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Two Into One Equals Enjoyment

Two Into One Equals Fun

The hottest girl in Colorado with the mountainous mountains? Sabina Leigh gets our vote. At, u have probably watched Sabina‘s previous movie scenes, selected scenes from the movie scene Pounding The Pledges; her first hardcore called “Sabina Leigh;” and a sexy solo from the DVD “Busty Big-Uns.” At SCORELAND, you may have observed Sabina in the Voluptuous movie Bounce Baby Bounce!; a concupiscent movie interview in which Sabina used a glass sex-toy of her own design meant to joy a woman’s G-spot; and her latest, Big busted Man-juice Queen, Sabina‘s first interracial that climaxed with a serving of creampie. Back at SCORE, Sabina now turns up the sex-o-stat even more degrees with a torrid threesome. Sabina and her 2 new friends, Johnny Champ and Juan Largo, waste no time getting down and getting it on when they come into the bedroom. Sabina‘s bigger in size than run of the mill love melons are killing her taut top, her rounded wazoo is killing her constricted skirt. Her 2 admiring fellows feast their eyes on Sabina‘s curves and are quickly all over her, giving a kiss, touching with tongue and mouthing her. They disrobe her down completely and prepare every inch of her creamy, wet body for act. Juan sucks Sabina‘s sensitive teats as this babe leans over him and, with Sabina‘s booty bent over invitingly, Johnny lowers her panty panties and fingers her wetting twat, preparing it for their pumping pistons. Sabina craves their weenies in her fists and mouth and kneels to toss off and suck ’em. Then they lay back on the daybed, Sabina in the middle so that babe can simultaneously jerk ’em, then this babe takes turns blowing them. Who will be the 1st cockman to penetrate Sabina‘s pink enjoyment zone? Who will be the 1st stud-horse Sabina will saddle up and ride? Their Sabina sandwich scorches the sheets as the 2 copulate the Voluptuous babydoll’s cunt and mouth each which way they can. A volcanic eruption of frenzied and furious banging awaits in “Two Into One Equals Fun” starring Sabina Leigh. Welcome back, Miss Leigh.

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Vanilla Sweetheart

Vanilla Vixen

When we asked Klaudia Kelly what that babe likes to be called in the bedroom, this babe said us, “I love to be called a little slut.” That speaks volumes about what kind of screwing this big-bootied vanilla playgirl loves to do. In fact, if we had to put a label on her, we would say that Klaudia is a certified freak. Not the kind of freak who tells u she can’t live out of sex, oh, no. Klaudia is the kind of freak who CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT sex. That is why when we gave her the chance to receive all up on Lucas’s chocolate pecker, this babe was all over it. That babe sucked and banged this cock like a accomplished and this babe did it with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye. You kind of need to imagine that a gal who is pumped up adore Klaudia, is probably more fine at sex than almost any. This babe has these bigger than run of the mill haunches and wide hips for exciting. Not to mention that greater than average a-hole! That babe drops that thing down and makes it motherfucking hammer time…and we ain’t barmy at her for that.

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Warm Milk, A Pink Twat & A Cream pie

Warm Milk, A Pink Twat & A Man juice Pie

Of all the places in the world, that babe walks into ours thank u to a dedicated model hunter. 1st time’s a pizzazz for Marilyn Mayson. Marilyn is that rarest of all XL Girls we pursue, a lactator. MM was introduced with a milky solo pictorial and video and now Marilyn is game for hot, hard full-sex. How fortunate can u get? Marilyn has breastnotized the milk gent with her Fifty inches of creamy bouncy bosoms and her award is to have these enjoyable nipps sucked, something this babe enjoys like no one’s business. The warm milk she dispenses is a bonus for this sucker. “Is that tasty?” Marilyn asks as JC sticks his tongue out for his first dose of dairy. They take turns squeezing out the sex cream by squeezing her bumpers and pinching her pointy nipps as this babe moans with pleasure. “Worship these knockers,” Marilyn tells JC. He doesn’t waste any time getting to the pointers. This is a gal who gets off by all the righteous attention paid to her 38 H-cups, one as well as the other verbal and physical. The black brown super-hottie is definitely a prize package for males who like squashy, squeezable butts, glamorous faces, wonderful rounded bellies and king-size, huge milk sacks. With all of the teat adore Marilyn gets in the 1st not many minutes, that babe is over-horny for a roll on the sheets and when she enthusiastically pulls JC’s pipe with out his pants, Marilyn can not help but chuckle and squeal and say “Wow!” That babe gets four star treatment and a free tour to Miami as well.

