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Close encounter: Sheridan Love and Holly Brooks

Close encounter: Sheridan Like and Holly Brooks

As Elliot James originally wrote of this classic collision between Sheridan Adore and Holly Brooks:

The timing was ideal.

Sheridan Like was visiting SCORE.

Holly Brooks was visiting SCORE.

They were crazy to acquire it on after encounter each other in the girls’ dressing room.

This day, every girl has a smart phone. Every beauty is online, Tweeting, shooting selfies, taking pix of friends and posting on social sites.

Sheridan Adore and Holly Brooks don’t take a back seat to anyone in this. They love being photographed and snapping smartphone fotos.

Why not have Holly and Sheridan take smartphone selfies of every other giving a kiss, licking with tongue, sucking, fingering and playing tongue-hockey while our cameras rolled, too?

Two Big-Boob gals having slutty enjoyment. Watch it now.

I have always thought that if we hadn’t brought those two pussy-loving cuties together in our studio, they would’ve gotten jointly later that night in their hotel rooms. And who knows, maybe they did. Holly and Sheridan are big lovers of the dick, but they too happen to be big breasted gals who adore bigger in size than run of the mill love melons, also.

Basically, what I’m saying is, I’m happy we captured on-camera smth that was plan to happen besides.

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Full-figured Banging With Marille

Full-figured Screwing With Marille

Marille will be the 1st to admit that a certain breed of woman chaser isn’t interested in her.

“Men at an outdoor cafe who will turn around and check out a thin fashion glamour model…well, they call themselves fashion glamour models, are not plan to turn around and give me a second look when I walk past ’em,” Marille told out of any hint of jealousy. “Well, that is nice. That’s just how life is. It is a bigger in size than typical world and there’re sufficient people in it to satisfy any taste.”

Marille is very comfortable in her own skin, comfortable sufficient to bonk boyz with the entire world watching out of the slightest trace of insecurity.

“I am a very assured woman inside,” Marille admitted. “I can relish taking a picture kissing a man’s balls at the same time I finger my love tunnel and I am not ashamed or timid. I can look into the digi camera during the time that a chap is screwing me and I’m proud of it. If that is not self-confidence, I donot know what is!”

Banging is a huge part of Marille’s life.

“When I first had sex, I was not bashful like my girlfriends. I sought it out more than they did. Now I’m fixated with sex. Romance is precious but I like a unyielding banging more worthwhile.”

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This breasty Latin chick has a large arse, too!

This big breasted Latin chick has a large ass, too!

Sasha del Mar, a 50-year-old divorcee who was born in Peru and lives in South Florida, says the people who know her ultimate would be shocked to see her here, showing off her bigger than standard knockers, large butt and pierced twat. Shocked to watch her widening all of her shag holes for all the world to watch and having such a worthwhile time doing it.

“Nobody would imagine it,” Sasha told in Spanish through a translator.

And yet, here she is.

Sasha is a Mom of 2. She works in home health care. This babe doesn’t like her job. This babe loves fucking. She very much enjoyed her 2 days in our studio. On the second day, she got ass-fucked. This babe enjoyed her solo discharges, adore this one, likewise.

Sasha is 5’7″. She has D-cup milk shakes and a 44-inch butt. This babe said she can’t live with out darksome boyz “because of their bigger than typical ramrods.” That babe always dresses hawt, whether this babe is on a date or just shopping. Her carnal dream?

“To do a porn clip!”

Well, she’s checked that one off her list.

“I always dress sexy,” Sasha said. “I like to expose off my boobs and butt. Majority studs love my wazoo. I love being observed during the time that having sex. For instance, when I go to the swinger couples exotic dancing club, I like the singles side ‘cuz more people look at me. It is extraordinary.”

Sasha is outstanding.

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Diane Poppos: Texas Super-MILF

Diane Poppos: Texas Super-MILF

The Diane Poppos Story is that she is a Mamma of three from Texas who unwittingly started her career by posing for her now ex-spouse in the privacy of their home. This babe did it all: housework in the strapping, nude sunbathing by the pool, shlong mouthing, vagina plugging and rimming. Bazookas blasted with sperm. Vegetables up her seize. Lots of worthwhile stuff.

Normally, no one but boyfriend would have ever seen his wife’s images and episodes. At least that’s what Diane thought. But then they got divorced, Diane’s ex-boyfriend started selling the couple’s supposedly private videos over the Internet, and the rest is boob history. The short version is that rather than being constrained by her sudden public exposure, Diane enjoyed the attention. That babe realized that babe was something special.

