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As Lisa Canon explains it in the opener, this babe is incredibly nervous.

Lisa says to Largo that she likes, and acquires, a lot of sex and male attention back home. Nipple engulfing and licking acquires Lisa lustful and ready for the dick. It receives her caressing his junk throughout his trousers. The digi camera and the cameraman is forgotten. Her jitters disappear as her sex instincts and nature take over.

“I truly wish that bigger than run of the mill knob now. I wanna engulf on it, please,” Lisa entreats. The digi camera angle of Lisa eating and jacking dick during the time that her immense 36G-cup whoppers dangle captures it all.

Largo has Lisa lay on the bed, her head partly over the edge so this chab can copulate her face hole. The ball-piercing on her tongue adds extra enjoyment. All the engulfing and titty-fucking prepares Lisa to get pounded and then creampied.

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I’m a SCORE Goddess!

I'm a SCORE Goddess!

Desiree Vega is a two-time SCORE covergirl–and I am talking about the bigger in size than typical cover discharged, not those little ones–whose pretty face, G-cup scones, hourglass figure and girl-next-door personality turned her into a star.

“I live by the beach. I’m a California gal,” Desiree told. “I’m sure there are other gals who look great in bikinis, but I beat them all on the top half.”

And the bottom half, likewise. If you’re a tit smooth operator or a face woman chaser or a leg fellow or an gazoo smooth operator, Desiree’s got smth for u.

Desiree had not at all modeled stripped in advance of she came to SCORE.

“I’ve done a little bit of glamour modeling on the side, but nothing like this,” she told. “Never bare.”

Desiree started out as a B-cupper and kept going bigger in size and bigger.

“I adore my large juggs. They’re feminine and they’re greater than typical. The bigger the more admirable!” Laughable. That’s what I say.

Acquire ready for your hearts to melt when Desiree tells u what that babe urges to do next. “Have a baby! Pretty soon! I’m not getting any younger. I wanna receive married and have a baby. The picket fence and the big abode to go with my large pantoons.”

Desiree would be a dream wife for any ladies man, not just big-tit paramours…although it would be a shame to waste these meatballs on a Lothario who doesn’t adore ’em.

“I’m just a girl-next-door who happens to have those melons and that a-hole,” that babe told. And anything else that goes with ’em.

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Alice Wayne Finds Enjoyment In Big-Tit Toyland

Alice Wayne Finds Enjoyment In Big-Tit Toyland

Here cums Alice Wayne, a beauty who’s always camera-ready for everything. This time, Alice gives herself an oily massage on a massage table. Her batteries are always charged for action.

Alice fingers her nipples and shaved cunt but that is not sufficient for her. She receives out the heavy artillery, sticks it in and turns it on to high intensity. This should keep her gratified for at least a diminutive in number hours.

“I like to masturbate,” said Alice. “I have sex more than masturbation. When I masturbate, I suppose about having sex or about a shooting I did. Sometimes I’ve dreams. I suppose about sex with a sexy woman chaser out side and other boyz are watching us.

“When I am shooting, I am lewd by the camera, especially when it’s very close to my slit. It makes me feel like a bad gal. That I should not be doing this. That is the exciting part.”

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Bounce Milly, Bounce!

Bounce Milly, Bounce!

When TSG identified Milly Marks, this babe had the Venus symbol and rose tattoo over her left knee. Now that babe has a tattoo of a scorpion and a butterfly above the heel of the same leg. The scorpion is her birth sign of the zodiac (October 23) and also an ancient symbol of strong sexuality.

That describes Milly perfectly, one of the horniest and hottest cuties TSG ever photographed. The angel with the bedroom eyes. Her sexuality comes naturally out of pretense. When this babe came to TSG at 18, that babe was expert to release much more of her sexual energy.

“It made me feel more confident and more of a carnal person than I even was before,” told Milly, a very candid and open-minded gal. “I didn’t expect that to happen. I would consider myself a hyper-sexual person. I receive extra amorous when a lad just watches me play with myself. I’ve discussed it with Jose the photographer. I adore watching my friends have sex in front of me. Sometimes I masturbate whilst I lay next to ’em.

“Even in my personal life when I’m hooking up with people, if I am lying in daybed all day with some other lad, I adore when we lay next to every other and just masturbate. I adore watching people have sex. I wanna view everybody that I care about have sex in front of me. I like to view a skirt chaser toss off next to me, and I’ll play with myself.”

