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The Star Sisters Are Big-Boobed Swinging Stars

The Star Sisters Are Big-Boobed Swinging Stars

“Most people don’t believe we are sisters ‘coz we are so different,” Helen Star told in this swinging chat with her sister Erin. “I have dark-skinned hair and Erin has light hair. I guess our faces are different, too. The merely thing that is similar is our breasts! Physically, the most-obvious difference is that Erin’s lighter. Our personalities are completely contradictory.”

“This has been a fantasy for one as well as the other of us, and it’s so much joy being here with so many other glamourous big boobed gals,” Erin said.

Told Helen: “Thank you for your support, and we hope you will have fun all of our magazines and DVDs, and we hope u visit us on our web digi camera web site.”

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Mountainous, Creamy Cleavage

Colossal, Creamy Cleavage

Natasha Lovely is aptly named. That babe has heavy, large, fascinating mellons that this babe loves to have sucked and banged. Each inch of this juicy, nice-looking female is lovely.

“I feel my sexiest when I’m wearing a very taut suit that makes my hooters stand out,” Natasha said. “It should be constricted all over. I like to wear dresses without knickers and I always wear the high-reaching heels.

“Many fellows compliment me about my walk when I’m dressed in a constricted suit and high-heeled shoes. I like the feeling when a ladies man looks at my milk shakes and this ladies man receives nervous and randy. It makes me feel love a queen.”

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Eva doesn’t yank your chain. That babe yanks your rod.

Eva doesn't yank your chain. That babe yanks your knob.

When I suppose about Eva Notty, I guess about a cutie who likes to have tons of sex. I originally thought of her as a girl who loves to have tons of sex with men, but then one day, she was talking to me about her ally Sarah Satori (with whom this babe would do a three-way BGG scene) and I said to her, “I didn’t know you liked girls.”

And she told to me, giggling, “You not ever asked.”

That is the thing about Eva. This babe won’t tell you anything about herself unless u ask. Then she’ll tell you everything.

Another thing about Eva: That babe has a tendency to vanish off the radar. This babe dropped out of sight for about a year and a half after her first discharges with us, and we glamorous much thought this babe had decided to prevent glamour modeling. Well, it turned out she was globetrotting (mostly with Sarah), so when we finally got in touch with her and brought her back, we shot her a lot. Then she disappeared anew, solely to show up afresh with out nowhere. I suppose Eva is one of these girls who’s elementary to find when she craves to be discovered and impossible to discover when that babe doesn’t.

This scene is a tit-fuck and tug-job scene (no oral sex or screwing), and it’s hawt ‘coz of how into it Eva is. Eva once said her beloved thing about tit-fucking is that “my juggs are greater than average and they can wrap around a penis of any size, so it’s kinda love a peek-a-boo act.” The fact is, some gals know how to tit-fuck, and Eva is one of ’em. It’s an art.

Eva was a runner-up for 2009 SCORE Newcomer of the Year, won 2010 Adult star of the year and was a finalist afresh for 2011 Sex star of the year.

Here’s a story that is not at any time been told: Eva had a ally who adored her. That dude did not love that she had sex with males on-camera. That ladies man was willing to pay her a lot of specie to not have sex on-camera. In other words, Eva could have, if this babe chose, made lots of cash by not fucking for our viewing fun. But then she would have deprived herself of joy, and that’s just not her way.

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Amora Lee, Large Titties & Plenty of Greasy oil

Amora Lee, Bigger in size than typical Fun bags & A lot of Oil

Amora Lee steps outside. Things are gonna receive slippery. Baby oil and greater than typical milk shakes do mix, and very nicely. Amora peels without her skintight, one-piece bathing suit so we can feast our eyes on her 36K bouncy bosoms and traffic-stopping body.

On the advice of a ally, Amora Googled “big-breasted adult models.” SCORELAND appeared. “I thought, ‘Okay, I’ll try this company out,'” Amora said. Sometimes the randomness of life brings great luck. This is once it did and Scorelanders are the winners.

“Even if I lost weight, I would still have bigger than standard bra-busters. If I am a 36K-cup now, I’ll probably go to a triple-D. I will still be bigger than typical.”

Amora was married to a guy who wasn’t a big breasted fan, as shocking as that sounds. “He was an wazoo ladies man. That lady-killer didn’t adore big mammaries, and then I showed up. We lasted for 13 years. He not at any time played with ’em.”

A stranger asked her to slap him in the face with her mangos. Amora declined. No one has ever popped on her love bubbles in the bedroom. We’re still flummoxed by her revelations.

