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Picture Consummate

Picture Perfect

It is been nearly a year since Suzumi Wilder launched at XLGirls to spread her brand of joy and it is been stiff-city ever since she first dropped her brassiere. The young coed and gamer cutie from South Carolina has brought a recent outfit to wear for her scene with JMac.

When this chab unveils, this chab is got to take some cell phone shots of this hawt ravisher 1st previous to she takes it all off and jumps his bones. All golden-haired, pink and creamy-skinned, Suzumi is a downy, plump, wet-dream doll. But that babe is real, unbelievably real!

“I love being screwed unyielding during the time that having my love button played with or using a sex-toy on my clit,” says Suzumi. “I adore sex as often as possible. Maybe one to 3 times a day when I have a husband. Doggie is the foremost position.”

And foreplay? Or is Suzumi the kind of hotty who likes to receive right to the act? “I adore it when a boy eats me out or sucks my nipps. I like carnal foreplay with a lot of kissing and touching.”

Sounds like Suzumi needs to rent a spare room at her place to a porn lady-killer and keep him on call 24/7!

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Ready For Stuffing

Ready For Stuffing

If you’re a SCORELAND member, you know this ravisher. Juliana Sims is a florist. One of our roaming glamour model finders saw Juliana and knew she would be a great model for The SCORE Group. He approached her and spoken about our pursue for big-busted models and asked her if that babe had ever thought of pro glamour modeling. It could have gone either way. She could have hit him with a flower pot but Juliana was interested and asked him for more details, then checked out our big-bust sites and

“I always wear dresses and shirts that flaunt how precious and big my titties are,” says Juliana, who is blessed with magnificant pantoons and a gracious body. “I think all men adore large boobies. It’s normal.”

“I adore to try recent things. Glamour modeling is smth I wanted to try. When your finder introduced himself and said I would be a great adult model, I saw this as an unexpected opportunity that I should take advantage of.”

And we’re pleased Juliana accepted.

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Ebony & Ivory XXX

Ebony & Ivory XXX

Autumn-Jade and Sierra. Two particular girls with home-grown larger than standard bazookas. They met at the SCORE studio for a sexy and breast-packed girl-girl scene

Sierra was not known for girl-girl sex–she was known for draining porn studs–but this babe proved she had a definite yen for pink love tunnel.

One as well as the other girls have very similar breasts–Autumn’s were bigger by a cup–so to watch them squishing and squeezing their world-class jugs together is instant hard-on time for any smooth operator (or woman) who gets off watching the fondling, groping and sucking of lady flesh. Autumn is posing for Sierra’s camera and that acquires them thinking about sex. With every other.

They pour greasy oil over their bigger in size than typical juggs in advance of a massage and boob screwing. They enjoyment every other’s vaginas and assholes, applying liberal amounts of Wett lube to their holes. They rub their thick nips against their clits. Autumn copulates Sierra’s butt with plastic anal beads, pulling on the end with her teeth. Sierra sucks Autumn’s clitoris whilst Autumn sticks a finger up her own a-hole. They share a large toy, one end in every girl’s muff. Just 2 nice hotties having beauty pleasure, their astronomical love bubbles swinging adore eager.

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Denise Davies Jackumentary

Denise Davies Jackumentary

British boobstar Denise Davies gets the spotlight in a Jackumentary overview of her discharges at TSG in one as well as the other Britain and the States, including her preggo shoots.

“My nipples always go hard. Always. I always play with my hooters and masturbate. It’s enjoyment. It’s almost more astounding than full-on sex sometimes. I mean, sometimes I’ll be at home alone, and I’ll just start playing with my mellons and engulfing on them. That is why I can survive with out guys, you see, cuz I can play with my own whoppers. I can push dildos up me, too. I definitely prefer a real ramrod, but if one’s not available, I can make do with a sex tool. I can acquire on all fours, put a sex toy in my slit and clench my pussy muscles so they’ll just hold it there for, adore, two minutes. I’ve very meaty bawdy cleft muscles.”

Denise and her extraordinarily humongous bosoms continue to acquire a lot of attention. “My areolae are five inches. Somebody once measured ’em for me. An dilettante photographer did it. And they weigh 10 pounds every.”