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Busty Hookers: Kelly Madison

Busty Hookers: Kelly Madison

In the SCORE clip Big busted Hookers, Kelly Madison, Alexis May, Brandy Talore and Carmen Hayes street-walk in the concrete jungles of Miami as naughty, big-boobed bitches. Presented as a public service for educational purposes in the analysis of urban boobonics, this chapter of Big busted Hookers stars Kelly Madison as the consummate busty hooker. She dresses adore a Big-Boob hooker. She talks like a big boobed hooker. She swallows the pocket-pipe adore a big busted hooker. This babe bangs like a Big-Boob hooker. Of course, Kelly is not an actual breasty hooker, she’s just portraying a Big-Boob hooker. But if Kelly truly was a breasty hooker, which she’s not, a punter would definitely blow his paycheck hiring her one time this Lothario is paid his monthly alimony bill. According to and a group of SCORE staffers polled in the men’s room, number 4 on the top 10 list of women’s majority common raunchy dreams is role-playing an escort, street ho, call gal or ranch slut. Everybody loves those busty hookers! Big-Boob Hookers won the “Editor’s Choice” award for “Best All Sex/Gonzo” release at the 15th Nightmoves Mag Annual Rewards in Tampa, Florida.

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Santanna: A Vigour For Precious

Santanna: A Power For Good

Santanna means “saint-like.” Strictly interpreted, this definition may not exactly apply to Bailey Santanna. But from a different point-of-view, our point-of-view, it does. Doesn’t Bailey cure men’s fluid overloads with her plush body and competent skills? Isn’t healing and soothing blue balls a saint-like force? The devil’s advocate rests his case. Bailey enjoys gonna Burning Chap, San Francisco gender-bending street parties and…high-school reunions? “I like going back to my high school reunion. It’s like, ‘I showed u studs!’ It was unusual ‘coz I wasn’t very popular in college, but I’ve run into tons of people after college, and then they all desire to go out with me. Not during high school. I guess I was too much to handle in college. I had the stupendous pantoons by far in the complete school my senior year, and I am short. Five-foot-four. Even teachers had a rigid time talking to me sometimes!” That’s our Bailey.

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Got Milk?

Got Milk?

The employees at XLGirls has been firing on all cylinders to identify and bring u the newest beauties previous to anyone else can receive Them (love Molly Howard, Asha Marie and Trinety Guess) and now we’re thrilled to introduce Marilyn Mayson. She’s sensational, trust us. We spotted Marilyn and asked her to contact about coming to Miami and sharing her moist bod at Marilyn could have brushed us off but she checked us out and decided to become an XLGirl. She has green eyes, reddish-brown hair and 38 H-cup scoops that leak milk without her adorable nipples. Corn-fed Marilyn‘s a cam-model and her bod is off the chart. That babe is very girl-next-door. Gigantic titted girl-next-door that is. “I have a filthy little face hole and I use it very well!” Marilyn is proud to tell the world. “I love man-juice pies, lactation, being compliant, immodest talking, role-playing, the Mile-High Lap dancing club and delivery lady-killer dreams. I masturbate constantly. I am addicted to it.” Display Marilyn some like! This babe appreciates men who treat her right. This could be the kick off of a fetching friendship.

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Admirable And Concupiscent

Nice And Horny

When Kelly wants to read a book, that babe picks the one with the naughtiest sex scenes in it because it makes her wonderful and lascivious. And when Kelly gets randy, she lets her large, white a-hole hang out. (And it is quite the sight to behold.) This excited white beauty likes to slap her own a-hole, widen those cheeks wide and implore for 10-Pounder. And if u are the teasing type, that babe will receive so lewd that this babe might not even be experienced to await for you to stick your pecker in her. She will pour lube all over her own dark-skinned hole and bonk herself with a fake penis and push anal beads in her snug gazoo. If there’s one thing you can say about Kelly it is that this floozy is a super-freak. And you know what? There ain’t nothing incorrect with that.

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The Sex Games Big busted Divorcees Play

The Sex Games Big busted Divorcees Play

Tahnee Taylor appeared in March 2009 40something magazine as Liana. At the time, she was a divorcee and working in sales when that babe decided to pose solo for a men’s mag. “After I split with my ex-hubby, I went throughout the everyday phase that all divorcees go throughout when they’re lewd as hell,” this babe said to the mag’s editor. “I wanted to try it and watch if I’d enjoy it.” No one heard from her since that mag, until now. Now she’s back four years later and calling herself Tahnee and this blond bra-buster is fucking and engulfing on digi camera. That babe could not hold back anymore on these cravings. It’s as if the floodgates of her pent-up sexuality had given way and that babe desires as much professional-cock as this babe can receive, the digi camera solely adding to her craving factor. When Tahnee met her shag buddy in this recent SCORE Movie scene “The Sex Games Big-Boob Divorcees Play,” this babe was all over him. “I like to have sex at least 2 times a day,” says Tahnee. “I like juvenile sexy smooth operator with plenty of stamina. Al had lots of that when he was thrusting inside my booty in our scene. And what a lot of cum this buck had saved up. I rubbed his shlong all over my face when it came out. This buck actually came buckets. I crave I could meet more bucks like him.” Al is fascinated by Tahnee‘s big jugs when the digi camera begins rolling and sucks them rigid, sticking a finger in Tahnee‘s mouth until this gent can give her some rigid cock-candy to suck on. She juggles her mangos, poking ’em in his face. This babe licks his shaft from balls to cock-head, then lays back to acquire ramrod betwixt her cleavage. Tahnee cant expect to acquire her cunt filled. Al obliges, thrusting deep. Tahnee now urges his cock in her ass and tells him so. He is glad to accommodate the big breasted divorcee. Why do so many mature honeys wish rod in their assholes? Anal is smth many of them by no means did when they were young cuties and 30somethings. Now that they’re old, many of them suddenly urge it in the rear hatch after the wet crack is contented. Al gives Tahnee a shlong ass-drilling in several poses and that babe can indeed take it unyielding. Al is about to blow his man juice in Tahnee‘s ass and tells Tahnee. That babe tells Al that babe urges it on her face. They avoid screwing and Tahnee receives on her knees. She starts jacking him, while this babe looks at the digital camera with her long tongue hanging out of her throat. A larger than standard wad of ball batter squirts her face and Tahnee rubs his spurting weenie on her face, then licks his shaft clean. Al tells her that some cum is on her bigger in size than standard boobs. “Yummy,” Tahnee says and lifts her love muffins with hands and tongues the spillage, licking as much cum as this babe can receive. All props to Tahnee Taylor, our kind of lady and a big boobed cum lover.

