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Big & Bouncy

Big & Bouncy

Allysa Andrews was working in an adult store as a sale associate when she contacted

Now the idea of a huge-breasted girl working in a porn store has always been an unforgettable image in our sex-soaked brains. It’s mostly a guy’s job. We have actually met very few female porn store clerks, and of those, fewer still had huge tits.

XL Girls Marilyn White and Violet Addams worked in porn shops. Marilyn White graduated to dancer in a strip club next to her store. Do girls work in a porn shop because they need a job? Or are they attracted to the material? Do some of them get into porn because they worked in a porn shop and caught the “fever”?

You have to figure that a girl attracted to porn, DVDs and magazines of people fucking, dildos, lubes and hooker lingerie to the extent of working in a shop is more than a little interested in recreational, fun sex, even in a voyeuristic way.

Allysa fulfilled that horny fantasy in this scene. “I love to get as much sex as I can,” Allysa told us. “I could suck dick for an hour…if a man could hold back that long. That’s never happened. I love getting my pussy eaten. A guy who really knows how to eat pussy can do what he wants with me.”

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Desiree orders room service

Desiree orders room service

You can tell that Desiree has cock on her mind as she sits in her room. She calls room service and says, “I’m in room 69.” She means 609, of course, but she also means 69. “I’m in the mood for something sweet and chocolatey,” she says.

She’s in the mood for cock.

“And a stiff cocktail,” she adds.

A stiff cock.

When Mr. Room Service shows up, Desiree is wearing a see-through negligee that enables him to see her DDD-cup naturals. He’s playing it cool, but Desiree isn’t, and before Mr. Room Service knows it, she’s sucking his cock and taking it deep in her pink pussy.

You should know Desiree’s story by now. In 2001, she was discovered by a photographer for Voluptuous magazine. She shot one solo scene, went back home to Pennsylvania and wasn’t heard from again until 2011, when she showed up with much-bigger tits. Before, she was a borderline V-Girl. Now, she’s well beyond the borderline and putting her talents to work on porn cock.

Some girls are in this for the money. Some are in it for the fame. The money’s always nice, of course, but Desiree is mostly in it for the cock. I can tell. She’ll do anything and enjoy it.

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It’s a tough job…

It's a tough job...

Guys, we’re not about to complain about our job because we know a lot of you Booty-fans out there don’t get to be around sexy, naked women all day. But being an editor at The SCORE Group isn’t always a cake walk. Take our interview with Layla Monroe as an example. Layla’s big, round booty looked so good, we were losing track of where we were, what questions we asked, and how long we were on-camera. But can you blame us?
Layla graced the cover of our July ’14 issue of Bootylicious. That’s the mag that she’s holding up in our interview. We, of course, forgot to mention that little fact when we were talking to her because she was making her ass clap, grinding on her chair, and putting on a booty show to end all booty shows.

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Smokin’ Hot

Smokin' Hot

Bella Blaze was so smokin’ hot that it took a facial in this SCORE scene to cool her down. A bartender from Michigan, Bella had only been on the scene a few months when an agent pitched SCORE to her. At the time, we wondered…were her tits big enough to qualify her as a SCORE Girl?

Bella tits are 36DDs, which is bare minimum for us. Most of us here think that a DD is a training bra so we did something different…something we rarely do. We posed the question on our SCORELAND BLOG and asked readers if Bella looked like a SCORE Girl to them. A short blog video of Bella gave the guys a pretty good look at her bod. The result of the poll was that 82% voted yes, that Bella could make the grade. When Bella came in for her Naughty Neighbors shoot, we asked her to stick around for SCORE also.

Bella’s blow job skills suck–in a good way–and she had fuck appeal. She loves music, dancing and traveling. “I am not really into fantasies or role-playing,” said Bella. “I like sex, straight and forward.” Colton here seems to have enjoyed ramming Bella and positioning her like a fuck doll. She inspired that feeling. Bella is a screamer. She was loudest during a reverse cowgirl banging.

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Butt Plugged

Butt Plugged

“I’ve always wanted to be a burlesque entertainer,” said Lila Lovely, the blonde bra-busting bombshell with big 40F-cup boobs and an aptitude for sexitude.

Lila’s alone but not quite alone for this cum-show. Concealed under her panties and inside her butt is a stimulating butt plug. There’s no man around to help her take it out so she does it herself after spanking her ass so hard, her tush cheeks turn pink.

“I’m a massage therapist,” lovely Lila says. “People tell me I have a very healing touch.”

Who among us could not use some of that healing?

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Rachael C. is on the menu

Rachael C. is on the menu

“I was one of the bustiest girls in my neighborhood growing up, if not the bustiest, but I didn’t start to develop until I was 14 or 15, so you could say I was a late developer. I caught up!” said Rachael C., who was born in Newcastle, England. “Sometimes I have to go to a special bra shop, but most of the time I will just squeeze into something off the rack, even if it doesn’t fit exactly. And I always get push-up bras, not that I need them.”

Rachael was pointed in our direction by her friend, Katie Thornton. Can you imagine those two busty blondes walking down the street together, boobs bouncing, heads turning, cars crashing into each other? Rachael flew to Prague, Czech Republic for her shoots, including this video in which she’s playing in the kitchen.

