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Busting out in full bloom

Busting out in full bloom

G-cupper Sadie Blooms checked out SCORELAND cuz of a former hubby who’s a dedicated fan. Sadie was interested, and once she learned all about The SCORE Group, this babe signed on.

“It was coz of my boob-loving ally,” Sadie said in a SCORELAND Blog movie. “He likes you and urged me to connect with u.”

I thought that she’d go slow, being a novice, and begin with solos and possibly rub numerous out with a toy or her hands. Instead, Sadie went for the entire shebang.

Sadie is an artist back home in Philadelphia. And since that babe is a Philly goddess, this babe roots for the Phillies and the Eagles.

“I’m a decent artist. I like drawing and jamming out to valuable songs, but my favorite activity is exploring the city and dangling out in different neighborhoods.”

Sadie was 19 years old in this movie scene. I have neckties older than that.

“I receive a lot of attention and I love it. I adore when a boy adores a girl’s mellons. I wear a lot of shirts with unfathomable necklines so that no one can miss ’em.”

Standing 5’10”, the Amazonian girl said this babe can’t live out of to start the sex play but can’t live with out it more when a boy takes over.

At her delicate age, the sex juices are flowing at their high-reaching, but Sadie didn’t do what almost any gals do when they try naked modeling and porn: doing it for a year or two and contacting lots of porn companies. Like many SCORE and V-mag adult models, Sadie went back to her everyday life. This exclusive relationship with girls-next-door who try hardcore once or twice in advance of moving on is a large reason SCORE is so unequalled among men’s sophisticates.

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Sex toy Cunt-fuck

Dildo Cunt-fuck

Simone Ray had some other side to her and that is why she expressed that at the SCORE Studio.

Simone reminded us of skinny and stacked Brit Adele Stephens, a marvelous golden-haired who became one of the busiest-ever glamour models in the Great Britain.

“I like to play pool and poker and go lap dancing,” Simone told. “I don’t have any fetishes, but my allies say I am more into sex than they are.”

SCORE editor Dave wrote “Simone was a real-estate agent. I’ve always had a thing for breasty real-estate agents. They’re always sexy. They always reveal off their goods to close a deal.”

“Dildo Cunt-fuck” is the kind of vulgar title you watch on the DVD or magazine racks of a sleazy, sticky-floored porn store in a bad part of city. But that’s what Simone gave herself.

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The goddess with come-here eyes

The gal with come-here eyes

“It’s batty if I in a relationship with lots of deep cleavage showing,” Alexya told. “If I go out wearing smth that flaunts off my zeppelins, I must be with someone. I like to be standard and not have my bouncy bosoms out so everybody will stare.”

It is a different story when free-spirit Alexya is in a camera-ready situation. She is one of the stars of the SCORELAND specific “North Coast Vacation” and DVD On Location North Coast, one as well as the other discharged in the Dominican Republic. Alexya and the other beauties could wear tiny in number hawt garments or nothing at all at the luxe private resort where the event was filmed.

Alexya is a captivating blend of glamour gal, mystery hotty and girl-next-door. In her interview videos, Alexya is quiet and appears to be bashful. She giggles a lot in them, nearly as if this babe doesn’t watch why she acquires boyz sexually excited. She’s soft-spoken and she’s usually silent in her scenes.

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Butthole Joy With Carly

Butthole Pleasure With Carly

Carly Parker bears a resemblance to the girl-next-door. Just a Big-Boob, blond, horny version of the girl-next-door with a filthy throat. Miss Parker was a college student at Florida State University when this babe decided to receive into hardcore porn. Here she receives drilled in her face hole, wet crack and arse in P.O.V.-style outdoors on a picnic table.

SCORE editor Dave was impressed by Carly, “When I interviewed her on-the-set for SCOREtv, that babe had a butt-plug in her ass. That babe said me so. Then this babe showed it to me. It was the 1st time, as far as I know, that I’d ever interviewed a hotty during the time that she was wearing a ass-ramming. I asked her why she had it in her, and this babe said, ‘To unwind your booty muscles previous to you receive fucked in the wazoo. It makes it so I can have plenty of orgasms during the time that I’m getting my ass-fucked. I have slept with ’em in my wazoo sometimes.’

“Two more things: Her Mama was her manager. That’s right. Carly was being managed by her Mamma. And Carly would review her scenes with her Mamma, and Mamma would critique them for her.”

