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Ciara Ryder: Super MILF Catches Her Son’s Friend Beating Off

Ciara Ryder: Super MILF Catches Her Son's Friend Beating Off

Ciara Ryder checks up on her son’s friend Rion who’s studying at her house. Her son is out so she attends to something else and leaves Rion alone. Not the brightest guy in town, Rion sneaks into Ciara’s bedroom and takes her panties and bras out of her lingerie drawer so he can sniff and jack. He’s had a thing for Mrs. Ryder since he became buddies with her son.

Rion’s brains are in his dick when it comes to this attractive, well-built, big-titted mom. While he’s stupidly jerking in her bedroom, she catches the little perv. She’s shocked but doesn’t get angry. She gets horny instead. She decides to pop his cherry and gives him her pussy to lick before she sucks and fucks him.

A very sexual woman, Ciara talked about doing porn compared to everyday sex.

“I would be safer jumping in the sack for porn than I would be meeting a guy in a bar who says, ‘I have a clean thing.’ But I don’t know if he’s been tested.”

Ciara has a positive attitude about sex on-camera.

“People think highly of me and know I am a nice, loving, decent, respectful lady, but for some reason think porn is only for bad people. Most adults have sex. I won’t be this young forever so I might as well do this while I can. I like variety. Doggie-style is really fun. I love riding it so I can get my G-spot off.”

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Cuban Dish

Cuban Dish

A man deserves a treat after a hard day of work, and our boy Rocky is about to get a tasty one. Destiny is our latest discovery from sunny Miami, Florida where girls that are slim in the waist and phat in the ass seem to grow on the palm trees.

Rocky, who’s getting some gardening work done, sets down his wheelbarrow as soon as Destiny saunters into view. Rocky likes what he sees, and so does Destiny. She starts rubbing on his cock when he makes his way over to her. They walk inside and Rocky begins to worship her phat ass. Rocky plants his face firmly between her ass cheeks and this spicy Cuban dish bounces and twerks on it.

Rocky is just getting a taste of Destiny’s skills right now, though. She’s going to give him the full-course meal with all the fixings. Deep-throating his cock is the appetizer, followed by a diverse entrée of cowgirl and reverse cowgirl with a side of doggy and missionary. And Rocky is kind enough to serve Destiny dessert: a thick, creamy layer of pecker pudding on her phat ass.

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Cameron Skye: Bikini Busting & Banging at XL Girls

Cameron Skye: Bikini Busting & Banging at XL Girls

The plan was for you to help Cameron Skye pick out a bikini to wear today. That doesn’t go entirely to plan but works out even better. Cameron’s swimsuits are placed on the couch. Looking super-sexy in her sheer baby doll nightie, a big smile on her face, she walks into the living room where you’re waiting to see her try on those bikinis.

Feed your need to watch Cameron model her tiny swimsuits. The bodacious, cheerful blonde can see in your eyes that you need some hot, afternoon action. She kneels to give you a hands-free blow job with lots of eye contact that makes you as hard as a rock. Cameron has a pretty mouth and cock-sucking lips.

Squeezing your dick between her heavy tits, Cameron wants you to fuck them good. She stands to take off her bikini and spreads her legs wide so you can take possession of her golden-haired pussy and pound her the way you thought of pounding her when she was putting on her bikinis for you.

The harder you shove your cock into Cameron, the more she likes it and the more her big boobs jiggle and shake. When the pressure gets too high to hold back, she’ll make you explode your load on her pretty face with her talented mouth and soft hands.

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Anastasia Doll: Dressing The SCORELAND Doll

Anastasia Doll: Dressing The SCORELAND Doll

It’s Anastasia Doll‘s world. We just live in it. The camera was invented for women like her. Any other use is secondary.

Anastasia believes in the philosophy of “Too tight, too short and too low-cut” when it comes to what she wears for photo shoots and for everyday life. She begins this shoot in one of her favorite tight, short and low-cut dresses. She takes it off to measure herself and model her bras, bikini tops and tanks. When the sexy fashion show ends, Anastasia gets into bed with a feather boa wrapped around her beautiful body and pats her pussy.

“I am the kind of girl who wants to be treated like a princess. I am bisexual but I like only very, very beautiful girls like me with big breasts. With guys, I like to be fucked between my breasts and I like the doggie-style position best.”

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Mia Sweetheart: A Whole Lotta Boob Shakin’ Going On

Mia Sweetheart: A Whole Lotta Boob Shakin' Going On

Mia Sweetheart knows how to dress her sexy and luscious body for maximum enjoyment, both hers and yours, and she loves to get totally naked. To start this show, she’s picked out a hot pink number that clings to her curves like plastic wrap. After dressing her delectable body, twerking, boob shaking and toying soon follow. In the video, Mia teaches you how to talk to a girl in Romanian.

XLGirls: What’s the best part of being a beautiful woman?

Mia: A girl can get away with a lot of things if she puts on an innocent puppy face, and a big cleavage always helps.

XLGirls: What’s the best way to get on your good side?

Mia: Have a good sense of humor and beautiful eyes.

XLGirls: Is sex on the first date possible?

Mia: If I click well with the guy, yes, sex on the first date could happen. Why? Because life is too short not to enjoy the best things in life.

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Short ‘n’ stacked Milly gets pounded hard

Short 'n' stacked Milly gets pounded hard

“I’m kind of short, so people look down at me when they’re talking to me, so they’re looking down right into my cleavage,” voluptuous natural Milly Marks said.

That sounds like a good excuse.

