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Hello Bawdy cleft

Hello Pussy

Lola Lush wraps her lush, fertile-looking frame in a sexy leopard print costume over a red undergarment and panties. This babe can be our catwoman anytime. As hawt as she looks in her well-selected clothing, Lola needs to muscular down and give us her bod. She vibes her cookie with a purple toy as an supplementary. Speaking of cum-hole, Lola‘s is unshaved yet neatly trimmed. U could spend lots of time there once u manage to extricate your throat from her areolas. Lola loves chaps with intelligence, honesty, personality, confidence and big cocks. Cuties! They’re likewise fussy. At least that babe got fed the bigger than standard D in 2 epic scenes at that you should watch to observe how nicely that babe worships it!

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Beauty Face

Angel Face

This marks Gal Sin‘s seventh appearance at XLGirls and we’ll tell u why. This babe is 47-38-46 and wears a 38FF brassiere. That babe has a captivating face and fur pie. That’s valuable sufficient for us and we’ll tell you why. We’re old-school around here. We like old-fashioned nipple flashing, cunt spreading, tit-play and precious ol’, red-blooded, two-balled screwing. Kinky and fetishy, we ain’t. So even though Hotty Sin likes to play mastix and get all kinky, getting kicked around by a sweetheart doesn’t bring the joy here. So that’s why gorgeous Gal is wearing a constricted, low-cut, righteously hawt suit, a hawt underneath garment and skimpy panties–just the outfit for a admirable day at the park, not at the dungeon. Add a large toy for her valuable cookie and it is all priceless. Girl fantasizes about sex in elevators and circle jerks and used to play dom/sub games with other gals. Maybe one day she’ll decide to come back and play the precious ol’ hide-the-salami game with an XLGirls stuntman. That would make our day.

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Latina Woman Humps

Latina Lady Humps

Welcome to BootyLicious, Ms. Havanna!

“Thank u! I am horny to add ass adult model to my resume and to reveal my booty off to the fans!”

Congratulations on your newfound career. What other careers are on that resume, Rachel?

“I am a licensed rubdown technician and I do sports therapy sessions five days a week. I am also a part-time retail merchandiser that does window exposes, floor set changes and freight and processing for large department stores. I’ve done both of these for 10 years, but I have just recently started adult modeling. I wanted to try something fresh and thrilling and I’ve always been somewhat of a voyeur and exhibitionist, so this is indeed pleasure for me.”

And do u love your a-hole worked over, likewise?

“You know it, baby! I adore to use my anal-plug and toys and I love to be watched during the time that I ram ’em inside my arse. I likewise love to mess around with sexy vixens whilst we are being watched by a bunch of wanton dudes. When I know a chap is stroking his ramrod for me, it truly makes me soaked.”

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“But Professor…I’m A Sexy dancer!”

When final we saw this squishy and bosomy redhead, curvaceous and hawt Destiny Rose was nursing a charmer and his ramrod and that babe looked especially tasty in her nurse’s uniform. That healing was a larger than run of the mill success. Now Destiny is back in college but her nightly activities are impacting her studies so she goes to see Professor DeSergio. That babe desires to speak to him about a grade she received. It is not that she’s been partying and not studying. It is ‘coz she’s stripping at a exotic dancing club at night and needs her tuition specie. The Professor acts surprised. “Don’t action love u do not know,” Destiny tells him. “I’ve viewed u at the strip club twice this week already. Sitting in the back….” That’s coz the Professor is a SCORE Fellow and can’t live without large pointer sisters. Caught! But Destiny doesn’t like the boys trying to pick her up every evening at the lap dancing club. She wants the Professor’s pointer. Right now. In his office. She decides to give him one of her popular friction dances in his office right there to prime the pump. He goes without his mind as that babe grinds his groin with her breathtaking gazoo and pummels his head with her awe-inspiring knockers. Their hawt outfit come off and they suck, kiss, lick, stick and screw all over the office; on the desk and on the ottoman. What a hawt bonk Destiny is! It took her a while to lastly make a decision to go all the way but she’s well worth the expect! She’s the real deal. She’s rogering glamourous. More admirable late than not ever! Destiny makes the grade and the Professor makes a decision to give her a specific surprise when it is time to cum in “But Professor…I’m A Lap dancer!” Can you guess what it’s?

