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Sienna’s Southern Comforts

Sienna's Southern Comforts

When Sienna orders room service, what this babe truly urges is wet crack service. She can’t live without seducing virginal bell hops that have no idea what they’re in for. But fur pie service doesn’t just mean licking with tongue and rogering her snatch. It also includes feeding her food. So what’s the connection between Sienna’s throat and love tunnel? “The way to my twat is through my abdomen. The act of eating is like foreplay for me. I wanna make sure that if I am going to shag a lad, that he’s worth my time. I desire someone who’s plan to feed me slowly and with care-not anybody who is plan to half-ass it coz that chap just urges to receive laid. The fellow needs to be as anxious about my joy as he is about his. If you service me, I will reward you with a big tip.”

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Boom-Boom In The VIP Room

Boom-Boom In The VIP Room

There are a scarcely any things u have to know about ultra-stacked golden-haired sex-bomb Alura Jenson from North Las Vegas. A fresh SCORE magazine model (June ’13 SCORE), Alura is a buxom hot dancer with biggest juggs at the world-famous Palomino Lap dancing club, the solely all-nude dancer disrobe club in that city that serves liquor. There, in that palace of pulchritude, Alura struts her enchanting, sexy ram during the time that the patrons watching her sit, sip and grow sufficient wood to stock a furniture warehouse. Alura has been dancing for Mr. Largo here in the SCORE VIP Room and when her stopless set is over, this babe acquires off the little stage and goes crazy-wild on his stiffie on the adjoining daybed. Anything goes in this VIP room. He has hit the jackpot with this bodaciously flirty and cheeky honey. There’s no hotter sofa dance than this. Alura jerks his wang with a experienced hand and blows it with a talented, adept mouth. This dancer indeed likes the jock. That babe squeezes her big tits jointly, his strapon between ’em and copulates it. Alura and Mr. Largo are ready to shag. She climbs on his lap, pushes his longhorn into her fuckin’ gogo dancer love tunnel and rides it like it’s the bucking bronco at a western bar. That’s just the beginning of the ride. Can u handle Alura Jenson? You’ll need all of your strength to keep her pleasured but that babe promises you the thrills of a lifetime. Forget the tip and give her the shaft! Let it ride. Alura’s payoff will be worth it all. It’s no gamble. She is a sure thing.

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Daphne’s Larger than standard Rogering Arse!

Daphne's Bigger in size than average Screwing Booty!

Daphne Rosen is standing outdoors on a balcony, all by her lonesome when this babe pays attention that you’re watching her. “Hey there! I am sure almost all of u out there know me as Daphne Rosen, the adult model with mammoth screwing funbags. I know you love them, but I’ve smth else that tends to acquire ignored and I wanted to share it with you this day,” that babe says with a smile on her face. “It’s my large rogering butt. It is worthy and round and cushioned and I was thinking that maybe I should share it with you today. Maybe I should hike this skirt up a little bit and share it with u today. Ooh, look how it shakes when I lift it up. Check out my big butt in all its magnificence. And as much as I’d like to sit here and play with it all by myself, I was thinking that maybe I should bring a boy out here to aid me with it?” And that is just wish that babe does. She gets her salad tossed and her booty spanked and then it’s time for her tight little chocolate hole to acquire fingered. Then she sucks on this stud’s weenie and gets it good and damp so he can pound her muff from the back. This babe rides cowgirl and then that babe throws that gazoo in the air afresh cause that babe wishes to get pounded and coated in cum. And that’s what this fellow does; this guy glazes her a-hole love a doughnut and Daphne can’t live out of each second.

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Hearty Humping

Hearty Humping

Watch Daphne’s bigger in size than typical whoppers? They didn’t grow on a diet of twigs and berries. She’s a midwestern gal and that babe loves larger than typical, hearty meals with fried chicken, potatoes and corn on the cob. “I’m from Illinois and boyz here love to see beauties with bigger than run of the mill appetites. They receive randy when they see us eat, and we acquire lustful when they view. They know a hotty who can’t live with out to eat a lot, likes to shag a lot. That is certainly true for me. In fact, I even like to eat during the time that I have sex. It gives me the energy to go as unbending and as lengthy as I like.”

