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The Little Tugger That Could

The Little Tugger That Could

You know what? We are going to give it up for hotties for a second. Sweethearts deserve some praise for a scarcely any things and we are going to give it to ’em. 1st of all, women merit some props for loving shlong. Coz they adore it fine, gent. Secondly, hotty’s need to acquire some acknowledgment for being efficient ‘cuz they indeed do work the penis with a sense of urgency and timeliness that merits some respect. Take a observe our big busted gal pal Carly. When presented with the opportunity to seize this dude’s jock and balls and work them until he nuts, she is all gun-ho. She doesn’t ask questions, that babe doesn’t make demands, this babe just acquires down to business and twerks that shit until it spews baby batter all over her. That deserves some kind of expose of appreciation. Until we can receive her a plaque or something that says, CARLY: THE LITTLE TUGGER THAT COULD, this babe will have to settle for a pair of hot loads as her reward. We do not think she minds.

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Deep-cleavage lady

Deep-cleavage woman

A Recent York City lady, Janessa Loren learned about SCORE from a photographer this babe knows. Familiar with the publisher of SCORE and Voluptuous magazines and our reputation for being “#1 in Big Mambos,” that fellow looked at Janessa’s rack and knew she was right for us, so he referred her. I was very cheerful when that babe was accepted.

“I indeed know a photographer in New York who does plenty of art but likewise lots of erotica,” Janessa said. “It’s all very tasteful ram. He had sent angels to u before and he talked to me about it and said you boyz are the almost any wondrous.”

Janessa has no problems attracting bucks who love large bosoms.

“Most of these boys are boob boys,” Janessa explained. “They don’t need directions or introductions. I do not need to tell ’em to play with my milk shakes or engulf ’em. They just do it! I’ve been tit-fucked. Hardly any times, but boys adore to play around with them, and if a buck wants to put his strapon between my bosoms, that’s wonderful with me. It’s fun! Oh, no, I’m definitely not a tit-fuck virgin.”

I did not think so.

If Janessa was my girlfriend I’d be banging her milk sacks every single day and not for merely one minute. Unfortunately, I’m not her boyfriend.

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American Boob Idol

American Boob Idol

Rachel Raxxx is auditioning for a singing role in record exec Jimmy Dix’s next show. Rachel is Eighteen years old, handsome, pleasant and cushioned with an unbelievably Big-Boob body. That babe has it all. Dix is icy, a stiff critic and likewise a rod. This chap listens to Rachel sing and is not interested.

Rachel doesn’t give up easily. This babe takes off her baggy top and reveals him her remarkable teenage 30JJ rack in a taut suit. This man doesn’t budge. Maybe this man needs extra-special pressure from Rachel to get him to bend. That babe comes to a conclusion to turn on the heat and fry his shorts.

A hotty who likes jet skiing, plan to poetry slams and wonderful restaurants, Rachel didn’t mention that that babe sings. That babe does in the video of this scene and this babe has a very priceless voice. (A goddess hasn’t sang at SCORELAND since Gal Wicky initially debuted.)

“I love my bra buddies to be sucked on,” Rachel told. “I relish mouthing balls and having my neck and inner thighs kissed. My favourite position is 69.”

Has Rachel observed her previous movies?

“Yes, alone. It is been a great eye-opener.”

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Happy Sixty minutes

Happy Hour

Curvacious cocktail server Goddess DeLuca has the sad task of telling u it is last call at the lounge. Now if u think you are done giving Angel a complete body scan with your eyes, you’re mistaken. This babe is off the clock now and this babe is gonna stick around and make sure that babe gives u a boner.

XLGirls: Cutie, do you do household chores, adore cleaning, topless or nude?

Angel: I adore to vacuum in a taut, low-cut costume with six inch stilettos.

XLGirls: Good. What superpower would u love to have for one day?

Angel: I would wanna have Phoenix/Jean Grey’s powers from X-Men.

XLGirls: Are you called by any pet names?

Angel: Usually it is “Open bobs BB” but I also acquire called Girl when they initiate looking at my face.

XLGirls: For editorial clarity, “Open bobs BB” is what some bucks from non-English speaking countries will sort when they’re chatting with a cam beauty. On the subject of “Show your milk shakes, baby,” have your wobblers ever fallen out of your top in public?

Angel: Once my wife’s tit popped out during a Las Vegas dinner convention with Chaturbate. Does that count?

XLGirls: Not truly. During a volleyball game on the beach was what we had in mind.

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High-Energy Hottie

High-Energy Hottie

Slovakian babe Patty Michova initially appeared in 2013. We’ve seen her wipe out 2 boys in three-somes, leaving porn bucks fatigued in her wake. That babe takes pride in that talent. Now Patty’s back for more after an absence of just over 2 years, looking as trim and sexy as that babe did in the starting.

“I’m cheerful to be back at SCORE…the pics and the videos come out great and I enjoyed seeing myself in the mag,” explained Patty. She speaks little English but she’s fluent in German (that babe lives in Austria) and our interpreter speaks Slovak. All of the photographers have said us Patty’s a doll and down-to-earth.

“I actually have enjoyment what I do. This is fun and enjoyment to me. I’m treated well, I must travel all over Europe, I have the foremost, always different sex experiences and I’m compensated well. Work, to me, is the unyielding, boring labors of a factory cutie or a shop hotty who does the same thing every day all week and goes home tired. I urge to say I have been very lucky.”

Next up: Patty models a hot suit for a ass call. That babe doesn’t stay clothed for lengthy.

