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Rockell & Her Pierced Nipps

Rockell & Her Pierced Nipples

Between visits to SCORE, Rockell had her nipps pierced. I was surprised ‘cuz it appeared to be adore something a Southern man from Alabama who was a Boobies waitress would not do. So when Rockell was here with her new nipple accessories, I asked her about them.

“I actually always saw ’em as super-sexy,” said Rockell. “I not at any time dreamed I would have them myself, to be honest. I was going throughout Twitter and Instagram. I saw all these glamour models with ’em and thought it can’t be that bad if all these sweethearts have them done. I imagined the pain to be unbearable, being in a sensitive area. In all honesty, it didn’t hurt, it indeed felt kinda priceless in a masochistic way. I said at the end, ‘Was that it?’ I had gotten nervous for no thing.

“I adore when they are played with. I feel love they are more sensitive now. Tugging and pulling of the bars are super-fun because they are fully healed now! I love the idea of my areolas showing thru a white T-shirt. They tend to stay glamorous rock hard! Previous to, without stimulation, my teats did not indeed protrude adore they do now.”

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Dicking Down Alanna Ackerman

Dicking Down Alanna Ackerman

“My meatballs appear to be to have grown to the good ripe size of 36F. My back may hurt from time to time but it’s worth it to have these twins.”

Alanna Ackerman said she is a sex freak. That is why this babe wanted to bonk and engulf on big weenies in the 1st place. “I love sex more than life itself. I have a humongous nipp fetish so I adore looking at cuties that have greater than run of the mill love muffins. That’s how I knew about SCORELAND. I can’t go a day with out banging.

“I’m too a chronic masturbator. I’ve my intimate life at home and I have my life banging in movie scenes. I adore both. I need to say that sex in a pictorial is more thrilling than intimate sex coz I’m being watched by so many males. I always want to look as hot as I can.”

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Rogering Cassandra Calogera

Fucking Cassandra Calogera

Cassandra Calogera has the indecent job of cleaning out a garage. Fortunately, she has the nice fashion sense to wear cut-offs and a crop top. It is hawt in there and she is fuckin’ sexy. When you walk in, this babe gives a decision she needs a sex break and you’re the target. Any objections? U lie on a floor mat so that babe can suck your mountainous unyielding cock, lavishing her pink, competent tongue on every inch of your pocket-porterhouse. She takes her large, squishy, fluffy chest cushions and squeezes your knob betwixt them, tit-fucking u.

Your excitement mounts as Cassandra sits on your ramrod facing you and rides, her boobies slapping jointly from gravity with every down-stroke. Then she turns around and keeps rogering so you can have fun seeing her butt shake and bounce as her wet crack grips your wang, soaked from her pussy juices. This honey bunny can’t live without to copulate! This babe sucks u some more, then acquires on her back so u can stick it to her pink love-tunnel. Cassandra desires her large marangos screwed and asks u to a team fuck them. When a playgirl supplicates you like this, you’ve gotta give it to her. Her mambos were meant to be creamed by your spunk-jack so seize the pont of time.

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On Location Grand Bahama: Backstage

On Location Grand Bahama: Backstage

Five days of memorable natural big-tit act on Grand Bahama Island is featured in this behind-the-scenes episode featuring all the girls: Karla, Natalie, Jenna, Arianna and Taylor.

It starts with Karla, Jenna, Arianna and Taylor on the beach, destroying diminutive, colorful bikinis, playing in the water, bouncing, jumping and getting their tits damp and finishes with Taylor and Arianna slapping their breasts against every other in daybed and kissing us goodbye.

In between, there’re a lot of highlights, adore Taylor giving us an a-hole unveil, Karla giving a kiss Arianna’s mounds and Natalie interviewing Arianna, who gives us a brief Romanian language lesson.

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Willing To Play

Ready To Play

“I’m on this raunchy adventure,” told redheaded girl Trinety G. “And I wanna acquire rogered truly rock hard and deep by a large rod. And I desire u to view.”