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Sexy for Holly

Hot for Holly

Holly Brooks‘s favourite sex position is doggie-style. She told the knob acquires inside her bawdy cleft the deepest. Here, Tony pounds her the way that babe merits to be pounded.

“I was born to be a adult star,” Holly told.

This babe began with bathing dress and bare glamour modeling as “Victoria Strong” in 2009. She entered ring goddess contests and won a not many. That babe did no cookie spreading, no toying or finger banging. Nothing that could be called explicit.

Holly went sexy in 2012. I do not know what the exact tipping point was, but I am happy this babe tipped. That is why a girl who does solely mild adult modeling should be courted by serious glamour model scouts and agents coz one day the odds are fine that she’ll do what Holly did.

As we’ve told for years, girls who do hardcore must commence somewhere. Watch Maggie Green, Angela White, Puma Swede and Kelly Madison as examples.

We do not shoot much girl-girl those days compared to the bigger than typical ’90s. Holly and Sheridan Love (before this babe broke her hardcore cherry) did a scene with a smartphone that truly hit the spot. The G Spot.

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It is Hawt In Shanie Gaviria’s Kitchen

It's Sexy In Shanie Gaviria's Kitchen

In these images, Shanie Gaviria is in her kitchen with a counter loaded with fruit that that babe plays with. She does have attractive, large milk sacks and her hawt ass cheeks bust with out her cut-off denim shorts.

“A very wonderful friend told me that my wobblers are so bigger in size than run of the mill ‘coz my heart is truly large also,” Shanie told. We acquiesce with that comment. Shanie is an magnificant goddess. That babe even made lunch for our staff. A bigger than average fruit salad.

“I love to masturbate and I do it frequently. It’s important to commence a cheerful day.” Shanie is a cam beauty so this babe has plenty of happy days. “I donot have sex very often but I masturbate a lot.”

“I love to have my teats sucked and my tits played with. I adore tons of foreplay with my love bubbles. I love to receive my booty licked and fingered. About angels, I one time had sex with my superlatively admirable girlfriend. My dream is to fuck on the balcony of a tall building.”

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Massive titted Scream Queen

Big-Titted Scream Queen

Sara‘s a Betty Page look-alike, but with much bigger love bubbles and more curves than a mountain road in the Swiss Alps. This babe was batty to meet Kristof, her stunt dick in this scene. She’d heard about the gent from the photographers and was informed that this fellow has a greater than run of the mill shlong. Sara’s eyes lit up at that news.

Sara’s bumpers have a hypnotic force that majority men are feeble to resist. She knows this babe is blessed by nature to have these attention magnets. “I have the humongous scoops of all my friends,” Sara says. “I had the gigantic scones growing up since I was 12 years mature and I still have the humongous bazookas.”

As in a short time as that dude saw Sara’s carnal pics and movies, Kristof knew he had detected the end of the rainbow. Mouthing on her pert nipps and squeezing her mellow pointer sisters sent tingles through Sara’s body. The brunette stunner eagerly opens his shirt and pulls down his trousers to receive at the bigger than average meat-whistle this babe craves to stick in her face hole and blow on. Sara is much more assertive now. Is it from becoming an XLGirls star model and being coupled off with lewd fuckers?

Kristof’s wang disappears inside Sara’s unfathomable breast valley in their breast-sex play. He holds her head tightly and shags her fun bags with subrigid pumps. That babe drops to her knees and sucks his rod while this chab stands over her, her heavy jugs dangling and swaying. Sara gags and moans but keeps on engulfing.

Their first position will be Sara sitting on his lap, his pole rammed inside her. Sara grinds rigid and bounces up and down. It’s a hearty and vigorous way to start their canoodling, and it is merely the 1st of many positions they will have pleasure.

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A party between London’s hooters leads to a glad ending

A party between London's bouncy bosoms leads to a cheerful ending

London Andrews is different from any other adult model to ever visit SCORE. I have known a lot of dancer-models who traveled from strip club to club through the year but by no means anyone who drove from town to town, town to town, state to state, posing for photographers ranging from professionals to private amateurs. That is what London does. This amazes me.

This wanderlust is very odd, especially for a woman. But London is a very unusual lady. She has probably logged hundreds of thousands of miles on America’s highways and back roads since 2007. This takes courage and a great deal of optimism and faith.

London has lived this nomadic, Bohemian lifestyle for years, constantly sleeping in different beds, visiting different towns and villages, dealing with life on the road, collision an endless flow of people as this babe accepts different photo-modeling jobs. That babe lives in an underground world of modeling that most people do not know about.

