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The Lusty, Busty Cameron Skye

The Lusty, Busty Cameron Skye

Cameron Skye was a “SCORE WILF” (Wife I’d Like To Fuck) when she first got into adult action at SCORELAND. She started with a solo and a Tits & Tugs and came back seven months later to do full-sex hardcore.

“My favorite thing is when guys check me out and the girl they are with gets jealous,” Cameron said that first day at TSG. “I like to wear tight, low-cut shirts that show a lot of cleavage. My favorite kind of bra is a push-up bra that really makes them stick out and up.”

We’re stiffed to welcome Cameron back, and she’s hotter, lustier and hornier than ever. You never know if a woman will keep moving forward as an adult entertainer or move on. Cameron kept moving forward full blast, going on Twitter to network, making her own videos with guys and by herself, and with XLGirls again.

In this scene, Cameron chats with her fuck buddy Dan for a few minutes. She loves the thrill of fucking on-camera and in front of other people. Then he joins her in bed to play with her big pierced tits and eat her bushy pussy. Cameron sucks and tit-bangs Dan. He takes her head by her hair and fucks her mouth.

She gets on her back and spreads wide for his stiff dick. The look on Cameron’s face is priceless when Dan pounds her. Her heavy tits shake and jiggle with each thrust. Cameron turns around so her fuck friend can bury his cock in her wet cunt from behind. The view of her butt is ass-tonishing. Cameron gets on top and rides Dan hard, pumping his bloated balls so he can give her the big load she wants.

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Poolside Pumping

Poolside Pumping

It’s rare that a SCORE model passes the bar exam around here. Whitney Stevens has got to be one of the hottest bartenders. She can really handles those jugs. This drinker wants to tap cute Whitney’s kegs. He gets his shot thanks to us.

Whitney herself handles a swizzle stick like an expert. She would make a great shooter girl. To shoot cum all over her. Of course, in the real world, a bar like this would close up in two days. “It was a little tricky having sex on the bar but I was able to get served,” Whitney said.

“When I’m not doing porn scenes, I’m usually sexually passive,” Whitney explained. “I usually wait for the guy to make the first move, unless I’m in a relationship. I don’t have any fetishes unless you count big cocks. I have a big cock fetish. Big or very thick. If a guy can have a big boob fetish, then a girl can have a big dick fetish, right?” Right!

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Oily Boob Massage Sex

Oily Boob Massage Sex

Barbara Angel has a back ache, so she goes to a spa for a massage. Maybe that will give her some comfort. “Maybe it’s because of my breasts,” Barbara tells her masseur George, who can see that Miss Angel is packing some mighty big boobage in her bra. No problem. Big boobs are his specialty.

Barbara strips off and climbs onto the massage table. Her massage starts off routinely enough but quickly escalates to a mutual tonguing of pussy and cock, then oily fucking in a variety of horny tabletop positions. George and the Angel slam into each other hard and fast, screaming loudly when they cum. Barbara licks up the spilled cum off George and flashes a satisfied smile.

SCORE: Barbara, what do you remember about this massage?

Barbara: There was a lot of oil in this scene and it was very nice. George was good at sex. I enjoyed it. I like the different ideas in my shoots with the guys.

SCORE: Have you ever had a professional massage which led to sex?

Barbara: Professional massages no, but a few times the massages at home got sexy.

SCORE: Do you like this kind of role play on-camera?

Barbara: Yes, sure. At the beginning, it’s fun and then you really play.

SCORE: Do you role play with a boyfriend at home?

Barbara: Yes, often. My favorite game is doctor and obedient patient.

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Ivanna Lace Finds Her Happy Place

Ivanna Lace Finds Her Happy Place

The one pick-up line attempt Ivanna Lace remembers is, “Your smile is so beautiful, I forgot where I needed to go.” We can understand that. It’s called being boob-drunk. That’s something intoxicating Ivanna inspires in the guys who are lucky enough to see her and even luckier, to meet her in the flesh.

“I love to go shopping for sexy clothing, shoes and lingerie. Some for wearing when I take pictures and some when I go out. I also love to go camping. My craziest dream is to go skydiving and I want to swim in the Pacific Ocean one day.

“I love to dance. Men say I am a very sexy dancer and I excite them. All of my life, since I can remember, many guys paid much attention to me. That is one of the reasons I became a web model.”

