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Hay and Darksome PVC

Hay and Darksome PVC

Rusty milk jugs. A beat-up slimy wall. Bales of straw. And Chloe in darksome. It can solely mean one thing: back to the London studio in early ’90s and some other classic glamour photoshoot of Chloe in her prime. Writes a member: “I came across your picture when I visited a couple of websites this week – Scoreland and XLGirls. I have to say that of all the chicks I have seen on the Internet, you’re the majority pretty female I’ve ever observed. You’ve flawless symmetry between your killer body and gorgeous face. I have to say u took my breath away when I saw u.”

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Cat In Heat

Cat In Heat

“I have had a trio and I loved it! I cant wait to do it one more time. I believe in the saying, the more the merrier,” said Cat Bangles, Latina super-hottie.

“It was with a hotty and a lad. It was with a pair of friends of mine. We were all sitting around having some drinks and talking on a Friday evening. The goddess was my foremost friend and the lad was interested in me, but I was interested in my girlfriend. That chap wanted to do smth with me, and I basically told that charmer could jump in and we could all have some joy. Next thing u know, we’re throwing back some shots and we’re in the bedroom and both of us are giving him a orall-service and then we’re screwing. I’d definitely do it all over afresh.”

It took some time but now Cat’s had her 1st on-camera threesome with two lads. But not just any porn bucks. JMac has boned Cat three times.

“His 10-Pounder was mammoth,” told Cat about her first time with JMac. “But I took it all down my mouth. That dude loved it, certainly. This skirt chaser told it was breathtaking and that my vagina was good and taut. Precious and tight adore a little star. It was a great scene. This fellow had to prevent to keep himself from coming. That fellow tapped out 3 times, actually. This chab could not handle me with my tight pussy, luscious throat and these bra-busters.”

Tony’s done the obscene 3 times with Cat. His first time doing Cat included filling her butt. Tony was too the dude who convinced Cat through the web to contact The SCORE Group in the 1st place.

“One of Tony’s comments was that any sexy girls should acquire inside contact with him if they were interested in stripped modeling with The SCORE Group. Interestingly, I had applied to The SCORE Group a year prior. This chab told that guy would get over here contact with u all for me another time, and now, here I’m shaking my boobies for all of u. All thank you to Tony.”

So here we have Cat with 2 of her chaps. Engulfing. Screwing. Anal. Sexy ain’t the word.

Watch More of Cat Bangles at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Thick White Freak

Thick White Freak

Our beloved type of honey bunny is the sort where the merely words required to describe ’em is, “She can acquire it.” This floozy Sara Jay embodies that phrase. Sara Jay is a hawt, thick white enchanting heart we’ve known and loved for a lengthy time. Cuties love this do not come around too often, and the majority awesome part about her is that she’s an even greater freak than you. That is just the way bucks like us adore it ‘coz when you are with Sara Jay, you do not copulate her. That babe screws u.

“Hmm,” Sara says with her round pale tail dangling without her skimpy darksome underware and belt. “You have to be my Latino penis. Check out u. You’re fuckin’ sexy.”

Sara doesn’t waste any time previous to stuffing our guy Carlos’ chunky weenie into her throat.

“Oh, that is caliente,” Sara says betwixt breaths as she works his man-meat. “I’m gonna receive this ding-dong nice and damp, and I’m intend to fuck the shit out of it.”

We weren’t lying when we said this vixen is the one that bonks u. With a phat ass like hers, we know our boy Carlos isn’t plan to complain, either.

Sara bows over and tells Carlos to ram his meat-thermometer into her a-hole from behind. She pops and twerks her ‘donk love that babe is at the hottest exotic dancing club on South Beach. Then Sara hops on top and copulates Carlos so unyielding that she’d have broken a lesser man’s rock hard prick.

“Get it, receive it,” Carlos says as that babe works him. “Get it, cutie.”

That babe is definitely gettin’ it. And while we told this babe is the one that fucks men, Carlos gives her the same parting gift each of our baddest whores gets: A load of cum all over her wazoo.

Yup, she can acquire it.

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Daphne’s Anal Stuffing

Daphne's Anal Stuffing

“I’m very contented of my wazoo,” told Daphne Rosen, a hotty who became an anal skillful in porn. “I adore to try fresh things. I’ll try everything once. If I adore it, I’ll keep on doing it, and if I do not, I’ll just not at all do it again. So I wanted to try anal, and it was wonderful. Some lads engulf at anal. They cant figure out how to do it, and it’s not pleasurable. When a smooth operator can handle himself, it’s all fine. The hole there is muscle, so when it’s relaxed, it is way easier to get over here. So if u can relax the female, give her a little wine, give her a little carnal fun, receive her relaxed and randy, you are intend to go right in.”

Daphne likewise expects dudes to urge to screw her bigger in size than average zeppelins. That babe really knows how to use her billibongs to make a fellow blast one out.

