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We heart Lila Payne

We heart Lila Payne

“I love putting on make-up and getting dolled up,” told Lila Payne, a girl with absolutely enormous natural hooters. “I adore to play dress-up and try on all my underware. I’ve a very big collection at home.”

Here, Lila is dressed for Valentine’s Day. Yep, I know, it’s June, but who cares? We need to watch Lila’s big boobies, and that is all that counts. She’s wearing a constricted brassiere (all bras are tight on her) that her JJ-cups are pouring out of. This babe jiggles ’em. Lila’s zeppelins always jiggle. That is their natural state. She takes them out and plays with them. Then this babe plays with her Valentine’s Day present: a toy.

We asked Lila, who’s from Australia, if this babe has had sex or been nude or flashed her big bra-busters in public.

“Not so much,” she said. “I’m more aroused by seclusion, love being in a cabin in the woods where you can make all the noise you urge and no one can hear u. That indeed turns me on. I remember being felt up in the episodes as a teenager. That was actually hot.

“And, yep, I get my knockers out in public sometimes ’cause it’s fun. I adore wearing no briefs when I go to the bank or the post office, out to do my daily chores. Nobody knows it, certainly, which makes it more enjoyment.”

We know now.

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Your Meat-thermometer Is In Her Hands

Your Penis Is In Her Hands

We initiate off with a chat. Alia Janine tells our SCORELAND cameraman/reporter:

1) “Yes, they are real!”

TWO) “They’re 34FF.”

He asks if she can’t live without playing with ’em and Alia replies “God gave them to me. I might as well do something with ’em.”

He follows up by asking if that babe would adore to put something between them. “A unyielding dong. It fits very nicely in here,” this babe says as this babe rubs a hand between her tits.

At SCORELAND, we appreciate a mistresse who makes her hooters a major part of her life.

Alia has great cock-worshipping skills with her hands, her fullsome funbags, even her eyes. This babe is very much into the man’s enjoyment. We give her major props for that, as well as for her technical skills. Her combo double-hand stroking while being tit-fucked on her back rates high on the ol’ man-meat meter. This babe has a sexy sex-voice also.

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Picked up for a impure ride

Picked up for a indecent ride

The odds of any of us finding a hitchhiker with the face, pointer sisters and body of Arianna Sinn are not admirable. The odds of any of us finding a hitchhiker with the face, bumpers and body of Arianna Sinn, and who will shag our brains out after we get to her destination are even worse. That is why outstanding male fantasies adore this are put on movie scene and pictures.

I’ve picked up exactly one sexy hitchhiker in my whole life and she didn’t have anywhere near the body of this Romanian masterpiece (she was more the Nasty Neighbors sort), and it ended with me getting a fake phone number. What happens in his video solely happens to porn boys.

One-of-a-kind Arianna is an outstanding model even by herself, just doing things in nature’s garb or masturbating, but with a dong inches away, her zest and energy pours without her adore a dam bursting from raging flood waters. This babe bangs the hell without her stud/driver one time they acquire out of the car. She feeds him her pointy nipples and vigorously tit-fucks him. Then she plays his strapon like an harmonica. When that babe is banging, she bounces her massive, natural mellons like batty and takes a unbending drilling in the tough piledriver position (astounding!).

And in all the moves this babe makes with a cock in her face hole, betwixt her fullsome funbags or inside her cookie, she has this carnal flair about her that I can solely describe as European. She’s passionate out of being mechanical: genuine and real. I’m the final guy who craves to watch lovemaking like they expose on these late-night cable movie scenes, but Arianna comes close to actually making love to the weenie with out all the mush and neck-kissing.

Arianna explained what shoves her buttons: “I adore to be in dictate. But once it begins, I love the gent to be a little more aggressive. I can make sex happen, but then I love him to tell me what that charmer wishes and do what this gent wishes with me. I adore to shake my marangos in a man’s face and see his reaction. One time, I endevoured to smother a lady-killer with my love bubbles.”

Who needs oxygen?

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Alia Janine: Your Pecker Is In Her Hands

Alia Janine: Your 10-Pounder Is In Her Hands

Alia Janine is asked if this babe can’t live with out playing with her greater than typical love muffins and that babe replies “God gave ’em to me. I might as well do something with them.” The photographer follows up by asking if this babe would adore to put smth between those flesh pillows. “Yes! A hard weenie. It fits very nicely in here,” she says as that babe rubs a hand betwixt her billibongs.

Previous to the stunt knob is wheeled in, our reporter and Alia discuss her boob skills. This babe even throws in some sexual exotic dancing moves. Nothing beats the sound of two juggs slapping jointly. Tit chat and boob show completed, we move on to the hand party and tit-fucking. Alia has great cock-worshipping skills with her hands, her meatballs, even her eyes. That babe is very much into the man’s fun.

We give Alia major props for that, as well as for her technical skills. She has a hawt sex-voice also. Her combo double-hand stroking while being tit-fucked on her back rates high on the man-meat meter.

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Ivanna Lace: Cutie & The Hooters

Ivanna Lace: Dish & The Breasts

“I adore camping and shopping,” told pleasant and hot Ivanna Lace. Ivanna wears J-cup bras. “I have my bras fitted for me so they fit perfectly. I do not go to a store and buy one with out having it adjusted. I like how my mangos look.”

Ivanna can’t live out of to go camping, something we wouldn’t have guessed. This babe appears to be love a 100% city beauty. “I love nature and being outdoors. On a free night, I adore to go to a karaoke bar and sing. I love that almost any of all, and shopping. I can spend hours in stores.”

Ivanna talked sex between shoots.

