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When u have sex, what are your much loved moves and poses so that u can bust a nut?
“My rule is that everything goes as lengthy as every one is cool with it and having fun. I adore to do a lot of foreplay. I adore oral stimulation a lot. I guess that u can tell anything about how a person is in the bedroom by their orall-service game. If anybody takes their time when they’re going down on u, then they are probably very worthy in the bedroom. It takes patience and skills to make a woman cum with your mouth. I know that when I give head to a guy, I take my time and do a fine job. I watch it as a preview to the rest of my freak flaunt. And when I give head, I can make a stud cum in five minutes. I’ll tell them to time me!”

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Lucy Is Luscious

Lucy Is Juicy

Lucy Lenore was working in an over 18’s store. Surrounded by all these DVDs, toys, magazines, porny lingerie and other sexy products, it was merely natural for Lucy to think about an alternate future.

“One of my regular customers noticed your classified ad looking for new glamour models and suggested I apply. I fixated over whether or not to do it for about a week and then just said, ‘Fuck it!’ Within 24 hours of submitting my test shots, u called me and put me on a jet.”

XLGirls: Were you the bustiest beauty growing up?

Lucy: No, but I was the smallest goddess with the giant milk shakes. I’ve a wonderful hips-to-waist-to-boobie ratio goin’ on!

XLGirls: You began doing masturbation videos at XL Girls.

Lucy: I masturbate at least three times a day, and that is even on days I am on-cam. I’m pretty much always touching myself.

XLGirls: What satisfies u almost any astonishing of all?

Lucy: If I’m not out of breath with a sore love tunnel when it’s over, I’m not pleased. I must be banged and banged hard. The longer the recovery time after sex, the happier I am.

XLGirls: Has anyone in person ever viewed you having sex with a BF?

Lucy: Nope. I’ve always been a serial monogamist, and passion is the finest part of sex. If my partners wanted to explore voyeurism, I’d have been open to it, though, and will be if it ever happens!

XLGirls: Compared to commonplace studs u have dated, how did you find your 1st porn lad as a sex partner?

Lucy: It was definitely different. Not bad, not more magnificant, but different.

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Dressing The Pumpkins

Dressing The Pumpkins

Princess Pumpkins tries on some hawt outfits, and yeah, that babe does wear clothing love this when that babe is shopping and doing run of the mill errands. After this babe approves her mirror images, Princess unveils her in nature’s garb royal rack and gets busy. To say she has large funbags is the understatement of the year.

SCORELAND: Which breasty SCORE adult models would you adore to meet face-to-face? Or boob-to-boob?

Princess: Hitomi and Sheridan Love have always been my SCORE idols for lack of a more astonishing term. There are so many glamourous beauties I would love to meet from SCORE, whether it’s face-to-face, boob-to-boob or pussy- to-pussy. Preferably the final 2!

SCORELAND: They would be flattered to know that. A percentage of SCORE fans always ask if a girl will do hardcore. What are your thoughts about that?

Princess: I am dying to screw a stupendous schlong on-camera as long as that giant shlong is attached to a hot SCORE model with giant breasts. All the time, we watch tons of fellows nailing gals and it’s super sexy. I want to bring the fans smth fresh. I crave to expose ’em all the raw passion and barmy sex you have seen from boy-girl shoots and be the first SCORE Beauty to do a true hardcore girl-girl movie. I’m not talking about just eating out and using a sex-toy on each other. I mean full-blown, wearing a bigger than average, soaked, strap-on weenie and screwing every other into oblivion.

SCORELAND: Do any of your web digital camera viewers ask u about hardcore?

Princess: They do! In fact, it was my livecam viewers who said me to bring up the girl-on-girl hardcore idea to SCORE. Since my guests come to watch me almost each single day, they give me plenty of nice ideas as to what people wish to watch more of!

SCORELAND: Do you tend to keep your Princess Pumpkins and your cosplayer Bunny Blaze roles separate?

Princess: In the beginning, I endevoured to separate them but they have become one and the same. I do some beautiful hot cosplay that could very easily be considered 18+ and I’m actually hoping to do some even naughtier cosplay in the future.

SCORELAND: I’ve watch some very Big-Boob cosplayers who would be admirable SCORE adult models but they do not appear to be interested. How many cosplay expos do you attend on archetypical?

Princess: I’d say I go to about ten a year. I can’t help myself. I adore to get clothed up in barely-fitting anime costumes and shop for comic book artwork and lewd anime statues.

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This babe is lovin’ it and havin’ it her way

She's lovin' it and havin' it her way

Mia Khalifa went from an order-taker/cashier at a burger chain restaurant near SCORE to mouthing and rogering in her first-ever hardcore scene. This beauty is truly slutty. Carlos didn’t receive to educate her much as this chab worked her over on-camera.

