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Cheryl Blossom’s Bounce Room

Cheryl Blossom's Bounce Room

The lovely and expert Cheryl Blossom conducts a symphony of titties, her harmonious milk cans making that unmistakable, enchanting, lovely sound of two bigger than run of the mill, heavy mammaries clashing adore cymbals.

In usual or slow motion, Cheryl claps on and claps off in tune with the sound of the couch frame knocking on each gravity-defying bounce. Her twins swing like a pendulum, they bounce adore this babe is on a trampoline. A dousing of greasy oil creates the slippery areola effect.

“Earlier, I tried to hide the size of my chest to feel more comfortable. Now I love to wear things with a neckline. I don’t think that in command to draw attention to my juggs, I need to wear smth particular.”

Cheryl assigned ratings to her body in a previous scene. “Number four is for my abdomen. Number three is for my ass. I don’t think I’ve a beloved boob, but since I must give a decision, number 2 is my left boob and number one is my right boob. So my big mammaries are numbers one and two.”

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Danica Danali: Greasy oil, Sun, Butt-plugs & Vibrators

Danica Danali: Oil, Sun, Butt-plugs & Vibrators

We remember when Danica Danali started at XL Angels. The first time was only solos. The second time, five months later, Danica did a tug job and tit-fuck. The 3rd time, over a year later, Danica did full-sex scenes minus penis engulfing. The fourth time, 2 years later, Danica visited for a recent series. No blow jobs that time either when she rogered. But on this visit, Danica went full irrumation, blowing and banging JMac and Jonni Mamba. Like we always say, you have got to have patience in this instant gratification world.

On this hot, sunny day in Florida, Danica dons her swim suit for a poolside oiling, drenching her thickness until that babe glows. Some gazoo plug pleasure and marital-device act and Danica is gratified…for the pont of time.

That babe is masturbated outside before. “I’ve done it out side in the backyard a few times. I adore the idea of possibly getting caught but still knowing I am all alone. I’ve toys I like to use. An eight-inch pink marital-device and a silver bullet dildo.”

For a GREATER THAN RUN OF THE MILL HANDSOME WOMAN pornstar, Danica didn’t have the spectacular cherry-popping that leads to a girl becoming hawt and nutty for sexual experiences and variety. “I marvelous much just lay there and stared at the ceiling. I don’t remember much about it except wanting it to be over.”

Danica has a fetish, if it could be called a fetish. “I love when my dude wears a tight cotton shirt during sex. I like the way it feels. A tank top is paramount but any shirt works.”

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Elle’s large rub-down

Elle's bigger in size than typical rubdown

“I always think it is kind of atypical when men do not adore greater than standard fullsome funbags,” Elle Flynn told. “I adore to convert dudes love that. Once they watch my bra buddies, they become boob studs. Males will say they can’t live with out legs or ass the finest and I will always say, ‘Well, you haven’t seen my mambos.'”

Well, we’ve, and we like them. We do not need any converting. Carlo, the boy in this scene, definitely loves bigger than standard bosoms, likewise, and it is not unconventional at all that he’s a masseuse who spends plenty of time fondelling Elle’s large naturals. It does appear to be a little unmasseuselike when this guy also rubs her twat, but excited Elle is into it, and this babe responds by caressing his rod. There is a ton of tit act in this scene. Tit-fucking, also, before the oral stimulation and screwing happens.

Elle was a bartender in Utah when that babe 1st came to us. She had not at any time posed in nature’s garb or fucked on-camera. We changed that, although this babe banged on-camera only for us. Then this babe became a Love Ranch Girl at a bag shanty in Crystal, Nevada. This girl truly can’t live out of sex and discovered her calling when she detected us.

“I love to pull a pecker with out my leaking wet slit and lick the shaft, balls and taint clean,” Elle said. “That keeps it rock hard while I am getting pounded all night. And when I actually love anybody, I make him a mean omelette.”