It could be the universe was telling Ivanna which direction she should turn to.

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Busty, Wet Beauty Kim Velez

Busty, Wet Beauty Kim Velez

Kim Velez is awesome,” a member wrote. “I adore her sexy…well, everything. Incredibly lovely Latin looks, beautiful face, alluring eyes, amazing tits, of course, and that sexy voice. Thank you, darling girl, you really turn me on!”

SCORELAND: Do you do things like clean or watch TV at home topless or naked?

Kim: Clean naked, yes, when I’m alone and I play loud music while doing it.

SCORELAND: What do you like to do to have fun?

Kim: I like to go out to other places in the city where they have different things to do and eat.

SCORELAND: What makes your nipples stiff?

Kim: Sucking them good.

SCORELAND: Have you ever had an orgasm from nipple stimulation?

Kim: No, but I wish.

SCORELAND: What is the most-unusual sexual position you have tried?

Kim: I do not know what it is called but it is when the two are standing up and the woman raises a leg on his chest. Basically it went wrong because I am too small to reach the chest and the ground in addition to the fact that my vagina does not reach the area of his cock. It was a total failure.

SCORELAND: It’s called the leg lift. Maybe it would work with a short guy. Describe your sexiest fantasy.

Kim: I wish to fuck a man with a strap-on.

SCORELAND: Do you watch adult videos and if so, what kind?

Kim: Yes, I love Hentai. Also only the man’s genitals very close-up when the man comes inside a girl and his penis throbs as he leaves the semen inside.

SCORELAND: Thank you for another sexy shoot, Kim.

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Chasin’ the Booty

Chasin' the Booty

Pleasure Mia is one of those bootied babes that has a great ass and a beautiful face. What we typically refer to as a “dime piece” because you want to show her off.

But you don’t have to tell Pleasure that she is fine, because she knows it. “I have guys tell me that I am pretty all the time, but they are intimidated by my looks, so they keep their distance. I don’t want a shy guy! I want a guy who can take charge and step to me and win me over. Like Carlos, here. He came with confidence, so I gave him some booty. Take that as a lesson, all you horny men out there. If you want something, you gotta come and get it. Don’t think you can just throw a compliment and that will be enough. You have to pursue me and conquer me. I respond to confidence.”

So take heed, gentlemen and chase the booty. If you do, you will land the booty.

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Jessie Rabbit’s XLGirls Takeover

Jessie Rabbit's XLGirls Takeover

“People watching me. And also me watching men cum.” These are two of Jessie Rabbit‘s fetishes.

“When I masturbate, I watch porn and use my vibrator on my clit. I enjoy penetration for actual sex. But honestly it depends.”

XLGirls: What kind of dates do you like to go on?

Jessie Rabbit: I like dinner and drinks and dancing, Those are all so much fun.

XLGirls: Do you have any special erotic talents?

Jessie Rabbit: I can tie a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue.

XLGirls: What are your sexual fantasies?

Jessie Rabbit: I really want to have a gang bang. It turns me on thinking about it.

XLGirls: How often do you have sex?

Jessie Rabbit: As often as I can get it!

XLGirls: What is your favorite position?

Jessie Rabbit: Duh, doggie!

XLGirls: What type of foreplay do you like?

Jessie Rabbit: Deep kissing and giving head and I’m ready to go.

XLGirls: What was your kinkiest sexual encounter?

Jessie Rabbit: This hot girl and I were having sex while her husband watched. I wished he would have joined in. I have been with girls many times. I am very good at making another girl squirt.

XLGirls: Have you ever had sex in public?

Jessie Rabbit: I have not but I really want to.

XLGirls: Do you like anal play or anal sex?

Jessie Rabbit: I have to be in the mood for anal. If I have gin and juice, you bet my ass I want all things anal.

XLGirls: Have you ever been in a three-way?

Jessie Rabbit: I have not been in a true three-way and it is on my bucket list.

XLGirls: When you give blowjobs, do you spit or swallow?

Jessie Rabbit: I like to swallow. I want to please my partner so I generally do what I feel is best in the situation.

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Secrets Of A Soccer Mom

Secrets Of A Soccer Mom

Holly Halston is one of the all-time nastiest, dirty-mouthed, busty MILFS in the history of porn. Her stacked little body is tight and toned. In this scene, shot in your point of view, she comes out of the surf looking very sexy, strips off her suit and lies down on the beach blanket. She needs a hand to apply suntan oil. You’ll do. The people at the beach watching her off-camera were glued to her every move until she and the crew left.

