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Blowjob Fixation

Oral Fixation

Did u know that Bailey Santanna first posed for us back in 2002? This babe was a redhead at the time and, love now, sported a shaven muff. Seven years later, Bailey was proclaimed the world’s high-reaching girlfriend (by us) ‘cuz A) this babe has large milk sacks B) she wakes up her boyfriends with a orall-service.

And here she’s, 11 years later, now knocked-up with a six-month baby bump in her second of two preggo-sex scenes. Bailey’s melons are more immense than ever. It is adore her giant areolae waited for her to receive preggy so her billibongs would grow bigger and catch up to those pancakes. She’s even prettier than her first time and this babe has that glow that fertile honeys have.

JC is impressed by Bailey’s sucklers as that babe will be by his big wood. She is extra-horny and needs lots of sex. That babe also seems to be more orally captivated than she was previous to gestation. We promised Bailey and her fur pie whole gratification so a lot is riding on this. That babe cannot leave and return home unsatisfied. This would bring shame to XL Girl’s game and we’d be to blame.

But for Bailey, this session has a happy ending. Bailey acquires all the meat-thermometer this babe craves and a large load of nutritious semen for her mouth since we also guaranteed her a continental breakfast during her visit.

JC enjoys trying to fit Bailey’s boobies into his mouth. In sequence 17-20, that man endevoured to suck and lift one hands-free.

For a hard-on bonus, Bailey’s mammaries acquire moisturized and tape-measured at the end of this photo sequence.

As for Bailey, that babe delivered her bundle of fun three months after her XL Girls visit and we are cheerful to report that Mother and chick are doing great. That babe now wears a 40K bra!

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The Sashaa Hooters Bustin’ Out Interview

The Sashaa Meatballs Bustin' Out Interview

The editors have wanted to interview Sashaa Marangos since her first time at but time did not allow during her original visit. You see, they like to get some insight into the glamour models as individuals with their own back stories and personalities coz majority lads want to hear those stories. Every glamour model has her own special qualities. Many studios are meat grinders and those things don’t matter to ’em.

Sashaa was something of a mystery so when the chance to talk to her circled around just last week the opportunity was grabbed subrigid. One interview conducted by Alexandra is in XL Cuties mag SP 250 (on-sale May Twenty one, ’13). This interview is conducted by SCOREtv host and editor Dave. It becomes more than a chat as you’ll watch.

“I’m originally from Los Angeles. Now I am a dancer at a GREATER THAN RUN OF THE MILL FETCHING WOMAN exotic dancing club in Fresh Jersey. I don’t indeed know how to dance, so I wing it. So, basically, I just walk around the club talking to the boyz and giving lap dances. I just grind ’em real inflexible. I’ve some competition but I’m the giant. I hang out at undress clubs when I’m not working. My majority worthwhile ally works at a exotic dancing club. This babe has these bigger than typical, fake milk cans now and she’s hot.”

“I adore rogering white lads and darksome boyz. They have to be old than me: I do not adore boyz my age. Do not ask the circumstances, but I’ve been with a darksome lad who was 79. This chab was gifted! This chab had the colossal dick I have ever had and it was the superlatively fine sex I’ve ever had. Astonishing.”

“I liked the guys I drilled here. They handled me, were aggressive and knew what to do but didn’t overdo it. That’s what I adore.”

“I like thick girls. I cant mess with beauties who are thin. I like wazoo. Mambos? It doesn’t really matter ‘cuz I have enough funbags to go around. I adore beautiful eyes. The girl needs to be compliant, also.”

“I’m an exhibitionist. That is why I wanted to dance and be in porn, because I love knowing that bucks are watching me and thinking about rogering me. So cuz of that, I always acquire way into what I’m doing to receive other people to react to me.”

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West Coast Rumpshaker!

West Coast Rumpshaker!

You are a greenhorn and we love your mellons and butt… “Well thanks! I’m pleased u noticed that I’m curvy all over. Almost all males see my boobies and forget about my ass and vice versa. I adore it when people see me as a whole package.
My allies all joke that I’m miniature but my curves are mighty! That’s ’cause I am packing all this t ‘n’ a on a 5′ frame. What do you think about them apples, huh?

We love ’em apples, Stacey! “Most chaps do. Especially when they seeme in a bathing costume. That’s how I actually started glamour modeling. I was on the beach in a string bathing dress and a photographer approached me.”

What makes ou cum? “Well, I like it when a buck will eat my cunt and booty adore a savage. This smooth operator has to click this link there and let me glaze his entire face with my wet crack juice. And I also love to have my teats stimulated during sex. If you play with my teats during sex, I can really squirt. My exes call me Lil’ Squirt and people think it’s ‘cuz of my size, but it’s not!”

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Foremost Melons

Supreme Juggs

Sashaa Juggs’s growth spurt began at 13 and, yeah, that babe was the biggest-chested cutie in school. This babe had bigger in size mammaries than the teachers! No wonder they were jealous.

My specific talents: “I’m gorgeous valuable at mouthing rod and I am flexible. I love titty play and I like hardcore, aggressive sex. Seeing a ladies man cum all over my boobs is one of the most thrilling things in the world.”