If Elle brings you home at night, you’ll likely still be around for breakfast. The girl’s insatiable and one of our foremost girl-next-door finds ever.

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Lucy Laistner: Making Gardens Hot

Lucy Laistner: Making Gardens Sexy

Gardens are for flowers. Gardens are for Lucy Laistner. A intimate place where that babe can play, bounce her big bouncy bosoms and soak her sensational love muffins and teenaged body.

High school student Lucy is a legal age teenager tit fantasy in the tradition of Sharday, Linsey, Kerry Marie, Christy Marks, Ines Cudna and other greats. This babe mentioned in an interview that this babe solely latterly experienced her JJ-cup breast growth.

Lucy can’t live out of bigger than run of the mill billibongs and the angels who have them. Cheryl Blossom, Maria Body and Demmy Blaze are some of her role glamour models, cuties this babe highly admires and respects. That babe plans on being a model for a long-time to come, wonderful news for breast-men, and at her age, this babe has more breast growth ahead of her.

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Grisha Petrov: Pint-sized Pleaser

Grisha Petrov: Pint-sized Pleaser

Pint-sized Colombian Grisha Petrov is a skinny, living sex-doll. She’s married to a liberal hubby but as Grisha said, “I acquire shlong. He is not allowed to get the pussy. This chab likes to watch me fucked by one more buck. My boyfriend filmed me with a younger man who was Twenty five years mature.”

Grisha was attracted to porn and sex with bucks. She was a swinger but not a nudist. “It excites me for people to watch my body scantily clad or in hot clothes. My friends know that I love sex and I’m very open-minded.” A boy needs to eat foods high in zinc and lecithin to keep a lady adore this proud.

“I’ve done anything I wanted to do. I earned a Masters Degree. I worked in retail sales for 18 years. I am cheerful with my life.”

Grisha has some unbelievable sex fantasies.

“I adore to fantasize that my husband holds me whilst several fellows fuck me and cum inside me and during the time that their cum is running without me, my partner copulates me.”

Sounds love a female who needs to wear inflammable straps.

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Plugged & Pounded

Plugged & Pounded

“I like to have sex two to five times per day, nearly every day,” Brandy Ryder told. “So I thought about it and I realized that porn would not change things. I thought it would be fun and gripping, and it has been. Banging in front of a digital camera adds smth that can’t be described. It’s extra-exciting. Carlos has a nice 10-Pounder. It tasted wonderful in my throat.”

Carlos said “Brandy is a sweet goddess. She was very flexible and batty. I could tell she is had tons of experience but porn is different than sex at home with a partner. Brandy was a lot of fun.”

“I like to role-play,” added Brandy. “Talking dirty and having my big mounds played with whilst I am being pounded unfathomable. I like light bondage with my arms and feet fastened and being blindfolded. Am I sexually assured or passive? It depends on how many drinks I have had. When I masturbate, I love to use a sex tool while watching nasty girl-on-girl porn.”

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The boobalicious Miss Lily

The boobalicious Miss Lily

“Everyone called me Pamela Anderson in school,” Samantha Lily told.

That makes no sense to me. Samantha, a natural, is the whole physical contrary of Pamela. I can only guess that their pop cultural point of reference for a big-boobed hotty was the Baywatch TV actress.

“I did tons of sports in school. But when my mangos grew too bigger than typical, I was compulsory to leave football [soccer]. My scoops are heavy and I cant walk out of a below garment for long. Yeah, I always try on bras previous to I buy.”

Samantha has lots of pizzazz and a priceless sense of humor.

“When I needed to pass my driving license exam, I put on my very constricted shirt with tight jeans. I passed the exam, of course, but the teacher couldn’t talk to me normally.”

I can just picture what went on in that car. It must have been a white-knuckle ride for that instructor.

