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Roxanne Racks Up

Roxanne Racks Up

Fresh off her Student Bodies photo-spread and video with Lavina Dream and a trickling ice cock juice cone (and what a Dream Team that was), Roxanne Miller now invites u to discharge a game of pool. There’s no way you can keep your eye on the ball. The brunette’s hawt rack is what you’ll be spending quality eye-time on.

“I have been adult modeling for a not many years now,” Roxanne told. “I thought my photo on the cover of Voluptuous magazine was gripping but being invited to the Dominican Republic and meeting Lavina, Jennica Lynn and Vanessa from Poland was gripping likewise. I had at no time been to the Dominican Republic before and it was like a fairytale. This was adore a holiday to me.”

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Voluptuous Xtra 9

Voluptuous Xtra 9

Pleasure Fun bags pulls off the housewife look during the time that she’s pulling off Anthony’s mouth gagger in this scene from the DVD Voluptuous Xtra 9. When Enjoyment was active in the 1st part of the ’00s, several TSG editors were captivated with her, constantly mumbling her name. Joy was a regular back then, a Florida local who fit the look of the Voluptuous/XLGirl and an all-around girl-next-door with colossal, tan-lined wobblers. That was her trademark, tan-lines. This babe sucked and drilled some mighty larger than average ramburgers during her tenure.

Joy doesn’t usually suck on her own nipps but this babe did it upon request. “Not normally. When I masturbate, I do,” Joy said. “I usually masturbate maybe each other day. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I wanna masturbate each day. I have tried with my fingers but I can’t come. I have one of these high-powered marital-aids that plug into the wall. It works very well! I also have a pocket rocket that I keep in my car and sometimes if I’m stuck in the drive-thru at the bank, I’ll use it.”

Joy can’t live with out getting spanked. She loves getting her hair pulled, especially when she is on her hands and knees taking the beef pickle doggy position. That babe can’t live without gentle orall-service and piston-style fucking by bigger than run of the mill, rock-hard pricks. Pleasure is especially skilled at ball mouthing and penis engulfing with her marangos wedging a rod.

Anthony takes it fairly effortless on Enjoyment. He’s not his usual maniacal, sweating self. He does give Joy a steady cramming and a load of spritz on her wobblers.

We do not know what Pleasure is up to those days. Probably married and working. All said, Fun was featured in nine TSG magazines and four DVDs plus a compilation DVD of just tit-fucking, Big Gal Boob A team fuck. A fine resume.

Watch More of Fun Melons at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

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Good Angel Gone Bad Gal

Good Goddess Gone Bad Girl

Look for Lavina Dream on the cover of May 2014 XLGirls magazine. She is every inch the fantasy cover beauty. The readers will go nuts over her. After sharing the like, and a rapidly melting ice sperm cone, with Roxanne Miller, Lavina is back in a episode and photo widen that change her from a valuable hotty to a hot cutie clothed to bring out her horny side. That is a bigger in size than run of the mill transformation for a vixen who’s basically a coyness gal. Lavina’s larger than typical fullsome funbags did not start to develop until that babe was 16. “I was so quiet when I was a kid. I’d solely go to school and come back home. I would have not at any time thought I could flaunt my body off.” That was then and this is now!

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Lookin’ For Freedom

Lookin' For Freedom

If you are lookin’ for freedom, look no further than our latest bad white ravishing heart Shanna Ryun. This babe is got it tatted right above her kewl vanilla can, and being the ass-lovers that we are, we always knew we felt the most free bangin’ bad bitches from the back.

Shanna knows exactly what the combination of her curves and thick ‘donk does to lads like us.

“I just urge someone to come and screw me,” this babe says laid out on her couch. “Anybody. Just come and receive it. I wish him.”

The favourable chap she chose is our boy, Enzo. And that Lothario knows just what to do with a thick white sweetheart hoping to be filled with penis. Shanna doesn’t waste any time gettin’ down and slobbing on Enzo’s jock when he pulls it out of his pants. This is a honey bunny that deep face holes with the best of ’em, and that babe is showing off her skills here.

Enzo returns the favor by smashing Shanna from the back in advance of he stuffs his humongous dick in her taut arse. After hittin’ it from the back, Enzo pulls his pecker out and jizzes all over her cool wazoo and onto her tat.

Yes, our boy definitely identified freedom.

Watch More of Shanna Ryun at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!

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Breast of Tit-Fucking 1

Breast of Tit-Fucking 1

Tit-fucking. Boob-banging. Paizuri (Japanese term). Russian sex. French-fuck. Tit-wank. Mammary intercourse… the many names for inserting your hardon between the super pointer sisters of a cutie and rogering her cleavage, either to explosion or as a prelude to fucking her slit.