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Hearty Humping

Hearty Humping

“Having sex with me is like relishing a three-course meal, so u better have a hearty appetite. My boobs are the hors d’oeuvres, although they of course aren’t bite-sized or miniature. And for me, mouthing your weenie is also an appetizer. It makes me hungry for the main course, and that is your unbending rod in my slit. And the dessert is when I need to lick your cum off my bigger in size than standard mangos.”

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All This And Tits Also

All This And Bazookas Too

Natalie Fiore is one mind blowing female. Voted #18 in the top Twenty of all-time SCORE Gals. And she did it in her own way at her own pace. We feel love we have known Natalie for many years although it’s been merely since 2007 that that babe decided to try modeling.

Natalie’s mambos seem to increase exponentially each time we see her. And every time this babe shakes the digi camera up with an increase in cup size, her popularity rises.

“I used to be a DD. Then an E. Then an F. Now I suppose I’m an H,” Natalie says. “I do not know why they keep growing. They just keep growing. I do not know why. Hormones? Maybe God urges me to have larger than run of the mill meatballs. They’re still firm and straight without a undergarment.”

“I love a dude to worship my love melons,” Natalie has told many times. She has no problem finding worshipers. There are countless numbers of ’em around the world.

Even though Natalie has solely been glamour modeling for five years, that babe is already a rock star in the bigger than run of the mill boob world. Interestingly enough, very scarcely any boys comment about wanting to watch her receive screwed. It could be that they wanna maintain an image of her as a female-dominant and can’t imagine another chap even touching her, just themselves. Kerry Marie and Lorna Morgan likewise have this effect.

Usually when a recent adult model debuts, a bigger in size than standard percentage of the vocal minority writes in about wanting to see her in hardcore act. But not so much with Natalie who is old-school when it comes to getting sexed on digi camera, just like Kerry and Lorna.

“I guess I’m kind of a mystery. I love sex and I am very open about it, but I am selective and I will not jump into ottoman with just any lad who comes along, I don’t care how gracious he is, or rich or everything else. I’ve to wish him, respect him and have to know him at least some. Then, view out!”

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Gent Finder

Stud Finder

We do not know what Penny Porsche is doing those days. If Penny called us and wanted to make some more clip magic, we’d be ready, willing and professional to accommodate her. That babe is a hawt female-dominator with a very big busted body and a jaw-droppin’, mouthwaterin’ bigger in size than run of the mill clit. See Penny sex up the screen in this SCORE Classic.

“I have smaller lips and a larger clitoris than almost any cuties I’ve noticed. It is laughable coz previous to I got into porn, I at not time realized how slight some girls’ clits were and how bigger than average my adore button was, and when I realized how big it was, I was proud of it.”

“I think it’s very important to engulf a guy’s rod the right way. Some lads like to have their dongs stroked a certain way, and other boyz love to have their balls licked, and some boys adore to have their butthole fingered. That makes them cum more while you’re engulfing their 10-Pounder, but other bucks are afraid to have a finger up their wazoo.”

“I’m a squirter. I squirt when I cum. And if you’re fingering me and you get my G-spot with your fingers, that gets me going, or if you engulf my clitoris really unbending and fast and lick it with your tongue, that gets me going, likewise. And when I am on top grinding down whilst your ramrod is permeating me, that really acquires me going. And if you copulate me in the missionary position with my legs all the way back by my head, that gets me going, likewise. I call it the lockdown.”

“Guys will talk to me, but they’re not actually talking to me, they’re talking to my bumpers. I bought this shirt that told, ‘Look at me when you’re talking to my love muffins.’ And I thought that maybe I should wear that shirt more often. It could barely cover my bosoms, and when you are out in public, you cant wear a shirt like that. I wouldn’t wear a shirt like that in public. I adore to dress hawt but sophisticated and spruce. I do not adore to costume horny. Merely in the bedroom for my skirt chaser.”

