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Meet Asha Marie

Meet Asha Marie

We’re sorry to do this to u boys on such short notice but we’ve yet another horny, new XLGirl to show u. As we always say around here, the more, the merrier. We commence with a episode and matching photo-shoot of this mid-western, cornfed goddess. Her name is Asha Marie and that babe packs a 42G brassiere. This babe is quite a ribald little talker also in her first episode and that’s always welcome. Asha likes stripping, hula hooping, tabletop gaming, creating art and reading. Here at, Asha is creating art–breast art–sucking and tongueing her milk sacks and creating pink vagina art as that babe rubs out a large one. This babe fingers her pussy, then plugs it unfathomable with a toy as we dive in for a close-up. Asha‘s low-key in public or so she tells us. “I wear bras when I go out but I take ’em off when I can get away with it. I wish going braless in public was more socially acceptable. I usually wear shy glamorous clothes that hug my curves. I like dressing sensually without showing a lot of skin. Sometimes I adore wearing lacy, low-cut tops that unveil off my breast valley.” Asha is a glad goddess and enjoyed getting loose at XLGirls. “I adore my life and I’m not sure there’s much I crave to do that I haven’t done yet but I am always open to recent experiences. I am glad and I adore it when life surprises me. I adore sex especially oral–giving and receiving.” Welcome, Asha Marie!

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Do Succulent, Titanic Busts Drive You Nuts?

Do Wet, Humongous Busts Drive You Nuts?

Anorei Collins, Big-Boob phenomenon, is in the rarefied league of remarkably monumental natural tits that blow a tit-lover’s mind. She possesses acres and acres of sweatermeat to explore, ponder and appreciate.

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Double A predicament For That Bubble

Double A predicament For That Bubble

This is how a Starr like Kelly gets discovered: One sunny day in Miami, Kelly Starr was going about her business when this babe was approached by a BootyLicious recruiter in the parking lot of a shopping center. It is no surprise because clearly Ms. Starr has a giant set of scones and an even greater ass. Her asscheeks are adore a consummate shelf and he did not know if he should sit on it or click here it! So that stud convinced her to come with him to his abode so that they could discuss an opportunity for Kelly to be the star of a recent film called Double Bother. Kelly said she always wanted to be in a film and acceded to come and check it out.
And just adore that a recent gazoo porno star acquires the chance to shine! Kelly would not normally say yeah to this kind of thing, but this babe was flattered! This babe got into the BootyMobile and ends up at the BootyMansion where the digital camera workers was as ass-tounded as the recruiter over the size and shape of her ass cheeks! They were so shocked that they inspected and shook her butt like it was a Christmas gift!
An ass like that’s a lot for just one man to handle. 2 of our recruiters had to undress Kelly down and bonk her on the spot, double-teaming her. That babe sucked their schlongs greedily and licked their balls likewise. At first, they took turns banging her juicy snatch, but then they put her in a doggiepose and double-penetrated her; one stud in her twat on the bottom, the other skirt chaser from behind in her rectal hole. Kelly was so turned on by being full of penis that this babe ground her butt and love tunnel stiff, cumming all over those 2 ramrods!

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Love & Sexy Sex

Love & Sexy Sex

Pretty SCORE Cutie Rachel Like (Mamazon and many SCORE episodes) needs a lad who is worthwhile at heavy lifting. Not furniture. Rachel‘s natural and enormous 36F cup love bubbles are what need lifting. And mouthing, touching with tongue and banging, also. Her guest is up to the job. How could he not be, checking out Rachel‘s super-sexy body decorated in a sheer negligee, and see-through under garment and briefs? “I have some skills that I could unveil you,” tempts Rachel, laying her hands on JC’s package. This charmer begins to play with her fleshy mounds and is willing to plow her fertile fields. Rachel sits on the edge of the bed and pulls his schvanz with out his jeans, marveling at the size. It is adore a fresh toy for this feisty blonde to play with. Rachel had been said not to put things in her face hole but, like almost any beauties, this babe always did the contradictory and this is no exception. So now the blond kitten is always putting things in her face hole and what this babe wishes in her throat now is JC’s junk. When that babe is not gargling his meat-thermometer or engulfing his testicles, Rachel is burying her new toy inside her cleavage valley. She’s a little girl. A ribald angel who can’t live out of being banged by plenty of fellows, and he is a bigger in size than standard guy who likes rogering big boobed chicks so this is a match made in hooter heaven. Rachel receives on her back for more tit-fucking, her tongue stretches out to lick the thrusting cock head as it slides betwixt her soft, creamy, white globes. Now, it is time to bonk her vagina. Rachel goes into a trance when her love tunnel is 1st opened by his meat, saying the word “Fuck” over and over anew as that babe acquires filled and fucked in randy positions. JC desires to slide into her sideways and flips her around adore the little doll this babe is. “You just desire to stretch it all out, do not u,” says Rachel, partly teasing, partly cock-delirious. Her cum-hole is pounded another time as this babe Iterates the word “Fuck” like a mantra. Rachel kneels on the floor to engulf more pecker. However, as that babe blows him, thinking he’s ready to squirt her, JC desires to drill her anew another time so this chab mounts her on his pole for a cowgirl ride. Rachel‘s twat is leaking juicy as that babe goes up and down, soaking his shaft with her bawdy cleft juice. Even her a-hole is shiny from the juice. She builds up the friction from his diction as this chab rams into her, giving Rachel a screw she won’t forget for a while. JC wants to mark Rachel‘s tongue and face with his seed to leave her something to remember him by when this babe acquires home. Rachel appreciates his parting gift of a enormous load all over her beautiful face and long tongue and his spunk tastes priceless to her. That babe has been fucked well.

