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The sexy dancer fantasy

The gogo dancer fantasy

When this clip widens, JMac is sitting at the stage in a club when the dancer comes out. It’s red-haired Alyssa Lynn wearing high-heel, patent leather boots, stockings and a barely-there outfit that exposes off her larger than run of the mill bumpers. Alyssa dances for him, moving her hands over her love bubbles and then her cunt. She opens her legs and gyrates her snatch. The temperature’s rising when that babe receives on all fours. Her G-string doesn’t cover much.

“Hey, sexy,” she says to JMac. “I’m going to bring you up on stage.”

So that babe does, and in advance of he knows it, he’s sampling the goods, fucking her face hole and mammaries and then her muff in advance of cumming in her face hole.

So here we’ve the dream side of porn. In real life, almost any strippers do not bonk the patrons on-stage; they take ’em back to the V.I.P. room for that. But this is porn, this is dream, and so it happens.

I always have pleasure scenes love this coz I have been to sufficient clubs to have entertained dreams about rogering the strippers on-stage. I have observed strippers poke their cunts in guys’ faces and suggest them a taste. There used to be a club in West Palm Beach, Florida, where tons of the strippers would crawl beneath the tables at ringside and throat the customers’ dongs through their pants. But although I have watched engulfing and screwing in the V.I.P. room, I have by no means viewed it on-stage (other than in Recent York City back in the 1980s, when live sex on-stage was featured).

Alyssa Lynn used to be a nurse. Then that babe became a stripper at Lap dancing club Risque in Philadelphia. And then that babe became a porno star.

“They’re so strict in Philly,” this babe said us. “There’s no sex in the champagne room. Cameras everywhere. It is a absolutely different ballgame.”

Alyssa described her dancing: “It’s plenty of eye contact. Smiles. Slow and hawt, milk shakes in your face. I do some pole tricks but I would rather interact with the crowd.”

Adore she does here? Definitely.

Watch More of Alyssa Lynn at SCORELAND2.COM!

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Katarina’s sex-ercise

Katarina's sex-ercise

Czech stunner Katarina Dubrova goes for a run at our not-so-private hideaway in rural Hungary. I say “not-so-private” because the house was easily obtainable by trails that led into the miniature town and surrounding area, and it is very possible-indeed, probable-that some guy was drooping out in the woods and jacking to Katarina’s large, alluring naturals during the time that that babe was jogging.

No, that lady-killer was not me. But it could have been.

So here’s Katarina working out on the grand lawn of the castle, stretching and jiggling and making herself less unbending during the time that making us more hard. You’ll notice how Katarina also works out her nipples and uses a sex-toy on her cum-hole. That is called exercising a constricted, young pussy.

I’ve always said Katarina is verification that wonderful cuties expose off their melons and pussies for all the world to see, also. After all, that’s one of the things that makes them priceless.

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Codi Vore, the big busted cam beauty

Codi Vore, the big breasted web digi camera girl

Codi Vore, Voluptuous magazine’s newly crowned 2018 Adult star of the year, is indeed the girl-next-door in this scene. She’s lying in sofa, playing on her laptop, but the thing is, she is the beauty next-door who happens to likewise be a cam adult model, and doing this kind of thing all day receives her very worked up. As Elliot James smartly pointed out when this scene was originally posted on SCORELAND, “Typing and cumming at the same time is a little difficult, so cumming cums first.”

One more great thing about this scene (moreover Codi’s large, natural mangos and the way that babe rubs her bawdy cleft): her fishnet nylons. Very sexy.

“I think a lot of people tend to think I have a very girl-next-door feel to me and I’m slight and golden-haired and I have fat cheeks with dimples,” Codi said. “I acquire plenty of people who think I’m very sinless or those kinds of things.

“One of the things I love about sex is the physicality of it. It’s adore when you want to fight. Have u ever just wanted to fight anybody ‘coz u wanted to feel what it’s like? Sex is an excellent opportunity to play. I mean actually play with some other adult in a way that’s vulnerable but also pleasure. I’m very aggressive-submissive, and I just love to lose myself in the moment.”