One day at lunch at the burger joint (there were four of us), Dave mentioned to Mia that we work at SCORE and what SCORE is all about. Then by happenstance, he saw her with out her drab uniform in the parking lot and enjoyed the look at of her buxom, breasty body. She came over and began talking to him.

Mia has a definite talent for sex, and she appeared to be to have pleasure the attention. That babe was already a very erotic hotty and had been a stripper for a short time previous to that babe got the burger joint job. Mia just now quit her burger job after her SCORE discharges. At first, this babe used the name Mia Callista then changed it. This babe also got into webcamming.

I don’t think any gal in the adult industry has ever gotten the mainstream attention that Mia got. That babe was in every major newspaper. I used to get annoyed because those reporters by no means mentioned SCORE. With out SCORE, none of this would have happened. I’m not saying Mia would still be taking lunch instructs but that babe wouldn’t have gone into in nature’s garb modeling and porn.

The party did not final lengthy coz Mia was in and without the adult scene very quickly. That was her decision to make, but her story will always be one of the best ever and a part of our history in its own way.

The mistake that spread on the web was that this babe is Muslim. Cuz of the viral nature of the Internet and plenty of clueless people, this error still persists. In fact, she’s a Christian, and her family is from Lebanon.

I can’t think of any angel who created such controversy and a mix of very positive and very negative attention.

There’s a full-length interview in July 2015 SCORE mag, and the movie of the interview is posted at SCORELAND. The DVD Mia Khalifa is loaded with hardcore, boob play, chats and more.

Mia later left Florida and moved to Texas, where this babe does sports promotions and proceeds to bait and troll high school and competent athletes. This babe has plenty of Twitter followers and still pops up in the cram.

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Takin’ Selfies With Roxee Robinson

Takin' Selfies With Roxee Robinson

Roxee Robinson exposes us how she takes selfies, and then we must see the finished fotos on her phone’s screen. Roxee doesn’t need the smartphone’s wide-angle lens. Her billibongs are naturally and eye-poppingly humongous and they do not need the exaggerated breast enlargement u watch on the selfies that lesser-endowed gals post on the web. Roxee’s fuckin’ massive!

Roxee takes some shots of her bustin’ with out her constricted suit, then unzips to let her boobs out. This babe creams ’em with lotion and takes more selfies of her in nature’s garb pointer sisters.

Roxee is one of the almost all astounding. That babe is extraordinary.

Watch More of Roxee Robinson at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Former teacher, now the high reaching self-sucker ever

Former teacher, now the highest self-sucker ever

You know what receives me horny? Knowing that Gya Roberts used to be a school teacher. It boggles the mind. How does a angel go from teaching kids in some public school to self-sucking her bigger in size than average naturals in a way that no goddess in the history of large mellons has ever self-sucked her bumpers? How does that transition happen?

I one time wrote, “With Gya, self-sucking her nipples appears to be to be an obsession, not a part of the sex action but the act itself. It is smth that babe relishes, smth this babe can not stop doing. I have by no means observed a beauty self-suck her teats so lustily and so often. This cutie cannot keep her nipples out of her mouth.”

And Gya told, “I love it when men stare at me, so I’m always in miniature tops that are very low-cut in the front and unveil off my scoops. I adore to wear mini-skirts and dunky dresses that brandish my waist and my bouncy bosoms. I like to be looked at. When I shop, I adore to come into stores that donot carry my size and then try on smaller sizes. I love when the honeys at the store tell me that smth is too dunky for me and that I’m showing off also much of my body. That just makes me determined to wear it even more. I’m not ashamed of my body, so if smth is diminutive and hugs my curves, I like it. I adore things to fit constricted. I suppose that alluring clothing should be love my second skin.”

She likewise said, “When I meet a gent who interests me, I like to view his hands first and see how large they are. I have a hand test. If this ladies man passes, we go forward. Let me explain. The hand test is made for his wang. With my hand on his cock over his trousers, I watch how fast I can receive him subrigid by giving a kiss or teasing him. I put my hand on his penis and we watch what happens.”

We know what happens.

I’m cheerful Gya avoided teaching. That was a horrible waste of talent.

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Blissful Milk cans

Blissful Boobs

“My hobbies and interests are mostly things that are about the body,” Joana said. “Physical things. Yoga and Tantra. Sometimes I do therapeutic massage on the back. I know how to do sexual massage. It is always all about the sensual touch. Certainly! But that is something I do in private with a particular person.”

A celebrity in her native Romania, Joana is one time afresh on the ballot for Voluptuous Porn star of the year 2017. She won fthe 2013 and 2014 contests. The competition is very rock hard, as ordinary, with two-time winner Vanessa Y. going for win number 3 and such outstanding hotty’s as Demmy Blaze, Juliana Simms and Rachel Raxxx in the leaking.