Denise talks about fun bags, orgasms, knobs and sex in a nonchalant and natural way and that makes what she says even hornier. That babe even said she has a dirtier mind than majority lads.

“I’ve at not time had a bloke go away complaining. I love doing wicked things with my bigger in size than standard mounds. Mouthing on ’em. Biting them. Wrapping ’em around a big dick. Making a 10-Pounder cum all over ’em. Just about whatever you want to do to them, I am worthwhile with it.”

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Burger & Boob Joint

Burger & Boob Joint

Lester and Karl have hit the local burger joint. Lester has heard that the waitresses at this place are precious, foxy, full-bodied and enjoyment. And he heard right. Porsche Dali is one of these merry, pleased and bouncy burger chicks and that babe serves to please. U cant always have it your way but here you can. Just what a lad craves and needs.

The bucks are suddenly not interested in their food when giggly and chatty Porsche bows over and her extra-big hooters poke out from beneath her pink uniform. They’re now more interested in seeing more of her stupendous mellons so Porsche gives ’em what they want. That is customer service! The utmost!

Porsche keeps bouncing and jiggling when this babe talks about the bigger than standard game the other day. Did the boyz see her on TV? The more amorous this babe acquires, the more of her uniform comes off until she’s down to her cap and shoes. This babe indeed merits a great greater than average tip and we do not mean specie.

Porsche continues to give ’em, and u, the finest damn service ever seen in a fast-food place, much more priceless than the competition down the block. Do u know a burger joint where the waitresses play with their larger than average bazookas and juicy twats at the counter? Didn’t think so!

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The British Titter

The British Titter

Glamourous Ellie Roe from Essex has that particular talent in making the movie scene viewer feel as if that babe is talking directly to him. That babe engages you. That babe speaks to you. That babe pulls u in. She’s your virtual hot date.

“If a angel has fine funbags, this babe should unveil them,” says Ellie in her breathy, sexual voice. If merely more angels felt that way. Ellie is the 1st British model XL Girls has filmed since Gina George.

“Do I have any special talents? If that involves my bra-busters, I can take up with the tongue one as well as the other of my nipps at the same time. Does that count?”

It sure does. That is a definite talent in our world.

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Fudgepackin’ With Claire Dames

Fudgepackin' With Claire Dames

Very few girls ride with dong in their assholes love Claire Dames rides with dick in her ass. This scene is in the DVD Big Tit P.O.V. Anal. Claire is upset cuz she is been denied admission to her partiality of high-school. She’s complaining to u, a clerk, about her rejection but you cant take your eyes off her dunky, tight top wrapped over big, soaked jugs. U keep telling her you can not help her. Who in his right mind would say no to this beauty about anything? A homosexual woman chaser?

Claire’s a gal who will not take no for an answer and she’s pleased to use her body to accomplish her goal. This babe receives on your desk and plays her little game, but when this babe strokes your junk, this babe wins. You feel her big squashy wobblers. You will acquire fired if anyone sees you but you can not assist it.

You get on your desk, penis out so Claire can spit on it, then tit-fuck it. And whilst your strapon is getting the full treatment, Claire is staring at u, talking man-pleasing foul, the sex talk pouring with out her face hole. You’d better receive your wang in her cookie fast previous to anybody walks in. She rides your 10-Pounder, then this babe acquires on the desk whilst you stand and pound her twat. Her rectal hole is what u actually urge. She’ll be admitted one time you have fucked that ass.

“Told you I was smart,” says Claire. Usually u explode on the big bouncy bosoms of a hot beauty but after that butt-banger, u make a decision to douse her buttocks with a hot lava load instead.

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Home Office Romp

Home Office Romp

These high-powered executives and politicians and their high-powered workloads? It’s all bullshit. The only workload they actually think all day long about is the load they’re going to discharge on their hot assistants and interns. Take this guy, for example. That dude is trying to seal a deal but he’s distracted by cute Kitty, his head of personnel. She is plan to expose him why that babe is head of personnel by giving him head while he’s on long distance. His business talk shuts down quickly so this ladies man can acquire down to real business and bonk her on his executive daybed and that babe can jerk him off all over her big scones. This is how it works in the real world of the wheelers and dealers.

