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Doin’ the naughty with a stacked lap dancer

Doin' the wicked with a stacked lap dancer

“As u may have observed in my videos, I love giving head,” Claudia KeAloha told. “I love to get my boy very unyielding by giving him head in advance of I let him in my vagina. I adore titty squeezing and engulfing foreplay. Giving a kiss and my hooters being sucked make me cum the hardest. I wish my boyfriend to cum in my throat or on my titties.”

A big-boobed lap dancer who travels to different areas such as Hawaii and Florida to dance, Claudia is one of the rare SCORE Cuties who says the word “cunt.”

“When I observe my vids, sometimes I guess of how I could have made it better and I chuckle thinking about the behind-the-scenes moments,” Claudia told me. “It’s fun times. Yes, I masturbate when I check out my videos!”

We usually think that girls who do porn are size queens regarding their personal wang preferences, but for Claudia, that’s not the case.

“Size is important, but I don’t need a indeed huge cock. I adore a fine dick size. I love to have my nipps sucked as we bonk, and to be kissed while banging makes me cum. I have sex about twice a month. I adore sex, but since I dont have a partner, one has to be careful. I donot love to have ages boyfriends.

“I like the missionary position because I like to have my whoppers sucked at the same time. I love to be kissed. I like to watch the guy’s face and have eye contact with him, also. My least favorite is doggie ‘cuz I cant watch anything.”

I mentioned to Claudia that mirrors could solve that problem.

I suppose it is nutty to write this, but my beloved Claudia clip is not a sex scene. It’s a episode of her trying on ridiculously petite bikinis in the SCORE models’ dressing room. It’s no surprise that boyz drop a load in their pants when they receive a Claudia exotic dance in the VIP room.

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Daria’s Hot Fitness Time

Daria's Hawt Fitness Time

Shapely and juvenile, girl-next-door Daria has a workout session planned for this day. It is nothing this babe can do in a regular Health Lap dancing club although the bucks there would adore to see what she’s doing and how that babe is doing it. Daria has her kettle bell and her greater than typical, bouncy workout ball. She’s ready to get her large bra buddies in motion and pump u up.

SCORELAND: You bike and love to figure out. Are u a sports fan?

Daria: I adore to check out football. Barcelona FC is the foremost.

SCORELAND: What do u do for fun?

Daria: I adore to play table games and movie scene games. I also adore going to the theater and music concerts. Reading, watching TV and traveling.

SCORELAND: Do people call u by any nicknames?

Daria: I can remember solely one. Queen B.

SCORELAND: Are other angels jealous of your looks and milk shakes?

Daria: Maybe so. But everyone has to like themselves as they are.

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Dayton Hines On Set

Dayton Hines On Set

Whilst Dayton Hines posed for XL Angels magazine, a clip digital camera recorded her in this behind-the-scenes segment.

An active beauty, Dayton plays softball, takes dance lessons and did gymnastics. She likes to go out with a group of girlfriends–outdoors during the day or club-hopping at night. “I adore places where there are a lot of people.

“If I’m actually sexually excited, I can masturbate up to an sixty minutes,” Dayton said. She is very comfortable with toys and masturbation when that babe discharges her episodes and pictures. “I adore a woman chaser who is assertive and open. If I indeed adore him, I will be the one to begin things going.”

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How to stiffen nipps

How to stiffen nipples

“Usually my allies have very dunky love bubbles and they get very jealous of me cuz I have such large love muffins. I can feel it wherever we go and soever we are doing. But I cant assist it that my bosoms are so greater than average.”

Natalie Fiore said this during her first time with SCORE in Nassau, the Bahamas.

This scene was shot a few years after her launch. It is my favorite series from that time period. I love her rack in those shoots. Later, Natalie was invited to On Location Grand Bahama and then to On Location Puerto Vallarta.

When Natalie opened the door in this movie scene and stepped throughout the doorway, I did a double-take. That is because her gigantic mangos, cradled by her half-cup bra, create a biggest boob-shelf she could serve drinks on.

Natalie became one of the hottest clip stars at SCORELAND when she debuted, and for years after, that babe was super-popular. The mix of her bigger than standard bosoms, direct eye-contact, personality and the hot things she would say made her a favourite of many.

Her solo videos–she not at any time did hardcore or even a Tits & Tugs–were particular events. There’re some adult models who make the viewer feel he’s the merely lad in the world that she is giving her attention to…Natalie is one of them.

