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P.O.V. Bathroom Sex

P.O.V. Bathroom Sex

Cassandra Calogera mainly loves the cock but says she can really get into girls when she’s had a few drinks.

Cassandra quickly established herself as one of the nastiest girls in big-tit porn. She has a girl-next-door personality–the slutty, dirty girl-next-door. Cassandra didn’t have a stripper’s background. She has a naturally slim and stacked body. As far as boob and body comparisons, porn stars Whitney Stevens, Brianna Bragg and Sara Stone have similar physiques to Cassandra.

Cassandra gets her t-shirt nice and wet, then proceeds to fuck your virtual cock in point-of-view camerawork, for many the best way to enjoy seeing a busty babe bang her little heart out. Douse her with cum!

Cassandra left Los Angeles, retiring from the west coast porn scene to return to her home state of Connecticut and get married. She now plays with her bod in webcam shows, those modern-day electronic equivalents of the peep-show booths.

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Ass With Class

Ass With Class

Soleil Hughes and Kandee Lixxx are on vacation in America’s sandbox for the fifth chapter of the movie Slam Jam (available at They are dressed to give men giant erections. The girls parade in tight skimpy tops, camel toe- and asscheeks-displaying shorts and heels. They know they look smokin’-hot. Any dude who spots them on their walk would stop and stare, and a few would start drooling.

The girls go to their hotel room where they bounce their fuckable butts on the bed for a few minutes before their dick-slinger shows up. These two cocoa hellcats suck his meat to the root; none of that headsucking shit for Kandee and Soleil. They get fucked hard and give a dirty running commentary about his dick at the same time.

If you wanted to get some sleep, you would not want the room next to these two noisy, horny bitches. After a variety of threeway screwing positions, dick-slinger fucks Soleil in doggie with Kandee’s face underneath Soleil’s cock-rammed cunt. This is a very hot sight. When the goo flies, he spatters both Soleil’s booty and Kandee’s face. These girls really know how to vacation.

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Hands-on Bartender

Hands-on Bartender

Channel is a busty bartender with excellent customer skills, the kind that’s impossible to find.

“I’m proud of my age. I am 5’3”, my breasts are a 34H. I’m all-natural, of course. I’m from Charlotte, North Carolina and I have three kids. I like dancing, going to comedy clubs and going to concerts. I’m into sports, too. I like watching basketball and I’m a fan of the Green Bay Packers and Philadelphia Eagles. I think that’s about it. I’m a pretty simple and easy-going type of girl.”

And how does Channel feel about a guy sticking his cock between her big boobs before or after fucking her?

“I love titty fucking. I love to see a man’s cock between my breasts, on my back or kneeling in front of him. I’m not really into girls. Girls are pretty, but I need a man. Nothing takes care of me like a man can. I need a man around. I like all types of guys. Guys with muscles, skinny, nerdy, smart guys with big dicks and guys who are average. I like them all. I’m not a size queen. There’s nothing wrong with a six-inch cock. They’re great.”

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Hard dick for Sheridan Love

Hard dick for Sheridan Love

Sheridan Love had been a SCORE Girl since 2011, and although she had fucked herself with dildos and done hot scenes with girls, she had never sucked and fucked a real cock on-camera until this scene. And it’s with JMac, who has a pretty huge cock.

“I knew this day would come eventually,” Sheridan told us. “I just wanted to take my time. You know, work my way in. At first I was really scared. Nervous. JMac really made me feel comfortable, and everybody at SCORE always makes me feel comfortable. He was huge. Oh my god, I didn’t think it was going to fit!”

But it did. Very nicely. It turned out that Sheridan and JMac were a perfect match. We think she might have fallen in love with his cock because she kept on wanting to come back for it.

When this scene debuted, Elliot wrote, “It’s obvious that she’s as hot and as horny as an experienced porn star. Sheridan bounces on the cock like it’s a trampoline. Her moves are ultra-sexy. Her tit-fucking and blow job skills are intense.”

Before the scene, Sheridan said, “I think my fans are going to be very happy. They’ve been asking me to shoot boy-girl since I started. And who better to shoot it with than SCORE?”

She was right about us loving this scene. And once she started fucking, she didn’t stop. She has a DVD devoted entirely to her, All The Way In.

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Tokyo Teasing

Tokyo Teasing

This photo set was shot in an old house in Tokyo, Japan. Hitomi kills a bright blue bra and a second-skin pair of jeggings, basically super-tight, thin jeans that show the crack of her sweet ass. This was the first Hitomi layout to be chosen for her SCORE magazine debut in January ’13. Hitomi was the covergirl and this issue marked the first time that American and European magazine readers were exposed to this Asian wonder. Hitomi herself Tweeted her approval from her home in Japan when she saw this issue. N.W. had to write, “Hitomi’s knockers are like bombshells or torpedoes. Just gorgeous. And her huge areolae…I just love them. This, for me, is the closest one gets to female perfection.”

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Taste A Ginger

Taste A Ginger

When we asked Addison Bound if she was the dominant or submissive type, she gave us arguably the best answer to that question we ever received.

“Well, it depends on who wins the wrestling match that night,” Addison said. “I’m a little firecracker, so you’ve got to be ready to go for a tumble with me.”

We’re sure every guy reading this right now is up for a good ole wrestling match with Addison. Especially with her tits hanging out of her top right now.

“I caught you looking,” Addison says as her latest scene opens. “Do you like my big tits?”

Well, we couldn’t be expected to look anywhere else, now could we?