“I’m single,” says cam-girl and ukulele player Kitty McPherson from groovy Portland. “But if I had a lad, I would give him blow jobs all the time and cook him breakfast. This man would copulate me coarse and sweet the way I adore it and cook me dinner.”

“The majority worthy compliment I have ever received was during the 1st time I ever shot with SCORE Group and I was sucking some nutty knob and I looked up at the camera and the digi camera lad gave me a thumbs up. Hands down, the superlatively wonderful feeling in the world.”

“The worst compliments are along the lines of ‘I adore a woman with meat on her bones; no one urges to copulate a twig; real women have curves.’ When somebody says that, they’re objectifying all sweethearts and they’re not making me feel worthwhile, which is what a real compliment is supposed to do. I won’t say ‘thank you’ to that. I adore my body and myself and that’s all that matters to me.”

When it comes to encounter boyz at parties or wherever, Kitty says this babe is “super-introverted and I do not even go to parties. But I would probably ask a friend to go up to a stud I identified handsome and tell him to come over and talk to me.”

Watch More of Kitty McPherson at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Ellie’s Undergarment Unveil

Ellie's Under garment Show

Marvelous Ellie Roe was always the bustiest angel in school. Now that babe is enjoying 36F-cups and so are we. Ellie said she was a D-cupper when that babe was 13. She’s used to attention ‘coz of her bigger than typical fullsome funbags and expects it at this point.

“There’s no thing I can indeed do to cover them,” Ellie says. “Even when I wear T-shirts, u can tell I have big mangos. I receive looks from both chaps and hotty’s. It’s indeed more odd if people do not look at my billibongs. It feels love smth is off if u do not look.”

Ellie tries on hooter holsters in this undergarment reveal. There’s no shortage of volunteers willing to lend her a hand when it comes to trying on bras. Or everything else Ellie does.

Moreover trying on bras, Ellie tape-measures her bod and even plays with her big melons and wet snatch. That babe can’t live out of to cum or, as the British say, “arrive.”

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Large Cuban Ass

Big Cuban Ass

Down here in Miami, the Cubans have a saying: Culo Grande. It means “big gazoo.” Gentlemen, Samantha Bell definitely has a culo grande.

In this scene, Samantha wants to play with some balls. She shakes her butt up to a pool table where Rocky is already shooting a game. This chab offers her the cue. Then this chap suggests her a lesson in how to hold the stick. Then pulls her panty between her big buns and slams three fingers into her pink fur pie. As she grabs his 10-Pounder, that babe is shaking her jelly-ass and making it ripple. Soon enough, Rocky has his cock buried in her vagina, making her cappuccino-colored booty quake with every thrust.

Rocky was in such a hurry to get inside of Samantha, that smooth operator did not even bother taking off her pink strap until halfway throughout their epic fuckfest. When that babe does lastly lose ’em, it is only so that she doesn’t get any hawt cum on ’em.

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Breasty Asian Trade Agreement

Busty Oriental Trade Agreement

Jasmin was a big busted Oriental private dancer. One of those strippers who will go to your bachelor party or place to shake her boobies and butt. Her background is Vietnamese. At the time, this babe lived about 2 hours away from SCORE.

“I need a beefy woman chaser to guide me along and take charge,” 36-24-36 Jasmin said your editors. “I like a woman chaser with a precious gazoo. Sexually I’m charming vanilla. No far-out fetishes or potty practices. A hardon in my cum-hole and mouth do it for me. I meet lots of guys ‘cuz I’m a dancer so I get hit on a lot. The worst pick-up anybody ever said to me was ‘You look adore my sister.’ That lady-killer was not even Asian!

“I love sex. I could do it three or four times a day. I would say I’m sexually passive for the most part. My favorite position is doggie. Doing private dances and bachelor parties receives me sexy. The boyz are staring at me as I am dancing and I can see in their eyes how bad they wanna bonk me. That excites me. So when I receive home after a display I need to have sex and cum hard. I likewise love playing with toys during the time that my spouse watches. That receives him going so that fellow can give it to me nice.”

Jasmin visited SCORE to flaunt us exactly what this babe loves to do to receive herself and a chap. We do not know if Jasmin is still outcall-stripping this day but we’d guess no. As for rogering, she’s probably even hotter now.

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