In more-recent times, Natalie did lots of discharges for XL Angels, filmed during her gestation and post-pregnancy. Her marangos are beyond enormous in these scenes. In this scene, her body is flawless. Flawless, I tell u!

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Making Sparks

Making Sparks

Voluptuous Brandi Sparks calls herself a “professional masturbator.” She had merely done at-home web digi camera unveils previous to coming to The Big Show.

A well-rounded goddess, Brandi said that babe used to be a tomboy and enjoys hiking, camping and four-wheeling. View out for these curves.

Handsome Brandi sucks jock and balls beautifully. This babe takes the beef-bone deep and rock hard in missionary, cowgirl and sideways before her marvelous face is moisturized with the gift of sperm.

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Liy Madison’s morning ritual

Liy Madison's morning ritual

In this scene, we watch British chick Lily Madison‘s morning ritual. Those morning ritual scenes have become a specialty of The SCORE Group and provide an private observe smth almost any chaps not at any time have to see: a cutie getting ready for her day. We’re invited into her intimate sanctum as that babe receives all dolled up. We even need to see her brush her teeth. Among other reasons for wanting to see a girl brushing her teeth, the action of brushing makes her fun bags shake. Likewise, the toothpaste trickle onto her milk shakes, which is very precious. Then Lily proceeds to acquire all dolled up, which includes self-sucking her teats.

The most-famous morning ritual scene was Lorna Morgan’s in Key Largo in 2001. That is probably the standard-bearer for morning ritual scenes cuz Lorna does so much and does it in such a way that we feel like voyeurs. It was SCORE chief John Fox who came up with the morning-ritual concept, and it continues to be a classic, one we use with merely our finest cuties. Lily’s one of them.

Lily said us how she became a SCORE Beauty.

“Lots of American bucks kept saying to me, ‘Oh, you should be in SCORE and Voluptuous.’ So I said, ‘What’s that?’ and they’d say, ‘It’s a magazine. This is where you should go and apply.’ So I looked into The SCORE Group and started talking to you on Twitter, and then we emailed back and forth, and eventually u said, ‘We urge u to come and shoot for us.’ So I told, ‘Okay.’

“I have so many boyz who tell me that they adore big breasts that it doesn’t surprise me. I like my meatballs. I can’t imagine having smaller hooters, and I do love them on other beauties, also. Having bigger in size than average mangos makes me feel womanly.”

Lily has a unequalled distinction: She’s the solely beauty who’s had her unpixelated snatch eaten on-camera by Hitomi (in Japan, the girls’ wet cracks need to be pixelated or otherwise obscured). It is happened twice, and that babe enjoyed every lick. I would imagine that Lily did this kind of morning ritual in advance of her scenes with Hitomi.

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Renee Ross Takes Sophia Sutra

Renee Ross Takes Sophia Sutra

Now and then, XL Girls receives mail from members and mag readers asking to watch a Big-Boob brickhouse babe acquire down with a thin, smaller, younger girl. Apparently this sort of combo gives this crowd a big rock hard cock. We rarely do this kind of pairing so this photo-shoot and matching movie scene make for a uncommon event.

In Renee Ross, we’ve one of the greats of XL Cuties, and in Sophia Sutra, a teen sexpot. 5’1″ Sophia weighs about 115 pounds, although she sure doesn’t look even that enormous, and the lithe and flabby Chicagoan has mosquito-bite 34A-cup hooters. In other words, a flat-top.

Renee could easily pick Sophia up and play with her like a little doll and that is glamorous much what happened.

When they are not modeling, Sophia is a nanny and a sexy dancer and Renee is a nurse. Renee gives Sophia plenty to engulf on adore a nursing nanny and Sophia gives Renee her fresh, taut wet crack.

Sophia says that babe is had many sex flings with sweethearts including a Puerto Rican dancer, an East Indian and a Korean beauty. This babe likes one as well as the other muff and ding-dong. Renee and Sophia acquire into it, checking into a hot-sheet motel with a mirror on the ceiling. They take up with the tongue and engulf snatch, and copulate every other and themselves with rubber weenies and fingers. Renee masturbates Sophia’s cunt with her nipps and Sophia sucks on Renee’s areolas harder than majority male porn performers. That mirror above the ottoman intrigues ’em also. There is no dominating one. They’re more or less on equal sexual ground.

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Bounce, Maserati, bounce!

Bounce, Maserati, bounce!

When Maserati first visited SCORE during the beginning of her career, her love melons were a double-H. To properly determine her cup size, measurement scientists used an fantastic instrument: the tape measure. Her underbust was measured at 32 inches and her pantoons measured Fourty six inches. That meant, according to mammary math, that Maserati needed a 32 N-cup below garment.

