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Ride Them, Cowgirl!

Ride Them, Cowgirl!

SCORE 2011 Novice of the Year and 2012 Porno star of the year Valory Irene is the sexiest cowgirl this side of the Ukraine in her western hat, constricted, white top and constricted, denim shorts. Valory is one of the highest SCORE Gals ever. That babe is just flawless.

For the messy round-up to this expose of Valory, that babe dumps a pitcher of spunk all over her unearthly mellons and body. The white stuff leaks down her love a quart of man-sauce, if u wish to get all symbolic about it.

There’s always a huge buzz of passion when somebody love Valory comes along. Lorna Morgan, Merilyn Sakova, Karla James, Kerry Marie, Angela White and many other SCORE originals have created this buzz over the years.

But we cant take the credit for finding Miss Irene. She was discovered through the efforts of a SCORE reader, absolutely by chance. Valory had not at any time modeled, had not ever even thought about it. She was window shopping in a mall back home during the time that a visitor from with out town was shopping in the same mall. When this ladies man spotted Valory, he strolled over to her, chatted her up and said her all about exposed modeling for SCORE. “Faint heart not at all won fair lady,” wrote Thomas Lodge in 1588. No truer words were ever written. The timing was impeccable.

“She was wearing a short petticoat and a low-cut top, and every lad in the mall was looking at her,” this chab said. “I’m sure males hit on her all the time, but I worked up the courage to go up to her, and this babe was very priceless. I said her about SCORE and that babe was intrigued.”

Our supporter received a finder’s check for his efforts after Valory was photographed for the 1st time, and the world got a recent big-boobed sensation to relish.

See More of Valory Irene at SCORELAND2.COM!

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Maid For Dual Penetration

Maid For Double Penetration

Kristof is curious about Steve’s maid when he visits his bro’s swanky bachelor pad. The skinny, Big-Boob black brown wears the skimpiest 2 piece maid’s costume ever designed. This gent cant assist but notice that she likewise has a ponytail. Not on her head. Coming without her tailpipe. This maid is a pony girl also.

Steve is gratified of his maid and enjoys showing her off. This gent likewise enjoys sharing her body with his closest friends, something Kristof hasn’t had the enjoyment of relishing, until now. Kristoff is fixated on Patty’s ponytail. Steve turns Patty around and not fast pulls on the dark ponytail until it and the anal-plug it is attached to come with out her asshole. Then Steve has Patty taste and lick it, appreciating the sight of her tasting her own a-hole.

Steve’s demonstration is far from over. Kristof should example the pleasures of his mountainous boobed servant so it’s tag-team time for this trio. Patty deep-throats Kristof hands-free whilst Steve licks her slit and butt to prepare it for his ramrod. During the time that Patty is licking and swallowing Kristof’s shlong, Steve shags her doggy position.

Patty’s sucking throat and thrilling love tunnel and her hot face and body acquire one as well as the other boyz as unbending as iron pipes. They switch places, Steve getting sucked off and Kristoff wedging into her dripping-wet wet crack. They keep Patty very occupied by banging her face hole and slit.

Patty’s ponytail has readied her chocolate hole for their ramrods so each bro takes his turn screwing her a-hole. The topmost three-some position for Patty is next: double-penetration for the first time at SCORELAND. One lady-killer shoehorns into Patty’s wazoo during the time that the other takes her love tunnel. They fuck her hard with Patty sandwiched betwixt ’em. Patty receives it wazoo worthy as they DP her hawt body in different positions. Each guy should have a maid adore Patty.

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Electro Stimulation Of Big Boobies

Electro Stimulation Of Greater than run of the mill Tits

XLGirls: So Mya, what would u adore to say to the members of XL Angels?

Mya: Keep an eye out for more of me and chase me on my social media. I plan on sticking around for a during the time that.

XLGirls: What word or sentence would you almost any love to put on your Tee-shirt?

Mya: Friday is my second beloved F word.

XLGirls: Do you like having sex with beauties? Should they have big bazookas likewise or it doesn’t matter?

