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XLGirls Group Sex Parties

XLGirls Group Sex Parties

What do Maria Moore, Samantha 38G, Sapphire, Cassie Blanca, Rose Valentina, Renee Ross, Selena Castro, Hillary Hooterz, Scarlett Rouge, Camelia Davis, Haydee Rodriguez, Ivy Dreams, Lovely Libra, Madi Jane and Peaches La Rue have in common? 

Besides being some of the horniest XLGirls to fuck and suck and drain the nuts of hung studs?

They’ve all over-heated the screen in plumper pleasure party orgies, their big tits and ass-cheeks shaking and jiggling. They are sexual superwomen who share and share alike with guys or with each other.

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Dominno Always Delivers The Heat

Dominno Always Delivers The Heat

Sex kitten Dominno literally purrs when she’s fucking, fingering or toying. After shooting numerous times for SCORE in Hungary and the Czech Republic, Dominno retired from hardcore porn and moved into glamour shoots. We’d read that Dominno got married, and her wedding was filmed for a reality television show in the Czech Republic. All of the guests arrived on motorcycles.

That retirement from porn turned out to be just a hiatus. Dominno is back at SCORE. She changes her appearance and her hair color from time to time and added tats but her trim, slim and busty body remains crazy-sexy.

When home renovation contractor Stanley Johnson arrives to tell Dominno the price for the job she wants done, she doesn’t take his numbers well. It’s too high and she wants him to lower the price.

As Mr. Johnson attempts to persuade Dominno that he is offering her a good deal, she decides to do her own persuading by bending forward. His eyes lock on to her cleavage exposed by her dress, which is specifically designed to show off her tits. Dominno now has him where she wants him and she’ll get the deal she wants.

She gives him her fuck-me gaze, places his hand on her big boobs and pulls his face into her cleavage. Stanley buries his face between Dominno’s knockers. Game over. Now he gets the full Dominno treatment: an award-winning blow job and cock-squishing tit-fuck as well as a tight, pink pussy fuck.

Dominno always delivers the heat.

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Suki Ski: Reach For The Ski

Suki Ski: Reach For The Ski

From Vermont to Florida and The SCORE Group, Suki Ski is here to light up your life. Suki found one of our online ads for models and emailed for details, then she sent several at-home snaps. That lit up our lives at the office.

The SCORELAND blog posting that tipped off readers about her imminent arrival generated 40 comments and counting. Asked whom they thought Suki looked like, the majority wrote Suki reminded them of Nicole Peters. Others wrote Taylor Steele and Valory Irene. British model Stacey Poole’s name was also mentioned several times.

“People say I’m super sweet and friendly,” said Suki who busts a 34FF-bra. “I’m a yoga teacher and getting back into it. I used to dance hip hop, lyrical and jazz. I love dancing, singing, swimming, travelling and blogging. I get a lot of attention. I like to wear strappy or strapless tops and no bra.”

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Sandra Star’s bathroom bang

Sandra Star's bathroom bang

SCORE magazine covergirl Sandra Star watches Steve take a bath, and that triggers her need to get fucked. She joins him for soapy sex in the tub.

As I’ve said since Sandra began at SCORE, she’s proud of her body and big tits. You can tell by the way she stands, her tits-forward posture and the clothing she buys. Fraulein Star was made for string swimsuits and tank dresses. She wasn’t this busty when she won the Miss Hot SCORE contest in Germany. She super-sized her tits a few years later, the sure sign of a woman with a personal breast fetish, one who likes to look at herself and likes people to look at her.

“I was very interested in magazines like SCORE, and I like it very much,” Sandra said in one of our interviews conducted in Berlin. “I love how beautiful the girls are, and I love that there are so many men who adore girls with big boobs. My tits are perfect for tit-fucking.”

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Emma Shay Wants To Play

Emma Shay Wants To Play

Young and pretty Emma Shay gets a lot of attention, and not just because of her big tits. “I think it’s funny,” said Emma. “I do get a lot of looks. People are always looking at my chest. I have to buy full-coverage bras to keep them in. I can buy them from most stores.”

Emma’s got her hands full in this scene and not just with her DDD-tits.

SCORELAND: What are your favorite sex positions?

Emma: I love cowgirl and reverse cowgirl and getting fucked on my hands and knees.

SCORELAND: And for foreplay?

Emma: Sixty-nine, dick sucking, making out and butt plug play.

SCORELAND: You said you’ve had sex with girls too?

Emma: I’ve made out with girls, had a threesome with a friend, fingering with a girl and a double blowjob with a girl.

SCORELAND: Maybe we’ll get to see you in a double blowjob one day.

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Good Girl Gone Bad Girl

Good Girl Gone Bad Girl

Lavina Dream reclines on a bed, dressed in a turquoise dress and high-heeled sandals. Very sexy. But Lavina wants more. She wants to get a little hotter, a little more naughty, as if spreading her girl-box and toying herself with dildos isn’t horny enough.

Lavina takes her time slipping out of her outfit, making sure she’s doing it nice and slow. She holds up a pair of platform heels that belong on a strip club stage and slips her feet into them. A pair of pink panties is next and then a hot pink dress that must require a license to wear outside.

Lavina gives her hair the hot mess look and makes it wild. What’s that bamboo stick for? Beating up fresh guys? Lavina leans back to rub her pink slit until it’s soaked with her girl juice. That will taste delicious when she sucks on her finger after she cums.

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Jenna Jayden’s first XXX

Jenna Jayden's first XXX

A blonde brickhouse, 46-30-38 Jenna Jayden is from Ohio, where she first got into professional stripping.

Said Jenna, “I’m always playing with my big tits. They’re 38H and I enjoy showing them off. I like to see the reactions I get. I’m a feature entertainer in clubs and wear thousand-dollar costumes and stage props. I dance and do pole work.”

