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1st Person Screw

First Person Fuck

Sara Stone plays with her larger than average breasts, squeezing and caressing ’em during the time that this babe talks about ’em and about getting screwed by a bigger than standard meat-thermometer. She drops her dress, her bumpers still encased in their brassiere. Shaking her bra buddies, Sara talks about subrigid ramrods and tit-fucking. She kicks off her dress and proceeds to put on a little unveil, still wearing her miniature briefs and bra. Lastly she comes over to u and starts playing with your ding-dong, jerking, sucking and sticking it betwixt her large love muffins. This babe places your strapon under her undergarment so that it’s secure as it drives up and down betwixt her bra-busters. Your meat-thermometer is now a cleavage bookmark. We believe Sara was one of the 1st SCORE models to tit-fuck a lad with her brassiere still on. This novel technique keeps your weenie in its proper place during the time that her undergarment is squishing her breasts together hands-free. Sara undresses off her bra and spits all over your knob during the time that engulfing it and continuing to tit-fuck it. The drool lands on her chest, lubing it for more tit-fucking. If u think Sara is sexy sucking and tit-fucking, expect until u spread her legs and fuck the shit of her with your rock hard boner. That vagina is constricted. Previous to that babe retired from porn, Sara was known for her girl-next-door looks and personality, her naturally raw approach to banging and her natural boobs. This classic scene is a consummate example.

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A Excitement To Be Bad

A Passion To Be Bad

Excitement Brooks is a recent XLGirl from Texas, home of many women carrying large pantoons across their balconies. Passion talks about herself in the opener and gives us some background about her life back home. She’s a tattoo artist in business about a year, a model and an stripper. The maddest tattoo job that babe is had so far was to tattoo a guy’s schlong. We don’t have any tattoo work for Passion but we do have Carlos envisaging in the wings to shag Passion’s biggest milk shakes once that dude is sucked and squeezed them to his heart’s content. She acquires on top of him and uses her fullsome funbags as weenie massagers, licking with tongue his dick head with twirling motions. After fucking her throat, Carlos rams it home with Passion assuming the doggie style. That babe rides his shaft on top in the one and the other directions and for her efforts is rewarded by Carlos who nuts her in the throat.

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Kandi’s High Sugar Content

Kandi's High Sugar Content

“I love giving blowjobs!” says Kandi Kobain exulting in her sheer sexiness. “I gulp. I can engulf penis each day and still wish more. I love giving head, feeling a big, thick dick with a bigger in size than typical tip down my throat, filling it up so that the drool runs down my chin and on my fun bags.” Kandi too took a colossal facial blast at the large O of her almost any fresh boy-girl. You should see that scene if you haven’t. “My kinkiest personal fling was in a Dillard’s department store dressing room,” Kandi remembered. “It was so hot. So stiff for me to be quiet we not quite got caught. I’d like to do it in a more public place where people could watch! That would actually be a fantasy for me to live it. It just has to be done carefully so we do not receive into big a predicament.” Kandi has always had big bazookas. This babe doesn’t remember when she did not. “I first started developing when I was very youthful. I was a B-cup when other beauties my age had nothing. I was by far the almost all developed girl in school.” M.D. writes, “I would adore to see Kandi make more appearances at XLGirls. Some outdoor discharges are what I am thinking of. I’d adore to see her in a tiny swim costume like they wore in Bikini Busters. My all-time favorite is Kandi and Alyssa’s three-way from a couple of years agone. I have come numerous times to the three-way at the end with Alyssa and Kandi. Forget the donuts, I could eat one as well as the other of ’em all day long!”

