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Cassie cums

Cassie cums

Get this:

“I didn’t know how many Czech gals have been photographed by SCORE until I looked at the website,” told Czech hotty Cassie. “There are so many beauties. I was surprised.”

Cassie was about Twenty four years mature when she told that, and it shocked me that a Czech gal would not know that half the cuties in her country were screwing on-camera. That’s innocence for u. But then Cassie, who was born and raised in Prague, decided, “Why not me, likewise?” and this babe hopped on top of the penis. Not here. That scene will come later. This is Cassie’s first solo scene, in which she proudly unveils off her large, natural floppers and soon-to-be-fucked muff.

“I usually wear sporty sexy outfit,” she said. “I don’t wear things that draw attention to my mounds. I’m not bashful but I’m reserved in how I dress in public. People can see how greater than typical my bra buddies are anyway.”

Especially a person with boob radar.

Cassie is an Aqua-gym tutor. People saw these bigger than run of the mill floaters of hers and kept telling her that babe should try modeling, so this babe finally did. For a first-timer, she’s a natural at rubbing her voluptuous body, bigger in size than average mangos and pierced twat with not a bit of shyness. Cassie’s areolae are very greater than average and her areolas are as pink as her vagina.

Cassie also likes to read, see figure skating on TV and listen to music whilst doing household ram around her apartment. Sometimes in the bare. Imagine that.

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Beautiful In The Garden

Gorgeous In The Garden

Glamourous Sophie Mae, looking luxe in a bright red suit and hawt nylons with black pumps, is a ravishing addition to this green garden.

Sophie moves like magic, gliding around the grounds love a wood nymph from olden days, in harmony with nature. Yep, nature has been generous to Sophie, blessing her not just with dish of face but with sweet and bigger than standard 34F cups.

Sophie’s English is gracious. We’re sorry this babe doesn’t live in USA. Sophie says Czech hotty’s often discharge her wicked looks in public. Boob prejudice in the Czechia?

Sophie is a dance instructor and an skillful in the fine art of stomach stripping. She taught Valory Irene, Lana Ivans and Arianna Sinn some basic moves during the making of Big Boob Finishing School.

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Bonk Time For Roxee

Fuck Time For Roxee

We asked our Canadian friend Roxee Robinson, “What is the maddest thing you’ve ever done in sofa, either alone or with a boyfriend?”

And Roxee told, “An greasy oil massage sex session. It felt real worthy at the time and made for a titanic slippery oily mess afterwards.”

This scene is Roxee’s 1st fuck-shoot with a stunt-cock, filmed in Prague at one of our satellite studios…and it gets oily too. We’ve always filmed Roxee in this historic city because of US legal requirements about photographing non-USA citizens. Smiley Emma is some other Canadian XL Beauty we’ve filmed in Prague.

Steve knows Roxee from seeing her at XL Angels, and when this chab identified out the buxom bra-buster was coming back for her 1st hardcore discharges, this ladies man volunteered to copulate her titanic breasts and pound her fleshy twat.

When Steve sees Roxee alone, fingering her wet crack and oiling her in nature’s garb meatballs, this chab comes doggy position her to lend a hand and a rock hard prick The shapely redhead takes his weenie in her throat to engulf and slurp away while his hands squeeze her humongous fun bags of mammary meat, his fingers sinking into her heavy naturals. “My nipps are very sensitive and I can climax just from teat stimulation,” Roxee told us.

Roxee’s enjoyed the Prague experience twice in advance of courtesy of XL Cuties. This babe said she likes Czech coffee and Czech food. Now Roxee can add Czech rock hard man-sausage to her favourite things to put into her throat as that babe acquires the very almost all worthwhile dicking-down.

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Living doll of Japan

Living doll of Japan

“Do you like oil rubdown?” Hitomi says to us in English at the commence of this episode. “Come play with me.”