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Tit Chat With Cheryl Blossom

Tit Chat With Cheryl Blossom

Cheryl Blossom talks to one of our photographers about her background, her interests and her hobbies. That babe talks about bras, the kind of hawt outfit that babe loves to wear when she leaves the abode and, certainly, life with greater than run of the mill, natural bazookas. Her girl-next-door natural charisma and personality come though in this boob talk segment.

Cheryl’s a web camera model who’s just beginning out as a photo-model, which is often a natural transition, but a totally different style of stripped modeling to webcamming. Cheryl, wearing a puzzled look, begins laughing when the photographer asks her if her allies have ever accused her of stuffing her under garment. She laughs again when that gent asks her about breast-sex. Her laughter is accompanied by chest jiggling, an absolute delight to our boobs-crazed minds.

“I like to draw,” told Cheryl. “I like to take pix, I adore clips, Japanimation. I love to read books.”

It wasn’t always so, but Cheryl now believes that bigger than typical fun bags are fashionable. “A livecam glamour model helped me to recognize that a bigger than run of the mill chest can be charming and glamourous. Before, I had at not time heard that from lads or other people. For sample, my granny thought that large chests are not pretty and was always telling me to hide ’em.”

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Nagini’s Lingerie Party

Nagini's Underware Party

Nagini is throwing a intimate lingerie party. You’re invited. The brunette hair girl-next-door has brought 2 teddies, one darksome, one red, and 2 toys. Black is Nagini’s prefered color so she tries that one on 1st, then the red teddie.

There are 2 sides to Nagini, the one and the other hawt and juicy. Whilst u check her out as that babe plays, this babe checks herself out in a full-length mirror. After Nagini’s modeled her lingerie, she finds her cheerful seat, takes one as well as the other toys, lubes them with her throat and plugs her juvenile cum-hole.

“I love attention except for when I am at work, said Nagini, who works in a hospital and is a full-time first-year student. This babe is also a livecam gal when she can squeeze that in. “Otherwise, I have joy attention. I like it when boys inspect my love bubbles.”

When that babe can discover the spare time, which is not elementary, Nagini can’t live with out to fish. “There’s not lots of upper-body movement, so it is effortless. It’s not love jogging or doing jumping-jacks where my love bubbles would be bouncing all over the place. It’s more of a low-key activity, so my mellons don’t click here the way.” This babe acquire to be a precious fisherwoman. She’s got the bait that hooked us.

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Diana Frost: XXX For The 1st Time

Diana Frost: XXX For The First Time

Big breasted golden-haired Diana Frost is ready for her 1st hardcore scene. That babe prepares for her sex-date in one bedroom during the time that Max is expecting in one more bedroom. Diana is dressed in a low-cut top, stripped at the midriff, and a black mini-skirt. Her unconventional strap knickers have a zippered crotch.

Max hit the Big-Boob lottery with Diana. She has curves to spare and hungry eyes. Diana strolls into the bedroom and hovers over Max. This guy should say a thank-you prayer for what he’s about to get.

Diana knows anything there is to know about sex. She’s just at no time fucked with a photographer in the room recording it. “When I have sex, I am assured,” Diana said. “Three times a day is what I love. My prefered position is missionary. I adore to be underneath a buck ‘cuz I relish how his weenie feels inside me in that position. Sometimes I like to tie a stud up as foreplay. My sexual dream is to be with a buck and another mastix. “

One of our adult model finders spotted Diana and asked her if this babe would adore to be a SCORELAND Girl. This chab is had a admirable success rate over the years and knew that Diana had the right qualities and the right knockers. Fortunately, this babe accepted. She was not looking to become a glamour model. Once this babe arrived for her shoot, she was kooky to learn. We call that a win-win.

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Boob Prejudice At The Office

Boob Prejudice At The Office

Trinety Guess is subjected to an unfortunate situation that occurs in many business offices. Chocolate hole co-workers who complain to the supervisors about a big-boobed employee wearing tops and outfits that expose miles of enormous, rich, soaked, mouthwatering deep cleavage and taut dresses that hug their bountiful butts love cling wrap.

“I enjoy wearing constricted garments that brandishes off my breasts and curves,” says Trinety, who can feel free to walk around TSG’s office in anything this babe desires to wear or not wear. “I have a sensual innocence to my look. “I’ve just latterly become actually gratified and I guess my self-confidence is the foremost part.”