For the record, Milly is five-feet tall with H-cup naturals, so she’s short ‘n’ stacked. Carlos, her stud in this scene, is 6’6″ and a former athlete, and he handles her like a fuck doll. He dicks Milly down in some acrobatic position and really has his way with her pussy. That’s how it should be in porn: hot girl with big tits gets fucked hard by big, hung stud.

I met Milly during one of her shoots in Miami, Florida. She has a good sense of humor. She’s young and beautiful. Her tits have the firmness that only big, young tits can. I was not at all surprised when she won 2017 Voluptuous magazine Newcomer of the Year.

“I started to develop in elementary school, long before the majority of the girls my age did,” Milly said. “I was definitely known as the girl with the biggest titties in school. I’ve always had funny nicknames because of them.”

Milly is very sexual. She loves men and girls about equally. Check out her scene with Codi Vore at SCORELAND. The girls were really into each other. But as this scene proves, she can handle the cock, too.

Here, Milly is in the kitchen when Carlos comes from behind and helps her out of her romper to reveal her big tits and voluptuous, curvy body. Things heat up fast. Milly worships his cock with her mouth and hands and squishes it between her breasts. They start to fuck on the counter, Carlos standing, Milly on her back. Milly is a real screamer and lets loose as soon as his cock plunges into her pink pussy.

Milly gets on the couch, ass-up, face-down and Carlos fucks her from behind, slapping her ass-cheeks and going in deep as she moans and cries loudly. Milly sucks his dick some more and then gets on top with her back to him, her hooters shaking. Finally, she jacks him off on her face and tits.

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Charley Atwell Wants You To Wank For Her

Charley Atwell Wants You To Wank For Her

“I love taking my bra off as soon as I get home,” said Charley Atwell, British eye candy. “I wear sexy lingerie when I go out and sports bras at the gym or when I run so they aren’t bouncing all over the place.”

Charley is known for her JOI and hot body nude videos. She encourages jerking with saucy comments and horny hand signs and enjoys sexy chatting.

“I masturbate on a daily basis. I love to use my wand if I’m in a rush as it makes me orgasm quickly. If I have more time, I tease myself more and use my different toys as I have loads.

“I’m assertive in the bedroom. I’m very satisfied when a guy goes down on me whilst finger fucking me hard. That makes me squirt. I would love to try the pile driver position. It’s always good to see if the guy likes to experiment. When I give a blow job, I swallow if I’m in a relationship. If not, then shoot it all over my tits.”

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I Rate A Man By His Cock

I Rate A Man By His Cock

One look at Charlie Cooper‘s astonishing body and her stunningly huge, beautifully shaped jugs is all it takes.

Charlie is sexy and energetic at on-camera fucking. She watches XXX videos at home. We love knowing that models like to watch adult action. It deepens the connection. Charlie likes to watch interracial action with girls who have big boobs and big butts.

Asante starts off by creaming Charlie’s knockout 38G knockers with moisturizer in preparation for him sliding his dick between her flesh-mountains. Then it’s blow job and fuck time with Charlie. Lucky guy. Actually, luck had nothing to do with it.

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Terri Jane, lickety sweet

Terri Jane, lickety sweet

We invited British babe Terri Jane to the Caribbean, SCORE‘s old stomping grounds and Boob Cruise destination, for several specials, including Montego Babes on DVD.

Terri Jane caught our eye, and we knew she’d be great for V-mag. Terri was not a spreader of the pink, so our focus was always on those mind-blowing natural hooters, as it rightfully should be anyway. From the West Midlands, Terri is very vocal in her videos, and I love her accent. In this video, she licks an ice cream cone that melts all over her tits.

The guys she meets back home sound suspiciously like SCORE photographers, or at least they think as one should. Said Terri, “They ask me to get them out, and then they want me to bounce them up and down. Then they like me to get on top of them and drop my breasts on their face and jiggle them around a bit. Men like jiggling and bouncing boobs.”

Just for the record, SCORE photographers don’t ask the girls to get on top of them.

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Wet & Shiny

Wet & Shiny

There’s a first time for everything and for Terry Nova, it’s getting into a bathtub fully dressed. Actually, skimpily dressed. Terry doesn’t like wearing a lot of heavy, cumbersome clothes which hide her sensuous curves and huge jugs. What she has on suits her just fine, a tight pair of booty shorts and a top that has less material than a handkerchief. She gets soaked, the fabric sticking to her fantastic body like a second skin. Terry peels off her finery and grabs the showerhead. The cooling spray makes her nipples and pussy tingle. In Spanish Nova means “no go” but that doesn’t fit Terry’s personality at all. She loves going…and coming.

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Ripe and Ready

Ripe and Ready

Texan Billie Austin knows all about Southern hospitality. Her smile is genuine and warm as she invites us into her home.

“Welcome,” she says, oozing bubbly Southern charm. “Come on in and see my home.”

Who are we to say no to a girl who looks like Billie? Not with those curves, sexy tats and her 42H-cup tits pouring out of her over-matched purple tank top.

“I think I know why you’re here,” Billie says.

Billie boasts brains to go with her boobs and beauty.

“I think I’d like it if you watched me,” she continues.

Billie slowly sheds her tank top and bra and begins to play with her boobs. She cups her left boob and sucks on her nipple, leaving behind a sexy lipstick ring on her areola. Soon, Billie is stroking her pussy while lustily groping her body and boobs, steadily pushing herself closer to an orgasm.

“Oh, I’m so wet,” she moans after cumming. “That’s just what I needed.”

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