You and Holly return to the house so you can fuck her brains out. Holly’s dick slurping is always fun to watch. Her experienced butthole grips your fuckin’ dick as her butt is ravished. So does her tight mommy pussy. Few can talk as filthy during sex as Holly, a dirty bitch with the mouth and tongue of a whore. She’s proud of it.

Holly fucks hard and likes it hard and rough because she is into it. After you drain your hose on her asscrack, she wipes the cum with her finger and licks it, wipes her butthole with a finger and sticks it in her mouth. There’s none of this, “I don’t do this, I don’t do that” from her. That’s why she taught Christy Marks about ass-fucking. That’s why a DVD called My Wife, Your Meat, starring just Holly was made.

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Victoria Lobov: Super-sex With A SCORE WILF

Victoria Lobov: Super-sex With A SCORE WILF

“Ice cubes and a nice big cock make my nipples stiff. JMac comes to mind,” beautiful, willowy and chesty blonde Victoria Lobov told us. She’d seen his videos in action with other women. This was Victoria’s turn and she was not let down.

“I’m very submissive. I love it when a guy takes the lead. I don’t have a preference for cock size. I love any cock size, big or small. As long as it squirts. I like it when my boobs are covered in cum. It makes my skin so smooth and silky.”

Big boobs made Victoria feel hotter, more passionate, erotic and hornier. She’s currently a 34G.

“It was always my man’s idea. But I always thought it was a good idea as well. I like it too. Sex is much more passionate and intense. I have mirrors in the bedroom and I love watching myself riding my hubby. I love to see my own big boobs bouncing. When he cums I like to spit it out and rub it all over my breasts. I like cum in my mouth or my pussy for different reasons. I like variety. I love it when my man is forceful, but not rough. The highlight is when he shoots his load deep inside me. The feeling of such a forceful ejaculation makes me scream and cum. I’m passive, so I like when a guy takes charge and makes my head spin.”

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Big & Bouncy

Big & Bouncy

Allysa Andrews was working in an adult store as a sale associate when she contacted

Now the idea of a huge-breasted girl working in a porn store has always been an unforgettable image in our sex-soaked brains. It’s mostly a guy’s job. We have actually met very few female porn store clerks, and of those, fewer still had huge tits.

XL Girls Marilyn White and Violet Addams worked in porn shops. Marilyn White graduated to dancer in a strip club next to her store. Do girls work in a porn shop because they need a job? Or are they attracted to the material? Do some of them get into porn because they worked in a porn shop and caught the “fever”?

You have to figure that a girl attracted to porn, DVDs and magazines of people fucking, dildos, lubes and hooker lingerie to the extent of working in a shop is more than a little interested in recreational, fun sex, even in a voyeuristic way.

Allysa fulfilled that horny fantasy in this scene. “I love to get as much sex as I can,” Allysa told us. “I could suck dick for an hour…if a man could hold back that long. That’s never happened. I love getting my pussy eaten. A guy who really knows how to eat pussy can do what he wants with me.”

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Desiree orders room service

Desiree orders room service

You can tell that Desiree has cock on her mind as she sits in her room. She calls room service and says, “I’m in room 69.” She means 609, of course, but she also means 69. “I’m in the mood for something sweet and chocolatey,” she says.

She’s in the mood for cock.

“And a stiff cocktail,” she adds.

A stiff cock.

When Mr. Room Service shows up, Desiree is wearing a see-through negligee that enables him to see her DDD-cup naturals. He’s playing it cool, but Desiree isn’t, and before Mr. Room Service knows it, she’s sucking his cock and taking it deep in her pink pussy.

You should know Desiree’s story by now. In 2001, she was discovered by a photographer for Voluptuous magazine. She shot one solo scene, went back home to Pennsylvania and wasn’t heard from again until 2011, when she showed up with much-bigger tits. Before, she was a borderline V-Girl. Now, she’s well beyond the borderline and putting her talents to work on porn cock.

Some girls are in this for the money. Some are in it for the fame. The money’s always nice, of course, but Desiree is mostly in it for the cock. I can tell. She’ll do anything and enjoy it.

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