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Rack ‘Er Up!

Rack 'Er Up!

Sexual Jane has a serious, regal look in her pics but she’s indeed very approachable and down-to-earth with a admirable sense of humor. That babe is by no means laughed, smiled and giggled as much as this babe does in this pool game that goes from stick-handling and ball whacking to cock-riding.

Thomas is trying to assist Jane out with her stroke. As if she needed any assist! But almost any of the fun is getting to hold Jane constricted doggystyle and guide these balls in. Jane is not assured of her skills at knocking balls into holes but that babe is more than confident at guiding Thomas’ stick past her lips and into her pink pussy-hole.

The green felt makes a valuable altar of lust as Jane climbs on top of Thomas and gives him a tremendous tit-wank and irrumation before that gent slides one into Jane’s side pocket. When it comes to racking it up, Jane is at the top of her game. “I had a worthwhile rock hard banging with good pussy touching with tongue and much teasing,” says Jane. “I gotta practice my pool shooting likewise!”

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Bathing dress Brilliance

Bikini Glory

A very unequalled girl, a gift from Mom Nature. Dors Feline inspired many comments when she initially debuted, such as, “Love this honey bunny. Dors being from Great Britain merely makes her hotter.”

One of the great English gals, Dors can’t live with out the retro-glam, punk, burlesque and rocker look and that babe basically broke down the door as one of the first XL Cuties with tattoo sleeves. Others would pretty soon chase as the trend widen across all categories of adult models.

XL Angels mag editor Dave wrote, “I mentioned once that in the aged days, men’s magazines generally did not put gals like Dors Feline in bikinis cuz they were likewise big and wouldn’t wear one to the beach. I also mentioned that whenever we did put a gal adore Dors in a swim suit or monokini, the readers always showed their appreciation for the adult model and extended their gratitude towards us.”

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Claudia’s BBC blind date

Claudia's BBC blind date

“Show me how you taste that meat-thermometer,” Lucas tells Claudia Kealoha in this scene. “Gobble that cock up!”

When it comes to gobbling jock, Claudia is very worthwhile at following commands.

“I have many fantasies,” this babe said. “I have obscene cop dreams, boss fantasies, stranger fantasies.”

But they all involve one thing.

“Getting laid?” Claudia told, laughing. “Definitely.”

Claudia was born in Hawaii and has danced in numerous clubs around the YOU.S. She gives a helluva gogo dance.

“I make ’em cum and they make me cum,” she said. “I love feeling their rogering hard-ons in their trousers. I adore when they suck on my milk shakes. We don’t even need to take our clothes off and we the one and the other cum.”

Here, the hawt garments do come off, and there’s a lot of cumming.

“I love talking impure,” Claudia told. “I love telling men to fill my soaked wet crack with their bigger than standard, unbending pricks.”

Turns out that Claudia can’t live with out larger than standard, dark rods, too. I hadn’t known that about her, but I should’ve guessed.

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Hands-on Candy

Hands-on Candy

SCORE editor Dave wrote about Candy Manson:

“One of my much loved moments in my interview with Candy Manson was when she spoken about her parents. Yeah, her parents. Sorry. I led her down that road. I could not aid it. You watch, I asked Candy about her upbringing, and she said it was ‘definitely conservative,’ and then she told, ‘I drove my parents mad when I was a kid. My Mamma and father are very, very old-school. They’re off the boat from Poland, so they’re place in their ways. Anything about me, anything I did growing up, was so shocking to them.'”

Wild child Candy was a stripper before this babe became a porn star.

“I did the non-professional contests at some of the disrobe clubs,” Candy said Dave. “The people at the club gave all the contestants a questionnaire to fill out for the contest. You know, where are u from? What do you do? And I told I’m a teacher. I am sure they believed it. Nobody has ever told me that I look love a teacher! I’ve done lap dances where I have really gotten into it and made the boy cum in his trousers, but I don’t do that likewise often. Solely at some exotic dancing clubs where it’s allowed, and merely if I am in a wild mood and only with the right boy.”

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Valory Irene, your personal coach

Valory Irene, your personal trainer

“In the summer, I run with my allies,” Valory Irene said. “I usually exercise in the morning. I like to do plenty of upper-body exercises.”