Jenna first came to SCORE to take out her giant tits and spread her pussy. A month later, she returned to do hardcore.

Her first fuck show was with JMac, which is starting off with the #1 man. Smiling, she tells him and the director how she likes to have sex.

“I like it rough with a lot of ass smacking. Pull my hair to some extent as long as you don’t pull it out. I like my boobs played with, sucked on, a little smacked-around. I’m good with all that.” She was also good with JMac jacking off in her face.

JMac gets the stacked blonde on her knees and gives her the boner. In-between her sucking and jerking, he bones her cleavage. Slapping her fleshy ass cheeks, he has Jenna lean on a dining room table and starts pounding her the way she talked about. Believe us, this girl can handle it. She’s a strong girl. The piledriver position? No problem for Jenna.

“I’m not a foreplay kind of girl,” she said. “I’d rather have my tits sucked and played with and start fuckin’ right away. That’s something else I find appealing about doing porn with guys with big cocks. It’s all about the sex. I’m a big show-off. I’m the first to admit that.”

After SCORE, Jenna went off to Nevada to Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch brothel. Like she said, “It’s all about the sex.” That was the last we heard from her.

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Tag-Teaming Eva

Tag-Teaming Eva

It’s always a pleasure to see Eva Gomez. For those who don’t remember, Eva is a curvy lil’ Latina from the City of Angels. Though there are tons of beautiful women in Los Angeles, Eva is used to being the center of attention when there are men around. And she doesn’t mind it one bit.

“I love when men check me out,” Eva said. “Come up and say hi to me. I don’t bite. Well, I promise I don’t bite too much.”

Eva’s a lucky girl. Today, she gets to be at the center of attention for two ass-loving gentlemen. Usually, our boys Colton Jag and Johnny Rod aren’t up for sharing, but when you’ve got a piece of ass this nice in your sights, you’ll gladly share. And Eva couldn’t be more excited. She’s a cock connoisseur ready to test and taste their pieces of heavy man-meat.

There’s never a moment when she doesn’t have a cock inside her hungry mouth or dripping-wet cunt. Eva is an ambitious chick, though. It’s not every day she has a pair of huge dicks to play with, so she wants to try it all. Which is why she lustily demands a double-penetration from our boys. Eva’s moans are a mix of pain and pleasure, and she’s pushed to a few orgasms before both guys need to drop their loads.

Girls don’t get more cock- and cum-hungry than this chick.

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Big tits, a bikini and lots of oil

Big tits, a bikini and lots of oil

“Sometimes I dress to emphasize my breasts and other times I don’t,” said Casca Akashova, who’s made a big splash at SCORELAND over the past two years. “It depends on the situation, where I am and if I’m with someone. Sometimes I’m aware of someone paying attention to my breasts, but whether or not I am, I just carry on normally.”

Today, Casca is poolside and wearing a skimpy bikini, so of course she’s emphasizing her big tits. She takes off the bikini and pours oil all over her slim ‘n’ stacked body. As oiling shows go, they don’t come much better than this. The girl uses the entire bottle.

“What satisfies me is someone who listens to me and my body,” Casca said. “Someone who pays attention.”

She’ll definitely have your attention in this scene.

Casca came across SCORELAND via word of mouth and emailed us for information. She enjoys being photographed and wanted to see what a SCORE shoot was like first-hand. She found out. Although she didn’t spread her legs in this video and her other early shoots, when she returned three months later, she went all the way, sucking and fucking the biggest cocks in our stable. Her jump from no-pussy to XXX is one of the biggest I’ve ever seen. Those hardcore videos are coming soon to SCORELAND2.

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Vee For Vixen

Vee For Vixen

Sexy Vee VonSweets is minding the flowers and watering them. As sweet as the flowers she’s tending, Vee turns the spray on herself and spritzes her low-cut dress. The wet fabric sticks to her big tits and we can see her dark nipples under the fabric. Vee better get out of those wet clothes. And now that Vee’s naked, she can give us a cum-show. Flowers are nice but seeing Vee play with her big boobs and pussy is much nicer.

Vee uses her fingers to cum in this scene but she also likes to use toys at home.

Says Vee, “I use both a dildo and a vibrator, but I prefer a vibrator, or vibrators that have another piece attached to it so it’s like a dildo and a vibrator. You can use it on your clit and inside you at the same time. Those are good. I have those.”

Vee mentioned on her bio sheet that she got an anal toy to experience some beginner’s ass play.

“I got an anal toy because a lot of people on the webcam bring up anal questions, and I don’t have too much experience with it but I’m not against it. So I put something called ‘My First Time Anal Toy’ on my wish list and somebody got it for me, and I liked it. It’s kind of small because it’s your first toy, but it’s a little bit bigger than your finger and it vibrates, so I had a good experience with that.”

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The Big Boobed Body Rub Bang

The Big Boobed Body Rub Bang

Your assignment is to give Roxi Red a full-body, nude rub-down. It’s the assignment of a lifetime. Shot in P.O.V., it’s your hands on Roxi’s curvy body and impossibly huge, all-natural breasts and your cock between them. It’s your cock in her mouth and fucking her pussy. And your explosion of man-juice all over her huge tits, for which she thanks you.

There are very few built like Roxi, one of the biggest boobed girls ever at SCORE.

SCORELAND member Seth commented, “She carries all that dream beauty in a seductive and mesmerizing way that allows any shoot or vid she produces to be an absolute must-see. Any clothes, any location and any style of shoot, Roxi radiates uber-curves and hotness of superior dreams and fantasies.”

Roxi reminds us, “I always like to watch my videos and I always enjoy them. I’m been looking forward to seeing this one since we made it. I hope all the guys have a great time. I’d like to know what they think.”

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