London reads Jack Kerouac, the famous novelist who defined the Beat Generation of the 1950s. This babe may be also youthful to remember Route 66, a 1960s TV expose about two allies in a Corvette who traveled The United States of America getting into a fresh dramatic story every single week. But this babe would probably love the brandish since it shared Kerouac’s philosophy. London goes in-costume to Burning Buck, that yearly, wild, psychotronic festival in the middle of the Nevada desert. She drinks deeply from the cup of life, deeper than most people who live the same routine each single day and take a two-week vacation once a year.

We were favourable to have London go all-out here cuz her main glamour modeling interests are glamour, avant garde, artistic, fetish and alternative. Her doing a tits-and-tugs and a pair of very hawt hardcore scenes with boys is basically a fluke in her resume and a fortunate break for SCORELAND members and DVD viewers. This babe never made another XXX video after her trip here. SCORELAND fans loved her love muffins, her arse and her beautiful face as well as the real-girl vibe that babe gives off. They still write in about her. I would like to see her adult model another time here.

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Nurse Elaina

Nurse Elaina

It’s that time of the year. Time for a medical. It may take a during the time that, they tell you. Your doctor is busy. Until then, Nurse Elaina Gregory will watch you.

This clinic has changed ‘cuz the nurse is wearing garters, nylons and dancer heels. It may be a whilst before the doctor can come over. Just chill out and observe the nurse. She’ll keep u entertained for as lengthy as u adore. This babe has no hesitation about getting comfy, and sometimes that’s supposed to mean taking off her nurse’s uniform.

The exam room acquires too stuffy. There’re no windows. But that’s even more magnificant cuz no one can peep in and spoil the enjoyment. Nurse Elaina tells you to go behind the screen and drop trou. That babe locks the door and says she is going to give u smth to view besides a magazine whilst u await.

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There’s nobody love Sha

There's nobody adore Sha

Sha Rizel from Ukraine is one of the most-unusual SCORE Gals ever. She might be the most-unusual, and I’ll tell you why. The September 2018 issue of SCORE not lengthy ago went on-sale at It’s our first “Rack To The Future” issue; the theme is girls of the present who are similar in some way to beauties of the past. We weren’t looking for direct comparisons; we were looking for striking similarities.

Sha fits into the super-slim ‘n’ naturally stacked category, but when we foraged throughout SCORE‘s past, we realized that although there had been beauties who were similar to her, only Sharday, Devon Daniels, Hitomi, Venera and Merilyn Sakova can come close to being as super-slim ‘n’ stacked as she is, and even they come up a little short. Put it this way: Sha would be thin for a gal with A-cups, but has large, soaked hangers.

“My marangos began to receive very larger than typical at 17, 18 years aged,” handsome Sha said. “It happened very suddenly. They appear to be to acquire bigger each 2 months and they’re still growing. Every time I buy a bra, it quickly becomes likewise small on me. They are still growing even now.”

As for keeping slender, Sha said, “I work out daily. I lift weights and I do exercises for my gazoo.”

Sha lately joined us for an all-naturals group shoot in the Dominican Republic. The other seven beauties were either Voluptuous Angels or V-mag/SCORE crossovers. Sha was the solely true SCORE Girl in the group. That babe was likewise the most-experienced adult model and looked after the other gals (such as alerting our studio manager when Alexya appeared to be to have gone missing one night).

Sha is truly a once-in-a-lifetime beauty, and we’re happy we have her.

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Hawt Tubbin’

Hot Tubbin'

Lillian Faye is one of those uncommon anatomical wonders adore Venera and Hitomi. She’s slim with big, natural, F-cup mammaries. Angels with this kind of frame are indeed difficult to find. She is a natural for swim suit wearing and shedding out side at swimming pool side, at the beach or in a hawt tub.

“I’m not ashamed of my body,” Lillian said SCORE magazine editor Dave. “I like my body. I am comfortable with it. I suppose I’ve a little bit of a bashful personality but I love to brandish off my body.

“Personality is more important to me than looks,” Lillian told about boyz and in a relationship with. “I desire to be with a enjoyable, loving dude who makes me feel special and desired.”

Lillian has her toy and use of a hot tub so she makes the majority of it. “I love a fake penis buzzing my adore button and my fingers squirming in my bawdy cleft.” Just as much as some have raved about Lillian’s billibongs, others have raved about her pliable fur pie lips.

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