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Caught In The Act By Lola Paradise!

Caught In The Act By Lola Paradise!

The idea for this Lola Paradise scene was one of several suggested by Lola.

“He is seated and reading Voluptuous magazine. He turns the pages and sees my pictures. He starts to masturbate. I come into the room and say, ‘What are you doing? You are a bad boy!’ I start to undress and help him….”

XLGirls: This was a horny scene, Lola. What did you think of your photos being published in Voluptuous magazine (Volume 27 Number 3)?

Lola Paradise: They are amazing! I love working with the SCORE Group team in Prague. They are doing a great job. My biggest dream is to be on the cover of Voluptuous magazine. That would be awesome!

XLGirls: Have you ever masturbated to your own videos?

Lola Paradise: No but I had sex watching my videos.

XLGirls: Does looking at your videos and photos with your man usually lead to sex?

Lola Paradise: Yes, it does, as I mentioned.

XLGirls: Have you ever seen another woman hit or yell at her husband or boyfriend for staring at you?

Lola Paradise: One or two times.

XLGirls: Do other women ever comment about your big breasts or ask you questions?

Lola Paradise: Yes, of course. It happens all the time and all my life, to be honest. They say “Oh, my god, your boobs are so big!” They ask, “Does your back hurt because of them?” or “Are they real?” or “Can I touch them?”

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Selena Adams: It’s Hot In Miami

Selena Adams: It's Hot In Miami

Lovely and talented Selena Adams went to college and eventually worked in human resources, but office work bored her. When Selena lost that job, she became a webcam model while also working in real estate. She is very successful at both.

Selena tries on the new dress she’s going to wear for a South Beach brunch with her girlfriends. It’s tight and shows a lot of cleavage, which is just what she wants. She’ll make her usual eye-catching entrance at the restaurant.

“I love to flaunt what I have,” said Selena. “I love to flaunt my big boobs. I wear shirts with a lot of cleavage. I want all eyes on me.” That she will have when she leaves her apartment. She always has all eyes on her. Selena’s nickname in school was “Big titty girl.” Selena also loves to flaunt and twerk her ass cheeks. Watch her booty bounce in the video. Coming or going, Selena is one of South Florida’s sexiest babes. We love to see girls like her flaunt and tease.

While Selena is waiting for her friends to call and pick her up, she feels the need to cum. Getting into bed, Selena digs behind her pillow, reaching for something to feed that need. It’s shaped like a dick so Selena can suck on it and put it between her big boobs. Taking off her dress and thong underwear, Selena opens her shapely legs wide and pumps her creamy pussy to her satisfaction. Now, it’s time to get dressed again.

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XLGirl Kitty Cute Puts On Her Birthday Suit

XLGirl Kitty Cute Puts On Her Birthday Suit

Any time big-hearted and generously blessed Kitty Cute puts on her birthday suit at XLGirls is a great time. Kitty redefines the word busty. She sets the bar so high in the world of big-breasted girls that other girls who may be considered busty by mainstream standards can’t come close to matching Kitty’s bodacious balcony of boobage.

Kitty comes to the big show well-equipped with a water bottle, breast oil, a lollypop, a mini trampoline, a big workout ball to sit on and bounce, and a dong for her pretty kitty. Plus Kitty wears the perfect outfit to show off her spectacular bod and start the ball rolling.

“In my neighborhood, I was the girl who got a lot of guys asking me out and wanting to do things for me,” Kitty told us. “As I got older, I learned that I had more power than other girls. That made them jealous of me. That is how girls can be and I have no control of that. I am what nature gave me and I like it.”

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Busty Casca Akashova Makes A New Friend At The Pool

Busty Casca Akashova Makes A New Friend At The Pool

It’s a man’s dream to be hanging out at the pool when a bikini-killing dish like Casca Akashova parades by in search of someone to be her oil man. Normally, there would be a scuffle, if not a full-on movie-style brawl, if a bunch of guys were at the pool and Casca asked for a volunteer. But Berry is the only one there.

When Casca asks him to come out of the pool and oil her luscious body, he tries to get out of her request but Casca persists. When Berry exits the pool, Casca sees he’s not wearing a swimsuit and has a boner. A boner that she gave him by catwalking around the pool in high heels and a bikini that shows lots of tits and ass. When a guy gets a boner in Casca’s presence, she takes that as a compliment.

