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Leave It To Deep cleavage

Leave It To Cleavage

Nadia Villanova changed her name to August Taylor. The hawt bod is the same and her “fuck-me” personality hasn’t changed. She likes to attract male attention and cameras when that babe goes out.

Tony has a vocal wildcat with a dirty face hole on his hands. Fortunately, this wildcat doesn’t bite or scratch, just sucks and bonks his hard cock and has a smack for cum. Nadia sucks dong down to the base, getting it all down the hatch. “I can suck a shlong adore a champ!” Nadia said. She was not just yanking the chain when she told that.

Tony and Nadia build up ramming speed, going at every other non-stop. The bed turns into a trampoline of screwing with our close-up digi camera capturing their heated exchange. Nadia is high-energy and she likes variety in her sex positions. That babe says her prefered is being on-top but that babe screams her head off in every position this babe is screwed in.

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The Adore connection

 The Like connection

Rene Like was said about SCORE a while agone, but it took some time for her to actually receive here and take off her industrial-strength underneath garment. This was her 1st SCORELAND episode.

“I’m used to being looked at wherever I go,” Rene told. “I adore to know people like what they see. I was so nervous when I first got here but I felt very welcomed right away.”

Rene lives in New Jersey. This babe played volley ball and softball and this babe was a cheerleader in school. My head spins imagining her waving and shaking her pom-poms.

Dave and I were very impressed with Rene. We saw a lot of potential in her. This babe has a cheery, upbeat personality that comes throughout on-camera, moreover her enormous and packed 44-inch whoppers and all-over voluptuous body. The lads who write about her likewise point out other intangible assets, mentioning a “sweetness” about her.

Final year, Rene and her buck appeared on the TV flaunt Divorce Court. (People don’t have to be legally married to be on the reveal. They can just be having relationship problems.) They were there coz this chab wishes to maintain a polyamorous relationship (most dudes would go for having two babes if they could afford ’em) and she wishes a monogamous lifestyle. The complete episode is posted on Youtube.

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Wobblers In Tight Tops

Tits In Tight Tops

Miss Isabelle from Fresh York told we could call her “Izzy.” She buys 40G bras, and for bottoms, this babe said she used to wear lots of briefs but now prefers boyshorts. That babe has a not many fetishes including the look of the female-dominant foot in a high-heeled shoe.

“My scoops got so large so fast that I was very self-conscious when I was growing up. I would hunch over to try to minimize their size. In time I have gotten more comfortable and I’m contented of my bumpers now.”

Miss Isabelle would like to try out a marital-device machine one day. “I’ve viewed them online,” this babe said. The vixens in those movies look love they’re in heaven.” The marvelous plumper plays with an outside swing and receives busy with a cock-toy.

“I tend to play with my nipples and like button when I masturbate. I rarely permeate. I have a couple of back massagers plugged in next to my ottoman. I used ’em just about every night. I keep one on my nipps and one on my clit. I have a wonderful orgasm and then drift off to sleep.”

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Fun bags, tugs and oral-stimulation

Tits, tugs and blow job

Nice-looking Chantal Raye contacted looking to receive her freak on and become an glamour model. I thought Chantal was glamorous. After that initial foray with SCORE, Chantal absolutely dropped off the boob radar. That babe did not turn up in some shitty clips shot in some dude’s apartment or at some other studio. Sometimes girls contact us months or even years later wanting to come back, but that has not been the case with Chantal.

In this P.O.V. movie, Chantal jacks Champ’s ramrod, tit-bangs and blows it. She tends it, this babe bends it, she mends it. I rate this scene very incredibly. It is fairly lengthy at almost 22 minutes, longer than many bonk episodes. I enjoyed Chantal’s style, her girly voice, her shlong worshipping techniques and her girl-next-door personality.

“I always make the first move and I love sex nearly each single day. I can be very confident,” Chantal said.

Assertive sufficient to try her hand (and meatballs and throat) at porn. Rogering a total stranger on-camera is about as assured as a cutie can receive. And Chantal seems very easygoing.

Chantal has big, enormous, DD-cup mellons, and her areolae are mountainous. They’re over 3 inches in diameter. Chantal’s sexy, doll-like voice is like music to blue balls. That babe sucks on the pecker adore a sugar-plum whilst staring into the lens.

