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Whip It Fine For Kiki

Whip It Worthwhile For Kiki

What a filthy, concupiscent throat on this freaky goddess. Kiki Rainbow has a whip in her hand and talks about she loves to use it on herself during the time that playing with her large funbags and butt and fingering her pink.

Kiki can’t live out of cum and talking about it turns her on. “I adore how it feels when I take a big, creamy load in my mouth.”

Kiki enjoys it in the ass.

“I like being fingered in my bum and rimmed. I adore to play with toys in my bum. My much loved toys are vibrating gazoo plugs and anal beads. I adore slow anal dance sometimes.

“I love one as well as the other trios with a ladies man and a angel and 2 boyz. I adore 2 dudes more precious as I adore being shared betwixt 2 chaps. Being spit-roasted feels so good.”

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Savannah Stevens, sex doll

Savannah Stevens, sex doll

In this scene, 22-year-old pleasant heart Savannah Stevens, a real-life adore doll from Texas, plays a like doll who comes to life. JMac is home when that fellow hears a knock on his door. This chab answers, and a courier delivers a bigger than typical box marked “HANDLE WITH CARE.” What’s inside the box? A love doll! A Savannah Stevens sex-droid like doll with big, squishy, jutting bra-busters.

He sees a tag on the doll’s back: “Pull here to activate.” With a tug, it, or rather “she” shudders, a beeping sound is heard and this babe takes a unfathomable breath. Her pantoons thrust out and this babe awakens with a smile, her hands not fast oozing down her skinny, stacked body.

“I feel so much more priceless now,” Savannah-bot says.

That charmer cant wait to try her out and test her realistic throat and twat. As Elliot wrote when this scene was 1st posted, “Whoever programmed this sex doll in sucking and rogering knew his code work.”

After this scene was shot, Savannah was interviewed for SCOREtv Season 2, Episode 2 (that episode, as well as all of the other SCOREtv vids, are at SCORELAND).

“I just had the time of my life,” Savannah said. “I gotta be screwed adore a Barbie Doll. I was adore his toy. I love to be snatched and turned around. I merely love it sexually, though. I love it in the bedroom.”

Savannah called it “The scene of my life. This was my favorite scene in my life.”

We asked how Savannah transformed herself into a adore doll, and that babe said, “It’s glamorous effortless. U just live up to the doxy name.”

Blond. Large milk shakes. Can’t live out of to engulf and bonk. Savannah had no bother doing that.

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Chloe Lamoure: Breasty & Bad Biker Babe

Chloe Lamoure: Big-Boob & Bad Biker Babe

Pretty girl Chloe Lamoure does the right thing in this outdoor scene. She sponges and hoses her righteous body and greater than run of the mill mangos more than this babe washes the bike. Her priorities are in the right instruct.

Chloe doesn’t go out on dates. She’d rather hang out with allies. As far as the rod, Chloe acquires plenty doing porn with pros. She loves multiple partners. Her “furniture sales” scene with Steve left scorch marks on the smooth Corinthian leather bed.

“I really adore blow jobs and swallowing. My favorites. I love lengthy anal foreplay and having my love bubbles massaged. I like my feet caressed also. I adore to watch a lad rubdown my feet. That man should love to do that, not ‘cuz I ask.”

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Fall in love with Rene

Fall in like with Rene

Rene Like is one of my much loved glamour models ever. That might surprise u considering that the sum total of Rene’s in nature’s garb modeling at the SCORELAND studio consisted of one day, 2 photo sets, 2 episodes. Yes, that’s right. One day for a 22-year-old hottie with full, heavy J-cup naturals, humongous areolae and a beautiful face.

Now, you might be thinking, “Those dudes at SCORELAND really fucked up.” But if you’re indeed thinking that, then I’m thinking, “You acquire to think we’re inexperienced.” We begged and pleaded with Rene to return. We opened up our bank account and said, “Here, take soever you crave. It’s all yours.”

A former hotel clerk-and a hotty who loved posting Facebook photos of herself in tight tops-Rene was sent our way by a boob-loving friend who knew she’d be ideal for Voluptuous.