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100% Swimsuit Destruction

100% Bathing dress Destruction

What you’re about to watch is nothing short of hot pink bathing costume destruction, courtesy of everyone’s honeybabe, Renee Ross, Voluptuous Porno star of the year two years oozing. Renee stands against a in nature’s garb blue background, the more fine to examine and focus on her marvelous jugs and hot face. That babe jiggles and jumps, her massive 40J cups releasing enough kinetic energy to vigour an ocean liner. Renee squirts the shiny ram on them, one container in every hand. Her love muffins need two jars of the stuff. One is not enough. The digi camera focus is Renee’s veiny, jumbolicious jubblies in close-up as we celebrate the miracle of her mammalicious marvels. “Renee Ross is intend to be a legend,” writes K.L. “I can’t prevent jacking off to her pictures and clips since I 1st saw her. Is this babe actually as priceless and enchanting as she appears to be? She’s so hawt in hardcore and solo. Renee is one of the all-time greatest adult models you ever identified.” Of that there is almost certainly.

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Horny & Thick White Babe

Horny & Thick White Girl

Ellie May is a horny and thick white enjoyable heart who desires to receive dicked down. That is why this babe wastes no time getting the cock this babe urges. That babe exposes this dude her big wazoo and asks him to grab on to it. Then she tells him that that babe desires him to hit it worthy and hard. And just like that, it is on. She puts her bumpers in his face and throws that wazoo up in the air so that man can spank it. Then this babe slobs on his shlong adore a amorous cock sucker and then she hops on for a ride. And ladies man does this babe ride. She hits this jock cowgirl and reverse cowgirl and then this babe swallows it up in her throat another time in advance of that babe rides anew. But the best part of watching Ellie May get nailed is when this babe takes it doggie-style and begs for cum on her butt. When you watch this corpulent white butt jiggling and then getting hosed down with man-juice, u will agree that Ellie May was made to be on all fours.

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Taut Fit

Tight Fit

Meet Jazmine. Jazmine’s a short, slender ravisher who is recent to SCORE. Johnny you know if u have been a SCORE watcher the past year. After Jazmine orally worked over his biggest 10-Pounder with a drooling fellatio (for which that babe acquire to be praised), this chab was accomplished to fit his tights into her pretty pink aperture. It was a constricted, tight fit to be sure but a woman’s cum-hole is very stretchable. Large ramrods and little pretty angels with large love melons. Hawt lips stretched around thick pricks. More unbelievable than anything on cable or playing at your local multiplex. Jazmine is from New York but now lives in Florida where she discovered out about us. She desires to be a pornstar and a bare glamour model for the big boy books love SCORE. She is well on her way. Jazmine said us her peculiar talent. “I’m wonderful at driving a stick shift,” that babe told. We can watch that in this movie “Tight Fit.” Her stick handling is accomplished level. Jazmine can’t live with out being tag-teamed doggie position and sat on top of shlong. This babe loves her booty slapped and her hair pulled. That babe can’t live without being eaten out and finger-probed. Does she spit or swallow? Play the clip and inspect! Welcome, Jazmine!

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Getting A Piece Of Kandi

Getting A Piece Of Kandi

Kandi Kobain 1st hit XLGirls love an atomic boob-bomb in June of 2008, went on to a memorable girl-girl-cock with Alyssa Andrews in (a free bonus web page for members) and she is still as cum-hungry as ever. “I adore to ride a fellow and take control,” Kandi said then. “I just know how to hit it so it feels the most nice to me and him. I acquire to have sex at least once a day…two or three times if the guy I’m with has lots of stamina. I not ever screwed a Lothario who did not love banging my fullsome funbags. Sometimes they adore to screw my melons in advance of we bonk. Sometimes they can’t live without to shag my bouncy bosoms after we screw. I like massaging a guy’s balls and squeezing all the cum without them when he squirts. I love seeing it let off of his pecker gap onto my face and breasts!” Some things don’t change happily for all of us. Now Kandi’s back for round number 2 and playing with some other large trousersausage. This babe may have gone from blonde to brunette hair over time but she’s still a major sex pistol, rogering and riding unbending yet again, schmooshing her mammaries into your face and jerking out a big load of skeet for a sexy facial. The female is insatiable and doesn’t that make your day? Thank you for the act, Kandi!