“I love to masturbate. It’s not a secret. I do it when I’m alone at home. First I start to touch my teats and then my fingers start fondelling my love tunnel until I large O. I do not think this is a fetish, or maybe it is. I adore looking at boys’ booties, touch their chest and nipples. I like to rub-down.”

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Gal Girl

Honey Girl

We played the Q&A game with Christy. Her candor is refreshing. She speaks her mind and lays her cards (and a whole lot more) on the table for all to watch

What’s your much loved color? Green.
What’s your beloved food? Mashed potatoes.
Are you a dog person or a cat person? Neither. Snakes and reptiles.
What’s your prefered curse word? Fucker.
Who’s smarter? Hotty’s or chaps? It depends on the person.
Better lay: Chicks or lads? Boys.

Does size matter? Yeah or no? Yes.
Favorite video of all time? Silence of the Lambs.
How many toys do you own? Likewise many to count. Over 40.
Sex: 1st date or await? I expect if I adore them. If I do not like them, then I do not have to expect.

Head: More astounding to give or receive? Give.
Cum: Drink or spit? Spit.
Blow jobs or tit jobs? Blow jobs.
Tits: What’s hotter? Fake or real? Real.
Much loved Position? Pile-driver.

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Amy Villainous: First Anal

Amy Villainous: 1st Anal

“Cock is my beloved thing,” told Amy Villainous, a hottie who doesn’t just bust her bras, that babe destroys them. “Getting drilled hard and unfathomable is the best thing ever.”

Amy acquires rogered rigid and deep in her wazoo in this scene, the first time this babe is had anal job in ten years.

“I love being on top. I cum so fast that way. I like getting fucked doggie style, especially if my husband is coarse.” That is just two of the positions that Amy enjoys in this butt-boning.

In advance of this scene starts, Amy says, “It’s been many years since I have accomplished any anal play but that will hopefully change soon! I have some anal toys I use every now and then but I’ve not had a penis in my gazoo in ten years! It’s a tragedy cuz I can cum nice-looking unbending with anal-copulation.”

This unfortunate situation has now been rectified.

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Ivanna Lace: Big-Tit Chat

Ivanna Lace: Big-Tit Chat

Ivanna Lace tells all (mostly all) in a candid chat while taking a break from her movie scene and photo shoots. Ivanna’s English is priceless and she has a hawt voice and gracious smile.

She has an optimistic personality and always looks on the bright side. Ivanna developed those J-cup whoppers early and is used to the tremendous attention this babe receives.

It took months to plan for the photo session but we kept the faith and our studio employees always kept in touch with Ivanna, assertive that it would eventually figure out.

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Three On A Sex Spree

Three On A Sex Spree

Leny is stuffing his face with birthday cake when the unbelievably voluptuous Anastasia Lux and Steve Q. drop in on him. Anastasia takes on one as well as the other lads, and with Anastasia, you are guaranteed over-the-top screwing and engulfing.

“I love to begin with a guy’s cock already rock-hard but not to the point where it is about to explode,” said Anastasia. “I like to take it slowly, and a bit of role-playing in advance of I kick off is precious, but if I put on my hands on it and touch it, I like it to be hard.”

Each boy this babe is paired with wishes to bonk her titanic natural boobs.

“I love being tit-fucked. I adore to feel a rock hard rod betwixt my milk shakes. I can actually do a oral job adore that. Acquire the knob right here in the midst and suck it. I love it lying down on my back so the guy’s pecker can nearly hit me in my face and I like it when they cum on my mellons.

“I love the way it feels cuz by that point, after we have been having sex for a while, my love bubbles become so sensitive, and just getting that jizz all over them is the sexiest thing in the world. I totally love it. If I had to elect, I always say, ‘Right here.’ I adore to have cum all over my face and in my face hole, and I need to say that I love watching it when the cock juice comes out, so if it’s right here between my bumpers, I can watch it and it’s wondrous. It is a handsome thing.”

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Jenni Noble: First XXX

Jenni Noble: 1st XXX

Jenni Noble was out to have a smashing time when that babe contacted SCORELAND. This is her first hardcore scene but u would not know that by watching it ‘coz Jenni is a wild one.

Paired with JMac, that babe screws back hard and fast and sucks knob love that babe is competing in a oral-sex contest. There is loads of tit-play, some of it in slow motion in the movie scene, dirty talking and drooling and gagging on meat-thermometer. JMac’s got a charged-up bra-buster on his hands.

“Typically, I’m pretty aggressive,” told Jenni. “I know what I adore and I’m not afraid to say it. I usually have sex about two times a week.”

Jenni said in her interview with Dave that this babe was nervous yet lustful about this 1st scene. That adrenaline rush is normal, especially for a rookie. We do not know if that babe is seen other SCORELAND vids or viewed JMac in act. Trying hardcore was smth that babe wanted to do. Jenni has a “sex-bucket list.” Now she can check off her first on-camera screw.

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Casca Akashova: A Kewl Swallow With A Phat Golden-haired

Casca Akashova: A Nifty Swallow With A Kewl Blonde

“What satisfies me is someone who listens to u and your body,” said Casca Akashova. “Someone who pays attention.”

For Casca, foreplay starts in the mind.

“Sometimes foreplay doesn’t need to be visual. At 1st, it can be sexual banter, building up the chemistry. I adore that. Letting your mind wander.”

Casca has a kewl drink on an outdoor patio. She plays with the ice and rubs a cube on her halter top, making succulent spots on her teats. Not fast, with lots of teasing, Casca slips everything off.

She turns to expose her ass and bows over bringing her pantoons into view between her legs. Sat back, holding her larger than average mambos together, Casca widens her legs wide to expose off her bald muff.

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