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Packin’ Knockers of Pleasure

Packin' Love bubbles of Pleasure

Well, well, well…welcome back to BootyLicious, Joy. We missed you and your very admirable gazoo!

“[Laughs.] And I missed bare modeling and showing off this very priceless a-hole. I indeed took some time off to visit my family in the Dominican Republic and then I went back to school and got my degree. Now, I’m back to adult modeling and traveling around for a year until I work out whether I wanna go back to school for my masters. I receive to say that I indeed have missed my fans and doing tons of kinky things on digi camera!”

We detest to point out the obvious, but is your wazoo even bigger?

“[Laughs.] Oh, you know it is! I guess that they call that the Freshman 15, when u go to high school and gain 15 pounds. Well, I receive to have gained it in my wazoo ‘coz it just will not prevent getting bigger in size and greater. I think my brains and my arse grew whilst I was in school. But it looks priceless, right? I like the way my a-hole looks in a dunky skirt and I display it off a lot. Do you boyz think it looks precious when I am naked?”

Are you putting that gazoo to fine use in the bedroom?

“Well, I haven’t done anal yet, but u know I am a freak, so I love to sit my big ole’ a-hole on a guy’s face and ride it. There’s no thing adore feeling a man’s tongue buried unfathomable in your arsehole while u grind your gazoo on his mouth. It’s heavenly!”


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Fashion Display

Fashion Show

Please don’t confuse Danica Danali‘s Fashion Display with the no-tits-on-a-stick fashion exposes on TV hosted by foo-foo pseudo-celebrities. We will have none of that painful garbage here at XLGirls. Danica 1st glamour models her denim cut-off shorts and a very tight tank-top. The kind of outfits that drive the neighborhood dads and male store clerks without their minds nutty when Danica goes out. Then she changes to hot underware and oils up! Danica takes everything off and fingers her slit and plays with her immense titties. If u can handle it, there’s a movie scene also. Danica mentioned something that the great Analee Sands also spoken about. This babe loves a boy to wear smth during sex. Analee called this “CMNF.” That is Clothed Smooth operator Stripped Female. “It means I adore sex with a clothed man whilst I’m stripped,” said Analee. Danica too touched on this, “I love when my fellow wears a tight cotton shirt during sex. I love the way it feels,” Danica revealed. Very interesting.

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Pink & Plump

Pink & Plump

Handsome Nina Star has drilled at XLGirls and a second time for Feed Her Fuck Her in a wild scene with pasta and dude JMac. “I love to role-play when I’ve sex,” says Nina, a 46KK Texas tornado of a cutie. Her bra-busters are just rogering mammoth and she’s gratified of them. “I masturbate twice a day and I truly adore it! I do not like to wear briefs. Straps are boring. Like I told final time, when I observe a chap, I watch his shoes first. If his shoe size is larger than standard, then I think that his shlong is large likewise. When it comes to sex, I’m a control freak. I like to control. Sometimes I meet a dude who’s stronger than me and let him have the control over me. I like a charmer who works subrigid in bed and is not inactive. Almost all chaps wish to fuck my marangos first. Once in a whilst I adore to go to disrobe clubs with a hawt chap or a hot goddess and then go somewhere later on to have sex all night. What satisfies me foremost of all during sex is a buck getting off on me. Seeing him give me a admirable greater than run of the mill load of cum after this chab makes me cum.”