The living doll of Japan oils her large naturals, saturating her skin. Her bouncy bosoms shine as this babe continues to seize handfuls of them. The lens zooms in for extraordinary close-ups of her nipps as they slide in and with out her oily palms.

Hitomi’s fun bags are works of art. How else can I put it?

In the adult pleasure world of magazines, clips and websites, Hitomi is a astronomical star in Tokyo and the rest of Japan. She’s not quite too nice to be true, always taking selfie cell-phone photos or shots of her little dog Cha Cha (hawt babes always have little dogs) or making that V sign with her fingers. This babe is cute and merry, like a cartoon dream Anime hotty come to life. She’s likewise a three-time SCORE Pornstar of the year, which is smth no gal has ever achieved.

Almost any Japanese cuties with mountainous, natural boobies are plumpers or heavy-set. Dunky Hitomi is a natural phenomenon of nature, not unlike Merilyn Sakova and Venera. In Japan she’s one of a kind.

Hitomi’s pendulous pantoons and physique almost all closely resemble Sharday’s, especially in tit-shape and slope, although Hitomi’s torso is even slimmer than Sharday’s, making her look bustier. Hitomi has hanger-style milk shakes. I can’t even imagine how great it need to be to engulf and fuck her love bubbles let alone pump her.

Westerners have a stereotyped image of Japanese chicks being small-breasted or flat-chested. This is incorrect because there’re lots of Japanese babes with big mammaries. The West has not been naked to ’em and vice versa. Most of ’em dont model, in nature’s garb or otherwise. Thankfully, things are changing somewhat.

Except for Sakura Sena in 1999, I can’t think of any Japanese gals who applied to adult model for SCORE prior to Hitomi. Sakura had a boob job. So we went over 10 years without a Japanese glamour model. However, the miracle of Hitomi more than compensates for these years. Now we’ve P-Chan, likewise. Thank’s, Hitomi!

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Swimsuit Glam Cutie

Bikini Glam Girl

Lana Ivans has her own special brand of Euro-sexy, kittenish personality and happy-go-lucky style. She’s savouring the ride and savoring every minute.

In a group atmosphere, she’s Miss Popularity. We discovered that out in Portugal and the Dominican Republic. Romanian cupcake Lana told that a diet rich in corn made her zeppelins grow. This babe has an ass to worship likewise.

Romania is still the undiscovered country for great babes with great whoppers. Many Romanian beauties gravitate to web cams since it seems to be the merely venue for adult modeling unless they glamour model for companies outdoors the country. If you’re in Romania, and u know a hotty as hot and as stacked adore Lana Ivans, tell her to visit We’re counting on them to love-bomb the world with Romanian boobs.

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Do Blondes Have More Fun?

Do Blondes Have More Joy?

This is an often requested glamour photoshoot for some reason. Chloe’s blond wig was a radical departure from her ordinary style.

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Mammaries, Bubbles, Screwing

Boobs, Bubbles, Banging

Christy Marks and her favourable date acquire cozy in a bubble bathroom but tubs are not a wonderful place to screw so they dry off and acquire into daybed to shag their brains out.

“I like rogering and playing with myself at the same time,” Christy said. Some other SCORE superstar, Minka, tends to rub her clitoris fast when a dick is thrusting in and with out her fur pie.

“I do not do it all the time ‘coz some fellows acquire indeed self-conscious like, ‘Am I not doing my job right? This sweetheart is playing with herself.’ And I receive to be love, ‘Yeah, you are doing it right, keep going!’ And I like to ribald talk during sex, likewise. That receives me sexy. But I do not talk a lot coz almost any men are not into that. Majority guys are truly traditional where I am from.”

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The Fantasy Bride

The Dream Bride

They say the world’s smallest handcuffs are wedding rings.

Well, here’s that Pacific-Northwesterner Tiggle Bitties out to stir it up on a fantasy wedding journey. It’s a honeymoon of juggs and brides love Tiggle do not cum along every evening of the year. Tig needed to have that gown form-fitted for her super-curvy body and mind-blowing boobs, unbelievable melons that give u uncontrollable fits.