“I love the sensation of the meat-thermometer moving up and down between my mangos. And I like having my areolas touched and played with, so you’re always touching them when the cock’s in betwixt. That is in real life. When you’re doing it on screen, you need to keep your hands away from the areolas ‘coz the camera urges to see the areolas, which is truly depressing.”

This scene is extra-hot because it is discharged in your personal point of view without a man-face in the way and only Daphne speaks. It is a personal screw session in a virtual movie. Are these the finest kind? U tell us.

Watch More of Daphne Rosen at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

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Amy loves her 34GG love melons

Amy likes her 34GG tits

Amy Anderssen is a angel who would have fit perfectly into the SCORE of the 1990s, when supersized titties ruled the big-bust world in magazines and disrobe clubs and on television talk displays like Jerry Springer and episodes.

Her name was Jayna James when that babe 1st posed at SCORE. Then that babe reinvented herself as Amy. Love lots of supersized honeys such as Dolly Fox, Shelby Gibson, Claudia Marie and, to an ultra-extreme level, Germany’s Beshine, Amy is one of the gals inspired by the ’90s generation.

Told Amy, “I was very flat-chested, and I remember that I went into a hair salon one day, and for the 1st time in my life, I saw this woman with bigger than run of the mill, fake knockers, and I remember looking at her and thinking, ‘This is the most-beautiful woman I’ve ever viewed. I wanna look love her.’ So as pretty soon as I hit Eighteen, I got a part-time job working at the 7-Eleven convenience store. I saved up $5,000, and I went to a plastic surgeon and told, ‘Put the biggest implants that u can set in me.’ It was December 17. I was 18 years aged. I didn’t tell my Mom. I just knew what I wanted. I did some research online, I went into the surgeon’s office and I woke up and told, ‘How greater than run of the mill?’ And that Lothario told, ‘The mountainous I could fit was 385ccs.'”

In this movie, Amy’s milk cans are 34GG.

Amy’s humongous role glamour model is Kim Kardashian, especially in the butt department.

“I love Kim. She’s one of the reasons I went from blonde to brunette. That babe is the poster goddess for that kind of look. She’s one of my role models.”

Amy is the Kim Kardashian of the big-bust world.

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The Green Party

The Green Party

It’s a Green party as Maggie Green hooks up with X-Man Jimmy. This ladies man wishes to force fuck Maggie and then coat the hot blonde’s bigger than run of the mill natural hooters with X-Man semen. But 1st, some celebratory champagne on her teat and his ramrod. Maggie is Jimmy’s play-mate for the day, his to do with as this smooth operator craves, so he sucks her teats and face-fucks her 1st.

Maggie swallows his shaft, gags on it and drools all over it in a worthwhile, immodest, sloppy oral pleasure. This buck tit-fucks her, followed by a subrigid boning. This is the second time this chab is been favourable sufficient to a team fuck Maggie, the 1st in an office as her micro-managing supervisor who catches her looking at porn during business hours.

SCORELAND: What is the almost any fine thing that has ever happened to you coz of your boobs?

Maggie: My bazookas have opened many doors for me but the paramount thing was getting my first glamour modeling offer for a breasty pinup web resource.

SCORELAND: What do you love to do for enjoyment?

Maggie: I adore running, biking, playing with my dog, drinking wine and watching vids, flashing strangers in public, laying on the beach watching hot hotty’s in bikinis, traveling, lap dancing and sleeping.

SCORELAND: How do u rate your sex drive from 1, low to 10, high?

Maggie: 11! Once I’ve sex, I crave more! And then more!

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Jaw Full O’ Cock juice

Jaw Full O' Jizz

Daphne Rosen is one of our favourite larger than standard titted hookers of all time coz she’s fuckin’ wonderful at, well, screwing. She shags adore she means it. No thing is spared to bring about the hottest and hugest load that that babe can. This babe uses her mouth 1st, mouthing and coaxing the pecker with her tonsils. This babe uses her hands, giving the wang a firm grasp and some serious tug-action. That babe puts the weenie in a choke hold with her vise-tight wet crack, taking a pounding like an old-school wrestler. And just when you think this babe might be down for the count, she flips around and says, “Fuck me in the a-hole, Playgirl!” and this babe lays down the ass-tunnel on this pipe like a champion. And this babe knows that to wish not, one have to waste not, also. That is why this babe doesn’t let one drop of that cum go to waste. Not one splattering coz all that screwing makes her fatigued and that babe takes a mouth-load of vitamin cum, since it is chock-full of protein. Yes, Daphne Rosen is a five-star doxy and we adore her and her jaw full of jizz!

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Amiee’s Webcam Cum Expose

Amiee's Webcam Cum Show

“The foremost compliment someone told to me was how wonderful my eyes are,” Amiee Roberts told. Amiee, that charmer was lying to u. He was looking at your juggs. There are ways of looking at mangos that were created by ninjas so beauties don’t suspect what we’re actually checking out. The next time this happens, turn around and then ask him what color your eyes are. (They’re hazel, for the record.)