Jacking the 10-Pounder with her hand, Chantal swallows the load in close-up. She looks wonderful with cum on her lips and tongue. With out super-busty angels adore Chantal sharing themselves, life would be boring and dull. I always discover it amazing that beauties will try hardcore once and by no means again. In some ways, it is wonderful (they’re not all over the place), in other ways, it’s not valuable (if u wanna watch ’em in movie scenes and images anew, u csn’t).

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Bumpers & Tuggin’ Double Play

Tits & Tuggin' Double Play

Christy Marks and Janet Jade. Two princesses of pulchritude. Woman Luck smiled upon this wretch and blessed him when those two tanked his crank.

“Your tits are impressive!” Christy told to Janet. “So, we’re down here in Miami, Florida. Do you love warm weather in Miami or are you a cold-weather person?”

“I like the warm weather, but I am from Detroit where it is very cold, and I do not adore that,” answered Janet. “The warm weather is more magnificant. I need to wear less alluring garments, too, which is admirable. I do not love covering up my body so much.”

“I bet each time u walk down the street, you acquire tons of attention no matter what you’re wearing,” Christy replied. “It’s gotta be impossible to hide your bra buddies! And another thing I adore about u is u not solely have alluring milk cans but you’ve a fetching arse.”

“Thank you,” Janet answered. “I’ve been told that. A lot of boyz love my booty, but almost all boyz mostly pay attention to my scoops.”

And then they kneel before their target and tit-fuck and jerk him until this Lothario nuts, like each one of us would have in the hands of those 2 greatly stacked goddesses.

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Like Her Pie

Love Her Pie

Who does not like Nikki Smith‘s pie? It looks so nutritious. So appealing. So packed with wet goodness.

Ah, that pie…

And then we come to Nikki’s home-baked pie and other foods that that babe is prepared for Sergio in a lavish widen. But Sergio craves to expect. He is interested in one more kind of spread and one more kind of pie. And these remarkably big boobs.

Nikki is all dolled up in her apron and Suzie Homemaker outfit. That babe is nutty to please, and this babe knows that the way to a man’s heart is throughout his belly. That babe too knows that the way to a man’s jock is through his fly. Nikki will have no bother getting her fill of man-sausage. Her curvaceous body and fascinating manners will have Sergio eating without her hand.

Baking pies and playing the sexy and breasty homemaker is not the merely way Nikki loves to please and tease bucks. This babe has several talents in that department. Tit-fucking, blow jobs, riding knob and more.

“I like to please,” Nikki says. “Me knowing that I am priceless at blow jobs, and being adept to look up and see the look on his face, and knowing it’s driving him avid ‘cuz this woman chaser cant screw me yet ’cause I am still sucking his 10-Pounder…. Even though I am a little bit more on the submissive side, just having that control for that little bit of time, I adore it.”

We should all have a angel like Nikki Smith at home feeding us good food and precious wet crack.

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Lily Madison’s slight swim dress reveal

Lily Madison's diminutive bikini show

This scene of glamourous British redhead Lily Madison was discharged in Eleuthera, the Bahamas, one of my much loved places in the world. Eleuthera has glamorous white-sand beaches and not plenty of people, so it was simple for us to detect intimate locations for Lily to flaunt off her larger than standard, natural milk cans and bald cookie. Just about anywhere else in the world, you might be concerned about passers-by, but let me tell u, u could spend a week on a beach in Eleuthera and not watch a single person.

Here, Lily Madison glamour models a not many skimpy bikinis at pool side. As Elliot wrote, “If this happened near any populated areas, Lily would attract mammoth crowds, and that could potentially lead to rioting.”

The first bathing suit doesn’t start to cover her wide areolae. The second bathing dress has fringes adore a gogo dancer might wear. This one too fails to cover her areolae. Notice a trend here? Finally, Lily sheds the bikinis, which weren’t doing much, in any case, and acquires into the pool and uses her fingers to satisfy her pussy.

Lily used to be a photographer.

“I was always on the other side of the camera, and I thought, ‘I’m also short to do modeling,'” she said. “I didn’t think I’d ever acquire any work as a adult model, and then with the livecam adult modeling, everybody said I should be in guys’ magazines.

“My friend detected some websites, and we were adore, ‘You can get paid for sitting around and taking your top off?’ We did not believe it. We were young and did not know about those things, and then we started doing it and identified out that people would pay cash for it, and it went from there.”