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A Lotta Delotta

A Lotta Delotta

“When I used to dance, Mystery was my stage name,” says Delotta Brown. “You can not at all actually figure out where I’m going or what I’m gonna be doing. What kind of personality I’m intend to have that day. But I used to acquire plenty of questions love, ‘Why Mystery?’ Well, I like leaving smth to the imagination. Leave you wanting more cuz I know you urge more.” It can be said that Delotta dresses to happily flaunt off her marangos and bod. “It depends on my mood and where I’m going,” explains Delotta. “I do not go to a grocery store in a halter top or a indeed tight undergarment. That is not me. I’m a regular T-shirt type of person. But when I go out at night, love for a fine dinner or to a exotic dancing club, I definitely let the cans flow. I don’t shave my snatch. I wax it. I do not usually go completely bald. I adore the low-cut buzz. I don’t love the furry bush. If I can seize my hair with my fingers, it’s likewise lengthy. And my pussy is very pink. It’s all color contrast. Our vaginas look pink cuz our skin is dark. That is why Latin cuties have really pink love tunnels.”

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Tit-Attack: Lisa Lipps

Tit-Attack: Lisa Lipps

Lisa Lipps has been photographed countless times in her renowned career. In majority cases, the photographers can control themselves and just discharge the fotos or the movie scenes. In this case from Tit Attack, Lisa finds that the photographer wants to likewise discharge his semen when he is overcome by her bizarre sexiness and brick-house figure. Lisa is very accommodating and accepts his lewd tit attack. That babe needed a cock-break in any case from all that posing and if the cock-holder is a smooth operator, this babe is game to go. A man’s woman, Lisa loves sports, drinking beer and chicken wings. And that babe bonks and sucks like no’s business, putting Jean through his paces. That stud has to muster all the stamina that charmer can with a woman like this on his hands. “I adore, a gent who has a silly personality, who’s free to be himself, who’s not scared to say inexperienced stuff, who’s not afraid to be stupid, to be goofy, and make me chortle,” says Lisa about the kind of lads that babe loves to spend quality time with. “I love a man who’s meaty. I adore a skirt chaser who’s built. Well kept. Precious teeth. I love a smooth operator who’s in shape, a chap who takes care of himself, somebody who’s independent, someone who doesn’t rely on me emotionally, who can stand on his own two feet.” Inspect Lisa’s astounding banging and cock-blowing skills in Tit Attack, her humongous scones bouncing and jiggling. This is a red-hot scene and a classic go-to movie!

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She’s Got Game!

She's Got Game!

“I do not love to be ignored when I want some wonderful lovin’ from a ladies man,” says Georgia peach, Keita Eden. “One thing that receives on my last nerve is when I wanna bonk and a lad says, ‘Hold on, I am watching the game,’ and doesn’t pay attention to me. That is when I use my HIGH SCORE strategy. I will go and put on his team’s jersey and view the game with him. Little by little, I kick off stroking his dick and in advance of u know it, the T.V. is turned off and I’m getting some good schlong right on the daybed. No one can deny me. I got too much arse and likewise much sass. One thing they can say about me is that Keita Eden always gets her man and scores!”

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Do U Know Passion When U Watch Her?

Do You Know Passion When U Watch Her?

Welcome a recent XL Hotty to rock your day or night. Passion Brooks identified out about through the site itself. The green-eyed redhead boasts a Fourty two inch bustline, made even more astounding by her being merely 4’11” tall. She loves the attention her monumental love melons and curvy body bring her. “I do not have any problems answering any questions people may ask me,” Passion says. “Guys will walk over to me when they see me.” Passion doesn’t always wear a brassiere. “My scoops are charming perky so they’re not always needed. It depends on the kind of top I’m wearing. I usually suit to unveil off my angels by wearing V-necks, low-cut tops or reservoir tops. I’m very proud of them. I decided to become a glamour model cuz of that. I adore taking pix, anywhere, anytime.” We adore a woman who’s vehement about her bod and Excitement is all that.

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