This is one of my much loved discharges from the Valory Irene series. She’s wearing the ideal outfit. The repressed makeup is the kind that doesn’t draw attention to itself. The location allows for a lot of creativity.

At this point in her relationship with SCORE, Valory is very capable and confident in front of the lens. In my opinion, Valory is one of the most worthwhile gals SCORE has ever filmed.

“I was identified by one boy,” Valory fondly remembered. “He was from Dublin, and he was visiting Ukraine. That petticoat chaser was walking in the shopping mall and I passed him by. He started to talk to me and we had some conversation. That woman chaser took some pictures, but to be honest, I did not make no doubt of it would happen.

“I thought it would be the 1st time I saw him and the final time. I didn’t think it would lead to success. I did not make almost certainly of it. To be honest, I thought that I would love to be a glamour model, but I did not think that it could be possible. I thought if it happened, it happened. I didn’t fantasy a lot about this, but I had the thought in my mind. Then my dream came true.

“Because of SCORE, I was competent to trip. I met Hitomi, Sha Rizel, Arianna, Sophie, Lana Ivans, Chica and cuties from Great Britain and the Dominican Republic. Kristina Milan, also. They are all very worthwhile.”

SCORELAND has lads who are always asking about the gals doing hardcore. That is all they care about, but they rarely bring this up with Valory. It might be coz Valory has a girlfriend quality about her, and most boys don’t even urge to think about their girlfriends getting ravished by a porn smooth operator with a big dong. Danni Ashe had this quality, also. One of the few times they chimed in was when Valory did her one hand-job and tit-fuck scene, thinking it was a warm-up to an actual sex scene, which that babe not at any time did.

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Follow Your Star

Follow Your Star

Sandra Star wishes us to follow her. Lead the way, Sandra. This babe brings us into the dressing room, pulls out a tape and measures herself. Later on, the photographer follows her outdoors, where this babe catches some rays previous to a photo-shoot. Sandra examines the garden where our European crew grows different species of bras for the models. She picks the one that babe can’t live with out unsurpassable and goes inside the abode to try it on in front of a mirror and see how her mountainous mambos look in it. The photographer follows her, but he acquires caught when that babe turns around. This chap runs out when she yells at him.

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Creamy & Moist

Creamy & Juicy

“I must buy particular bras cuz it is rock hard to identify bras in my size,” told Ann Calis, a luscious stunner who went from Voluptuously-built to bulky. “I have to get them from specialty stores and that takes time. If they do not fit properly, it is uncomfortable to wear all day.

“Most studs don’t understand. None of my girlfriends have fun bags my size, so I cannot ask ’em for advice. I usually can get the ones I want that are comfortable.

“I adore having large milk cans. Having a voluptuous body and curves to me is very feminine and hawt. Anything about this means mistresse to me. When I go to ottoman at night, many times I will rub my tits and nipps. I love to feel them in my hands. If I can’t sleep I will masturbate and have an orgasm. Then I go to sleep right away.”

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No Brassiere Can Hold THEM

No Brassiere Can Hold 'Em

Lara Jones dances, turning the sofa into a stage so that babe can shake her wonderful butt and mammoth, beautifully-shaped fullsome funbags. Lara begins off dressed in a tight halter top and tight shorts and ends up wearing the air. She is likewise sensational for her attractive clothing. After dance fever cools, Lara gives herself a hand.

“I adore to brandish off. I like to be observed. I love to be admired. I relish reading the comments about me or hearing ’em, if they are valuable. I’m a bit of an exhibitionist. I truly feel glamourous about the attention I get. I think nudity is normal. I love being bare and sexy but I don’t crave to be a porno star. I am also conservative for that. That’s valuable for other gals but not for me. I do not look down on them. They are doing what they desire to do and I’m doing what I wanna do.

“When I go out I will costume in a way that makes my tits look sexy but tasteful. I am not bashful about showing my breast valley at all. I don’t suit in a way that makes my bouncy bosoms hang out but I always dress in a way that they look wonderful.”