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Sweetheart Boombalottie

Hottie Boombalottie

Who’s that gal? She’s vixen boombalottie Marilyn White, a newbie who’s recent to XLGirls and real eye-candy. Marilyn has an magnificant bod and a pleasant, beautiful face. This babe spreads up to let us again identify out her hawt, pink vagina and brown-eye, and her generosity is appreciated, believe us! Marilyn describes how a honey as stacked as she is worked in a combination porn store and disrobe club. This is lovely ram coz we all wonder about the angels who handle the counters in adult mag stores. Most of the time, very, very scarcely any come close to anybody who looks as worthwhile as Marilyn does. No wonder that the customers kept asking her when she would dance on stage, likewise. Bursting with ripeness, Marilyn remembers one of her horniest times in school. “My boyfriend at the time and I were in class together and whilst the teacher was standing right in front of us giving a lecture, I jacked my partner off under the desk. After he got off in my hand, I quickly had to excuse myself to the restroom to clean off with out anyone noticing. I know I have had other perverted encounters but that has always been the one that’s really stood out in my memory!” It’s a precious thing for Marilyn and her partner that the professor didn’t practice the Socratic method and ask Marilyn to stand and answer a question! For the record, we have invited Marilyn to try that hand at a boy-girl on XLGirls. Marilyn‘s on the fence about this so let us give her some encouragement. Comment under and be persuasive!

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Creamy Caboose

Creamy Caboose

BootyLicious: Welcome to BootyLicious mag, Paris. We are pleased to have u here ‘cuz we hear that it is your first time in Miami and your 1st time shooting hardcore. We love first-timers. Tell us, do u like Miami and are you nervous about shooting XXX?

Paris Sweetz: Howdy! Yeah, it is my first time in Miami and I adore it here. It is so charming and the people are so admirable. And I am a little nervous about shooting, but I am somewhat of an exhibitionist, so I’m more excited than nervous, I suppose. I can’t wait to watch what my pix look love. I indeed like dressing up and getting my makeup done. This whole experience is astounding and u fellows have made me feel actually comfortable and at home. So, thanks for having me here. I’m savouring myself.

BootyLicious: What do u wear when you are out and about? We are sure it’s very distracting to all the studs who cross your path.

Paris Sweetz: Um, when I go out, I like to wear little dresses and shorts cuz I love to brandish off my butt and my legs. And I love to wear heels ‘coz I adore the way that they make my booty look. When I go out, I dress to acquire attention. I’ve a valuable body. I like to unveil it off. But, I love to hang out at home in sweat trousers and a tank top, indeed. Majority angels are the almost all comfortable at home, no make-up on, with some comfortable sweat pants on, right? That’s how I adore to suit. I even go to the grocery store and run errands like that.

BootyLicious: Okay, so tell us one of your kinkiest, secret sex thoughts.

Paris Sweetz: Well, I’ve this one fetish. It’s a little strange, but it makes me really horny. I wish to be licked. Not, just my pussy. I desire my entire body licked. I have this fantasy where I acquire turned into a giant sundae and then a lad licks me clean.

BootyLicious: Well, we’ve never heard that one in advance of.

Paris Sweetz: [Laughs.] I know it’s kind of atypical and perverted, but it makes me excited to think about a lad touching with tongue me from head to toe. I also urge to have sex on the beach. I like to have sex outside and sometimes in public places. The idea of almost getting caught kind of turns me on, likewise.

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Breasty Fake penis Paramours 2: Lana Lotts

Busty Vibrator Paramours 2: Lana Lotts

“It’s not effortless being a angel and enforcing the law,” told big busted blonde babydoll Lana Lotts. Ain’t that the truth. Lana is stretching out her police lady uniform in the SCORE Classic Big breasted Sex-toy Lovers 2. Officer Lotts has just gotten back to her place after a unbending day pulling over drivers who are trying to proposition streetwalkers and ticketing bucks wanking off in clubs. Lana needs relief and that babe needs it now. Lazily removing her uniform for your eye-filling enjoyment, Lana creams up her mammaries and plays with them in unconventional ways. This babe lotionizes her wet crack and fingers it admirable, getting off with each rub. A super-thick rubber penis is her next plaything. We move in extreme ultra-close to see how Lana‘s lubed pink flaps look wrapped around this monster and to inspect her glamorous, puckered brown-eye. It even squirts semen all over Lana‘s love muffins. Her hot mouth pours out a continuous stream of hawt talk with every rub and thrust. Even female cops need to rub one out!

