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Selexia’s Underware Voyeur Screw Fling

Selexia's Lingerie Voyeur Copulate Fling

Selexia Rae ordered hot lingerie but the delivery by no means showed. This babe is in the middle of speaking to customer service when her neighbor JMac exposes up with her package. It was mistakenly delivered to his address by the naive courier service. JMac notes the return envelope and sees where it came from. Selexia thanks him and closes the door, leaving him standing out side.

But that will not stop him. That lady-killer is too lustful. He is observed Selexia in a skin-tight suit and craves to see her change into her recent purchase so that Lothario sneaks around to a window and watches her change. Selexia begins masturbating when she sees him, and walks over to the window. In a outlandish, peepshow style scene, Selexia presses her nipples against the glass, which JMac licks. Selexia sees JMac’s poker sticking with out his fly and invites him in to screw her, a task that skirt chaser is concerned to perform. She strokes his shaft as this woman chaser kisses her love muffins and neck. She acquires into a kneeling stance and starts blowing him with her pierced tongue, sucking the balls and touching with tongue each inch, her head guided by his firm hand.

This buck tells her to tell lies on the sofa. This dude straddles her chest, rod betwixt her milk cans so that babe can engulf it more and wrap her big milk cans around the shaft. Her cookie needs attention too. He pumps her in missionary during the time that this babe quickly rubs her clit with her fingers. They save the hottest, fastest thrusting for a hot dance fuck, Selexia sitting on his lap. Reaching the point of no return, JMac acquires up, poses Selexia on the floor in a kneeling pose and furiously beats off in her face. Her face and her flickering tongue is splattered as this chab busts his nut all over her fascinating face. All this just for being a nice neighbor. It pays to care about your community.

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Sex Night

Sex Night

Nila Mason (pronounced Nee-la) is one of the newest XL Beauties rockin’ the house with her fetching face and fat body, bigger than standard marangos and chubby ass-cheeks.

“Hottie of curvalicious proportions…my much loved,” writes XL connoisseur Seth. “Fantastic new arrival…simply beautiful!”

This scene, Nila’s second, is a lesson for all XL Beauties in general. When they receive dolled up to leave the abode for a night out, they should suit first and not let the guy receive suited up previous to ’em. Coz what happens is the lady-killer falls asleep in his clothing awaiting for her and when she waltzes in the bedroom to wake him up and brandish him what she’s wearing, this chab acquires slutty and craves sex right then and there. So they not at all leave the place. This happens all the time to XL Beauties adult models and we know they’ll accede.

When Tom sees Nila in a constricted, form-fitting costume, it’s all over for going out and he is all over her, fondelling her lips with his stiffy, squeezing it between her unfathomable deep cleavage to copulate her love melons and plowing her doggy style like a barmy Lothario.

Nila Mason: a gal you wish to expose your adore to.

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Breast Pumpin’ Teats

Breast Pumpin' Areolas

There’s smth absolutely hot, yet completely deviant about the way that Lavish’s mind works. This is the sort of girl who sees a breast pump and sees it as an opportunity to use it on her round, brown areolae. Why would that babe do this, u ask? Because this babe wants to make sure that her suckable teats are admirable and sensitive and very, very rock hard before she tells u to stick your rock hard shlong between ’em. And why wouldn’t you want to pound Lavish’s enchanting chocolate tits? Especially when she has taken the liberty to spunk them up for you so that they are worthy and slippery. We say that any hotty who goes without her way like that for u merits a gift or an award, or something, right? So why do not u go ahead and cream all over her bouncy bosoms and display her that u care.

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“Give me an F!”

“I love the smack of pussy,” short ‘n’ naturally stacked blond Rachel Love told. “I especially love the smack of my own fur pie. After the weenie has been in my twat for a during the time that, I like to smack my love tunnel off his strapon then put that ramrod back inside. Rough it up afresh until I acquire so happy, I’m plan to end up squirting on it. U can get me to squirt with a ramrod, but u can too receive me off with fingers.”