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Jennifer Vokova’s toy of enjoyment

Jennifer Vokova's toy of joy

Since we can not be everywhere, we’ve browsers and fans who care sufficient to approach busty cuties about modeling for The SCORE Group. If a hotty does decide to glamour model, the finder acquires a referral fee and the world acquires to have pleasure her images and vids. Via Paxton, Valory Irene and other sweethearts were discovered this way.

Jennifer Vokova was identified by a Voluptuous browser living in Prague, Czech Republic. Whenever he meets a beauty this chab thinks is suitable, this chab sends us an email and some fotos after this chab chats ’em up and finds out if they’re interested in modeling (many are not). Prague is a great town for breasty cuties.

Jennifer was recent with out school. She was trained in cosmetology and spa procedures, such as facial cumshots. No, not that kind of facial.

Jennifer speaks no English, but this babe has G-cup naturals, great skin and hot teats. That says enough.

In the clip, after the boob play, Jennifer moves her hand down to finger her pussy. She has some very interesting fingering techniques. At one point, that babe sticks 3 fingers inside.

A fake penis is traditionally hidden beneath the pillow in breasty movie scenes (an old custom in the Czechia and other eastern European countries), and sure sufficient, Jennifer reaches underneath a pillow and extracts a very lengthy, darksome marital-device. That babe sucks on it then plugs herself with it, looking at the camera the entire time. As a precious touch, she sucks on the toy new without her cunt, touching with tongue her juices off it.

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From Poland With Bust

From Poland With Bust

Agnes Poulin is a Polish girl who had not at all modeled professionally in advance of. Then this babe met the great Valory Irene. Valory pointed Agnes in SCORE‘s direction and told her all about her life and times as one of the most-popular models ever at SCORELAND.

Luckily, Agnes was interested and willing so that babe had some at-home snaps taken. Long story short, she’s here in all of her voluptuous, buxom brilliance. A happy, happy hotty who giggles a lot during interviews, Agnes got more than a little coy talking about a small in number topics, such as masturbation and raunchy dreams. Her timidness is enjoyable but she’s not coy about being naked on-camera.

Agnes told Valory inspired her. That babe doesn’t decide (“With my bigger than average love melons, it’s not comfortable to exercise, but I like to swim.”). This babe has no girlfriends who come close to her in boob size. That babe is not known by any pet names and this babe doesn’t have names for her bosoms. Her milk shakes have not ever fallen out of her top and that babe doesn’t store anything in her deep cleavage like cash or a cell phone although there’s tons of room to do that.

Is Poland our great undiscovered country for big-boobed girls? It might be.

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Roxi Red screws a massive knob

Roxi Red screws a massive cock

I have conducted hundreds of interviews during my years at The SCORE Group, and I’ve always told that the most-challenging interview I’ve ever done was with Roxi Red. This is a angel who lets her KK-cup milk shakes do the talking, and the fact is, she’d rather copulate than talk. It’s an interesting thing about many of our models: They’re totally comfortable showing everything they’ve got and having sex on-camera, yet so many of ’em say that the interview is the thing they’re almost all afraid of doing. Almost any of them receive throughout it wonderful and we observe a lot about ’em, but Roxi is coyness and quiet. She isn’t a large talker.

It so happens that the Lothario who does the honors of playing with and rogering Roxi’s mountainous naturals and slamming her snatch with his larger than typical salami in this scene is the same charmer who saved that interview by turning into a lesson in boob play. This chab has a great time with her love muffins in this scene (that guy once told me he was not into knockers until this buck came to The SCORE Group).

At the beginning of the movie, Roxi is wearing a sheer, white top that barely covers her bosoms. She smothers Johnny with her rack, swinging her zeppelins in his face as this petticoat chaser lies back, then the moist shirt portion of the clip begins. This is the kind of scene that only could have been filmed by males who love greater than run of the mill breasts, the sole exception being that Johnny cums on Roxi’s face, not her rack.

Roxi is one of the highest naturally-stacked hotties ever. She is a uncommon natural who’s a member of The Twenty Lap dancing club (for cuties whose chest measurement is at least Twenty inches bigger than their waist measurement). For me, her fullsome funbags speak a lot louder than words.

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