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“Spunk Your Load In My Pussy”

Molly Howard. Young. Heavy mammaries, mellow and full. The answer to a man’s desires and hopes. Gorgeous, new and sexy. How could that babe not have a home here at Her 1st time was a solo flight. Then Molly did the deed in darksome & white, earning props from XL chaps such as “I love Molly‘s constricted gazoo and large breasts. Bring her back ASAP” and “Molly Howard IS very hawt stuff! Hawt as hell!” Shortly afterward, Molly spoken about herself with V-mag editor Maria in a revealing tit-chat and this babe likewise showed her flexibility with a split. When such creamy wonderfullness is within reach and so nonchalant to having enjoyment, there is solely one thing to do. Acquire her back and quick. On this day, Molly has a rock hard time at the XLGirls studio with accustomed fellow J Mac. J Mac doesn’t make many appearances at XLGirls but as a boob-man this charmer sure is inspired by Molly and her treasure chest, and what boob-man wouldn’t be? She’s equally inspired by his laying of the pipe to her and the thrust and velocity told pipe achieves as they shag in a bazillion poses. Adore we mentioned, Molly is pliant and that helps when this chab pumps her in the pile driver, one of the most strenuous sex positions of ’em all. When a vixen calls a sex hubby Daddy, that woman chaser is doing her right. And speaking of creamy wonderfulness, that is exactly what Molly‘s gift is, with bizarre close-ups of her very pink prize glistening in the light. Reveal Molly some love and write her a comment. This babe is a member also.

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Recent, Youthful & Yummy

Fresh, Youthful & Tasty

Describing this apprentice as cute, cuddly and bubbly is unavoidable. Molly Howard is fresher than that quart of milk u bought this morning. She had solely been web-camming for a couple of months previous to this babe made her way to Molly worked previous to that as a waitress–both in advance of and after high-school. This babe was born and grew up in Ocala, Florida, mainly known as a quiet, horse-owners city. What is there to do for enjoyment there anyway ride the pony? Molly likes to karaoke at a scarcely any local places, view favourite TV brandishes, and surf the web. That babe and her finest girlfriend got piercings on a dare. Molly unveils and tells all about her clitoris hood piercing and her tongue thingie in a chat vid with Maria, V-mag editor. Molly says her clit jewelry charges up her sensitivity when she’s doing the deed as we will watch once more soon. Molly too says that this babe gets “extremely turned on when a sex husband cums inside her.” We’ll be seeing that pretty soon also! Thanks, Molly Howard.

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Big boobed Hookers: Carmen Hayes

Busty Hookers: Carmen Hayes

A certified SCORE Classic, Big boobed Hookers features Carmen Hayes, Alexis May, Kelly Madison and Brandy Talore as a “quartit” of juicy streetwalkers and escorts plying their trade at a sleazy motel in steamy, semi-tropical Miami. The sidewalk around the No-Tell Motel is grooved from the high-heels of these sexy working beauties. Carmen, Kelly, Brandy and Alexis have set up shop in this screw factory where they sell their priceless, impressive, big breasted bodies to the sleaziest scum and human garbage in seek of humongous boobed hookers to buy for an hour. In the opener, Carmen Hayes is getting antsy envisaging for a prospective customer to cum her way. That babe is approached by French tourist Jean looking for a shapely cocoa-cutie to bang and spray the contents of his balls over. This chab is hot for Carmen‘s sexy, creamy bronze skin and her sensational bouncy bosoms after he spies her peddling her butt in the street. When this gent finds out that Carmen is as supple as a yoga slaver, his lust for her bust and lust for her muff increases a hundred fold. When Carmen puts her ankles behind her neck for a missionary-fuck, the raunchy frenzy actually revs up and the motel room becomes as hawt as a boiler room. Very not many cuties can screw so filthy like this! She puts this buck through the paces and he pays her back just as hard. One of the majority intensive videos in SCORE’s history, Breasty Hookers won the “Editor’s Choice” reward for “Best All Sex/Gonzo” release at the 15th Nightmoves Magazine Annual Rewards ceremony and convention held each year in Tampa, Florida.

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