Trinety is called into the office of one of these supervisors, Mr. Tarzan. Instead of lacing into Trinety, adore many motherfucking bosses would, this chab admits this chab enjoys what she wears and would like to be her secret friend in this situation. By bonding with Trinety and then boning this bra-busting redhead right there in his office, this guy can aid to stifle the boob prejudice of the staff. At least that is his take on the subject.

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Brains & Ass

Brains & Butt

Boys, meet Marie. She’s cute, smart and wanton. “I graduated college in the top 25% of my class,” that babe told us. “I really enjoyed high school. I competed on a cheer squad with all of my superlatively nice friends. We were truly constricted. I even screwed a couple of the cuties. I have had 2 trios, likewise. Of course it was with two angels. I suppose I would be overwhelmed by taking 2 dongs at the same time!

“My favorite part of my body is my a-hole. Bucks are infatuated with it. They adore smacking my wazoo and watching it jiggle. They even love tongueing it! And I know that it’s odd, but I like when a boy cums on my cheeks and rubs it in with his ramrod. It’s immodest!

“I’m currently studying to receive my B.A. in business management. I love my classes. I’ve got some really hawt professors, also. I just adore older males.”

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Sheridan Love’s heat wave

Sheridan Love's heat wave

This scene, discharged at a swanky house, was Sheridan Adore‘s second hardcore scene, and this babe was gagging for a shagging. Sheridan picked one of her unbelievable bikinis to wear. It is about the size of 2 handkerchiefs.

This scene has a pin-point cum discharged. A jet fighter pilot would have been satisfied of the accuracy. Sheridan kneels and cups her larger than run of the mill juggs. She salaciously sticks out her long tongue for Tony’s jacking inspiration, and this guy spurts str8 into her gorgeous throat. There’re times when porn men lose their shit before they can properly aim, but this pop is perfecto. Sheridan deserved nothing less.

Rogering on-camera was a brand-new experience for Sheridan. As is usually the case with girls who do their 1st XXX scenes at SCORELAND, their wild side is unleashed. That is why we usually call SCORELAND a training academy, sending out graduates with degrees in on-camera sex.

Sheridan went on to win the Hardcore Performer of the Year contest, an event we foresaw. The competition is always subrigid, so Sheridan told that babe was shocked at being the people’s prepossession.

“I honestly thought I would maybe get first- or second runner-up, especially since it was my first year shooting hardcore. So lustful to be pro to say I am SCORE Hardcore Performer of the Year!” Sheridan said when we told her the news.

“The boyz had been begging for years to see me with a real wang and obviously they really liked it.”

That reminded me of a celebrated Hollywood actress’ noted quote when this babe accepted Hollywood’s stupendous reward. “You adore me. You truly love me!”

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Super-Busty Stunner Victoria Vale Goes High Tech

Super-Busty Stunner Victoria Vale Goes High Tech

Victoria Vale is a fantasy lady of Amazonian proportions. You have seen science fiction movies (Amazon Honeys of the Moon, Queen of Outer Space) and TV displays (Stud Rogers, Star Trek) about astronauts rencounter stacked alien angels? Victoria Vale could star in ’em. Victoria goes high tech with a sex machine in this scene. We were waiting the machine to blow a fuse. Luckily, it did not. But we did.

SCORELAND: Do jealous sweethearts ever say anything about your fun bags?

Victoria: They sometimes whisper to their ally, partner or hubby and point at my milk cans. One domme told “Her bouncy bosoms are just ridiculous! They’re way too titanic!” It not at all bothers me. I just smile at ’em and go on with my day.

SCORELAND: Do you have any girlfriends with bigger than standard breasts like yours?

Victoria: I do have a not many, but not actually with ones as bigger than standard as mine.

SCORELAND: Likewise bad for us. Have u ever observed another woman ever hit her spouse or partner for staring at u?

Victoria: Oh, yeah, absolutely! Fairly frequently.

SCORELAND: Do you belong to a fitness center? Do boys try to talk to you when you’re there?

Victoria: Yes, chaps always eye me up on the cardio equipment. My billibongs bounce like avid!

SCORELAND: What kind of teat play do u like a charmer to do?

Victoria: I love gentle sucking before and during sex.

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