That is wonderful to know. It’s too fine to know that one time you kick off banging Rachel’s taut little love tunnel, the oral-sex action isn’t over. She’ll engulf your wang once more. Then push it back in her cunt, take it out and stick it in her mouth again. And after she jerks u off onto her face, as this babe does here, she’ll suck the remaining cum off your cock-head, as that babe does here. What a female!

Rachel said, “I pick and elect different discharges that I wanna do and certain companies that I like working for, and for some reason, u lads at SCORE always have larger than average fuckers. I do not know what the deal is with SCORE. I suppose u bucks have the mountainous angels with the mountainous pointer sisters, so u might as well have the boys with the massive cocks, too.”

Makes sense. Juan, Rachel’s boyfriend in this scene, has a big 10-Pounder, and Rachel takes it love a champ.

Rachel has been screwing on-camera for a ages. She debuted in 1994, left for a while, went into real estate (you know what I have always told about lady realtors; they’re wanton as hell), came back in 2003 and re-surfaced in 2008. She is just one of these gals who can not give up the porn wang.

Of this scene, Elliot wrote, “The locker room bench looks likewise narrow and rock hard to shag on, but Rachel balances on it love a well-trained gymnast. No position is likewise tricky for her. Rachel’s naturals bounce, jiggle and shake with each thrust of the ol’ penile-piston. If screwing burns 144 calories per Thirty minutes, they’ve done the equivalent of a one-mile run.”

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Larger than typical Bouncin’ Bonin’

Big Bouncin' Bonin'

Rachel Raxxx is merely 18 years old and that is cause for celebration for a bunch of reasons. 1st and finest is Rachel’s becoming a SCORE Gal. She’s a total knockout with sensational natural hooters. The second is her getting it on for the SCORE cameras. Cuties adore Rachel don’t come along each day of the week and we have got over 20 years of showcasing big-bust angels to back up this statement.

JMac knocks on Rachel’s front door looking for her daddy. Rachel answers the door in a nightie that is falling off her 30 double-J fullsome funbags and high heels. Dad’s not home and that gives JMac a reason to celebrate. Ravishing, juvenile thing that she is, Rachel takes him by the hand and brings him to a ottoman. This babe desires some fun and JMac is nutty to give her all this babe needs. It doesn’t take lengthy in advance of he is got his knob inside Rachel!

“Sometimes you can put ’em in their face,” said Rachel about the things this babe can do to a woman chaser with her enormous bra-busters. “A lot of times I do not need to do everything. They just go for ’em. Grip on them or suck on ’em. I can wrap ’em around their shlong and jack ’em off with them. U can do a lot with bigger than average boobies. Mangos are joy. I like having ’em.”

And we’re feeling blessed that Rachel came to SCORELAND to play. This babe has a double mag initial debut that doesn’t happen often, November ’16 Voluptuous and December ’16 SCORE.

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My God, Chloe, You have Gotten So Unshaved! Part THREE

My God, Chloe, You have Gotten So Shaggy! Part 3

Those were photographer John Graham’s words when Chloe came into his London studio for these fotos. “I had viewed other models’ pics and they were very clean hairless,” explained Chloe in an interview prior to her Paramount Of SCORE 1993 unshaved appearance. “I thought that was how it was supposed to be, so I would shave weekly. Previous to these pics were taken, I did not shave for a month and wanted to surprise everyone. I thought, ‘If they do not like it, I can always shave.'”

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The Boom-Boom Room

The Boom-Boom Room

Alexis is a huge-titted hooker. She’s a really priceless hooker. She is like the Bruce Lee of hookers. The kind of ho that you know really can’t live with out her job. The kind of ho that gives it her all. She’s the kind of hooker who will blow you, shag you, let you stick some of your body parts in her butt and then this babe will eat your cum. Alexis is the kind of hooker all hookers should aspire to be. Check out her be all that she can be on this guy’s dong. She picks him up in the street and then takes his meat to go, leading him to the Jacuzzi room in a rent-by-the-hour hotel. Here, in the comfort of this seedy hotel room, this babe works his junk love a seasoned talented, and she works her crisp British accent, also, which is very banging sexy! So you’re probably wondering where all the biggest titted, British cock-rockers are hanging out in your area, right? You’ll just have to detect the right corner, buddy.