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Bigger in size than run of the mill Tit P.O.V.: Summer Sinn

Big Tit P.O.V.: Summer Sinn

For the ultimate in huge-titted rogering and rod mouthing, Summer Sinn is one of the almost all nice go-to beauties. In this scene from Greater than average Tot P.O.V., Summer needs medical attention. She gets exactly what this babe needs, and since this is a point-of-view exam, u are Dr. Wood. Summer Sinn and beauties love her are the reason boyz truly go to medical school. Do not buy that shit about healing the sick. Rencounter stacked patients, curvy doctors and hawt nurses, and getting ’em bare in the investigation room, is why they become men of medicine. Summer is at the doctor ‘coz she has yet some other chest cold and she needs the healing force of hot sperm caressed into her mangos after you squirt your load on her. “Hi Doctor,” Summer says, caressing her bouncy bosoms. “You remember me, your aged patient, Summer Sinn?” Why, certainly. Usually Summer doesn’t love things inserted into her dark hole but since you’re the doctor, that babe lets you take her temp with an anal thermometer while you too check her snatch with your skillful, healing fingers. What a obedient and obedient patient Summer is. If they could all be love her, this damned health care problem could be solved. Now comes Summer‘s favourite part of the exam. Engulfing and schtupping her doctor’s salami. The doctor checks Summer‘s temperature with his meat thermometer and sticks it down Summer‘s face hole. The doctor is now in. In Sinn.

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Nikki’s Cherry On Top

Nikki's Cherry On Top

Neapolitan ice spunk, cherries, semen and chocolate syrup? For Nikki, this isn’t just a recipe for dessert, it is a recipe for sex, likewise. They’re one and the same for a big angel who loves to indulge her enjoyable tooth whilst getting rogered. Even just ordering her ice ball cream over the phone has Nikki caressing her wobblers in anticipation of the treat that babe is plan to acquire. That babe begins rubbing her twat and by the time her snack arrives she’s ready to devour it. Merely thing is, this babe forgot to order a banana with her ice goo, so she substitutes it with the bellhop’s ramrod. After touching with tongue the sprinkles off his shlong, Nikki introduces his cock to her soaked love tunnel and takes him for a juicy, bulky ride.

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Summer Lovin

Summer Lovin

Welcome to BootyLicious, Leah. We wanna compliment your a-hole and that full bush!

“Thank you, baby. I’m sexually excited to expose off my bush. I am a grown lady and I think my cum-hole looks worthy with a bush. But my slit isn’t the main event. It is all about my ass. I cant just have ya’ll paying attention to my cookie when my wazoo needs some loving, also. I’m showing off my tight asshole for two reasons: action and gratification. And I’m planning to get both!”

So you are a grown femdom-goddess who needs some wazoo loving. Does that mean you are a M.I.L.F. who likes anal?

“You know it, baby! I have waited too lengthy to unleash my inner freak. U see, my entire life bucks endevoured to make me feel bad for wanting to explore my sexuality. I spent lots of years just having regular, boring sex to satisfy the fellows in my life.”

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The XL Cutie Next Door

The XL Hotty Next Door

This time, Lisa Canon flies solo and goes for the girl-next-door look and, of course, looks every inch the nasty neighbor you’d like to live next to. She is an outdoor angel. “I try to go outdoors ’cause I don’t wanna be stuck in the abode all the time, even though there is no civilization around. I just try to have joy,” says Lisa, who enjoys playing ball, camping, cook-outs and swimming. And sex. “I love outdoor sex. It is enjoyment. I think what it’s; why I have sex in public is cuz if somebody catches me it brings up the risk factor. It is more intriguing.” Lisa has had tons of valuable sex here at, including interracial. “I love having coarse sex. But love any beauty, I like the fleshly, downy, kiss-me, love-me sort of sex. But then there’s times when you’re just like, ‘Fuck me!'” If we asked Lisa‘s friends to describe her, what does she think they would say? “They’d say I’m potty. I’m bubbly. I love to savour. I’m the 1st one to do anything bonkers, whatever it is. My Mommy indeed caught me having sex once. It was not that precious. It was in the middle of the living room. I was riding the smooth operator, and that babe just looked at me turned around and strolled off. The next day that babe was like, ‘You do not have to be doing that in my living room!’ And I was adore, ‘I’m sorry. I thought u were sleeping.'”

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