The positions are many: goddess kneeling; on her back; laying on top of you; on her back with her head pointing in your direction. The latter allows her to engulf your balls while u tit-fuck her. Some studs like to rub their jock on a girl’s nipps and scoops. Interestingly sufficient, some ass-lovers have joy butt-cheek banging, too as non-penetrative as tit-fucking.

XLGirls has pulled jointly four hawt ladies well-versed in the art of tit-fucking: Nikki Smith, Charlie Cooper, Zeta Verrone and Delilah Dark.

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Voluptuous Xtra 9

Voluptuous Xtra 9

Male porn performers come in two different varieties. The mechanics who come in, screw the cutie routinely like a piece of meat (and this babe could be any hotty of any age with any kind of body) and leave. Even if the cutie has some particular asset, such as the greater than typical fullsome funbags of our niche, they may spend a minute on them listlessly and move on to getting a blow job. These are the chaps who often equate fucking on-camera with a pay check.

Then there are the dudes who are vehement and super-horny about scones and have pleasure immense breasted beauties. They spend time sucking and exploring the girl’s melons previous to they receive into the blow jobs and screwing. And there’s nothing that says “I worship large tits” than blowing your load on a bigger than average pair.

When it comes to Big-Boob angels, they need a boy screwing ’em who indeed is insane about greater than run of the mill bouncy bosoms or the scene becomes a generic porn movie. In other words, the beauty doesn’t need big fullsome funbags.

When Robert (who picked up the nickname Mr. Trousersnake from his role in the SCORE episode Big boobed Euro Maids) was brought in to screw the hawt Czech bra-buster Bozena, that stud had that bizarre longing for her wobblers. That’s obvious from the 1st few seconds in this clip from the DVD Voluptuous Xtra 9.

In the opener, that stud is comparing Bozena’s love bubbles to some girl’s wobblers in a TSG magazine this skirt chaser is looking at. That fellow has to see Bozena’s mambos and his erotic aggression builds until he’s got Bozena nude and is straddling her chest, his strapon sliding between the brunette’s heavy, natural jugs. In fact, there is at least 3 different times in this episode when this lady-killer is screwing Bozena’s bra buddies, not just once like he is following some formula.

Bozena is a very quiet lady, and adore many girls in porn, this babe is resigned, and resigned to his directions and instructs. (There are noticeable exceptions in the busty world such as super-aggressive Kianna Dior and Daylene Rio.) He’s verbal and sexually bossy whilst Bozena is cheerful to follow his lead. This babe needs and urges to be controlled and Mr. Trousersnake is worthy at dominant her physically and verbally.

When that dude bonks the shit without Bozena on the floor, his craving to sexually dominate and own her is anything but mechanical. And with a body love Bozena’s below you, tit males will detect with this one-track lust.

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Returning With Bigger Zeppelins!

Returning With Larger Fullsome funbags!

Can it be? Is it true? Have Natalie Fiore’s already titanic bosoms grown yet afresh?

Yes, it’s true so prepare to be blown away by the sheer size, weight and shape of Miss Fiore’s sweater missiles. It may take a small in number minutes for the brain to settle down after seeing the 1st hardly any pix in Natalie’s widen. This babe is totally destroying a cardigan. Why the buttons did not pop off and hit the camera lens is unknown. Top quality sewing, no doubt.

Merely calling those wonders “big boobs” is an insult. Those are humongous love muffins. Gigantic gazongas. Measuring her melons on-camera, we now learn that they round out at 52-inches although they look much bigger in size. Natalie is only 5’4″ so proportionally Natalie is merely 12 inches taller that her current bust measurement.

When we last photographed Natalie, that babe was in Mexico with Micky Bells, Hitomi, Jenna Valentine and Leanne Crow for On Location Puerto Vallarta. Here, Natalie is back in Europe where TSG photographed her in 2009.

As friendly and as interactive as ever, Natalie fills this photo widen and video with striptease, measuring, boob-play, oiling and more in her special, delicious and hospitable style that has helped to make her a sensation since 1st bare modeling for TSG in 2006. That babe was #18 in SCORELAND’s “20 For 20” contest in 2012. This contest was about the 20 highest adult models in our history as voted by members and mag readers. “Imagine what’s plan to happen if we photograph Natalie 2 years from now!” editor Dave wrote at that time.

That time is now and now u can watch what’s happened.