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If The Underneath garment Fits

If The Under garment Fits

Laddie Lynn is a apprentice. Anybody on her livecam told her that she’d be a wonderful fit for XL Gals, and they were absolutely right. Photogenic Laddie (pronounced “Lady”) has double-K mellons and pointy nipples and that babe enjoys showing ’em off. That babe really plugged her soaking-wet cunt fine. The digi camera was right on top of her and picked up each squish-squish sound.

XL Girls: How often do u wear bras?

Laddie: I generally wear a brassiere but I sometimes wear a baggy sweater so I don’t must. I not at all wear a brassiere around the house.

XL Girls: You’ve double-K’s. Where do you buy your bras?

Laddie: I receive to get my bras custom-fitted, then take ’em to a seamstress for last touch-ups.

XL Girls: Are you a sports fan?

Laddie Lynn: This year I was a total fan girl for Michigan State men’s basketball and the Carolina Panthers.

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“I’m Too Big-Boob For My Top”

Alix Lakehurst admires herself in the mirror. That babe has a great, moist rack but adore almost all honey bunnys, she’s unsure of herself and can be needlessly insecure. Angels can be their own worst critics. They don’t admire their bodies like us boyz admire ’em. Mr. Steele reassures her by giving her monumental jugs the attention they deserve. They’re creamed and massaged which Alix enjoys cuz she is incredibly breast-oriented and breast-sensitive. After lavishing this care on her sweater-globes, this guy slides her the old meat roll. Her mouth wraps tightly around his hog, sucking the shaft in preparation for skewering her tight, pink twat. Her award for being a hawt screw is the gift of nut-juice on her billibongs, chock-full of creamy goodness for gals adore Alix to rub into their skin. It is a scientific fact that the chemicals in cum are worthy for a girl’s billibongs. We swear it.

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Needs a Real Lady-killer

Needs a Real Man

Amira Jones is a entire lotta female with a complete lotta booty. That babe has the kind of arse that will clap on your pecker whilst u hit her doggystyle. It’s the kind of gazoo that gives just the right amount of cushion for serious rogering. This is not an a-hole for the weak or the silly cuz if u cannot break Ms. Jones off, she will send u walking. “I need some amazing rogering. I’m talking about the real deal. I cant stand men who talk all sorts of shit about how they are going to tear me up and then, when poke comes to poke, they are just two-minute brothers. Observe my gazoo, baby…does it look adore two minutes is intend to cut it? I don’t think so. If you desire to work me over and rock my world, u more fantastic be prepared to fuck me for a during the time that. I do not do quickies. I have to receive the full-body treatment. I have got plenty of curves that need servicing so receive it and acquire it nice.”

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A living doll

A living doll

“I love to age play and role play for boys,” Holly Brooks said. “It excites me to see a boy take his strapon out of his trousers for me. I love it when a petticoat chaser talks messy to me and my twins.”

Holly was a financial analyst. Then she gave up that job for in nature’s garb modeling, stripping and porn act. That is quite a leap from bean counting, but Holly is lovin’ it. Being a sex bomb receives her warm between the knees, and that babe dresses to let you know it.

Holly started modeling in 2009 as “Victoria Meaty.” She was a ring goddess at boxing matches, a dancer and a swim costume glamour model then got into porn in 2012. And very intensive porn, likewise. That babe is done some wild anal job movie scenes at SCORE that I thought were real whack-off material. Adore I always say, beauties acquire to initiate somewhere and they change their minds a lot, so when somebody says that babe has no interest in adult modeling, it’s not written in stone. Holly did a hot scene with Sheridan Adore in 2014, the solely girl on girl they did at SCORELAND. It’s part of Sheridan’s All The Way In DVD.

Final I knew, Holly was living in Reno, Nevada and was at the Wild Horse Spa & Resort (a legal house of prostitution complex) for a whilst. I don’t know if that babe is still there. She likewise does Internet phone sex for those pursuing eargasms.

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