Knowing he could get into trouble with the apartment management for skinny-dipping against pool regulations, Berry comes along quietly when Casca forgets about getting greased and takes his cock in her hand. Berry’s cock is now doing the thinking anyway. She walks him inside to her living room, away from prying eyes, so she can suck on his meat hammer before they fuck their brains out. What Casca wants, Casca gets. From Casca’s potential oil boy to Casca’s fuck boy. Only in America.

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Jessica Bunnington: Poolside Play Bunny

Jessica Bunnington: Poolside Play Bunny

Jessica “Jessy Bunny” Bunnington scores big again at SCORELAND, this time wearing a pink string monokini under a tight, short gold dress at poolside. That water heated up several degrees when constantly horny Jessica climbed down the ladder and immersed her beautiful body.

After she exits the pool, she oils down, giving special attention to her big tits, and pleasures her wet bunny-hole with a ribbed pink vibrator that tickles her thick pussy lips. She doesn’t wear her nipple barbells in this scene.

A girl on a breast quest for bigger and bigger boobs, she loves to wrap her dick-sucking lips around cocks, bananas or toys. “I get very horny thinking about my big lips playing with a big dick and wrapping around a big, hard cock and sucking it,” said the young German hottie with a yen for bimbofication.

It’s been close to a year since Jessy debuted at SCORELAND. “For as long as she can remember, Jessy has admired girls with big tits,” SCORE magazine editor Dave wrote. “Her problem was, she wasn’t busty herself. In fact, she was a natural A-cup. She never wore a bra because she didn’t need one. And all the praying in the world wasn’t going to make her busty. So she did what so many other girls have done.”

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Rachel Raxxx: American Boob Idol

Rachel Raxxx: American Boob Idol

Rachel Raxxx is auditioning for hardboiled recording executive Jimmy Dix. Let’s get real here. Auditioning for recording or Hollywood executives is like making a porn video. Dix doesn’t think Rachel has what he needs. What he needs is eyeglasses. This girl is the breast-man’s dream girl. We were the first to film Rachel because we know talent better than guys like him.

Jimmy’s a real dick with women, so Rachel tries her best to convince him she has American Boob Idol talent. Of course, he has a casting couch in his office. That’s where he does his real work. As a busy executive, he doesn’t even bother to take off his clothes when he auditions talent. Opening his fly is his idea of undressing. Rachel guides him to the couch. She is determined to get the contract. Rachel tit-fucks him with her giant breasts (that must be like heaven) and eats his cock in a way that would flip his wig if he wore one. After fucking her and dousing her face with a giant load of cum, Dix now knows a star is boned.

We get to hear Rachel actually sing, and she has a nice voice to match her other natural talents.

When Rachel first came to SCORE, she said she was nervous. “Of what?” SCORE magazine editor Dave asked.

“The porn industry,” Rachel replied. “I’ve heard of a lot of bad things happening to girls. I don’t want anything like that happening to me, so sometimes I’m a little nervous. This place is really authentic and professional. It blew my mind how real this place was. When I came in, everybody was super sweet and nice.”

That perfectly describes us. Super sweet and nice.

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Lovely Is Lila

Lovely Is Lila

A business meeting with Lila Lovely would leave you exhausted and drained yet happy and satisfied. This scene is irrefutable proof of that claim.

All the way from Wisconsin, blonde Lila has creamy skin and corn-fed looks and big boobs (40F-sucklers). She says modeling is the most-fun thing she’s ever done and like no other lifestyle she’s ever had before.

Back home, Lila goes for walks at the beach with her two dogs, attends concerts, does yoga and watches the Green Bay Packers. We’d expect no less from a Wisconsin girl.

“I can buy my bras straight off the rack,” said Lila. “I usually buy underwire bras from Torrid. I like to wear low-cut tops or V-necks to emphasize my breasts.” Torrid’s a clothing chain for plus-size women.

Said Lila, “I get a lot of attention, and it used to make me uncomfortable, but now I own it.” Luckily for XLGirls fans, Lila likes all the attention and the exposure modeling brings. Lots of exposure. Lila has all the hot moves, as this video reveals.