Codi’s first hardcore scenes are at SCORELAND and in the episode Codi Vore XXX. That babe is done a three-way with a goddess (Luna Bunny) and a smooth operator and a lezzie scene with Milly Marks, and upcoming is a three-way with 2 lads.

So this is a girl-next-door who does all the things u wished your breasty next-door neighbor would do. U do have a busty next-door neighbor, don’t u? Doesn’t everyone?

Watch More of Codi Vore at SCORELAND2.COM!

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Mean Girls

Mean Girls

I remember this scene very well coz I was there when it was discharged. It was in Hungary, and majority of the studio employees had gone off to a nearby horse stable to shoot the Christy Marks-Terry Nova scene for Big boobed Riding Academy. Karina Hart, the star of the movie, was with them, likewise, shooting some location shots. Left behind were Brandt and me to shoot this scene with Jasmine Darksome, Melissa Mandlikova and Kristy Klenot on the grounds of the country mansion we’d rented.

The scene spreads with Jasmine walking around, minding her own business. Meanwhile, Melissa Mandlikova and Kristy Klenot are envisaging around the corner with buckets of water.

“Here comes Jasmine, that snotty wench,” Kristy says to a smirking Melissa. “Get that bucket ready.”

It’s not made clear what Jasmine did to offend them. Maybe they were upset that Jasmine was hogging up all the porn penis that week, getting ass-fucked one time or twice a day. I do not know. I do know that 2 words that definitely cannot be used to describe Jasmine are “snotty” and “bitch.” She’s far from being either.

When Jasmine turns the corner, they soak her and all hell breaks loose. That is supposed to mean stripped boobs and drubbing and tit-slapping and all those things we like to see gals do when they’re having a cat fight.

I was supposed to assist direct the scene, but the angels didn’t need much direction. They knew what we wanted to see and they did it.

I’m intend to point out that Jasmine isn’t mean and neither are Kristy and Melissa. They’re truly very wonderful. I enjoyed my week with ’em. Of course, they did not try to soak me with water.

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Bush Baby

Bush Baby

“In private, sex is intimate and more leisurely and is not a specific brandish,” Mischel Lee told in Czech. “On-camera, it is a specific spectacle and have to be consummate, I feel. But, of course, I am savouring the one and the other ways as much as I wish.”

Mischel always has a sexually excited look in her eyes. I am sure rogering Mischel in intimate can bring out the particular skills this babe exposes in her porn scenes. But I likewise know that being photographed and attended to by the photographer’s employees brings out the extra heat. She receives that supplementary kick from being banged by accomplished sex stars with oversized genitals and the digi camera capturing it all.

The European fellows are much more into licking with tongue cum-hole than their American counterparts. Max is happy to lick Mischel’s hirsute, pierced cunt previous to this gent knobs her down. So are the other Czech chaps on the SCORE Euro man team.

“I had rings set in my pink flaps for my own pleasure,” Mischel told. “The men I meet like to play with them and my hair. Sometimes I guess they adore it as much as they can’t live with out my greater zeppelins.”

The final time we photographed Mischel, this babe was preggo and willing to deliver, so we discharged a solo that day. There is been no news from her since then, but I’d not be surprised if she turns up one of those days.

Watch More of Mischel Lee at SCORELAND2.COM!

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Paige Turner’s triumphant scoops

Paige Turner's triumphant tits

“A lot of foreplay is a need to for me,” said Paige Turner, who has a couple of the gigantic, firmest naturals you’ll ever watch. “I love lots of giving a kiss, and my hubby or partners should eat me.”

Paige, a former gogo dancer, lets us view her play with her larger than run of the mill fullsome funbags and soaked, pink muff in this scene. That is foreplay sufficient for us. This babe said getting into naked posing, masturbation and porn has made her freakier. I can make no doubt of that. She was 1st runner-up in the 2017 Voluptuous XXX Performer of the Year contest, edged out solely by the return of Alaura Grey. For a angel who had at not time drilled on-camera in advance of this babe came to us, that babe is done some great stuff: 3 of Paige’s hardcore scenes have been three-ways with dudes.