At least that’s The Diane Poppos Story, Part I. It appeared to be as if the final chapters on Diane’s stripped modeling story had been written in 2002 when Diane modeled for The SCORE Group for what we thought was the final time. But then, Diane re-surfaced, bustier than ever. The pictures and movie scene you’re about to see are from The Diane Poppos Story, Part TWO.

“I don’t know why I left, to be honest with u,” this babe told. “I thought I’d take a little break, and then nine years later, I said, ‘What the heck? Let’s go back.’ And if I desire to do it, I might as well call SCORE. I figured I’d do it and watch how long I could do it this time.”

Diane told us this babe was encouraged to return by her daughter.

“I have one in high school,” this babe told. “My oldest one knows I came to glamour model this time. That babe said, ‘Why not, Mommy? Go ahead.’ She is Nineteen. My 14-year-old, I haven’t talked to him also much about it, but I’m sure I will tell him. I am not one to keep also many secrets.”

Maybe she’ll tell him that that babe not only modeled for SCORE and Voluptuous but that this babe was one of the foremost, still considered one of the 20 High reaching Naturals ever. Diane Poppos. Making us pop another time.

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Boob Talk

Boob Talk

What does USA need more of?

Do we need more doctors and engineers? More cab drivers, stock brokers and PC programmers? No. We don’t need them.

What we truly need more of are hawt, stacked sweethearts who will drop their bras and display their ram for the camera. That’s all. Everybody else can stay the bonk where they are.

And that brings us to Ingrid Swenson, a SCORE WILF. Ingrid moved to the States and knew she had a great deal to contribute to our lives, unlike these dime-a-dozen nuclear physicists elbowing aside the truly nice people, adore busty sexbomb blondes.

Ingrid settled in trendy South Beach, a wonderful place for a sexy cutie to live and share her anatomy. The beaches, the bikinis, the sun. Miami has anything a lewd aged woman could desire. Ingrid has nice, solid goals. Learning to pilot a plane. Becoming President. We would vote for her in a heartbeat.

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Spycey Rub-down

Spycey Massage

View how this hot mama rolls. Breasty and heavy-hanging Woman Spyce visits Largo and discovers him flat on his bad back. A big-boobed girl of leniency, even though this babe is not a licensed nurse, Lady Spyce suggests to massage him back to health.

All Mistress needs are her hands on his flesh-drill. Then her mouth mouthing it. Then her tight lady-hole mouthing it deeply. Astonishing what some lip service can do for a sick ladies man. Female Spyce likes amorous studs with greater than run of the mill knobs that babe can spit on and sit on.

“I like to eat butt,” Female told. She’s direct and up-front…just the kind of goddess who knows how to treat a hard-on. “I like licking with tongue snatch, but I am proud the almost all worthy when a boy fucks the shit out of me.”

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Selfie Time With Daria

Selfie Time With Daria

No matter a girl’s nationality, no matter her background or occupation, taking selfies is an international hotty hobby that knows no borders. Daria likes doing it also, naturally.

It is wonderful to watch amenable, real-girl-next-door Daria in this bonus episode. This babe looks worthy wearing eyeglasses, a constricted top and jeans. Our photographer captures her taking selfies for herself and we must watch some of ’em on her phone. All phones have a wide-angle lens and that is helpful when Daria takes her indeed big mounds out.

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Date Night For Jordynn

Date Night For Jordynn

Jordynn LuXXX has a dinner date and her greater than average, heavy wobblers serve as a food plate for her hungry Lothario. Screwing, not food, is what’s really on their menu so they leave the table to fuck every other’s brains out. Jordynn likes that bigger than run of the mill man-sausage and the nut-custard that her partners squirt out, usually all over her pierced nipps.

XLGirls: So Jordynn, if you were single, would you date a male sex star?

Jordynn: If they could woo my brain, sure!

XLGirls: What do you love to do almost all on a free night?

Jordynn: Unwind! Whether that is with friends or at home. I love movie games and watching clips and TV shows.

XLGirls: Do you do things like cleaning or watching TV at home topless or undressed?

Jordynn: If I can be exposed, I’m!

XLGirls: Do you and your partner have an open marriage?

Jordynn: My Dad and I swing and we are polyamorous. We would adore to identify a wifey someday and become a triad! When we swing, however, it is generally jointly so we are not just open.

XLGirls: What do you wanna try sexually that you haven’t done yet?