Sashaa says this babe masturbates six times a day if that babe has the time!

“She is the flawless lady! Consummate body, consummate face!” comments PeterP75.

“It makes me feel worthwhile to know that people are drooling over me,” says Sashaa who will be talking to a TSG editor in a video interview right after this photo shoot. Learn all about her.

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Mammary Lane

Mammary Lane

Karen Martin wasn’t a glamour model when this babe sent her test shots to us in the mid-90s. She was curious and that babe had an exhibitionistic streak that was busting to get out. That babe saw our magazines and leafed through them. The seed was planted.

So Karen had a ally take some at-home shots of her in the muscled. This was when digital photography was still in the planning stage and Polaroids or print snaps were the standard. This day, cell phone cameras make everything so easy.

Karen’s pix were not truly at-home. That babe went out to the woods by her place and took ’em. Always appreciative of beauties who take the time and interest themselves to contact us directly, our editor-in-chief checked them out and before long Karen was in the studio. Karen took an giant personal delight in making the transition to competent modeling for a short time. She went completely bare, was comfortable in any position including widening her pink flaps open and even did a soft-core sex layout with a male. We wonder what that babe is doing today.

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Muy Grande

Muy Grande

Muy Grande will have 2 meanings in this SCOREVideos scene with recent sweater-stretcher Marisa Carlo. Marisa is a big-busted Fourty six year-old Latin chick sex-bomb. Born in Mexico and living in Los Angeles, Marisa is a real-life wife and Mom. She made her on-camera launch at Now here that babe is for more of the gringo jock in every screwing aperture.

Marisa’s English is limited but she knows that the special language of her greater than typical bumpers, snatch and face hole is loud and clear to slutty bucks of any nationality. Marisa is not a swinger or a nudist. But put her in front of a camera with a porn skirt chaser and this babe becomes a amorous cock-craver who likes the hard bone unfathomable inside her Mexican taco. The harder she’s rogered, the more she wants it. Her body is sexy for a Fourty six year-old. It acquire to be all these sex work-outs she acquires. That babe also says she can’t live with out playing basketball and volleyball. That have to be a sight to see!

Tony Rubino is trying to learn Spanish and Marisa is helping him. Her cleavage is spilling without her blouse and distracting him. Her invitation could not be more to the point, or in this case, points. This babe acquires up in his face and that dude dives in, engulfing on her very prominent teats. Her nips are encircled by big, very dark areolae. Astounding!

Marisa drops to her knees to suck and jerk Tony’s meat. There is plenty of breast valley to fuck and Tony takes advantage. This Mexican SEXY HOUSEWIFE is a dick smoker with oral stimulation lips. She talks messy in Spanish as he starts rogering her running moist pussy. Why do chicks talking in Spanish when they bonk always sound hotter than other babes? She calls him “Papi” or “daddy” as this gent plugs her. Latinas always call their shag partners by that name. If a Latin babe calls u “Papi,” you are in, smooth operator.

Marisa quietly admits to Tony that this babe too loves a ramrod in her culo. In her butthole. That little wazoo is in great shape. Petite for a Latin babe, taut and smooth-skinned. This chab puts Marisa on her side and slides his schlong into her winky. As that guy pumps her tight asshole, Marisa moans “Grande.”

The Spanish lesson has been forgotten as Tony gets a much more nice kind of Spanish lesson by an aged vixen with “Muy Grande” billibongs!

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Fifty-two inches of chocolate thunder

Fifty-two inches of chocolate thunder

Cherise Roze is Twenty one years mature, was born in Oakland, California and lives in Newark, Recent Jersey. U might care about that. It means the girl’s juvenile and has ghetto pedigree. But what you are going to care about more is that this babe has a 52-inch wazoo, and it’s priceless to watch that a girl her age isn’t demure about showing it off.

“I used to take hip-hip and jazz when I was young,” Cherise says. “Not I am an exotic dancer. “I’m definitely an exhibitionist. I love showing it all off, and I do not care who sees me.”

Shaking that 52-inch booty on stage and letting guys grip it in the V.I.P. room. Making her gazoo clap and thunder. In this scene, she’s wearing a fishnet body dress, and when this babe jiggles her a-hole, it rattles all over the fucking place. We’re talking about ripples! The body suit already has a hole in the crotch area for simple rod access, but just in case you need more assist, Cherise spreads her ass for a better observe. Then this babe opens her legs, taps her love tunnel and proudly displays off her young, pink fur pie. But this is an arse unveil, and the utmost part is when Cherise shimmies that butt out of her bodysuit. And then the hole-fingering and widening really starts!

“I’m into choking and ass-sitting,” Cherise said. “I’ve had gang bangs, cuties, I have had sex in malls and public places, everything.”

And she’s merely 21.

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Packin’ The Billibongs

Packin' The Melons

Annemari in large titty town Prague seemingly re-appeared with out nowhere and this time, she is back at XLGirls to put the F.U. in fun. A married bitch hotty, sex with a stranger receives her juices boiling and being photographed on top of that doubles her excitement levels.

