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Peeper In The Ladies Room

Peeper In The Ladies Room

In the place where no buck has gone before–the ladies’ restroom–Danni Lynne knows we’re spying on her and that’s valuable with her. That babe enjoys it when boys eye-worship her voluptuous, traffic-stopping body. Primping in the mirror, that babe can feel our peepers roaming over her larger than run of the mill 36EEE mounds, her booty and her legs. Danni gets on the floor to flaunt even more and give u the grand travel.

“I think my meatballs are the superlatively wonderful part of my body,” said Danni, a sexy blend of black, Hispanic and Japanese and a novice to nekkid stripped modeling. “My legs are my second unsurpassable.”

It sounds like a unyielding breeze will turn Danni on. Her hardcore scenes are off the charts.

“Anything will turn me on. You blow in my ear and I am yours! I’ll feel the chill. I’ll be love, ‘Oh my god!’ But then I’ll realize what’s going on, so I will not just go off with him. But nibbling on my ear, my neck, my back, my legs, all those things do it for me. I just love being touched.”

This is the last of our Danni series. If u desire her back to SCORE for more, then let us hear it for this honey.

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Pies & Thighs

Pies & Thighs

XL Beauties gives u the best diner in the world and your guest waitress is one of the high reaching XL Beauties in its history, Samantha 38G. Crave some pie? Samantha’s got one that lads implore for. They’ve been begging for it since 2001 when that babe 1st strided through the studio doors. Try to discover a waitress who resembles Samantha and fine luck. If u ever do, we urge her phone number so we can call her about undressed modeling.

The final time Samantha talked to editor Dave, ramrod size came up. Not literally, just in their conversation. Samantha said her consummate size would be six inches. This pretty much goes against the idea of sex stars being size queens.

Samantha said that that babe, Maria Moore and Sapphire are the holy trinity of BBW porn. We’d accede with that. They’re an inspiration to newcomers hoping to make their own mark the way they did. Now the fantasy of the 3 of ’em trickling their own diner serving up pies is stuck in our heads.

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Bebe’s milk-filled mellons

Bebe's milk-filled tits

“I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, but I usually don’t express it,” told Bebe Cooper from Missouri.

This babe expressed it for the 1st time in 2010, exposing her beautifully shaped naturals and then squirting milk from them in sexy lactation movie scenes. And now this babe is expressing it afresh, although this time, I’d swear she has a lot more milk in her milk jugs. That babe squirts milk all over the insert this movie.

As Elliot wrote, “Bebe’ll still turn you on with her porcelain skin, blue-veined milkers, sultry gaze and wet vagina. Bebe’s breast and teat squeezing are captured in close-ups. These teats are just unforgettable. So pointy, elongated and perky, surrounded by pink areolae, adore mountains of flesh.

“A sheet of glass is placed betwixt Bebe and the digi camera so she can do her thing: send streams of her breast-milk str8 at us. Then Bebe shifts her attention and ours to her pretty love tunnel. This babe pleasures her pink grab in numerous cock-stiffening positions, her teats still erect the whole time.”

Said Bebe, “I love the attention I get. Getting hit on always makes a girl feel worthy. I adore wearing thin shirts to show off. My favourite shirt is so thin and constricted, it is practically see-through.”

Imagine if that babe didn’t wear a undergarment with that shirt? It would be a milk-soaked mess. That is something I’d pay to watch.

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Sexy Boobs

Sexy Breasts

Terry’s one of our go-to gals. Always hot. Always dependable to make a dude cum. This babe was one of the angels who joined SCORE in the Bahamas for the super-DVD Big busted Paradise. We hooked up another time with Terry in Prague for hardcore mouthing and pussy-stuffing act. Terry has large, enormous F-cup breasts that defy the imagination, and that babe always has this look on her face that says, “I urge to engulf your dick.” Terry knows what she is doing, whether this babe is posing by herself with a sex toy or sat on top of a wang and ridin’ the cum without it. U know her, u love her, Terry Nova.

