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Mega-boobed SEXY HOUSEWIFE Claudia Marie’s threesome

Mega-boobed HORNY HOUSEWIFE Claudia Marie's threesome

I once said to super-stacked super-MILF Claudia Marie, “You’re not afraid of huge knobs, are u?”

And this babe told, “No. There isn’t a meat-thermometer in this world that is intend to scare me.”

The thing is, Claudia walks into a studio and she is nervous. That babe sits in a makeup chair and that babe is nervous. This babe acquires interviewed and this babe is nervous.

The Lothario takes his wang out and pokes it in her face hole and she’s not nervous anymore.

So, suffice it to say that in this scene, Claudia is not nervous at all. That is because she is sucking and screwing 2 weenies. With her husband’s consent, of course. That lady-killer knows she’s here. That lady-killer likes that she’s here.

Elliot described this scene as follows: “Tony and Peter have made the mistake of mocking Claudia Marie’s major cupholders. ‘This could be a parachute,’ says Tony, holding it over his head. Larger than average mistake. When Claudia walks in and sees what they’re doing, she rips into them.

“Tony thinks her brassiere is too greater than typical. Claudia proves him not right by dropping her belts and showing ’em her gigantic, stripped milk sacks then putting the hooter harness on. Claudia chides Peter, telling him that that babe sees his stiffy when this babe is got her in nature’s garb hooters out.

“These 2 chaps are freaking out. With her astronomical boobs secured in her undergarment, Claudia takes Peter and Tony’s hands and presses ’em against her treasure chest. That’s all it takes. They strip Claudia completely bare and jam their pricks down her face hole, up her muff and inside her Grand Canyon-sized breast valley. This sexy mega-boobed Mama can take all they can dish out to her, inch by inch!”

And that babe does it with such finesse.

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Freshly Oiled Bikini Girl Sofia Damon

Freshly Oiled Bathing dress Angel Sofia Damon

Now, this is our kind of swimsuit hottie. Bubbly, vivacious Sofia Damon is a hotty who radiates joy energy. She’s a goddess who beams and enjoys being the center of attention.

Under blue skies, Sofia heads to the pool to greasy oil down her rich, voluptuous body. Her squishy skin soaks up the baby oil. Sofia swings her astronomical, enormous love bubbles, turns to flaunt the camera her hawt wazoo and fingers her slick snatch.

“I adore to show off my bigger than run of the mill bust. That’s why I wear low-cut tops, taut tank-tops and little bikinis. I suit for my pantoons.”

Sofia used to sell phones. This is a much better way to spend her time instead of being stuck being a counter.

“It’s a great thrill for me to model for The SCORE Group. I feel peculiar that their people traveled to my country to photograph me. I was very impressed by the abode and location they chose. They treated us first-class.”

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I am A Nympho. Case Closed!

I'm A Nympho. Case Closed!

Stacked SCORE Goddess Stephanie Stalls and her lawyer are collision to discuss her impending court appearance about her divorce settlement. But there’s a problem. She’s been cheating and her ex-partner has had her followed by private eyes.

Stephanie’s lawyer has been given a packet of surveillance photos by her ex’s lawyer to flaunt ’em that their case is about to enter the dumpster. Even Stephanie’s low-cut top doesn’t interest her lawyer right now.

“There’s no way the jury is going to believe you now so you can cut the action!” he tells his bosom-rich client. “That darksome hole!” replies Stephanie, enraged. “He had anybody chase me? I should have known. You know he’s cheated on me a million times. What the hell was I supposed to do? Now he’s got pictures of me walking into a hotel with one guy and….” “One chap?” interrupts the lawyer. “One woman chaser? We have got five different bucks here. One after another and who knows how many others.”

Stephanie gets even angrier. “Okay, okay! I receive the point. So what? Am I not getting everything on this settlement? Can not u tell them I am a small town gal and he took advantage of me?” “Small town angel?” the lawyer huffs.

“Yeah! Just tell them I have a problem. I am a nymphomaniac and I’ve an addiction.” Sounds believable but the lawyer is not in an accepting mood. However, Stephanie is persistent. “If I don’t convince you, u can’t convince ’em!” she tells him, grabbing his belts and overruling him. “I like engulfing rod. I’m a screwing junkie. I’m sex kooky and I need it all the time. I am a fuckin’ nympho. I wish your ramrod. Oh yeah, I urge this. I desire your knob in my twat. Right now. And you’re plan to give it to me.” The lawyer takes a deep breath and stops resisting. This chab lets her approach his hardening bench. “Convince me,” he demands.