“I’m used to being looked at wherever I go,” told Rene, who grew up in New Jersey and was living in Virginia when we discharged her. “I like to know people like what they see.” Rene likewise told, “I was so nervous when I first got here but I felt very welcomed right away. I hope I can come back.”

Hmmmm…”I hope I can come back,” that babe told. I am wondering if maybe a disapproving friend or family got in her ear and talked her with out titty exposed modeling.

You know, we suggest finder’s fees for people who send us glamour models. Perhaps we should offer shut-the-fuck-up fees for people who try to talk our models out of adult modeling.

By the way, Rene played high-school volleyball. Can u imagine?

Rene and her stud appeared on the TV reveal Divorce Court. (People don’t need to be legally married to be on the unveil. They can just be having relationship problems.) They were there cuz this guy wanted to maintain a polyamorous relationship (almost all bucks would go for having 2 babes if they could afford them) and she wanted a monogamous lifestyle. The entire clip may still be posted on Youtube.

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The chesty girl-next-door

The chesty girl-next-door

“I consider myself the girl-next-door, so I appreciate all the little compliments,” Kate Marie told. “The supreme I have ever received was about my eyes and my make-up.”

Kate has a regular job, so her stripped modeling is limited. The fact that she’s not a able full-time glamour model makes her even more of a girl-next-door. I guess she is a really talented hotty in front of one as well as the other the still and the clip cameras, and that babe has a agreeable personality. This babe is dressed up adore a nerd in this scene, the total contrary of the real Kate Marie.

“I grew so quickly at such a youthful age, they thought I had what Soleil Moon Frye had, where her whoppers just kept growing. She had reductions but they kept growing back. They wanted to keep an eye on it.”

So the doctor would weigh them.

“The doctor has a boob scale, and u put one on there and you weigh it and then you put the other one on and u weigh it and u add the total and that is the total on your chest.”

That kinda sounds like one of the doctors in our vids.

“They’re an H. 36H. And some people think 36 is so big, but it’s not. It just means u have broader shoulders to compensate for carrying around something that is so greater than standard.”

Hopefully, Kate will find the time to visit us one more time. I’ll bet her wobblers are still growing.

I live in terror that beauties like this will settle down with a lad and disappear. Sometimes I wake up screaming.

Watch More of Kate Marie at SCORELAND2.COM!

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Stacked Love Whoa!

Stacked Love Whoa!

“A lady-killer said to me, ‘You have the most priceless love muffins in the town,'” told Maya Milano, who turns heads wherever that babe goes…eating ice man-juice while sightseeing in Prague; posing on a roadway spanning a river; checking out the historic buildings and parks of this storybook town. She’s really blessed and is giving it back by baring her bod and blowing out her bras for the SCORE cameras.

Writes Maddien, “Besides a marvelous face and bigger than average bouncy bosoms, she also has great legs. I do appreciate that she mostly wears priceless high heels.”

Maya has cranked up the heat since her original photo discharges. This babe is much more comfortable. Whatever this babe does, this hotty can not take a bad picture. It is impossible.

“When I check out the gals on SCORELAND, I’m impressed. They are alluring and it’s precious to see that there’re girls with my kind of body. For example, Juliana Simms, Ann Calis, Maggie, Larissa Linn…so lovely. I have fun their pictures and reading about them. If I meet anyone like me, I will tell her about SCORELAND.”

Watch More of Maya Milano at SCORELAND.COM!

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Cum Inside Lisa Canon’s Arsehole

Cum Inside Lisa Canon's Butthole

Approaching Lisa Cannon doggystyle, Sergio wraps his hands around her amazingly humongous billibongs. Lisa has on a bustier that lifts ’em high. He palms and lifts them up himself. Later on, this chab mentions how enormous they are, maybe the heaviest that man is lifted yet in his escapades at XLGirls.

This chab turns her around so this chab can feast on her nipples. They fall to the daybed and Lisa covers his face with her breast flesh. These are smotherin’ fullsome funbags so he’d better be careful. However, we do have emergency oxygen nearby just in case.

Lisa switches her attention from his face to his stiffie. She sucks it and jerks it, then that babe buries it betwixt her mangos and tit-wanks him, to borrow a Brit phrase from Kerry Marie. That drives Sergio fucking bonkers.