And to think that it took two years after her very 1st appearance at XL Cuties for Trinety to make the jump to sex on-camera with X-Men. Evidence one more time that precious things often happen to those who patiently expect.

JMac can’t live with out big love melons and spank-worthy asses. He absolutely relishes plowing cuties with big bouncy bosoms. There is little time for miniature talk or plot devices. Trinety urges his jumbo frank in her throat right away to suck stiff and lick with her pierced tongue. The squishing sounds of lips going up and down on 10-Pounder fill the room.

Damp Trinety pulls out her king-size boobies, receives on the ottoman with JMac and blows him some more, kneeling over him and spitting on his dick. Her face hole play makes it unyielding. Now it is time to fuck these 38H-cups!

Trinety receives on her back and holds her large jugs together to form a constricted ta-ta tunnel that JMac can drive his skin bus through. Tit-fucking is one of a breast-man’s prefered activities and Trinety gets into it too. This babe flicks her tickling tongue at the tip of his boner as it moves throughout her squishy, smooth skin warmed by weenie friction.

In one deft move, JMac slips his shlong into Trinety’s bawdy cleft in missionary position and, wrapping his arms around her and holding her tight, leans back all the way so that Trinety is pulled on top of him. His meat-thermometer at not time leaves her love tunnel. Trinety giggles as he does this manoeuvre.

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Korina & Selena: Bombshells

Korina & Selena: Bombshells

Remember those pubs that had lady bartenders standing on the bar and whooping it up? Our Big-Boob bombshell bartenders Korina Kova and Selena Adams take it a major step forward and bounce their large hooters and bodacious asses on our beer bar.

Here’s to priceless allies. Tonight is kinda peculiar. Beer, nude love bubbles and bountiful, bubbly behinds rule.

Dressed more for the beach–we’re not complaining!–the 2 beauteous bosom buddies boasting hourglass perfection take off their short shorts, tight tops and hawt underclothes and acquire cozy on the bar-top, playing with their astonishing bodies.

The super-fantasy duett douse every other’s sexy bods with pitchers of beer, have a rack-to-rack rub down, get juggy with it and chill out with ice cubes. This is what real pleased hour is all about.

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Sofia Deluxe: Bathing suit, Greasy oil, Sun

Sofia Deluxe: Bikini, Greasy oil, Sun

Hawt and stunning Sofia Deluxe is with our team in Colombia. It’s a captivating day at the pool, made even more fetching with Sofia around. For this scene, this babe put on one of her extreme bikinis that has less material than a handkerchief.

In Spanish, Sofia says this babe hopes u like her larger than standard love bubbles and her swim dress. Oh, yes. Wearing high heels, Sofia struts around the pool area, her hips swaying from side to side, her full, mellow, firm juggs jiggling.

Sofia plays with her boobies, takes off her swimsuit and picks up a bottle of oil, squirting it all over her milk cans, stomach and arse. She rubs the oil into her soft flesh, emptying the bottle.

Walking over to a bench, Sofia sits so that babe can play with her pussy. After this babe cums, murmuring enjoyment words in her native tongue, she walks to the abode for a shower. It is hot and sticky in paradise and Sofia makes it hotter.

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Anal poker

Anal poker

I have been writing about and editing porn for a lengthy time. I have seen thousands of angels. Some of ’em got into porn for the fun, some for the paycheck, almost all for one as well as the other, some to cross it off their bucket list. There’ve been beauties who’ve gotten into porn for revenge (Denise Derringer, for instance, to get back at her cheating husband).

And then there’re the beauties for whom porn is an extension of their personal lives. It is love, “I’m fucking all the time in any case. I might as well do it on-camera.” May West, who came to us in 2016, is one of those cuties.