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Cushioned Curves For Hard Bucks

Soft Curves For Rock hard Men

“I prefer to await. I go on numerous dates to make sure previous to I go all the way. I suppose it is more good when u await. I like a man to kiss me all over my body. I desire him to make me feel adore a queen. I also love it when a chap tastes my cunt. That is the almost any glamorous feeling. That is what makes me climax the fastest. Sometimes, it’s not the actual sex, but the foreplay and the touching in advance of it that makes me feel nice.”

“I titty-fuck the males in my life. I guess that all it takes is about ten minutes, maximum, and then a guy will cum. I can make a stud cum very fast with just my hooters. I do not mind. Sometimes they cannot help it. And sometimes, they urge to watch their cum on my mounds. I let ’em give a decision.”

There’s merely one Micky Bells. She was blessed in the genetic lottery. Acquire comfortable as Micky brandishes how that babe dresses her curvacious, impressive body in a tight corset. Then when the fashion expose is over, Micky lays back stripped on the couch and applies finger fun to her majority succulently lovely woman bits. Can you handle it?

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Redhead With A Ripe Rump!

Redhead With A Mellow Rump!

Melody is a spitfire from California who is not quite likewise hot to handle. That babe said us that she likes public sex, getting her anus rammed full of hard strapon and tonguing vagina. That’s quite a list of can’t live without, right? She’s an ex-dancer turned porno star which means that she’s supple and also that her gazoo is firm and willing to be filled. But don’t take our word for it. Just take a lengthy, subrigid observe that pleasing sugar seat she’s packin’ in those tight trousers. She does a number on this stunt shlong, bending over and demanding that her taut chocolate hole receive stuffed. And by the time she’s done, his baby batter is splattered all over her white buttocks.

Watch More of Melody Jordan at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!

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For Titties The Bells Toll

For Milk shakes The Bells Toll

That face. That body. That bust. How favourable can breast-men get that Micky Bells decided to display the world her luscious stuff? The mirror does not fib. U do not identify girls sweeter than Micky. She’s the girl-next-door but only in personality ‘coz diminutive in number girls-next-door are brawny love her. Trust us!

“I like a petticoat chaser to kiss me all over my body,” Micky says about how this babe urges a stud to treat her. “I desire him to make me feel like a queen. I also adore it when a stud tastes my snatch. That’s the almost all priceless feeling. That’s what makes me climax the fastest. Sometimes, it’s not the actual sex, but the foreplay and the touching in advance of it that makes me feel good.”

Mickey starts exposed below her robe and puts on a bustier and knickers. That babe kills it! If we owned a under garment and lingerie factory, we’d hire Micky as a adult model to promote our line to huge-boobed angels. But we don’t so you’ll have to settle for her naked!

“Usually I buy bras online because they have more sizes. I shop at and I can not at all identify my size in a store. I like colorful bras. I like bras that fit me well and give me tons of support cuz my pointer sisters are enormous. I like ’em to fit and not make my bra buddies come out of the top of the bra. I also love to buy hot lingerie and garters and straps.”

Micky Bells. Does this babe actually exist or is this babe a hallucination to nipple-obsessed eyes?

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Greased for fuckin’

Greased for fuckin'

Welcome back, Kiki…
“Thanks, it is fine to be back. I’m an exhibitionist, so it makes me feel hawt to
expose off my body in BootyLicious.”

What’s up with all that oil? What are you getting greased up for?
“You know I am oiling up this bulky gazoo for some rogering, avoid playing! [Laughs.] Anyway, sex is more valuable when it is all slippery and slick. And oil makes my butt look awesome. I use cocoa butter oil on my gazoo each single day to keep my cheeks worthwhile and squishy. But when I use it, my wet crack gets juicy, so I end up masturbating.”

How many times a day do u play with yourself, Kiki?
“I try to cum 3 to four times, but I always cum at least once. I adore to play with myself.
If I could make myself cum all day, I would.”

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