This skirt chaser stands up and Lisa kneels in advance of him. It is cock mouthing time and Lisa is quite skillful in this art. She has oral sex lips and sucks him hands-free, her huge mams swinging as this babe does. This is actually ecstasy. And it’s only just the kick off.

Sergio is in no rush to fuck Lisa’s muff and gazoo. All in priceless time. And for a glad ending, Lisa will acquire a wonderful load of cum in her darksome hole, which she’ll kindly squeeze out.

Watch More of Lisa Canon at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Greater than average MILF Hooters

Big MILF Tits

“I was being very batty with my erotic habits. I was banging way too many people. I wanted to do smth safer.”

So told Alura Jenson, a U.S. Navy veteran turned fitness instructor turned exotic dancer, who started doing porn and kept on doing porn. Alura detected her calling.

Her second scene at SCORE was an arse stab scene with Johnny.

“I indeed managed to have an overwhelming, genuine climax about 3 minutes before this chab came in my wazoo. It was glamourous. Perverted fuck put his dick str8 from my booty into my mouth to let me smack those last not many drops of cum off his penis.”

Alura likes an “Alpha male with finesse. Be polite and easy-going. Just be priceless to me without an agenda. I am a phat woman. If I watch a woman chaser I adore, I go up to him and introduce myself.”

In this jack-off encouragement scene, Alura tries on big bras and talks filthy, all the whilst playing with her larger than run of the mill breasts and Mother I’D LIKE TO FUCK fur pie.

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Shelby Gibson: The Hawt Life Of A SCORE Wife

Shelby Gibson: The Hawt Life Of A SCORE Wife

“I think I did well in my 1st scene with JMac,” Shelby Gibson told. Three years had passed since she jacked, tit-fucked and sucked her porn hero.

“I got to engulf his enormous penis. One more time. And we got into some actually interesting poses and screwed in some indeed hawt poses. And he picked me up and put me down and banged me in the piledriver position. I’ve by no means done that before. He’s very meaty, so I felt very confident that I was in worthwhile hands.

“I really wanted to come back and was very amorous about that. I was still very nervous ‘cuz it’s smth I hadn’t done before. Lascivious. I actually wanted to make my fans happy and have a valuable time. I felt love I was ready to go to the next step.”

Now that this fantasy has been fulfilled, is there something else Shelby craves to try?

“First thing is I actually hope that u invite me back so I can do more. I indeed wanna do a BBG scene. That would be hot! JMac and one more porn dude would be mind blowing! One more thing I’d adore to do is…my boyfriend doesn’t think SCORE has ever done a BBBG scene, so maybe I could be the 1st? But that would probably be up to the fans if they ask for it and SCORE accedes. But OMG, I guess that it would be excellent!”

As SCORE editor Dave said to Shelby before her second shoot, “I think one of the things boys like about you is that you are a little nervous. You don’t have the blase sex star way about u. You are totally a girl-next-door, not a adult star.”

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Sylvia Bateman: Cute, Cuddly & Chesty

Sylvia Bateman: Cute, Cuddly & Chesty

XLGirls: How often do u have sex?

Sylvia: About three-to-five times a week.

XLGirls: What is your beloved position?

Sylvia: I do not have one.

XLGirls: Favourite foreplay?

Sylvia: Teasing and nipple play.

XLGirls: What’s been your kinkiest sexual experience so far?

Sylvia: It was a softcore SADOMASOCHISM rencounter.

XLGirls: Have you ever had sex with a girl?

Sylvia: Yep, a hardly any times with just me and her. And then with a different girl. I’ve done a threesome with me, her, and a lad.

XLGirls: Have you ever had sex in public?

Sylvia: Yes. It was in the woods in a park.

XLGirls: Do u love anal play and ace shag?

Sylvia: I do.

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Tit Chat With Talia Amanda

Tit Chat With Talia Amanda

Talia Amanda has a lovely voice and a warm personality. She chats with a SCORE photographer about her background, how she spends her time, how that babe can’t live with out to suit and more. Glamour modeling is new to her but she is into the swing of things very quickly. That babe enjoys working out and gardening.

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