Paige used to work at Subway. You know, the sandwich shop. What a waste of these large, strong mammaries. Then that babe made the sensible move and got into lap dancing. That’s more adore it. And then a customer at a disrobe club suggested she become a SCORE adult model. Paige took his advice. I am not sure it is always a valuable idea to take advice from slutty, single-minded customers at a undress joint, but in this case, it was.

Paige says this babe doesn’t wear outfits that emphasize her love melons.

“I try to cover up as much as possible. Tons of fellows are always staring at my rack.”

Sorry, Paige, but that is the way the fullsome funbags bounce.

“I adore to go out on dates that have plenty of adventure and excitement,” she said.

Looking at Paige is passion sufficient.

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A angel named Dulcinea

A angel named Dulcinea

We first met Dulcinea in 2014. She showed off her big naturals and fucked on-camera for the 1st time, which was a large deal coz this babe had been a total amateur, a real girl-next-door. Then that babe resurfaced in 2017 and did this scene and drilled on-camera another time. U must love a goddess like this, the kind of girl u might see during your day-to-day wanderings.

“I’ve at no time done any homemade episodes or everything,” Dulcinea told. “I’ve had three-somes and foursomes, so these times there have been a lot of people in the same room. I have likewise been to a sex lap dancing club where they have play rooms.

“Being on SCORELAND has been a mammoth goal of mine since I was first in the studio. In fact, when I was there in advance of, I met Mia Khalifa and I was infatuated with her. How could you not be, right? That babe even let me touch her bouncy bosoms! I kept checking the site for her scenes and saw more and more pretty women.

“Once I found Micky Bells and saw that that babe had crossed over [from XL Cuties to SCORELAND], I was absolutely committed. Do not receive me incorrect. I loved being in XL Girls and I think I was just as hot as a plumper, but there was smth about being a SCORE Girl that I just could not shake.

Then, late final year, I got super-motivated. I promised myself I’d get healthier and, as a result, I lost over 50 pounds! I am buying gorgeous clothing in sizes I didn’t even know existed and I feel so much sexier. Men and women notice me everywhere I go, which is fresh for me. With my newfound confidence, I tanalise and flirt, which just drives people insane. I like all of the attention! To be on SCORELAND is literally a dream come true! Likewise, it is intend to make for an attractive pickup line.”

I do not think Dulcinea needs to tell lads she’s been on SCORELAND to acquire their attention. Her love melons speak a lot louder than words.

Watch More of Dulcinea at SCORELAND2.COM!

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Natalie gives u a tubside seat to her soapy shower

Natalie gives u a tubside seat to her soapy shower

As fate and destiny would have it, Natalie Fiore detected SCORE by herself. Specifically, Natalie found SCORELAND while Net surfing, and after checking us out, that babe contacted us. We are always cheerful to identify great new models ourselves, but there’s an additional component of gratification when a newcomer contacts us and urges to be a part of the SCORE galaxy of heavenly bodies.

When I first saw the shots of Natalie’s juggs, I sitting at my desk in stunned silence. Then I prayed that that babe would actually assent to adult model and that nothing would go incorrect. Luckily, the boob gods on Mount Mammary guided things to a successful and glad ending that first time.

“I remember I was in school and I was so confused and ashamed of my greater than typical boob size,” Natalie said us during the week this babe traveled to Nassau in The Bahamas, one of our much loved haunts. That was the 1st time we photographed her. “Nobody was like me. I was love the mascot of the high-school, and I tried to hide my mammaries below oversized T-shirts and loose-fitting hot garments. Then one day, I realized I had no reason to hide them. I should be satisfied of ’em and I suppose they are a part of my pizzazz, so now I desire to flaunt them to the world. Being in your magazine and videos is the almost any valuable way I know.”

One of the very 1st fan letters that came in was from Dan, who wrote, “I loved the glamour photoshoot of Natalie Fiore. She is so hawt and sexy! Too, these whoppers of hers truly are a breast lover’s fantasy. I of course hope we will be seeing more of her!”