“My raunchy fantasies…where do I begin?” May told. “I enjoy thinking of being dominated by males and hotties, bang and rogering hotties. I love being penetrated in one or a few of my holes and stimulating my clit. I’ve sex about once a day but more than that if I am favourable. My prefered position is being banged in doggie. Kissing, getting spanked and being handled roughly is the kind of foreplay I like.

“I enjoy a lot of BDSM activities. Some of my top favorites are spanking, domination and role-play. I’m a big advocate of masturbation. I consider all my firsts to be with myself. First vaginal penetration, clitoral bigger in size than average O, and female cumshot all happened with me, myself and I. I generally like to be in a relaxed place and stimulate my clit and finger myself while I fantasize and then eventually agonorgasmos.”

Some people have sex when they have free time and aren’t doing anything else. May has free time when this babe isn’t having sex.

“I especially like being banged up the wazoo,” May told. “I like my a-hole fingered and licked too. I like it all.”

Which is where this scene comes in. May is playing disrobe poker with JMac and Tony. As soon as she loses a hand or two and they see her big, luscious breasts, they lay their cards on the table and kick off laying May on the ottoman, taking turns on her face hole, snatch and butt. They discharge their loads in May’s mouth. She laps it up.

Of course she does. ‘cuz that is what May West is all about.

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Cum For Casca Akashova

Cum For Casca Akashova

Casca Akashova‘s move into hardcore scenes is definitely a revelation. She is smooth, assertive of herself and has cat-like sexual skills. In this scene, Casca gets it on with Oliver Flynn and expertly milks his rod with her throat, hands and cum-hole in her easy-going, seductive way. Her eye-banging way of gazing at her husband Oliver adds to her carnal personality.

Casca and Oliver are already in ottoman ready to roll. That charmer lowers her top and gets hands-on with her big bouncy bosoms, then takes off her dress and caresses her ass-cheeks and legs. This chab removes her belts and fingers her muff.

Casca receives on top of Oliver and pulls and worships his dong with her lips and tongue. She shifts her flexible legs into a squatting position and slowly lowers herself, guiding his rock hard pole into her waiting pussy-hole. What so many have asked to watch has become reality.

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Affordable Boob Care

Affordable Boob Care

Kamille Amora is at the doctor’s office ‘cuz this babe thinks her big billibongs are still growing. They feel tender and this babe has to keep upgrading her bras and tops. That babe seeks corroboration and diagnosis from this famed breast specialist.

Carlos Rios, MD (Mammary Doctor) makes no doubt of in old-fashioned examinations, not apps, scans and electronics. His trained palms and fingers are used for a entire hands-on approach that is appreciated by his grateful Big-Boob patients. It is this technique that guy uses on Kamille’s exceedingly larger than average and heavy jugs.

One time his breast hand exam scam is completed, it is time to check Kamille’s temperature with his rod, assuring his sexy patient that his office is the perfect place for this kind of preferred treatment.

Dr. Rios’ prognosis: continued mouthing followed by a hard boning on his desk. This procedure will convince Kamille that her growing whoppers are a admirable thing and beneficial to her well-being. Large breasts–the bigger in size the better–are sacred in this clinic. This is his vow of “Affordable Boob Care.”

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Kim Velez: It is Sexy In Paradise

Kim Velez: It's Hawt In Paradise

Kim Velez is at pool side on this very hot day in paradise. She’s wearing a fishnet crop top, constricted knickers that are designed to look like denim ass shorts and high heels. Kim talks about the heat but in fact, this babe is the one generating the heat.

Kim slides off her shoes and her top. This babe sucks on her nipps, leaving lipstick marks on her eye-popping areolae. This babe picks up her bumpers and drops them. She shakes and bounces ’em and swings her chest from side to side. The check out is spectacular.

Pulling off her bottoms, Kim fingers her hairless vagina, looking into the digi camera and sweetly smiling, her braces showing. SCORE editor Dave calls braces a hawt button. That is true and merely one of Kim’s many hawt buttons.

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