“My much loved way to be pleasured is blowjob,” says Annemari. “I love a fellow with a fast, beefy tongue and by being fingered.” Our adept buck covers all of the bases, giving Annemari a large group-sex to remember him by previous to that babe jerks him off in her face. “I like to make a lady-killer cum with my mellons. To watch his sperms come with out the head of his schlong is one of the most exciting things to watch. This I adore.” As for making fellows blow their loads with her mellons, Annemari has the ammunition to do it.

Another confession from Annemari is that that babe says this babe has no carnal dreams. This is surprising but not remarkable. We’re not ones to doubt a lady when that babe says smth so we’ll take her word for it. Annemari’s interested in 3somes, doesn’t like anything in her gazoo and has enjoyed some down time with other honey bunnys out of a cock in the mix. Now that she’s back, does this babe have any plans?

“No,” says Annemari. “I take life one day at a time.”

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Balling Dr. Hills

Balling Dr. Hills

Haley Hills was one of the Florida-based SCORE mag adult models to hang out at the editorial offices in the late ’90s. Back then, their photo studio was off-site but they did have a series of SCORELAND episode chats in the office during the early evenings. This was when movie chats were in their formative stages. Alyssa Alps, SaRenna Lee, Connie Kline and many other locals and visitors dropped by for those fan events.

Haley Hills did one of these movie scene chats on November 12th, 1998. It is indeed still archived at SCORELAND in the Galleries section along with some still-operational episode movies of Haley and her marital-device playing with her bosoms and love tunnel. SCORE veterans and newcomers can still check it out whenever they wanna, a piece of SCORELAND and bigger in size than average boob history.

As for Haley, the beautiful, slinky blonde was a popular face in south Florida clubs as well as at SCORE for a petite in number years previous to that babe retired from lap dancing and the adult scene. That babe was always no thing less than blisteringly sexy and carnal on stage or in a fuck scene and was renowned with SCORE fans for her bizarre flexibility. In other words, she’s the kind of angel who inspires u to beat the meat.

In this scene, Haley is a physician who treats “Mr. Johnson” with her face hole and slit in a hell of a down and obscene scene. Dr. Hills of the SCORE Medical Center sees her final patient of the day. This unfortunate gentleman suffers from erection problems. Dr. Hills is his last resort. He’s tried everything, including these stiffy pills this chab saw on a late-night TV expose. No thing keeps it up. Can Dr. Hills aid?

Trust what comes with out her mouth and what goes into her mouth. Mr. Johnson’s Johnson comes to life. They a gang bang on her investigation table in as many positions as they can think of until Mr. Johnson jacks his load all over Haley’s zeppelins and face. Here is the answer to the health care problem thank’s to a dedicated healer of the sick.

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Butt-fucked stunner

Butt-fucked beauty

Some beauties like to have sex, but Gizelle Stud-horse loves the shlong. She sucks it, fucks it and this babe even likes it up her Hershey highway. We have watched lots of greater than typical bootied stunners in our time, but this wazoo mom is probably one of the foremost shags ever!

This babe sucks schlong with such gusto and so much groaning that it’s literally adore she’s playing the skin flute. And when this babe gets down on all fours and throws that gazoo in the air, you actually receive a full look at of just how ass-tacular her booty is. It’s no wonder she loves anal. With an booty like that, it would be nearly a crime not to let it receive fucked. And charmer does it receive rogered. It stretches wide for this pecker!

This babe drops down to the ground after getting ass-plowed and throws her stupendous, round a-hole in the air to receive it splashed with cum and that is the sign of a true butt baller. We howdy you, Gizelle and your fucktastic rectal hole that needs to be ridden like a stud-horse.

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Jiggly Goddess In The Bigger in size than run of the mill Titty City

Jiggly Girl In The Bigger than typical Titty City

Whilst many countries, notably the America, seriously lag behind, the relatively miniature city of Prague, Czechia continues to pump out those hawt and big boobed girls eager and ready to express their exhibitionistic personalities. Such is the case with rookie Krissy Dawson, a green-eyed blonde who used to wrestle and now is proudly showing off her big pantoons and pink wet crack for XL Angels.

Our dude in Prague discovered Krissy and showed her some copies of XLGirls magazine. That was all it took. Krissy was nice to go. Life doesn’t acquire easier.

Krissy likes to look at National Hockey League games, sometimes live, sometimes at sports bars. NHL teams play in Prague, either against a local Czech team or exhibition games against other NHL teams Hockey is large in the CR.

When she leaves the house in valuable weather, she will costume to attract attention. U name it. Tank-tops, constricted T-shirts, low-cut blouses, tube dresses. That babe is got the goods to stretch ’em out. And attention Krissy acquires.

Krissy’s hobbies are listening to music and watching a lot of movies. This babe was the bustiest beauty in school, doesn’t currently decide and loves action-filled dates that get her adrenaline going.

Does this babe have any special talents? Krissy says no. We disagree. Furthermore two bigger in size than average talents that really stand out, Krissy says she is sexually confident. We’ll see how assertive Krissy is.

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