“I can definitely do that,” Stephanie says, pulling his stiffie without his trousers. This babe drops to her knees and starts slobbering over his wood. They adjourn to the daybed so Stephanie can throat his talented stiffy on top of him. Justice must be served bigger in size than average, sexy mambos and a taut wet crack. We hope she won her case. There are eight million stories in the nude city.

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The busty hitchhiker

The Big-Boob hitchhiker

Everybody can’t live without a big boobed hitchhiker, and Alabama dish Rockell makes the dream come to life in this scene.

“I thought the hitcher scene was very unlike everything I’ve ever done, honestly,” Rockell said me.

“I would love to know who thought of this scene and thought this would be hawt. I had tons of fun shooting it with the staff. Jose, the photographer, always keeps me cracking up. I like it when you can be yourself ‘cuz it definitely shows through.”

Mudhoney Rockell (‘cuz that babe loves mud wrestling) watches porn clips at home now and then.

“I actually savour watching porn if it’s tastefully done. When I say that, I mean I most like emotion over ‘let’s receive balls deep and group action.’ I’m a desperate romantic, so it helps if I can relate to a story line versus a corny scenario. That is just personal choice. I too discover girl on girl very sexy.”

When we first photographed Rockell, that babe did not have nipp piercings. Then this babe had the bars inserted.

“I like when they are played with. I feel love they are more sensitive now. Tugging and pulling of the bars is super-fun ‘cuz they are fully healed now. I like the idea of my areolas showing thru a white T-shirt. They tend to stay pretty hard. Previous to, out of the stimulation, my nipps didn’t actually protrude love they do now.”

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Bathing suit, Love muffins & Baby oil

Bikini, Whoppers & Oil

Tera Cox could win any damp tee contest that babe entered.

We one time asked Tera what dudes say to her that’s absolutely the worst thing to say to her (and probably each big-boobed gal). “You got immense love muffins!” Tera replied. “I receive that on a every single day basis and it is the worst turn-off! I know I have big fullsome funbags.

“When I go out, I try to dress semi-casual with a hint of breast valley. Try to know me as a person. I love going on dates that are relaxing and fun, such as a restaurant, just sat there talking about everything and truly getting to know each other.

“Being hot is not always how a person looks. It is the way they carry themselves and the way they come off. Everybody has a different idea of sexy. I guess self-assured and confident boyz can be very hawt.”

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Japan is sexy for schoolgirls, and so are we

Japan is hawt for schoolgirls, and so are we

I used to think that if I ever visited Japan, my head would not have to be on a swivel because Japanese beauties do not have big scones. Turned out I wasn’t right. There’s Hitomi, the three-time SCORE Adult star of the year. A cutie just as big breasted as Hitomi (but not as thin), P-Chan, came to SCORELAND. And we introduced this girl: Ria Sakuragi. Ria is not as big boobed as Hitomi or P-Chan, but this babe is stacked by any standards, especially Asian standards.

Ria measures 40-24-34 with F-cup mangos. Yeah, that is stacked. That babe debuted as a super-slim, super-stacked model in Japan in 2011 and has become well-known there. Our Lothario in Tokyo photographed Ria for SCORE.

“There are more big-boobed gals in Japan than westerners realize,” Ria told throughout a translator. “I know many more. Hitomi is my friend, and I saw her SCORE fotos. I’m happy to be in SCORE, too, my first western mag.”

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Valory & Her Twin Wonders

Valory & Her Twin Wonders

The perfect day for Valory Irene? Valory knows exactly what she can’t live with out to do and where to go.

“My idea of a perfect free day and night…in the morning, I usually exercise. I love to do plenty of upper-body exercises and I may run with allies.

“In the afternoon, I may go to the spa and pamper myself. Or I shop. I love to shop. If I hadn’t gone to the mall that one day, I’d not at all have become a glamour model. It happened by total chance.

“In the evening, I may cook for my family and allies. I too love spending time with my allies out side. We may go to a bar or cafe to have a not many glasses of wine. Sometimes we will go to a nightclub for exotic dancing. I adore to dance.”

Watch More of Valory Irene at SCORELAND.COM!

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SCORE POV With Whitney Stevens

SCORE P.O.V. With Whitney Stevens

Whitney Stevens gives you a unveil of her sexy little body. That babe spanks her soft ass cheeks, rubs her firm love muffins and licks her nipples.

Whitney, who’s Jewish, started rogering in porn at Eighteen. That babe behaves adore a nasty, messy floozy yet that babe has a wholesome look about her even with a schlong bulging her cheeks.

“Like those big screwing pantoons?” Whitney asks. “Do u want me to engulf your rogering penis?” Hold up! Forget that part about wholesome! Whitney kneels between your legs so u can feed her shlong. “Gimme that fucking schlong!” that babe supplicates. U acquire her on her back in missionary position and pound the rogering shit with out her. That is smth a babe love her wishes.

