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Yoga – For Sexual Healing

Yoga - For Erotic Healing

Every day I take time for myself to practice my yoga. It is a time when I center myself and find balance during a busy day. When I came to SCORE to shoot layouts for ChloesWorld, I knew that it was important to make time to do this important ritual. Each day, my work day in the studio was full, but I managed to take the half hour to squeeze in some yoga. When they were thinking of new layout ideas, I was thrilled to submit the idea for showing the different yoga poses. I know that many thought that doing the different yoga poses would not appeal to my fans. I tried to reveal poses that would put emphasis on my love bubbles. I love yoga because it helps me clear my chakra and get the chi energy to flow positively. I know some of u are scratching your heads and asking Chakra? Chi? Is Chloe losing it? Chi, or Qui is the Asian word to talk about the universal energy that flows in all objects, ourselves included. When my chi is flowing properly, and when I am full of positive energy I discover that my lovemaking is more explosive. Remember when I was talking about pheromones? When I’m centered, like pheromones, I detect I attract many people… bucks, and female alike. People are drawn to positive energy. On the days that I miss doing my yoga, I often do not even feel sensuous and hot. I believe that it is not just a coincidence. There’s a relationship. I remember the 1st time I learned my yoga techniques. I came home overtired, but energized at the same time. But, the almost any important thing…when I made adore that night, I felt love a wildcat…an insatiable tigress. I could not acquire enough. I was maddest to orgasm. When I lastly came, I literally saw stars. It was the majority earth-shattering agonorgasmos that I’ve ever had! It not quite killed me…but worse still, it not quite killed my partner. We could not move! We could hardly breathe! Needless to say, everyone was encouraging me to keep practicing my yoga. Sometimes as I’m in a yoga position, I can feel my love tunnel getting damp and I can feel my cum-hole waking. I feel tingles, and even though I’m not thinking hawt thoughts, my body begins to respond. I’ve not ever had an large O during the time that in a position, but many times, I’ve to say I’ve come breathlessly close. Even as I write this, I’m getting juicy. Yoga as an aphrodisiac…how novel. We will have all my fans practicing…with smiles on their faces. I know that I’m not alone in this sexual awaking whilst I’m in my yoga poses. In my classes, I’ve watched many women in different positions, with wetness coming through their leotards…not below their arms…but on their cunt area. Many have a smile on their face…and probably thinking about sexy sex after they leave class. Here’s chi you! Ciao! Chloe

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