Mya: I haven’t had many opportunities to have sex with gals but what I’ve had I love. I love most of all curves definitely but usually not stupendous wobblers adore mine.

XL Girls: Do boyz ask u to slap ’em in the face with your breasts?

Mya: Sometimes. One of my party tricks is I can make my mounds clap.

XLGirls: What are you intend to school for?

Mya: Psychology.

XLGirls: You should do your dissertation on why boys love bigger than standard marangos.

Mya: I wanna become a criminal analyst. I wanna work for the BAU [The FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit].

XLGirls: You can bust us anytime.

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Round Romaine

Round Romaine

Let us tell you about Sandra Romain. Nice-looking and sexy. She’s European-born (can you guess by her name where this babe was born?) and she lives in The United States of America. Sandra is one of the hottest babes we have ever had the enjoyment to invite to the SCORE studio. We placed her in BootyLicious ‘coz that babe has an excellent booty. Greater than run of the mill, yet not sloppy. Round and firm and tight yet powerful. The flawless wazoo? Maybe. View that butt acquire impaled. This is real jerk off material for red-blooded, lascivious dudes. Investigate this stacked babe’s movie the next day.

See More of Sandra Romain at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!

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Red Vixen’s 1st XXX

Red Vixen's 1st XXX

Dave mentioned that Shelby Gibson is a SCORE WILF (a wife I’d like to screw). So is Red Honey bunny, a creamy, ivory-skinned redhead from California who began by posing for her hubby. That babe moved on to dilettante photo discharges with men who are digi camera buffs. They have jobs unrelated to photography and just like to snap cuties as a hobby, usually on weekends. I one time wrote about amateur photographers. There are digital camera strip clubs in every city, or used to be, and there was even a publication dedicated to it years back called Western Photographer. A lot of their work is astounding, even more extraordinary than the so-called pros’.

Red discussed her progression to SCORE and her first XXX.

“My spouse made me see that I was sexy, that I wasn’t just an 18-year-old with bra-busters. I guess it was then that I indeed blossomed the almost all, then one day this buck just started taking pics of me, just hawt stuff. Garments on. Then flashing, bare-breasted. He liked that kind of ram, and then I started thinking, ‘Oh, I do look kinda priceless.’ And I remember one day he asked me, ‘Have you ever thought about modeling.’ And I was love, ‘I’m not the kind who models’ ‘coz you think of tall chicks, thin chicks. He was the one who told me about a modeling site, so I found it and opened an account and started doing more nude modeling with photographers in the area.”

Red and her spouse occasionally invite dudes into their couch.

“We just have 3somes with other guys,” she told. “And we would videotape it once in a while for ourselves. So I’ve seen myself having sex on-camera, but I most like not to. This chab is into it.”

Her partner wanted to watch her in SCORE. I’ll always wondered what a foursome of Shelby, Red and two professional studs like JMac and Johnny Champ would have been love.

“When we were still living in New Mexico, that petticoat chaser 1st contacted The SCORE Group, but I always just shrugged it off,” Red said. “I at no time took it seriously ‘coz my mind wasn’t like, ‘I want to go work for a porn company,’ and it wasn’t until we moved to California that he contacted u anew, and that’s when he told, ‘Let’s take these test photos they wish,’ so I gave in and did it, and I got approved.”

Watch More of Red Honey at SCORELAND2.COM!

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Tickling The Ivories

Tickling The Ivories

Smiley Emma is at the piano tickling the ivories. She tickles other ivories as well. The glamorous Canadian is definitely the bustiest pianist we’ve ever had the joy to ogle. She’s also breathtaking at playing her Canadian cymbals. The clapping sound they make is pure breast music. Is there a CD we can order?

We talked to Emma about her previous XL Girls discharges in Europe.

XLGirls: What was your favourite XL Gals shoot so far, if any, and why, not counting this shoot in Toronto?

Emma: To be honest, the entire experience in Prague was outstanding and I am having a unbending time picking my prefered shoot! I had a great time shooting all the content and have really enjoyed seeing the finished product and sometimes still can not make almost certainly of that it is me.