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Bottle Of The Tits

Bottle Of The Bra-Busters

Who does our XLGirls photographer see sharing a quiet moment together? None other than dreamgirls Lavina Dream and Roxanne Miller, no longer overspread in ice man cream or wearing hawt coed costumes. 2 fetching angels who merit to be kissed all over. Just drooping out and appreciating the afternoon in tropical splendor. It’s not a job. It is a vacation.

His filthy mind wishes to know who can deep face hole the deepest of the 2. An experiment with a bottle is planned. And then this fellow craves to see the beauties swap bras and see how they fit. Yep, it’s a tough job but somebody has to do it!

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Yazmina Receives What She Urges

Yazmina Receives What That babe Wants

When you are a bad Lalin girl honey love Yazmina Melendez, any activity should be treated as foreplay–even a amiable game of Twister. This isn’t surprising, though. Yazmina says she always receives what she wants.

“I like to bonk as often as possible,” that babe said. “I need a good, chubby pecker as often as possible. But no thing acquires me off faster than getting some admirable head.”

Yazmina gets herself off 1st by giving our chap Carlos a face-full of her bawdy cleft. He gleefully laps up her pussy’s juices before she hops on his rock-hard penis, and begins to twist and twerk her ‘donk until this chab is just about willing to cum.

“I love bouncing my a-hole,” Yazmina said. “I like to do it at the club, but I prefer to do it on a knob. Those haunches and booty were made to receive smashed!”

Carlos knows all about thighs and gazoo athletic to smash. He flips Yazmina over and bangs her out from the back, then drops a heavy load of man cream on her cool Lalin girl ‘donk.

A Latina always receives what this babe craves.

Watch More of Yazmina Melendez at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!

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Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire

Wanna play with Voluptuous beginner Scarlet LaVey? Lad, you’re playing with fire if you do. You could get burned cuz Miss LaVey’s mammoth mammaries and her worthy, round tail are hot! Here’s the substantiation in a fresh SCOREVideos scene. Scarlet LaVey is a super-sex goddess and yet she’s so young, only a mere 21-years-old and a welcome fresh addition to V-mag as well as SCORELAND.

Even that bad girl outfit Scarlet’s barely wearing looks dangerous. Scarlet beckons Tyler forward love the tit-queen she’s. Her pert areolas demand fingering and tongueing. The dark-skinned brown dish lays back and opens her sexy legs wide. This babe has no knickers on and her hairless sex-box awaits a finger-banging.

Her legs still scissored open wide so we can see her pink, slick wet crack, Scarlet sucks on Tyler’s shaft to the hilt. Scarlet can deep-throat greater than average shlong and acquires it all in her mouth. This gent rubs his schlong on her greater than standard knockers then returns it to her warm throat for more sloppy, slurpy and noisy cock-smoking.

These fullsome funbags must be banged. Tyler does the right thing by screwing ’em, feeding Scarlet the tip of his shlong when it approaches her gracious face. Had that ladies man not buried his dick insider her deep cleavage, there would be public protests to rival the situation in Kiev, Ukraine.

And now it is time to fuck this glamorous youthful female. Tyler opens Scarlet’s stocking-covered legs wider and slips his stiffie, lubed by her mouth, into her tight, agreeable twat.

When you copulate Scarlet LaVey, you are screwing with fire!

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Pupil Bodies

Student Bodies

2 hot schoolgirls. Dressed in sexy schoolgirl outfits. Studying jointly. But not for long. Roxanne Miller and Lavina Dream are a fantasy team with big bra-busters. But there’s a problem.

Roxanne, the nasty one wearing the red tie, is bored and restless. This babe doesn’t wanna read and write her essay. Lavina, the proper student wearing the dark tie, urges Roxanne to entire her assignment. Roxanne doesn’t urge to. This babe faces the issues that many youthful and stacked woman students face. That babe is horny and bored and this babe craves to cum, cum, cum.

Roxanne leaves the room and returns with a mammoth ice spunk cone. That babe offers it to Lavina. They share it, tongueing it jointly, pink tongues flicking out to taste the cold sperm… smack the sweetness. From reading some dry book and writing notes to kissing and tongueing moist lips and long tongues… all of a sudden boredom has given way to amorous want.

Roxanne the instigator, the trouble-maker, wipes the cone on Lavina’s biggest and glamorous bazookas. That babe leans forward to lick it off, tasting Lavina’s full mammaries. They kiss some more. Lavina repays the favour by taking the cone and wiping ice cock juice on Roxanne’s delicious knockers, then licking the melting sweetness off too.

Both cuties are becoming sexy messes. Hot messes of cold ice jizz. And then their little briefs come off so they can cum. No more books for the rest of the day.

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