I would pay anything to watch Lily in nature’s garb. She is one of the sexiest gals I’ve ever watched. Years after her time in Eleuthera, Lily did her hottest scenes ever, a pair of girl-girls with the great Japanese natural Hitomi. I’d adore to see Hitomi and Lily together in Eleuthera one day.

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Wearing Nothing But Tape

Wearing Nothing But Tape

There’s a trend at lap dancing clubs and raves of angels wearing nothing but tape in different designs on their stripped bodies and heels. It is our kind of fad. There’s a particular kind of tape, usually sold at adult stores, that peel off easily.

Tigerr Benson has her busty, jaw-dropping body overspread in black tape including her big scoops and pussy. That babe brought some of her toys along for the ride, including a whip and a king-size sex tool. Enchanting cosplayer and fetish fan Tigerr likes to cum prepared to her SCORE shoots to heat up a room.

“My much loved kind of toy is a large wang,” Tigerr said us. A girl with countless admirers and followers, many of them lady, this babe likes kissing a boy all over and sat on his face with his tongue up her grab. When she sucks off a date, she’ll take his load in her face hole, stick her tongue out to flaunt him his nut and then drink every drop. Exploring all kinds of sex, fetish and kink is Tigerr’s career, lifestyle and hobby.

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Tigerr Takes Titillating Tit Selfies

Tigerr Takes Titillating Tit Selfies

British-Asian superstar Tigerr Benson does a selfie show-and-tell session, taking a selfie, showing the photo on her phone and doing it again in a different position. Dressed in a SCORE top and miniskirt (and forgetting to put on her panties), Tigerr takes selfies of her knockout fun bags and even shoots love tunnel selfies. Her favourite body parts are her meatballs, lips and feet. In the second half, Tigerr changes into a reservoir top and shorts and kneels on the floor for a step-by-step POV tutorial livecam flaunt on tit-fucking. This babe is a very verbal cutie. Hotter than a volcano, exotic and glamourous Tigerr is raw sex in the flesh in everything that babe does.

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Baby oil Me Up

Oil Me Up

Milly Marks plays indoors and out side, oils up her pretty body and super-naturally big zeppelins with their wide nipps, and gives herself a hand, fingering her juicy, pink vagina.

“I masturbate all of the time,” Milly told. “At one point I thought I was addicted to it! Sometimes I am doing it on-cam for people to check out. Other times I am doing it just for myself.”

Milly is a wanton hotty with a strong sex drive. “I love watching other people have sex. I’ve spoken about it with Jose the photographer. I like watching my allies have sex in front of me. Sometimes I masturbate while I lay next to them.

“I’m pretty used to the stares when I go out so I barely notice. It’s usually my allies that are in shock coz I don’t notice people blatantly staring at me and my greater than average titties. I do think that I’ve worthy cleavage. It makes me feel sexy and womanly. I wear tons of crop tops that are constricted on my chest and accentuate them even more. It doesn’t matter what I wear ‘coz people stare even if I am wearing a huge sweater.”

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You can go home and screw anew

You can go home and bonk again

Brandy Dean has a lengthy history with SCORE. She initially appeared in the Holiday ’01 issue and has screwed in numerous DVDs, including Big breasted Jock Worshippers 4 and HardSCORE 4. And yet, compared to almost all sex stars, Brandy has not done many movie scenes.

Brandy decided a long time agone that that babe did not crave the life of the big-time California porno star, so that babe did not look for it. She stayed in Ohio, where that babe has always lived. A few years ago, that babe even dropped with out the big-tit nude modeling scene. I thought this babe was gone forever.

Fortunately, that babe has fans, and those fans convinced her to return.

“People emailed me a lot, and lots of ’em said, ‘When are u intend to discharge anew?’ And I thought, ‘Now’s the time.’ The fans started making me realize I missed it, so I thought, ‘Okay let’s go back and do it again.'”

But that didn’t mean plan to California and fucking each porn woman chaser in sight. It meant visiting her mature pals at the SCORE Studio and shooting scenes adore this one. I asked her if that babe was still living a glamorous normal life, and that babe said, “I am. Just family, friends and work, and I adore that. I must savour my space. And I can tour for fun.”

And for sex. Make no mistake about it: Brandy Dean screws as lustily as any California porn bimbo. She just happens to be the girl-next-door. There is nothing not right with that and everything right.

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