XLGirls: Cuz of YOU.S. law, we had to fly u to Prague for discharges at our satellite studios, adore Roxee Robinson, one more Canadian. Did you have a chance to play tourist?

Emma: I did have a little bit of additional time in Prague betwixt shoots and was staying near the Charles Bridge which was an fantastic sight in itself. My fiancé came with me and we did lots of walking in the area and indeed enjoyed the King-size Clock and all the old buildings and the architecture.

Most nights we explored the area around us and the culinary delights to be had. One night we went to the Music Club Zlaty Strom which had a pole bar in one of the sections with topless dancers that was a lot of pleasure. Then on our last night we went to an Absintherie and attempted Absinth for the 1st time which was also a truly fun experience. Unfortunately some of the tours that I was interested in did not line up with my schedule but there’s something to be told for winging it and exploring a new place on your own. I still had plenty of enjoyment and it was my 1st time ever to Europe.

XLGirls: As we have told before, sometimes shooting for The SCORE Group is like a paid vacation. We’re cheerful you had a great time!

Watch More of Smiley Emma at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Nasty Nadia Night or Day

Nasty Nadia Night or Day

When Nadia widens wide for the cock-man, stand back and give the little woman some fuckin’ room.

Nadia Night is a worthy girl. She’s likewise very wicked. And we adore the good gal by day, lewd playgirl by night routine.

Nadia’s a Scorpio–the horniest, almost any sex-driven sign of the zodiac. This babe likes meat-thermometer and says no dick is also bigger than run of the mill or too thick for her. Her prefered kind of foreplay is plenty of hand-work all over her before her boyfriend gives her his wang to throat and jerk.

A former Florida cutie now living in Los Angeles, Nadia is tall at 5’8″. “I’m 6’1″ in my wicked fuck shoes,” said Nadia. She can’t live with out the word wicked.

Nadia is a fun honey, not a hater. But she does hate one thing. She abhors bras. “I have one brassiere at home. I like to wear skimpy raiment.”

See More of Nadia Night at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

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Michelle’s mambos

Michelle's melons

The relationship betwixt bigger than typical love muffins and fruit is gorgeous obvious. Bigger in size than standard tits are often called juggs or watermelons or cantaloupes. British honey bunny Michelle Bond has monumental F-cup naturals, but u can also say that babe has titanic, damp love bubbles. When u indeed think about it, large fullsome funbags aren’t juicy cuz, unless the bearer is preggy, they do not produce any kind of juice. But they’re ripe and bulky, just like mellons.

Elliot once described this episode, in which Michelle holds various fruits next to her soaked, delightsome wobblers, as “highly educational.” I think this buck was being facetious. The only thing we learn is that Michelle’s milk sacks are as bigger than run of the mill as mammaries. They weren’t always. Back in the early 2000s, when Michelle started modeling for SCORE and Voluptuous, her scones were bigger in size than typical but not king-size. But this babe matured and her scones matured with her. That kind of thing happens. I have heard of honeys getting bustier up to age Fourty, and it has nothing to do with weight gain. It is perfectly common for a girl’s fun bags to increase in size until she’s Twenty six.

I guess what I am saying is that Michelle started out as a very precious SCORE Angel and became a great one.

“I used to be an F-cup, and they just grew and grew, and every time I got measured, they appeared to be to have grown,” Michelle told when this scene was shot in St. Maarten in 2011. “Now I am a 34G-cupper. And they seem to still be growing. They haven’t prevented growing since they started.”

That is what’s known as precious news, and I’m not being facetious.

Why did Michelle acquire bustier? This babe explained.

“The merely thing that’s different between now and years ago is that I don’t party as much.” (Michelle used to be a big-time party cutie in Ibiza, Spain). “I used to be stick-thin, and my milk cans weren’t that bigger than standard coz I partied a lot, but now, I do not. I haven’t done anything to them. They’ve just grown.”

I have at not time heard a more magnificant reason for a girl to not party.

Watch More of Michelle Bond at SCORELAND2.COM!