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The Billi Bardot Boat Show

The Billi Bardot Boat Show

So you’re out on a boat on Biscayne Bay, enjoying a warm day in Miami, Florida, when you look over to another boat and what do you see? A hot blonde with gigantic tits pouring water over her white dress then (because there’s no way you’re sailing away) getting completely naked, lying on the deck and fingering her pussy. Full speed ahead!

The hot blonde is Billi Bardot, a super-stacked mom who gave passersby quite a show on this day. This scene was shot the same day as Billi’s fuck scene with one of our studs on the same boat. Talk about a boat show!

SCORELAND: So there you are, out in the open, on a boat, and there were other boats in the background.

Billi: Yeah, there were other boats. Some jet-ski enthusiasts were watching from an island behind us. That was nice.

SCORELAND: What did you think about having sex out in the open where people could watch?

Billi: It was a lot of fun. Beyond that, I was so into the guy I was having sex with that I didn’t really notice those people

Billi used to be a stripper.

“I danced on and off for many years,” she said. “Being a stay-at-home wife and mom, I usually danced during the day while the kids were at school. So the kids were at school and Mommy was getting naked in the strip club. Making a grand then going home and baking cookies and serving dinner and doing the homework and bedtime routine. If people are into that, maybe they’d call me a super MILF.”

Maybe? I say definitely.

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Centerpiece of Cleavage

Centerpiece of Cleavage

You have a date with one of the bustiest girls-next-door, the lovely Melissa Manning.

Melissa has gone all-out at her place. A sexy, low-cut gown. Wine. A fine fruit spread. Sit back and relax while Melissa entertains you after a tough day at work.

Melissa’s self-sucking is erotic and hot. She can bring her nipples to her lips and fully suck them. Her natural, big boobs are the envy of all the less-fortunate girls who see them. During the course of this date with Melissa, the mid-western beauty nuzzles those flesh-pillows several times, sucking on her nipples with contented sighs. She rubs a strawberry on them, but they really do not need extra sweetening.

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Freaky Snow Bunny

Freaky Snow Bunny

“I have sex at least once or twice per day,” Layla Price said. “It’s never enough.”

That’s what we like to hear at BootyLicious–especially when it’s a girl like Layla saying it. She’s our latest thick white chick, and she hails from the City of Angels. And while she may have the sweet smile of an angel, she’s a dirty, anal-sex-addicted freak. That’s just our type.

“Nothing gets me off better than anal,” Layla said. “I prefer anal sex over vaginal sex. It feels so much better, and I cum so much harder! Even when I masturbate, I do it with a butt plug in my ass and my Hitachi on my clit.”

When Layla told us this, we knew we had to find the biggest black stud we could find to plug her asshole.

“His cock was so huge,” Layla said. “Stallion had one of the biggest cocks I’ve ever had, but I took every inch. And I swallowed his cum, too. Spitters are quitters.”

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Hooked On Dominno

Hooked On Dominno

Dominno is dressed, or should we say, partly dressed, to attract a lot of traffic. Surely, some of that traffic will help her steer a horny driver to a room where she can make some cash. She breezily, as if without a care in the world, lights up a cigarette as she waits for a cruiser to pick her up and make her day. She checks her garters, her make-up. Gorgeous. The hottest lady of the night on her turf. She doesn’t have to wait long for business, not with her face and body.

A car comes to a stop and Dominno and the driver play the negotiation game. It goes fast, a deal is made and her trick plays hide the bills as a sort of economic foreplay to stimulate the whore-meter in her.

They get back to her place and the action starts immediately. No wine and chat for them. Her john lavishes his attention on her big bazonkas and curvy hips. Dominno is happy to have a virile, young stud with a big cock to suck. Her beauty and sex appeal get him charged up to fuck the shit out of her. She’s an exquisite piece of ass, and while the clock is ticking, she’s all his. She gets him so worked up, he nuts all over her upraised tits. No doubt, this muttering trick will be cruising by Dominno’s spot again, and very soon. You never know when these streetwalking sluts come and go, and Dominno’s a keeper. He’s hooked on Dominno.

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