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Locker Room Groupie

Locker Room Groupie

Here’s somebody fresh to XLGirls (a personal request by the editor), who will rock your socks off as she did to the stunt-cock that is plan to work her out in “Locker Room Groupie.” She’s Salena Marie, all the way from zipcode CA. Salena likes shopping, going out with her angels and that babe can’t live out of Jersey Shore and Snooki. She kinda bears a resemblance to Snooki likewise, short and stacked. (So does Tatiana Blair.) “The first time I had sex, I was hooked,” shows Salena. “I’ve been a freak ever since. I adore to have it at least five times to ten times a week.” Salena‘s fitness instructor plans to do a thorough job of training her. “So how are you gonna stretch me this day?” Salena asks JC. “I do need a stretch.” “Let’s get this off first,” JC replies. That lady-killer wishes Salena to change out of her alluring clothes into a fitness outfit. “Have a seat and we’ll start to stretch you out,” JC grins. “Talk to me about your fitness goals.” JC cups Salena‘s large tits that are crammed against his groin. Salena describes what that babe wants disciplined, rubbing her hands all over JC, especially his pipe area. You know where this is going. “Stretch me wonderful this day,” Salena requests. Oh, don’t worry about that. She squeezes his package as this chab unhooks Salena‘s under garment to have to the goodies, those 36F-cup topper-whoppers. Salena‘s fitness instruction takes a backseat to sexy locker room smushing as JC decides to indeed stretch Salena priceless with his exercise equipment. Salena is in complete agreement with that plan once that babe gets her hands on his large tool, her eyes lighting up. Welcome aboard, Salena Marie. As far as fitness goes, u fit right in here and so did JC, into u.

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All About Zeta

All About Zeta

Our Voluptuous editor, Scoreland Blogger and Big-Boob adept Maria speaks to Zeta Verrone here at so we can learn all about Zeta. Everything there’s to know. What does this babe adore to do? How did she cum to model at XLGirls? Is this her first time? What’s her life like? And many more questions that Zeta answers in this up-close and highly personal chat. Zeta has phenomenal melons that she will flaunt once once more in close-up. What pointy areolas that babe has! This babe could blind a fellow with them! But no worries. Zeta‘s a softie, a hottie boombalottie just the way we like ’em at XLGirls. Let us go to the movie as Maria and Zeta join forces in an XLGirls exclusive!

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Trainin’ That Tush!

Trainin' That Tush!

It takes a lot of working out to keep an butt taut and right. And arse angel Baby Doll knows that. That’s why she’s giving u the insider’s see her arse blast workout. And of course all that’s supposed to mean is that she’s going to work her arse until u blast off! Look at her make her mellow cheeks bounce, one at a time, and then make her wazoo clap. Certainly, no butt workout would be entire with out some ass slapping and lots of bending over. (Hey, u gotta do what it takes to work that gazoo out!) And when that babe has worked up a sweat, Baby takes out the most important tool for toning that tush…her sextoy. (What? It’s a workout accessory!) And then that babe plugs her love tunnel until that babe cums cuz a admirable workout toned every muscle and in Baby‘s case, even her bawdy cleft muscles receive tone.

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Flashing For Pleasure

Flashing For Fun

“I’ve been modeling for eight years,” says Nikki Cars, a larger than run of the mill much loved with citizens. Eight years is no diminutive feat. Plenty of beauties are in and out, moving on and settling down. “I got into it for the joy of it. It was my husband’s idea. I didn’t wait to become so popular. It just spiraled from there. I started doing livecam, phone sex and then I came here. The phone sex would acquire kinda a matter of joke. I did that for quite a during the time that. It’s just my voice so I could do things around the abode during the time that I was talking. One lad would call me and this buck wanted me to give him directions to where I was supposed to work, a book store. That dude would ask me if I was warm in there or if it was cold in there. Ask me if I was wearing a jacket. I did not understand at first. This chab kept wanting me to tell him I took my jacket off and then to give him directions to acquire off at the exit. That’s what did it for him.” Yep, every person has his or her peculiar sexy button. Nikki always dresses to decorate her hooters of fun. U probably know this. “I love to brandish off, wear hot tops. Yep, I have flashed in public. About a billion times! I love flashing truckers. That is pleasure for me. My allies would always dare me. ‘Come on, Nikki, do it!’ So, they’d tell me to do it and I’d do it. Could be anywhere!” Nikki Cars. A wonderful cutie to have around. Stay tuned for more Nikki coming pretty soon.

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