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Morning Yoga With Milly

Morning Yoga With Milly

It’s time to shake off the fatigue by going outside with Milly Marks and watching her do her Yoga and other exercises against the Miami skyline. Surprisingly, a flotilla of vigour boaters did not display up to view too. That used to happen during the Boob Cruises when the gals were posing on Caribbean beaches. A angel in the surf would take off her top for a passenger photo-shoot and six dunky boats would flaunt up.

Milly and Codi indeed clicked and we’ve gotten requests to see one more pairing of the 2 Big-Boob beauties. Milly has a lot of wet crack fun in her house of strippers. Is that babe more into gals or more in lads?

“I would say probably babes. It’s close, but for almost all of my life, I was a lesbo. I like muff. I love eating juicy pussy more than majority things. I like the way it tastes. I adore
making girls cum. I like everything about it. Cuties are the sexiest creatures on earth. I adore girls. Until I lost my virginity, I thought I was totally homosexual. Jock changed my life. Now view me!”

See More of Milly Marks at SCORELAND.COM!

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She’s doing this for her hubby…and for you!

She's doing this for her husband...and for u!

“I always costume to emphasize my bra buddies,” told reader’s wife Shelby Gibson, who fulfilled her husband’s fantasy, and hers, by modeling for SCORE. “My bras are custom-made but I often do not wear one. I like to wear tight and low-cut shirts and dresses with high heels.”

Here, Shelby does wear a bra for our viewing fun. Her colossal rack looks great in it. She looks great in her matching briefs, likewise. And without ’em. Shelby is a dish with bigger in size than average boobies, a dunky waist and a bushy love tunnel. And that babe likes to show them all off.

Her husband, Mr. Gibson, explained, “I have been reading SCORE since the early 1990s. Shelby and I check out SCORELAND episodes together. We especially love the M.I.L.F. and the wife pics and episodes ‘cuz we can easily imagine it being us. Yeah, my wife reads SCORE also. Her beloved, besides the sexy lads with bigger than run of the mill dicks, is Holly Halston coz she’s short like her with bigger in size than average implants and a dunky waist and has plenty of enthusiasm in her shoots.”

Yep, Shelby is short ‘n’ stacked. She is solely 5’1″ with HH-cup rockets.

Added Mr. Gibson, “When Shelby saw that other wives were doing it, that babe realized that it could truly happen. Becoming a SCORE WILF is a real fantasy come true! Reading about wives love Kelly Christiansen, Barbie Kelley and Jayden Prescott glamour modeling for SCORE was very influential.”

The SCORE Wives Club is always expanding. The influx of reader’s wives in SCORE has been tons of joy to observe over the past 10 or so years. What makes it more joy is when these readers’ wives have sex on-camera. Shelby did not go all the way, but that babe did tit-fuck and suck a porn cock, which is something u can watch now at SCORELAND.

That Mr. Gibson is a lucky lad, but we’re beautiful lucky, also.

Watch More of Shelby Gibson at SCORELAND2.COM!

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Nurse Kianna In Your Face

Nurse Kianna In Your Face

There could be no more wondrous head nurse than super-hot, super-nasty Kianna Dior. This babe can drain each drop of cock juice out of your balls, and that might put u back in the hospital from exhaustion. A major dream fuck-toy, Nurse Kianna takes wonderful care of your enlarged balls in POV Health insurance is not required.

During a break after the mouthing and screwing, Kianna offered her skilled opinion.

SCORELAND: Who’s the better lay: studs or hotties?

Kianna: Boys. It is hotter with lads.

SCORELAND: Does size matter?

Kianna: Yep! Hey! I’m just being honest!

SCORELAND: Much loved filthy word?

Kianna: Umm…Fuck!

SCORELAND: Head: Give or acquire?

Kianna: I adore to give.

SCORELAND: Cum: Swallow or Spit?

Kianna: The one and the other. It depends.

SCORELAND: What’s better to give: blow jobs, tit jobs or foot jobs?

Kianna: Tit jobs are fun.

“I need variety,” Kianna told. “I don’t wish it to be like that movie scene, Groundhog Day, where I wake up and it’s the same thing over and over. I need a lot of change and multiformity or I get bored!”

See More of Kianna Dior at SCORELAND.COM!