“My nipples are always hard, also,” Maserati pointed out. “And I always wear a underneath garment.”

Maserati told her right tit is around 10 pounds and the other is eight pounds. Therefore, it appeared to be a no-brainer for Maserati to commence this movie scene with a big busted bouncer previous to bouncing on Sergio’s pole.

Maserati one time said she wanted a hubby who could look past her big boobed sex-bomb image. There’s a word for fellows love that: blind.

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Pounding Puma

Pounding Puma

Puma Swede is a beautiful knockout with a slim and stacked body. She is also one of the funniest SCORE Angels ever and doesn’t take things seriously, although she sure takes rogering and unfathomable throating seriously. This babe went from zero to sixty very quickly in the hardcore porn department.

“I’m a boob freak, so I adore my marangos. And then probably my smutty mind,” Puma said us. “I have a precious sense of humor, too. I’m pretty positive. I love practical jokes and sex, so it is a priceless combination.”

Sweden has very lengthy, darksome winters.

“That’s why I moved to the United States. But all the way up north in Sweden, in the winter, they acquire like one 60 minutes of daylight, and in the summer the sun doesn’t go down at all. Up north, they swallow a lot, and I suppose they ‘re a little bit depressed, but there aren’t tons of people up there. There’re more reindeers. But we Swedes are happy people. I am very glad.

“I worked in PC sales, and I was very wonderful ‘cuz I’m very persistent. I wanted people to buy, so I would make them buy from me. But then a lad strolled up to me in Stockholm and said, ‘Do u urge to try adult modeling?’ and I told, ‘Models are silly.’ Whatever. I never called him back, but then they had a competition in Stockholm, and my friend went there, and I went with her and a man told, ‘You have to take some test shots. Let us try it,’ so I entered the contest, and I won.”

Watch More of Puma Swede at SCORELAND.COM!

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Unfathomable Inside Milly Marks

Deep Inside Milly Marks

Milly Marks. One of the all-time sexiest, horniest, hottest and most-beautiful angels The SCORE Group has ever detected. The goddess whose photos and vids stiffens thousands of dongs. Milly actually discovered us and contacted an editor for info about modeling.

Almost all TSG DVDs are compilations of scenes. The DVD Introducing Milly Marks is totally devoted to her. That babe is a goddess among honey bunnys.

In this scene, Milly bangs your brains out in P.O.V., her bigger than run of the mill, natural love melons poked in your face. This babe stares at you with her doe eyes as she sucks your penis and balls. She writhes beneath u as your schlong plunges in and out of her constricted, young twat. Your pop shot gives her a creamy coochie.

A girl who considers herself hyper-sexual, Milly had no experience screwing hung fellows until that babe met pro porn lads. It was a whole new world for her.

“I’m getting more worthwhile each day. For an commonplace penis, I’m nice-looking valuable. For a porn cock, I am getting more captivating. It’s hard to put a gigantic schlong down your face hole, so I’m getting more nice, I’m trying. I’m a nine out of ten for an everyday cock and working toward that for a porn shlong. I’d say I am a seven.”

We think Milly underrates herself. We give her a ten across the board, but then we’re obviously biased.

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Bad, Big-Boob, Super-freaky Coed

Bad, Big boobed, Super-freaky Coed

Tigerr Benson. Behind the proper British accent, statuesque figure and glamorous face, a filthy mind thinks of the nastiest things this babe can do to herself and beauties, and what men can do to her throat, pussy, arse and bigger in size than standard milk cans.

Tigerr’s into cosplay and this time, she’s a bad coed from a college where they train gals to be sex-crazy bimbos. Tigerr already has advanced degrees. There may not be much more she can learn to earn even more degrees. This babe is at the top of the black tower.

Tigerr doesn’t go to swinger couples exotic dancing clubs or receive involved in fuckfests for recreation, celebration, procreation or titillation. She goes because it’s her occupation.

“I adore to get paid. I know that makes me sound like cash mad but it is the truth! But it is not about being greedy. I like paid sex ‘cuz it is an supplementary boost to my ego. What I mean is this. I receive hawt if a boy actually urges me. But if a lad wants me so much that that dude will pay a load of specie to have me, well that’s even hotter! Does that make sense? I have been to lots of sex lap dancing clubs filming and most of the ordinary fellows are truly nice, love family males having a bit of wicked time. But I wouldn’t go there just for sex. I don’t think it would be a turn-on. I need cameras and specie.”

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