Then you receive her on her hands and knees and pump her cunt doggy style. On her back, you bonk Whitney’s milk cans, giving her your wang to suck and lick. It’s now feeding time for this little doxy so you give her the drainage of your bloated balls, as she so rightfully deserves for rogering you wonderful. Likewise bad u forgot the spoon to collect the drippings for her to swallow.

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Amber Alena: Messy Talking, Sexy Walking

Amber Alena: Impure Talking, Sexy Walking

Every model has to start somewhere. In the past, it was by becoming a lap dancer and then contacting a photographer or studio or by a photographer approaching a cutie about adult modeling. Today, many gals contact a webcam company or an internet platform that distributes episodes.

Amber Alena talked to us about webcamming and how this babe began.

“Oh, gosh. I indeed started as a hostess at a restaurant. Execrated that. And I heard about lap dancing first, so I briefly was a stripper, but then I heard about camming and I was like, ‘Wait a minute. I must stay home and be in front of the digital camera and make outstanding cash? Let’s do it!’ So that is how I got into it and I at no time looked back.”

SCORELAND: What are some of your interactions with your web camera followers?

Amber: I like interacting with my fans. I guess of ’em as magnificant, nice allies. Some good experiences I have had? They make me chuckle all the time. I do a multiformity of flaunts. Deep-throating, anal, lingerie shows, role play. U name it. I role play bimbo and the girl-next-door. Usually when I role play doxy, I put my hair in pigtails and I’m just up and peppy and bouncing my knockers and begging for cum all over my bosoms! For girl-next-door, I just give that girlfriend experience. I’ll sit and talk with a lad and just be indeed flirtatious and tanalise him. We’ll role play that that stud is coming over to my abode. It’s a lot of enjoyment.

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The Return of Africa Sexxx

The Return of Africa Sexxx

In an upcoming interview, Africa Sexxx chats with Jose, one of her photographers. It is been years since they’ve watched each other. The 1st time we met Africa was in the spring of 2001. The last time we saw Africa was in the summer of 2007. It is been that lengthy agone. She prevented glamour modeling and dropped with out sight, forcing us to go on without her, longingly gazing at her photo on our desks.

Eleven lengthy years later, an email from Africa arrived without the blue with at-home pics. That babe wanted to glamour model afresh, looking a lot different yet the same, but boasting 40M-cup knockers. Africa was a super-slim and stacked 32G-cupper the final time this babe came to SCORE.

The TSG staff was gobsmacked over the “new” Africa. Recent, but still the same ravishing, valuable Africa. As we have said in advance of, boobies can swing and hang in two different directions. A girl’s melons can get smaller or get bigger in size with the passage of time. Even so, going from 34H to 40M is excellent. And Africa can’t live without her bigger in size marangos.

Welcome back, Africa Sexxx.

Watch More of Africa Sexxx at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Massaging Daylene’s large mams

Massaging Daylene's big mams

Daylene Rio, who one time gave me a lapdance on the set of SCOREtv (a segment that not ever aired), gets her large milk cans massaged. Then this babe gets ’em rogered by a large ramrod. As Elliot wrote when this scene initially appeared on SCORELAND, “Seeing Daylene’s enormous mammaries shake and her large ass quake is one of the great pleasures of living in this big-boobed world. It’s the real high-reaching show on earth.”

I do not know why it is, but here’s my much loved Daylene story: That babe got away from modeling for a while and worked in her uncle’s carpet store in Southern California. Well, when she decided to come back, that babe contacted us, and that babe told her uncle that that babe needed a few days off. She didn’t tell him why, although I’m sure that guy could’ve guessed. Besides, the idea that that babe took time off from working for her uncle so that babe could come to SCORELAND and shag was, to me, very hawt.

I can just imagine the conversation. A customer comes into the carpet store and asks Uncle Rio where his niece is.

“Oh, she’s down in Miami giving blow jobs to porn guys,” that stud says.

I do not think that conversation ever happened, but I adore the thought of it.

“My very 1st boy-girl discharge was with SCORE,” Daylene said. That was back in 2007. “It’s still the most-fun thing I’ve done. I adore taking control and being assured. My fantasy is to shag in Dodger Stadium. I’m much more open about sex now than I was in advance of I started.”

Daylene is a 100% man-pleaser, and that babe is got it all. Stupendous love bubbles? Check. Large, round wazoo? Check. Dick-sucking lips and a pink cum-hole for screwing? Check, check. This babe also has a worthwhile personality. Very girl-next-doorish. This babe isn’t stuck-up about herself at all, but that babe loves being a copulate toy. Ya gotta adore a goddess adore her.

Watch More of Daylene Rio at SCORELAND2.COM!