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The Magnificent Mams of Alana Lace

The Magnificent Mams of Alana Lace

Alana Lace, one of the most-popular adult models at XLGirls, talks about her desires and needs, and one of those cravings is to be totally sexually dominated by studs. “I love being trapped and restrained,” says a giggly Alana, touching her big boobies. “I love being taken advantage of…when I do not know what’s coming next.”

Anything a lady-killer wants to do to Alana is okay with her.



Is Alana the topmost fuck doll?

You’d by no means leave the house with this beauty in the palm of your hand. Who would wanna?

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Pink Lingerie Paradise

Pink Lingerie Paradise

In the late ’90s, Jessica Turner, Lorna Morgan, Kerry Marie, Jade and numerous other England sweater-stretching lovelies ran out onto the playing field and made the game more gripping when America seemed to fumble and drop the big busted ball.

Terri Jane‘s decision to glamour model ranks up there with other great moments in history, adore charmer landing on the moon for the first time.

In the erotic atmosphere of the Caribbean, Terri Jane models frilly pink underware that is designed like a monokini. That babe can not keep her hands off her body and her heavy love muffins, hovering over the digi camera, squeezing her 30K mangos and, in her breathy, English accent, whispering about the things that babe would like to do. “Naughty” is her beloved word.

Love many British girls, Terri is very chatty. She is from a small city near Birmingham, a town beautiful much in the center of UK.

“I am very elementary going,” that babe told. “I will talk to anyone, actually, as lengthy as they are not rude to me. I don’t like when people are rude to me and come up to me and say things like, ‘Can I see your hooters?’ because I am, adore, ‘No, I do not know u!’ But if a ladies man is ravishing and this ladies man compliments me on smth like my eyes, then I will fall for it.”

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Tessa Orlov: She Has Glad Mammaries If The Brassiere Fits

Tessa Orlov: She Has Happy Whoppers If The Beneath garment Fits

Tessa Orlov likes to bounce along bra-free, breezy and facile. There are times when Tessa does wear a undergarment to keep her greater than run of the mill mangos under control. “It depends on my mood and what I will be wearing for the day or night,” Tessa said. “If I am doing smth easygoing, I will not wear a bra.”

Tessa tries on bras and a bikini top, plays with a tape measure and then masturbates, finger-banging her juicy pink bawdy cleft. This babe merely knew about XL Beauties cuz a ally of hers who loves to look at big busted cuties begged her to apply. This babe had not at any time modeled before yet she is very smooth, very admirable and amiable, and took to posing bare right away.

Tessa doesn’t speak English but that was no hindrance to interviewing her (in a separate movie). Prepare to crush on this bulky, pleasing Russian lass.

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Barbara Angel: beer and big breasts

Barbara Angel: beer and larger than typical boobs

The Czechs are known for their beers. They’re likewise known for their big-boobed sex stars. Barbara Beauty is from the Czechia. That babe looks more love a girl-next-door than a sex star, but she has sucked and banged real jock on camera for us. Here, this babe is a pigtailed beer maiden. That babe acquires her whoppers out and widens and fingers her ravishing, succulent cum-hole. She receives on all fours and gives us great views of her grand arse, also.

SCORELAND: Barbara, did you play sports in school?

Barbara: I did but I really did not love to. Especially running! My juggs would swing and bounce. I would need to wear sports bras and tops that kept them pressed to my chest.

SCORELAND: When did u begin dressing to brandish off your body?

Barbara: I realized at 17 that my juggs were particular, and that was when I began dressing to draw attention. So I would wear tight sweaters, T-shirts and tank-tops. It worked.

SCORELAND: Do u go to the beach or to pools?

Barbara: Yeah, a lot. On the beach and at pools, I love to wear a valuable bikini. Sometimes I will wear a one-piece suit

SCORELAND: When you are watching TV or reading, do u detect yourself touching your knockers without realizing it?

Barbara: Yeah. How did u know? I do that often. If I’m watching TV, my hands will rub my areolas or touch my milk cans. If I’m reading, one hand will hold the book and the other my boob.

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