Tig’s got a talent for cosplay. First-year student, fetish female-dominator, cocktail server…but bride is the almost all good yet. You can skip the pre-nuptial bachelor party. Who needs a exotic dancer and beer-bloated bros with this honeymoon playgirl to play with in a love-nest?

“I truly forget sometimes that I have large breasts,” said Tiggle. who’s at no time left the Top Rated Twenty since this babe eloped to SCORELAND. “I’ll be looking at a picture of me, and I’m adore, ‘Wow! I can not believe those are mine!’ I have plenty of males allies, and they say they play with their rods just cuz they’re there. It is the same thing for me. I am playing with them ‘coz they’re there coz they’re squashy and warm and fun. And you know, being a glamour model tops anything I’ve done before this.”

Watch More of Tiggle Bitties at SCORELAND.COM!

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MILF Mania

MILF Mania

Cami Cooper is a SEXY HOUSEWIFE who caused lots of trouble the 1st time that babe visited XL Gals. Members complained about stiffness in their joints and localized swelling after seeing her scenes. So we had no preference but to invite Cami back. That babe likes to play good with her love muffins and teats and acquires horny thinking that boyz are jerking when they view her pull on Them.

Wrote “Kennygnaz”: “This is why I love XL. Cami is glamourous. Please do a P.O.V. with her on top, looking in the camera, cumming. She’s the wife we all dream of having and loving.”

XLGirls: Cami, do you put out on the first date? Just coz a girl’s done some porn scenes doesn’t mean that babe does.

Cami: I would say sure if it all clicks and u and I are into each other. Why not?

XLGirls: What’s your topmost feature?

Cami: My love melons!

XLGirls: What was your top hook-up so far?

Cami: Carlos [in the scene “Roughing It”] and then my BFF.

XLGirls: What did u think when u saw your hardcore scenes?

Cami: I was impressed by my BJ scenes. Everybody that I have observed them with or know has observed them has loved ’em.

XLGirls: Have u had sex during the time that watching ’em?

Cami: No, I haven’t. Maybe next time.

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Racked Up!

Racked Up!

Don’t even think about hustling Demmy Blaze at the pool hall. No lad can beat this honey’s hooter-hustle. One of Demmy’s trick shots is to lean forward and dangle her 34H-cups in your face. This acquires any player to over-hit his testicles and send ’em flying off the table.

“Taking fotos started as a hobby for me,” told Demmy. “I liked it so much that I decided to dedicate myself to it full-time. So now I’m focused on that. The photo team is very supportive so I have pleasure it a lot.” Demmy still favors topless modeling and doesn’t care for full-nudity. With large, natural, perfectly-shaped mangos adore hers, Demmy can rack ’em up at SCORELAND anytime.

One of Demmy’s great interests is traveling. That babe loves beaches and countries that are sunny and warm, like Spain. Demmy also enjoys gonna topless beaches but is very peculiar about the ones this babe goes to. This babe lately started learning belly dancing and you can watch how skilled she’s at hip-swiveling in her dress in her Bonus movie.

Watch More of Demmy Blaze at SCORELAND.COM!

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Has a weight of On Your Mind

Weighs On Your Mind

Maserati and X-Man Carlos Rios have a scientific experiment to conduct. The myth: what common household items weigh the same as Maserati’s super-breasts?

The team has their scale and the objects to be weighed: a stapler, a greater than average book, an electronic box and a two-liter bottle of soda. How do each of these items compare in weight to her fullsome funbags?

The experiment starts.

The result? The heaviest item was the soda bottle at five pounds. Maserati’s left breast alone weighs about seven pounds.

After the myth has been busted, a fresh experiment starts. The question: can Maserati make Carlos’ big shlong vanish? The answer is effortless but the enjoyment is in getting to the solution. We like Maserati.

Maserati is not merely a myth-buster and a bra-buster, she is a nut-buster!

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