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Pleasures Of A Plumper

Pleasures Of A Plumper

Krissy Dawson hails from the appropriately-named Czech town of Jizbice and identified out about XL Beauties through our buck in Prague. This woman chaser spotted Krissy and showed her some copies of XL Cuties mag that charmer keeps as samples to expose prospective glamour models in his office. So much for the back-story.

A former wrestler (yeah, wrestler), Krissy plays with her 44-inch bosoms and wide areolae. That babe said that stroking and massaging her bosoms always works her up and receives her sexy. She’ll either finish the job with her own hands, or if she’s seeing a boy, she’ll call him and tell him to come over.

Our service-cock is here to fix Krissy’s wagon. She can trust her cunt to him. He’s licensed and bonded and guarantees satisfaction. Krissy and her fresh friend go at it and try out a list of rogering moves straight without a sex position book–from missionary to cowgirl–plus Krissy’s own prefered position for satisfaction, doggie-style.

A moaner but not a talker when this babe is in the throes of raunchy coupling, Krissy’s wobblers and belly jiggle nicely as she moves in tandem with the thrusts that babe acquires. Her reward for this pole-pleasing is a big cum load on her face.

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Liza Biggs goes hardcore!

Liza Biggs goes hardcore!

This was the first hardcore scene for Liza Biggs, a former flight attendant and experienced chef who decided to put her cooking career on hold so that babe could heat up our studio. And she did that with her spectacular body and king-size, full, enormous JJJ-cup naturals. They’re some of the heaviest u could ever watch and feel. Here, the lucky lad doing the feeling is JMac, which means Liza took on a larger than standard one her first time.

Liza told us this babe is not bashful about showing off her prized possessions.

“I wear low-cut shirts and tight clothes to show-off my body,” that babe told. “I am very proud of my figure. I enjoy my meatballs.”

And we do, likewise.

Liza discussed the food/sex connection.

“I do have pleasure cooking, especially post-coitus,” that babe said. “I do the full deal. Meaning I put you to daybed and I wake you up with a sandwich.”

Sandwiched between her bumpers, we assume. By the way, there is a lot of tit-fucking and nipple-sucking in this scene, and JMac cums on Liza’s milk shakes. Then this babe lifts her wobblers to her face hole and licks up the cum.

We’re very satisfied to say that Liza has rogered solely for The SCORE Group. I think that babe ranks among the greatest naturals ever. What do you think?

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Massaging These Mams!

Massaging Those Mams!

Veronika gets bored with the routine life, and when that happens she returns to screwing on-camera. “I missed porn!” that babe says bluntly. “It’s my much loved thing. To acquire tons of fine sex. There’re two things I love best of all. Sex and shopping. I can have one as well as the other in porn.”

Giorgio is dangling out on the sofa when this babe drops by. That babe wants a quickie, but 1st this babe urges a massage to chill out her tense neck muscles. These larger than average mounds are heavy to carry around even with a below garment. What a domme adore Veronika wishes, that babe gets if u desire to acquire the chance to bury your face and wang betwixt those humongous mounds.

Georgio gives Veronika some hands-on neck messaging for all of five seconds, but what they one as well as the other actually wish is to shove his 10-Pounder in her face hole. Then that babe can rubdown it betwixt her velvety, creamy, natural jugs. They undress down right there on the ottoman instead of going into the bedroom. Giorgio seems more interested in massaging her mangos and her nipples than her neck.

Veronika’s lady-hole receives the tongue action that babe loves, and when her love tunnel is running damp, it gets stuffed with hard strapon, just the way this babe loves it. Veronika’s a screamer. After a meaty pumping, this babe acquires a mountainous facial cum-shower. It bears a resemblance to Giorgio has been saving his testicles for this belting brick-house.

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Chocolate Thunderboobs

Chocolate Thunderboobs

Simone Staxxx lives up to her name.

“By the time I was 14, I was wearing a D-cup bra,” told Simone. “I thought that would be about it, but they just kept getting bigger and bigger each year. That made my boyfriends glad, for sure.”

Almost certainly Simone had lots of boyfriends fighting for her attention even though this babe has a lot of jug-meat for all.

“I have a few passions. One is titty-fucking. I love it when fellows copulate my fun bags. The best position is on my back with the charmer facing my feet, like a 69. This way he can fuck my zeppelins during the time that I take up with the tongue his nuts and butt. I love to view porn clips that have a lot of tit-fucking. The other is drooping out with big-booty gals. I love a bigger in size than typical, chubby gazoo on a hawt gal. But I do not have sex with them. I just like ’em.”

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