Jordynn: I have always wanted to peg a chap or direct a hardcore S&M gangbang where my girlfriend is being rogered by multiple dudes at once.

XLGirls: Knowing u, I am sure you’ll receive to do both one day.

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An Ultra-Curvy Redhead Named Alexsis

An Ultra-Curvy Redhead Named Alexsis

The redhead with a soft, mellow rack and heavy, beautifully-shaped bra buddies is willing for a shower, and during the time that she is juicy and in nature’s garb, Alexsis Faye gives herself a hand job. There is a lot up-top to handle. Then she’s out the door in a swim costume and sunglasses to make the boyz who spot her totally nutty.

SCORELAND: What kind of dates do u like to go on?

Alexsis: I receive a little amorous when I go on a blind date and I’ve no idea who is coming.

SCORELAND: What type of foreplay do you like?

Alexsis: Plenty of kissing and back-scratching.

SCORELAND: Have you ever had sex with another cutie?

Alexsis: Yes, I’ve. A blonde angel from Russia who specialized in tonguing vagina and making breakfast in the morning.

SCORELAND: Are you into any fetishes?

Alexsis: I like role-playing where I am the boss and I interview a buck for my assistant.

SCORELAND: Do you masturbate furthermore your web digital camera unveils?

Alexsis: Yes, I used to masturbate outside of my livecam room and I even subscribed to porn channels. At night I tell lies on my ottoman and play by myself with my fingers whilst I watch other angels cumming.

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Big breasted golden-haired screws on first date

Busty blond fucks on 1st date

I thought Audee‘s easy-going style and all-around fine looks made her girlfriend material. Nothing about her said, “Porn.”

“I have sex maybe twice a week,” Audee said. “I do not care for long foreplay.”

A Czech, Audee wanted to try stripped modeling in advance of this babe turned Twenty and this babe did.

The X-Man Audee was coupled with didn’t give the blonde girl-next-door “long foreplay.” That dude did give her meatballs about five minutes of act and ate her muff, like most Euro men do, in advance of that babe began eating his pecker.

“I love anal,” Audee told.

Many of those Euro beauties begin pretty early on the anal for some reason. From what I’ve read in different sex surveys, Eastern European beauties in general initiate having sex earlier than North American cuties.

“When I was on top of Thomas, I got off him and asked him to fuck my wazoo,” Audee said. “He gently put his penis in my gazoo and moved sluggishly. I turned around and did a doggie position so this chab could copulate my ass deeper. I guess this was my favourite part.”

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A Tigerr By The Tail

A Tigerr By The Tail

When Tigerr Benson, one of the hottest porn stars on the planet, won 2016 SCORE Hardcore Performer of the Year, that babe was glad. She’d wanted one of the yearly rewards since that babe debuted at SCORE.

“Wow, that is completely worthwhile!” Tigerr replied from London when we said her. “I cant believe it. I am super-happy. It was a lovely surprise to identify out before I went to ottoman.”

Tigerr’s a indecent beauty who takes pride in unfathomable throating, getting face-fucked, being tutored, double-penetrated, anally rogered and being a fem-dom to other cuties. She is into more kinky ram than we can list here. Where does this 5’2″ bra-buster receive all this energy?

Tigerr is up afresh for the 2017 Hardcore reward.

SCORELAND: What makes you even hornier than u usually are? If that’s possible.

Tigerr Benson: Someone who pays detailed attention to me and displays me the high reaching kind of appreciation. Worthy manners are always a str8 line to my heart and my panties.

SCORELAND: What’s one of the perks of being Tigerr Benson?

Tigerr Benson: I’ve to control studs to do what they truly wanna do with me. I am a strong-minded lady but I’m weak to loving boyz. I just know how to be a female that fellows crave.

SCORELAND: That’s a mutually beneficial way of looking at it. What’s the most-satisfying sex-toy you’ve ever used?

Tigerr Benson: The finest toy on my vagina is a penis fake penis attached to a real cock and vibrating on my clitoris. I love using booty plugs. I adore to wear ’em out to dinner and then take it out during a meal and smack how warm it feels in my face hole.

SCORELAND: It is nice that you adore how your arse tastes. We should have one of the chaps use that shlong attachment in the future. You have said u check out your videos.

Tigerr Benson: I always do. It is much hotter when I check out with someone cuz they must see and do, and I need to enjoy both likewise.

SCORELAND: That’s more wonderful than 3D.

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