XLGirls: Do u have any girlfriends with greater than typical breasts love yours?

Amiee: No one with titties as larger than average as mine.

XLGirls: Likewise bad for us. Do you acquire more astonishing service at stores or anyplace else?

Amiee: Usually at bars.

XLGirls: Do you do things adore cleaning or watching TV at home topless or stripped?

Amiee: I sometimes view exposes in just my reservoir top and straps but if it is actually hawt I just take the reservoir top off.

XLGirls: What is smth you’ve endevoured but will never do once more?

Amiee: That would be paint ball shooting!

XLGirls: What do u love to wear to catch someone’s eye?

Amiee: I’ll wear a tank top and shorts or something else cute. Make-up, hair and nails done.

Watch More of Amiee Roberts at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Luscious Tee Teasers

Wet Tee Teasers

“Hitomi is adore a little doll I’d adore to take home,” told Sha Rizel throughout her translator, Valory. “So fetching. I can see why she’s a star.”

This was a historic event. The gals are dressed adore kissin’ cousins in cut-off denim shorts, white tanks and six-inch heels. A pitcher of water is nearby and u can guess what the girls are gonna do with it.

Once their Tees are damp, Sha and Hitomi slip without their wet things and head off to dry themselves and have a tropical lunch. They may not speak the same verbal language but they were at no time at a loss for communication. They speak the same body language.

Watch More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!

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The girlfriend who’s likewise a porno star

The girlfriend who's too a porn star

Krystal Swift reminds me of Sandra Star. The 2 look no thing alike (other than the fact that they’re one as well as the other blondes) and Krystal is Czech during the time that Sandra is German. But they the one and the other have this thing about ’em, and I am gonna try to explain.

I do not think Krystal and Sandra look enjoyable and sinless. I suppose they look enjoyable and hawt, so that is not it. But they one as well as the other have a look that would make the typical person say, “There’s no way those girls would have sex on-camera.” But they do, and what’s even more worthy about that is that they one as well as the other actually have joy themselves. The one and the other Krystal and Sandra smile when they’re mouthing dick and screwing.

Ok, I got it: Krystal and Sandra don’t shag adore porno stars. They bonk love girlfriends or the angel you just took out on a date who’s seen tons of porn and urges to copulate adore a porno star. And they succeed.

Elliot described Krystal as “a Czech bomber angel with country girl looks and a corn-fed body.” This babe has big, natural scoops and a plush body. Love Sandra, she’s a ravisher. And about that girlfriend/porn star thing:

“I can shriek very loud,” Krystal said. “My favorites dates are in ottoman getting precious, lengthy sex with a priceless chap. I swallow and I don’t care for anal.”

Krystal, who was Twenty three years mature when we discovered her, told, “I come from a diminutive Czech border town near Poland. It is very quiet. I moved to Prague to find some passion and coz it’s so cosmopolitan and busy. I became a dancer in a undress club. A photographer saw me and recommended to me the idea of modeling coz of my milk sacks and my body. This charmer said that girls with greater than run of the mill bosoms are always in demand. I saw what the gals in SCORE look love. I would rather do this than work at a boring job for eight hours. That can expect until later. I enjoy adult modeling and I am proud of my body. I love attention.”

She loves to screw. Just adore Sandra.

Watch More of Krystal Swift at SCORELAND2.COM!

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Blissful bathing dress looker

Blissful bikini beauty

In this scene, the great Joana Bliss glamour models bikinis in the Dominican Republic. This was discharged during the SCORE On Location DVD shoot, and it’s great stuff ‘cuz prior to this shoot, we had by no means seen Joana in a tropical beachside location.

One thing you’ll notice right away is that Joana’s bikinis don’t fit. That’s what happens when a cutie has FF-cup naturals. Things get kind of constricted around the chest. But Joana is okay with that.

“I started to feel comfortable about my bigger than average bosoms when the boyz were looking at my eyes and not just at my bouncy bosoms,” that babe said. “They used to look just at my whoppers. It makes me feel wonderful that they view all of me, and I don’t mind that they observe my meatballs, also. I can feel the adore. The larger the wobblers, the more love you get to give.”

I wonder if these lads were truly looking at her eyes or if they were looking at her melons and managed to make her think they were looking at her eyes. We can be tricky that way. It takes practice, but it is possible.

Joana on music: “I like a lot of different music. I adore dance music. 1960s music. Old music. I adore to dance, but I must be careful about what kind of exotic dancing I do cuz my larger than standard breasts bounce all over the place! I like disco.”

Her favorite foods: “I like mushrooms. I’m a vegetarian. I do not eat any meat. My meat is mushrooms. Maybe fish and eggs.”

On sex with a person on the first date: “Not truly, but it happened once. It wasn’t sex. It was something more than that. I can not just have sex right away or it cant be just sex. There has to be more of a connection. I sleep in nature’s garb but I wear hot garments to ottoman with a chap. I practice some Tantric yoga. It helps me feel the connection with the other person.”

Do you feel a connection with Joana?

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