“You know you want to be with a girl like me,” Addison adds. “Soft skin, white as snow and big natural titties.”

Addison’s speaking our language. She knew exactly how to talk to us and what we like to see. She’s the type of girl who talks dirty and can back it up, too. She stares into the camera as she fingers her clit, and her gaze only grows stronger when she pulls out her favorite toy and fucks herself. That dildo sliding in and out of her might as well be our cocks.

“Oh, that’s the cock I’ve been waiting for,” Addison says. “That’s the cock I need.”

Addison’s is the pussy we need. And we can almost feel her juices dripping all over our throbbing members when she pushes herself to an orgasm. Girls this sizzling-hot don’t come around too often.

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How Sweet she is!

How Sweet she is!

Natasha Sweet doesn’t speak English. Her comments were translated for us.

“I like a man to take charge,” she said. “I don’t like it when a guy pretends to be a challenge because I think this means he is not really attracted to me.

“I will tell you, I like to know what to expect from a guy, so why waste time dating if we are not compatible in bed? So let’s find out right away. At this time in my life, I appreciate great sex as much as I appreciate a man always bringing me flowers and other sweet things. The guys in my SCORELAND shoots are really good at sex, and they are nice the whole time, too.”

Natasha lives in Italy. She’s originally from the Republic of Moldova, a country bordered by Romania and Ukraine. Its official language is Romanian.

“I feel my sexiest when I am wearing a very tight dress that makes my boobs stand out. It should be tight all over. I always wear the highest heels. Many men compliment me about my walk when I am dressed in a tight dress and high-heeled shoes.”

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A Threesome For Cleo

A Threesome For Cleo

Queen Harmony Reigns, or Cleo, as her close chums call her, reigns over her patch of heaven, and when the Emperor is away, Cleo will play at the temple of Venus. Her highness has her wine and her favorite slave girl, Alex. This slinky brunette attends to her mistress in every way, including nipple kissing and sticking her tongue up the royal hoo-ha, especially when the lord is out of town pillaging.

Skilled in the “Ars Amatoria,” the art of love, The Queen needs lots of erotic attention. After tasting her latest vintage from her vineyards, she now wants her sultry slave girl to taste her pink rose. Alex is just getting started tonguing the royal poontang when Max, the Emperor, shows up unexpectedly. But the show’s not over for our lovely Empress Harmony.

Not wanting a mad Max on her dainty hands, Harmony explains that the girl is a gift for her lord and she was merely warming Alex up for the mighty monarch of mammaries. With his royal scepter and Roman hands, Max blesses his sexy Queen and her sexy slave in a torrid, throbbing threesome. As the famous Roman poet Ovid wrote, “Venus ventus temerarus.” “Venus favors the bold.” And so does Harmony Reigns.

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Tits & Ass for Acceptance

Tits & Ass for Acceptance

Claire Dames isn’t exactly a brainiac, but she does have some fairly good ideas about how she should deal with having her application for college denied by the admissions office. You see, a girl like Claire isn’t what you would call book smart, but she has a hell of a street education and she is savvy enough to hustle her way past most of her obstacles. So what does this busty cutie do when she gets denied admission? She goes right down to the admissions office and admits the director of admissions into her tight pussy, of course. She knows she didn’t win him over on paper, but she tries her hardest to win him over on his desk. And with all the pussy-popping, dick-riding and blow job-giving that she does in just a few minutes, chesty Claire proves herself and gets accepted. Or should we say, Ass-cepted? Proof positive that it isn’t who you know that will get you somewhere, but rather, who you do.

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Takin’ A Ride In The RV

Takin' A Ride In The RV

Redheaded, nipple-pierced, girl-next-door and Army vet Jolie Rain gets fucked in a motor home.

“My sex fantasies always involve wheels, usually outdoors…I think about having sex on the hood of a muscle car at a race track or inside a HUMMV. Doing it in a motor home for SCORE got me very hot. I was wet before we even began fooling around. There’s just something about sucking a man’s cock in a car that is so hot and sexy that I feel like there’s electricity flowing through my pussy.”

Jolie was working as a bartender in a “sleazy place” and one of the guys playing in the band that day bugged out when he saw the tank top-wearing redhead. He was a SCORE magazine reader and practically begged her to apply for modeling assignments.

“I hadn’t really thought about myself too much as being able to do this,” said Jolie. “I thought it had to be girls with so much going on, and I felt that I’m this little college girl trying to have fun. But he told me, ‘No, I have a friend who loves it, and you are so beautiful that I would die just to see you.’ I thought that if he’s just a guy in a band who would love to see me in it, that would give me the confidence to do it. So I went online to SCORELAND, and I loved the site. I was turned on the minute I saw it.”

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No Sex? Bullshit.

No Sex? Bullshit.

“People will tell you that there is no sex in the Champagne Room. Well, that’s some bullshit,” says Atlanta ass-clapper Cheetah Blige. “Plenty of girls fuck in the VIP room. Especially when the man has a big cock and a big wallet like this guy did. Once I start grinding on that cock when I’m giving a lap dance, I can tell whether or not I am going to give a guy the VIP exxxperience.

When I was grinding my snatch and my big booty on his lap, I could feel how big his thang was and it made me horny. He told me he was going to give me a big tip. That’s when I told him that I preferred the tip of his cock all up in me. Money comes and goes, but a good dick-down is a memory that lasts forever. And let me tell you that when he came all over my ass, well, let’s just say I won’t be forgetting how amazing it felt anytime soon.”

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