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Chloe And Hottie Moon

Chloe And Vixen Moon

Back in 1995, Chloe was discovering herself. Throughout her university classes, Chloe was studying Eastern philosophy, holistic medicine and new age philosophies. Pleasing heart Moons was living ’em. A San Francisco goddess, Sweetheart Moons was boob-deep into the retro-60’s movement. Hummus was her food of choice, this babe was into wicka and all of that white witch stuff, dressed like a flower child, talked adore one and lived her life love one. Entire strangers previous to this glamour photoshoot, Hotty and Chloe were talking up a storm right before they went at it. Chloe was completely engrossed in Playgirl Moons’ lifestyle, wanting to hear anything about her. This enthusiasm carried over into their photo shoot. Honey bunny is still active in adult entertainment in various ways although we’ve not heard from her in years. From what we have been said, she is gained lots of weight, so we can imagine that her milk cans must be heavy.

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Feelin’ Envy

Feelin' Envy

Envy could make anyone envious of her full butt and her miniature waist. But she prefers to make people amorous, instead. When this babe spies the gardener checking her out whilst that babe dresses, this babe puts on a unveil for him and then lets him into her bedroom, her twat and then her snug arse tunnel…in that command. And you’d be hard-pressed to decide who can’t live with out the ass-drilling more, Envy or her gardener, ‘coz she pounds her puckered aperture up and down on his schlong like a champ! At one point, that babe claims that anal even makes her wazoo grow! Hey, we are not gonna argue with that.

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Pin-Up Doll

Pin-Up Doll

It’s pin-up time for Trinety Guess in photos inspired by classic pin-up calendars and playing cards but updated and much hotter than pin-ups could have been back in the day. The only accessory is an electric wand to give cum-show doll Trinety some worthwhile vibes.

Trinety is one of the rare angels to shoot a episode of herself watching herself get fucked by JMac and masturbate whilst watching herself engulf and ride his knob. (That hardcore scene is called “Ready To Play.”)

A girl-next-door who got into webcamming and made it a full-time gig, Trinety can’t live without to suit casual. Jeans, a tank-top and flip-flops and she’s good to go. “Pizza on the beach at sunset,” is Trinety’s idea of a nice time.

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Hitomi is the sexy waitress

Hitomi is the hot waitress

Hitomi as a hot waitress is a pretty fine fantasy. Waitresses are great ‘cuz they often display cleavage and they often bend over. A lot of them know that bigger than typical bumpers means large tips, so they do not try to hide anything.

Latterly, a bunch of us at SCORE went to the local Love muffins for lunch. As almost any of u know, Zeppelins is a misnomer because the waitresses there hardly ever have bigger in size than standard bouncy bosoms. But today was an exception. Our waitress, a shapely Latin chick with a fine wazoo, had, by Elliot’s estimation, E-cups. We tipped her well, certainly.

And there was some other waitress who wasn’t ours but should’ve been ‘coz her rack was stupendous. I’d say J-cup naturals, at least, and this babe was actually showing ’em off through her sheer, white top and low-cut undergarment. She was also showing off her butt, but her rack was the star attraction. I’m thinking about going back just to see her bouncy bosoms one time more.

I would love to have a waitress love Hitomi. Me and a bunch of people from SCORE went to dinner with her once. Hitomi, a meat paramour, not surprisingly, ordered a steak, and I wrote on the Blog, “I kept envisaging for her to leak steak juice onto her chest.”

It didn’t happen, but in this movie Hitomi, spills some sauce on her fun bags and licks it off. Ah, a chap can dream, and this is where fantasies come true.

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The Best Hookers Are Big breasted Hookers

The Ultimate Hookers Are Big boobed Hookers

For one American businessman working in Prague, relief is merely a phone call away. Who flaunts up at his hotel room but superstacked Terry Nova, a playgirl with a rack that other chicks would kill to have. Terry’s English is nearly non-existent but she does know the word “money,” the universal language of like. No translation is needed. Terry has opened so many men’s belts, she could work for a raiment store. That babe loosens her new friend Eric’s trousers and pulls his wang out to engulf. If u have viewed Terry Nova suck a charmer off before, then u know this babe is no shortchanging headsucker. Miss Nova sucks to the root of the cock, taking the shaft all the way down the hatch. His wife doesn’t do this kind of shit at home and that is what gals like Terry are for. This movie scene doesn’t answer the question of why boyz keep their trousers on when they receive a oral in a European country nor will it attempt to. Terry undresses off to her red fishnets and black boots. That babe climbs on board the pony express in reverse cowgirl and fucks him love this babe is on a bull riding machine that is short-circuited. For this hardboiled executive, Terry is worth each banging penny. No wonder this chab is telling his bros about her!

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Titties Of The next day

Tits Of Tomorrow

Carly Parker‘s tits are poised and ready to bust out over the top of her bustier love a river at flood-level height about to spill over a levee.

We are numerous years into the future and hookers have their own specific apps to identify clients, called a “John Finder.” Technology marches on so why cant ladies of the evening or day too find fresh business with the latest in scientific miracles?

Carly easily locates a recent customer with her phone and meets him for a bit of the aged in-out, in-out. They hook up and work out the menu. Titty-fucking, 10-Pounder engulfing and “vaginal intercourse.” This is what he asks Carly to sell him.

What a polite boy John is. “Do u take credit cards?” that chap asks. “Of course!” Carly chirps. They go to one of Carly’s favourite no-tell motels, a futuristic screw chamber where she starts to give him a head. But no matter the advanced tech or the year, fucking itself will not at all change coz the old ways are still the finest. There is no app to replace sticking your weenie in a warm slit. Carly and all of her boy-friend hookers of tomorrow still know how to do the job the traditional way.

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