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Shapely Pioneer of Romania

Buxom Pioneer of Romania

“The important thing is to love every other and the rest will be flawless,” Joana Bliss has said. The ripe, blissful one should have been a politician. The world would be a much more admirable place. “Love makes me feel hot.”

Fresh Age domme Joana is a two-time Voluptuous Model of the year winner. That babe acquires her bliss on daily with her each single day practices that include yoga. When she’s in the kitchen, that babe can’t live with out to bake.

“I have practiced yoga since I was 16. My mammaries do not receive over here the way when I do Hatha yoga. I like having large tits. I am very fleshly. I relish things that are about the body. I do therapeutic massage on the back. I know how to do sexual rub-down.”

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The Slappin’ & Clappin’ Milk shakes of Helen Star

The Slappin' & Clappin' Mambos of Helen Star

“My sister Erin and I knew Mia Sweetheart and she told me how great it was to discharge and become a adult model,” Helen Star told. This babe and Erin became web camera glamour models.

“It started as a joke. I wanted to watch how it’s but I ended up loving it.” Now they constantly web digital camera. Mia said the angels about her experiences with The SCORE Group and recommended the Star gals try accustomed undressed modeling.

“The whole process is so much pleasure. What goddess doesn’t adore to be pampered. I receive my hair done, make-up, nails, and then the photographer helps me to detect the topmost positions to get the best results. I like what I do and u boyz have the finest team to work with.”

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Hottie Bee Queen Naia

Honey Bee Queen Naia

Naia Bee shares the honey, taking off her body dress and undergarment to release her heavy 38HH twins. Naia plays with ’em, licks ’em and claps Them, then pulls off her panties and gives herself a hand.

“I love plenty of giving a kiss, nipple tongueing and pinching and somebody softly going down on me or me on the lad,” Naia told. “I’m sexually confident and I adore oral job, giving and receiving. My prefered position is cowgirl.”

Naia is into foxy females likewise. “I’m bisex, therefore I love gals and how they feel, smell and taste. I am not indeed into public sex, however, I adore to foreplay and reveal bizarre affection in public.”

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Biggest zeppelins, tight tops

Giant titties, tight tops

There is merely one Minka, and she’s been on top of the busty world since her SCORE launch in 1994. As the world turned, Minka’s mellons kept getting larger and larger and larger. There have been other models who sought to enslave her status as the biggest-breasted Oriental on Earth, but their attempts did not succeed.

Now, you would not know it if u talked to Minka ‘cuz this babe is a hospitable and polite domme with lots of integrity, but Minka is as competitive as they come. She’s also very humorous. If you’ve seen her interviews, there is a real comical side to her. When Dave and I talked to Minka for wraparound segments for the DVD that is devoted to her long career, Maximum Minka, we got Minka to express the badass side of her.

“I urge to be on top all the time,” Minka told, the “yin” part of her giving way to the “yang.” “I crave to be the finest. When I play tennis, I wanna be on top. I do not care who you are, I wanna kick your a-hole, and when I got bigger than run of the mill knockers, I wanted to be on top, and now I’m! Some cuties thought they were more admirable than me, and maybe they were for a whilst, but a couple of years later, I was on top. And look now. Everybody from the ’90s is gone, and I’m still here! Who is the top dog? Minka! Doesn’t matter, anything I do, I wanna be No. 1.”

In this scene, Minka starts by trying on different hawt outfits. This part is shot in first-person perspective, my favorite point-of-view. When Jarrod enters the room and begins sliding his ramrod between Minka’s king-size breast valley, the perspective changes to the more-standard third-person until, after they screw, that buck drops his cum on Minka’s 44KK fantasy fun-jugs. I would have preferred seeing Minka’s own hand jerk Jarrod to explosion, but that babe does mischievously tickle his testicles as the final drops hit her skin, her other arm propping up her mambos for him.

There’re thousands of hotties in porn with more entering daily. But there’s only one Minka. That babe summed up why.

“Every lady has a muff, but they do not have these mellons. Plus, other women don’t have nipps love mine. I’ve massive nipples, so guys adore it!”

And they like that Oriental exoticism and her skinny body with its dramatic swimsuit tan lines. I indeed can not imagine the breasty scene without Minka. And I’ll knock wood with that statement.