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Bangin’ Wobblers in Blue

Bangin' Love melons in Blue

Trust us when we say that we know what it’s adore to be cranky, disappointed and in need of some stress-relief. Sometimes a guy’s got to go blow off some steam, you know, take it elementary and just relax. And there’re 3 or so ways of doing this. The 1st is a little miracle we like to call BEER. Except if you spend likewise much time with beer, you wind up with a headache and a gut. The second is a great invention called SPORTS. Except u can lose time, effort and even some money on sports and it usually goes hand in hand with beer. The final is the foremost way of all; SNATCH. Vagina is a great way to blow off steam and even your wad. The thing is, wet crack isn’t always obtainable, attainable or even around. Not to worry. That is why hookers were invented. Hookers are love the Chinese food of cunt; quick, reliable, always obtainable via delivery, not so hard on the budget and after u have tons of it, you can always have just a little more. Don’t believe it? Detect out Soleil Hughes’ and her hookertastic spectacle in this clip. She reveals up, copulates, get paid and goes. It’s consummate. So next time u are a little bit stressed and need some relief, just put your penis in a hooker, they always hit the spot!

Watch More of Soleil Hughes at BIGTITHOOKER.COM!

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Nurse Big Zeppelins

Nurse Big Tits

“Wearing a nurse’s suit and acting like one has always been a fantasy of mine,” Kitty Lee wrote. “Personally I do not love having to go to the doctor but I receive off on the idea of being a nurse and fucking my patients. I’ve play-acted a nurse in my bedroom with boyfriends and always got into the entire dream of it. Some other fantasy is the doctor I work for fucking me in his exam room…which goes on in clinics in real life.” When a nurse-patient discharge was scheduled, Kitty came to mind.

Kitty took to nursing her patient’s meat-ax adore that babe is been involved in health care her complete life. This poor ladies man had his scalp run over by a lawn mower. Fortunately, his genitals function perfectly.

Kitty could be a nurse in real life coz this babe can handle aged geezers.

“An old, mature fellow, about 80 years old strolled up to me and squeezed my melons and told ‘Oh, those are natural. Now I do not need Viagra.’ That was the funniest thing ever. I was laughing. That charmer had this oxygen reservoir and stuff. I thought it was humorous. If he was a juvenile boyz, I would have punched him.”

It’s not true that every boy can’t live with out bigger in size than run of the mill milk sacks. Kitty said a story about that.

“I went out with one smooth operator who broke up with me because my knockers were also bigger in size than run of the mill. When this charmer met me I was wearing a truly big, baggy shirt coz I was just out at a hardware store getting something actually quick. But when we went out I wore this indeed clothing. This buck dated me a couple of times and then said me he could not date me cuz my marangos were also bigger than standard.”

That boy didn’t need a nurse, just a psychiatrist.

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School Of Rack

School Of Rack

School’s at no time out and class is never dismissed when Hitomi is on the campus. Now when the phrase “student body” comes to mind, Hitomi’s sexy coed look should now be number one in your boob-lovin’ brain. The slinky and stacked dish from Tokyo was made for busting out of school goddess costumes and this clip proves it. It would be a fantasy come true if Hitomi lived in Florida and not over seven thousand miles away. Boob dudes can dream and no one can take that away from us.

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A Lotta Delotta

A Lotta Delotta

“I’m a 34G-cupper,” Delotta Brown told. “That’s why I am alotta Delotta! I’ve a petite body except for my breasts and my ass. I think my bumpers are extra special. My arse is admirable, but my milk shakes are with out this world. I can do a lot of joy stuff with my bra buddies, too. I can hold things betwixt ’em and underneath ’em with no hands.

