smart Undergarment,” she applied for work as an experimental subject.
“Unfortunately, the Smart Undergarment prototype is smaller than a G-cup, so they can not use me,” this babe said. “But I was given the contact information of one more scientist who is doing experiments on the movement of whoppers, so maybe something will come from that.”

Yeah, probably. He’ll get a stiffy and wanna cum on her melons. Just love us others.

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Stacked & Serviced

Stacked & Serviced

A hotel guest has bother with a ceiling light so this chab calls the front desk for a maintenance ladies man. Showing up is no maintenance gent. Dominno wears a tank-top, denim short-shorts cut above her butt-cheeks and clear platform shoes. Great maintenance uniform! Whoever picked that outfit knows what men wanna see a hotty wear.

Dominno brings in a beat-up ladder that looks willing to collapse. Please Dominno, don’t receive a concussion before the guest can copulate you. She asks him to help her down so that buck grabs her body, already drooling as this smooth operator touches her squashy, creamy skin. They start French-kissing. That babe squats and pulls out his pecker. Where is this hotel furthermore? Well, it is located in SCORELAND. That explains everything.

The lad may be dimmer than the bulb Dominno is there to change but his shlong is more rock hard than her tools. Dominno slurps on his meat and suggests her billibongs for him to screw. Doggy position, one leg on a rung of the ladder, Dominno takes knob in her snatch standing up. She squats over his pole as this skirt chaser lies on the floor. This babe not at all does fix the light. That babe acquires on her knees again so that smooth operator can bust a nut on her glamourous milk cans.

This scene is likewise on DVD in Stacked & Serviced.

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