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Marina Grey’s Greater than run of the mill Tit Sex Training

Marina Grey's Big Tit Sex Training

Marina Grey is in daybed, trying to attract Angelo’s attention whilst this chab is on the phone. Whatsoever that dude is doing–maybe ordering a pizza, who knows?–he should be looking at Marina and preparing to fall in love. She’s lowered her undergarment and slide to reveal him her bigger than typical, quivering bosoms. This babe maneuvers her curvacious, voluptuous body into men’s magazine poses to tempt him. That works. Now he is 100% focused on Marina.

Tossing the phone, this fellow works Marina’s meatballs over, engulfing and screwing her fleshy naturals and teaching the greenhorn about rock hard rogering on-camera. This chab spends a lot of time on Marina whoppers, tongueing and engulfing her nipples, fondelling his knob on ’em and alternating betwixt fucking her fun bags and feeding her meat-thermometer.

Filling Marina’s wet crack, Angelo copulates her on her back and on her side, saving his hardest pounding for her doggystyle. Whilst this chab forcefully thrusts into her in doggie, Marina rubs her bawdy cleft, cumming rock hard when he pushes her face into the ottoman. They’re not done just yet. She climbs on top for one last pole ride, her knockers hanging in his face.

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Tiggle Bitties’ larger than standard ol’ pointer sisters

Tiggle Bitties' bigger than run of the mill ol' titties

“My billibongs are fun so why not celebrate ’em?” said super-stacked natural Tiggle Bitties, who definitely has a pair of whoppers worth celebrating. They’re bigger than average and pliable, and Tiggle can’t live out of to bounce them and do joy things with them. In another photo set (at SCORELAND), this babe uses them to carry a book, placing the pages under her enormous rockets.

Tiggle weighs 155 pounds and says Twenty pounds of that are pure boob flesh (the left one weighs about 10.5 pounds and the right one weighs approximately 9.5). That babe was 13 when that babe began developing and actually came to adore ’em when that babe was 15.

“I know my marangos are crazy-big,” she said. “Looking is completely precious. Everybody should look, that’s priceless. But not gawking.”

Okay, if she says so. I can not help but stare at her bra buddies. I also can not avoid staring at her fur pie and anal opening, which she loves to widen and make gape. I can think of solely a handful of solo models (meaning those who have not at any time done hardcore) whose posing is as sexy as Tiggle’s. Remember how we were always so sure that Angela White would do XXX? Same with Tiggle.

I too think she’s one of the almost any underrated glamour models of this generation. The angel is great, a true SCORE/Voluptuous crossover model with a body that can satisfy just about any busty paramour. This babe is a natural in front of the digital camera and can’t live with out to talk bawdy. J-O encouragement comes naturally to Tiggle. And that babe definitely has her own unique posing style. This babe is one of these adult models who doesn’t like to be directed. That babe can’t live out of to do her own thing.

Tiggle lives in the Pacific Northwest, and her hobbies, which include hiking, swimming and kayaking, reflect the outdoor lifestyle. That babe urges to trip, and seeing Europe is something she has on her must-do list.

“I love to role play,” Tiggle said. “What can I say? I’ve got dramatic tastes! And I dabble a bit in bondage.”

That babe definitely has left tons of busty paramours tongue-tied.

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Amora Lee: Breast Fantasies Come True

Amora Lee: Breast Dreams Come True

Amora Lee has the face and body breast dreams are made of. A nurse by vocation, Amora models part-time. “I Googled u lads cuz a friend had said me, when I was thinking of getting a reduction, to do some stripped modeling with my whoppers, and I was like, ‘No way!’ but then one night I Googled ‘big-breasted models’ and u chaps popped up.” The word “reduction” has filled us with dread for many years. Fortunately, Amora decided to email us a few photos. Even though she was fully dressed, we knew. Someone up there loves us.

Amora was married for 13 years to an gazoo charmer who wasn’t a boob lover. This babe had by no means been tit-fucked. He by no means played with her marangos. That lady-killer by no means motorboated her. He never lost a load on ’em. We can therefore conclude that her ex by no means bought our magazines or joined SCORELAND.

“My fun bags are very enormous. I remember once telling my ex-husband, ‘Can u just lift my mellons up because my back is killing me.’ When they’re lifted, there’s a sense of weight that is lifted off my shoulders.”

Naturally, Amora attracts a lot of attention and the occasional comment.

“I acquire that a lot, and I at not time respond. I just keep walking. If u come at me politely in a precious way, then I’ll say, ‘Thank you.’ But I have had some jerks. And I acquire babes looking at me as well, which is eager.”

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