“They’re great for tit banging. I can slap you with one, but they’re quite enormous. They can hurt you if I hit u likewise unyielding with them. And I like when males suck on ’em. A boy can suck on ’em for a half hour and I would be pleased. I love dick. I like to force it down my throat and see how much I can take. But I’ll gag myself. I don’t need someone to gag me. Lots of lads like for me to smother ’em with my love bubbles. I adore doing that.”

Delotta is the complete tit lady.

My much loved kind of hardcore vids kick off with the hotty playing with her mounds and looking into the digi camera before the fellow enters to get his hands on ’em. That is what the cameraman caught in this Delotta scene.

When we asked Delotta what kind of fellows this babe loves (besides accomplished porn fellows), this babe replied, “A sweaty nutted dude.” And that babe added, “I view the broadness of his chest and back to make sure he is experienced to pick my thick ass up.”

There’s a lotta Delotta to handle, so I get where she’s coming from.

Watch More of Delotta Brown at SCORELAND2.COM!

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Key Largo House

Key Largo House

“When I was younger, I played athletics love a lot of the other girls–sprinting, ice skating and gymnastics,” remembers Chloe. “Growing up in a socialist country was difficult, as I look back having able the rest of the world. Everyone was very silly about life and we knew very little about anything, especially when it came to sex. Americans have television with kissing, and cable television with ‘real sex.’ I had to practice with a girlfriend (how to kiss).” -From the Chloe Vevrier biography.

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Hawt Man juice For a Titty Kitty

Hot Ball cream For a Titty Kitty

Lexi Summers’ free-spirited and batty approach to screwing total strangers in front of the XL Girls digital camera filled us with confidence in the future of the American teenage goddess. She was 19 years mature in this remastered scene. It resembles Lexi had plenty of wild oats packed in her purse and ready to spread when she bounced on Enzo’s meat-axe.

“I like to move around during sex and switch things up ‘cuz I think it keeps things going, but doggie-style is my prefered,” says Lexi who had that look that told that she actually gets off on being watched and photographed with a dong bulging her cheek and filling up her fur pie.

“I can cum truly fast when I’m getting it from the back. I think in dictate for sex to be valuable, you need to use each part of your body.” Lexi told her nipps are not that sensitive. “They are large and all, but they are not actually that sensitive. I adore that they are not that sensitive ‘coz I indeed adore to have them played with and pulled on truly roughly. I like ’em pinched and even bitten, so if they were too sensitive I guess that I’d be less into nipp play.”

Watch More of Lexi Summers at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Oiled milk cans and a fire crotch

Oiled milk shakes and a fire crotch

This scene is called “Oiled scones and a fire crotch” for very obvious reasons: naturally stacked wife Cameron Skye oils her marangos and has red hair on her muff.

“Nobody has hair anymore,” pointed out Cameron, who also had shaved pussy the first time this babe visited our studio. “Nobody has a fire crotch, seriously.”

Yes, indeed, a fire crotch is rock hard to identify, and once u detect one, you’re hard.

Early in this scene Cameron, speaking in her very hawt voice, talks about getting her scones massaged. That babe can’t live with out visiting spas where this babe can receive her bumpers massaged (by sweethearts, of course; they have all the luck). They do not rubdown her love tunnel, although we’re sure that can be arranged for a price. Me? I would do it for free. I’m sure u would, too.

Cameron reveals how she takes care of her fire crotch. Then that babe plays with her fire crotch. All of this is very educational and very jackable.

“I view all my movies,” Cameron told. “I view ’em with my partner, who is a colossal SCORE fan. I also observe ’em alone cuz it’s such a turn-on. On the day every video comes out, I usually check out it by myself and relive my particular show. Then, my spouse and I view ’em together tons of times.

“When my partner was 20, before we met, this ladies man bought a SCORE magazine every month, fantasizing about the chicks in every issue. When my 1st scene from SCORE was released, it was the finest sex of our lives. It was as if this chab was screwing a goddess that stud had fantasized about for years. It’s so surreal to truly be one of the people on-camera that people are fantasizing about.”

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