“It was fun,” she said. “I enjoyed it. I like being naked, so that’s always fun. And I got to see the old city and the castle. You can get lost here. There are so many winding streets!”

You can get lost in Rachael’s curves.

Rachael loves animals, including horndogs.

“I have a little dog of my own, called Thor. He’s a little Pomeranian puppy. Very small. It’s that little-man dog syndrome with him. They think they’re big when they’re tiny! It’s appropriate. He thinks he’s a big guy.”

Rachael often dresses to show off her curves.

“It depends on where I’m going. They are always going to be out and obvious. I can’t help that. But if I am going for a night out, I will wear a very revealing outfit, like a cut-out dress or something that’s very low-cut, so they’re out even more. I generally don’t try to hide them. Why should I?”

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Deep In Tahnee’s Ass

Deep In Tahnee's Ass

“I love big dicks,” Tahnee Taylor said. This is a very generously-nasty scene thanks to Tahnee’s sexual super-powers. “Big dicks go with big tits. I like it when a man sucks my nipples. They’re very sensitive. Men always go for my big breasts.”

Tahnee is sitting in an armchair and filling her asshole with a big toy when Jeremy approaches, cock out and ready to service the big blonde. She opens her mouth and in goes his prick.

They move to the bed so Tahnee can spread her legs wide as she continues her blow job, the toy still going in and out of her ass. Tahnee takes the toy out and wants Jeremy to fuck her pussy. He does so with great pleasure. They put the toy back in her asshole while he’s fucking her.

When Jeremy gets Tahnee into an ass-up, face-down position, he takes the toy out of her butthole and sticks his dick inside it to fuck Tahnee’s ass. What a big-boobed, cock worshipping woman!

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Slick & Stacked

Slick & Stacked

Tucked away in a house near a busy street, Hitomi squeezes her tit-filled bra, lifting the cups up, and dropping them down. Generous views of under-cleavage are shown from below as she pulls on the bra straps. When she finally unleashes her hooters from their prison of fabric, she immediately begins squeezing them hard. Her breastflesh is very pliable and cushiony. The camera hovers over her and aims straight down over her large cleavage. Hitomi drops off the chair and gets on the floor, continuing to knead and squeeze her tits like dough. She shakes them hands-free and they wobble and tremble, almost making them seem like they have a life of their own. “Do you like oil massage?” Hitomi says in English. “Come play with me.” She oils her Tokyo treasures and rubs the stuff in, saturating her skin. Her tits shine as the Japanese doll-girl continues to grab fistfuls of tit and sensitive nipple and massage them. The lens zooms in for extreme close-ups of Hitomi’s natural marvels as they slip in and out of her oily palms. Hitomi’s tits are works of art.

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Huge Tits & Tiny Bikinis

Huge Tits & Tiny Bikinis

Ann Calis has some very tiny swimsuits to wear and model. After she’s done, she shows us how she cums when she needs to orgasm and has no boyfriend handy. She has a beautiful super-voluptuous body and an equally beautiful face. It was a special day when Ann made the decision to model at SCORELAND.

“Sometimes I like to masturbate when I take a shower,” Ann said. “It is very difficult for me to find swimsuits that fit me. I have to find the tops that hold my breasts so they don’t fall out. That would be embarrassing. I know that guys would like to see that when I go swimming. So many times I wear a one-piece suit.”

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4 Tits, 2 Clits, & YOUR Dick

4 Tits, 2 Clits, & YOUR Dick

Imagine coming home and finding your hot, stacked wife in bed with another busty blonde bombshell. They’re doing all kinds of nasty things to each other like licking each other’s pink cunts in a sweaty 69 position. As you open the door, you catch a glimpse of your wife’s friend sucking her nipples and burying her furiously thrusting fingers deep into your wife’s fuckhole. And you thought your appendages were the only thing that went in there. Think again! The women see you and instead of being ashamed or embarrassed of being caught, they get even hornier at the sight of your cock pitching a tent in your pants. You don’t need to think twice about what to do next. You dive headfirst into that sea of undulating bosoms like the horny, pussy-craving man that you are. That’s the situation here, and these two muff divers need a hunk of beef in their lezzie sandwich. You’re the missing link in this pussy puzzle, so stick your dick in and slam their clams.

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Get To Know Venera

Get To Know Venera

Who is Venera? Once you see her, you do not forget her. Venera is the ultimate in slim ‘n’ stacked. She has one of the hottest, most beautiful bodies ever seen in 20 years of SCORE history. Venera didn’t get that body by eating junk and sitting around. She is a certified fitness trainer and keeps up a grueling work-out schedule. Like another amazing discovery this year, Valory Irene, and Merilyn Sakova in 2005, Venera has the kind of big breasts (32H-cups) that are rarely ever seen on girls so slim. She is a marvel of nature and it was a great day when Venera decided to become a nude model and share her assets with boob-mankind. Learn all about Venera in this introductory interview from Montego Bay, Jamaica as she talks about her stunning boobs, her sensuous body and her life as a SCORE super-hottie.

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