As time proved, we all did watch more of her. Since then, Natalie has become a major figure with breast-men. ‘cuz that babe is European, that babe just can’t visit Miami love the SCORE Beauties used to previous to 2005, when fresh federal laws were enacted.

There are many things about Natalie that remind me of one more great SCORE Beauty. I suppose you know I mean Chloe Vevrier. They’re one as well as the other solidly strapping European brunettes with humongous, packed, natural racks. They have the same kind of sophisticated-yet-earthy Euro vibe, style and sensibility. They do not have tats or piercings, which gives ’em a timeless quality.

They could have been sisters.

Well, in a way, they are. Boob sisters.

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Mazzaratie Gets A Spunk Filling

Mazzaratie Receives A Spunk Filling

“I like to make it clap when I make guest appearances at strip clubs,” Mazzaratie Monica said. “I really love to sit on faces. My cum-hole receives juicy thinking about it.” This beauty is so rogering sexy. What a body, what a pair of wazoo cheeks.

“I am a total exhibitionist. I love sex, 3 or four times a day, and I’ll masturbate 3 times a day with fingers and toys. I enjoy getting dudes hard and mouthing all the cum without their balls.

“I love anal play. Light spanking is valuable. I just don’t adore hand prints on my ass.”

After Mazzaratie sitting on his face, Rocky had the honor of banging Mazzaratie and wedging his man-tool between the blond cupcake’s tight booty and donating his jizz for a creampie finish.

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Three’s Not A Crowd

Three's Not A Crowd

Three’s Not A Crowd was the 1st 3some that Brittany O’Neil did with 2 chaps. Miss O’Neil once teamed with the outstanding mega-buster Angelique in London to lay waste to one man but this scene was her 1st time with 2 males at the same time.

Whilst Brittany changes into hawt lingerie in her bedroom, her fuck dates sit on the daybed and speak in hushed tones about the opportunity they have been handed.

Brittany returns, looking sexy-generous and willing for a indecent ride. They lay back as this babe strokes their hard weenies, one schlong in each adept hand. This is the mastix who wrote the handbook on hawt porn-sex.

A date with Brittany may not end at the door.

“I usually love to crawl up on the guy’s lap and tanalize him and receive him real hard and touch him through his pants, and then I’ll receive down on my knees. That stud is sat on the bed cuz I urge him to be relaxed, and then I’ll initiate giving him head.

“Then we’ll fuck, then I’ll give him head again, then he’ll cum. I like to check out my charmer, but I might close my eyes once in a whilst, likewise. I do not want to make him nervous. On the other hand, some boys are indeed into it when their cutie keeps her eyes open during the time that she’s giving him head, so I’ll do that, also.

“Guys go mad when their hotty swallows and acts adore she indeed can’t live out of the taste of their cum. I like the smack of it or else I wouldn’t do it. But almost any of all, I just desire to make my spouse feel worthy.”

Watch More of Brittany O’Neil at SCORELAND.COM!

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Erin Star & Sophie Rose: Ready To Pop

Erin Star & Sophie Rose: Willing To Pop

Erin Star and her friend Sophie Rose are willing to pop. The two impregnated moms-to-be came together to share their belly bumps and engorged bazookas on-camera for XL Beauties. Their photographer was Roxanne Miller, a longtime XL Beauty and SCORELAND Goddess who’s too a professional photographer, and as a model, has a great rapport with other adult models.

Erin and Sophie have joy fondling their fertility dominant-bitch bodies, 1st in taut dresses, bras and thongs, then totally bare and barefoot after they help each other strip. They rub abdomen bumps, big tits and large asses, oil every other’s zeppelins and bellies, and jiggle and shake their marangos. Erin is the taller of the two. Her areolae are mountainous. They were very greater than run of the mill and very pale before this babe was impregnated. Now they are a black cocoa color.

“I like to masturbate,” told Sophie who was a livecam cutie. “It just keeps my body and mind healthy. The only detail I’ll share is that it happens twice a week since I avoided camming. I do enjoy performing with other models, on-cam or during a shooting, like with Erin, but I am not into erotic ram with girls. Erin and Mia Honey bunny told me about The SCORE Group.”

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