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Laila Lust: What Girls Do When They’re Alone

Laila Lust: What Girls Do When They're Alone

Home alone, gorgeous Laila Lust hears a noise outside her window and peeks through the blinds to see what’s going on. She sees some workmen outside the apartment and that gets her fantasies boiling.

Laila fondles her curvy and shapely body and takes off her top and tight shorts while she spies on them. She’s not wearing panties. If those guys could see how hot she looks and see what she’s doing by the window a few feet away, they would go crazy.

Laila jiggles her boobs with her bra and sits in a chair by the window to spread and rub her shaved pussy and touch her great, big tits.

Laila’s fantasies are to be handled and dominated. She likes the man to be in control and says she’s passive during sex. When she does herself, she cums best by pleasuring her clit.

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Everyone Loves Terry

Everyone Loves Terry

Among the great naturals of this busty world, there are great naturals who fly solo and there are those who have no hesitation about getting their freak on when the cameras roll. Ever-smiling, doe-eyed Terry Nova may look shy and quiet to you if you ever happened to meet her but you know better. She’s one of the hottest and horniest big-boobed sex stars. Terry’s popularity has kept her in SCORELAND‘s Top Rated 20 Models listing. “With women like Terry and many others, the Czechs could rule the world. I assume that the only reason they don’t is that they’re too busy fucking their women’s tits…and I don’t blame them,” Jared sagely observes. He may be right about that. Terry is one of the easiest-going girls our studio staff ever spent time with.

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Maxximum Tits

Maxximum Tits

We asked Conan The Barbarian, “Conan! What is breast in life?”

And Conan replies in his Austrian accent: “To see Kelli Maxx walk and bounce around outside in the Florida sun.’

“To see Kelli Maxx jiggle her big tits in her bra.”

“To see Kelli Maxx get into bed and rub her big tits and pussy without a cock blocking that heavenly sight.”

So that’s what’s breast in life. Bostonian Kelli seems to like Florida, except for the bugs. We suspect she’s too sweet and that’s why Florida bugs especially like her.

That’s why Miss Maxx and the XL Girls cameraman didn’t spend much time outside. They retreat indoors where a nice soft bed is there for Kelli.

Kelli squeezes her fleshy tits and spanks her pussy good and deep, putting her fingers in her mouth to taste her girl-juice. This New Englander knows how to share a good time.

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Lingerie and bras with a British busty beauty

Lingerie and bras with a British busty beauty

“I don’t dress to emphasize my breasts,” British natural Aurora Rose said, “but I make sure that nothing I wear hides the lovely fullness and roundness of them. I love high-cut dresses and tops that are tight and show off the shape of my boobs.”

In this scene, Aurora gives us a narrated tour of her body as she squeezes into a variety of bras and lingerie. Aurora, who’s originally from London and was living in Los Angeles when she modeled for us, found out about SCORE via a Google search and saw

“I really only wear one brand of bra,” Aurora said. “I found one that does the trick. The Panache Cleo Marcie Balconnet bra. I wear tight tops that show off the shape of my breasts. I don’t always wear a bra…unless I’ve invited a naughty boy around for a cup of tea.

“I spent my wild university days in the seaside town of Brighton. Whenever I would walk home through the Pavilion Gardens, there was always someone shagging in the bushes or down the alleys. Let’s just say I adapted to my environment.”

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Anal Friendly

Anal Friendly

Claudia Marie has set out a fine spread in more ways than one on the deck by the water and now she waits for Carlos Rios and his cock. How does this wild MILF handle a hungry man? For an appetizer, Claudia’s wearing a form-fitting, lacey outfit that shows off her dangerous curves and her eye-popping mega-boobs.

When he shows, Carlos starts banging Claudia on the deck immediately and practically carries her inside the house to ravish her. He pounds into her with his battering ram and makes her scream with pleasure, first fucking her pussy, then her ass. Spoiler alert: Claudia grabs his boner, speed-milks every drop of cum into her face and looks at him with intense satisfaction. She loves that salty nut sauce.

“There isn’t a dick in this world that’s going to scare me!” says Claudia, a powerhouse of raw, raunchy fucking, the harder the better. She’s humped guys from “18 to 76 years old! Sometimes, when you start talking to somebody you never thought you’d be attracted to, you start hanging out or having a conversation and you find yourself attracted. The oldest man I had sex with was 76!”

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Tight Tank Top Titties

Tight Tank Top Titties

Check out the fresh-faced cuteness of brunette bombshell Cassandra Calogera. At first glance, she looks like a busty chick you might bump into working at a Starbucks or a local sandwich shop. But don’t be fooled…Cassandra is a total freak and a skank to boot. How can you tell? Notice the first dead giveaway: The lip piercing. Chicks with facial piercings put out, man. The bling on their faces is pretty much an indicator of where they want you to coat their mug with your sauce. Second indicator? The wife beater tank top she has on. Why? It’s easily ripped off and it looks great soaking wet. The third sure sign that she wants to get nailed? The huge tramp stamp on her pelvis. Chicks with tattoos by their girly parts are letting you know that they want your eyes to focus on the prize, so they place a big tattoo near it so you look at it. It’s like an X-marks-the-spot scenario. So now that you know that Cassandra is a dirty girl who loves to hump and fuck and pretty much be all over cocks whenever she can, what do you do? You encourage her behavior, that’s what? How? You stick your dick in her, man, because if a hot, big-titted chick wants to own her inner sluttiness and show us just how fun her funbags really are, then who are we to stop her? Check out Cassandra in a tit-filled, tit-soaked wet t-shirt dance off. Then she gets naked and she hops right on the baloney pony and rides like a good, little cowgirl. You know what the ultimate test of a chick’s ho factor is? If she will fuck you like a pro right on the bathroom floor. And guess what? Cassandra will.

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Whooty Bounce

Whooty Bounce

After a hard day of housework, a girl is entitled to some playtime. And when you have a body like Marcy Diamond‘s, all you need for playtime is some baby oil, your phat badonkadonk and dripping wet pussy.

Marcy is a woman of few words, but her moans are more like the roars of a lusty lioness as she bounces her thick booty while rubbing her pussy. To say the least, Marcy is a freak. And she doesn’t care who knows it.

“The freakiest place I’ve ever had sex?” Marcy said. “There have been a few places, but I’d have to say the craziest place was in a church. It was in the pastoral chamber. I definitely found the danger of being caught in there to be a turn-on.”

Over the years, we’ve noticed that a fair amount of our girls say they have hooked up with or dated women in the past. Marcy is actually one of the handful who says she hasn’t had an sexual encounters with women, and doesn’t have any desire to either. Though we love girl-on-girl action as much as any other guy, we can’t argue with her reasoning.

“I’ve never messed around with any girls,” Marcy said. “Don’t get me wrong, I think girls are hot. It’s just that I love dick too much. There’s nothing like a hard cock inside me.”

We should note that Marcy did shoot her first hardcore scene with us, too. We’ll have it up soon, so be on the lookout for it.

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Boob Tune-Up By A SCORELAND Girl

Boob Tune-Up By A SCORELAND Girl

Whitney Stevens has been known to make mechanics blow their rods when they see her, to use garage talk. When Whitney walks into the garage to pick up her car, her big tits enter the garage before the rest of her sweet body. The mechanic has finished working on Whitney’s car and hands her the bill. She looks at it and is not happy.

“I can’t afford this,” Whitney says. “Can you do anything about it?”

The mechanic makes her an offer to give her a discount.

“Oh no, I’m not going to fuck you,” Whitney answers.

“Whadda ya gonna do?” he asks.

“I can give you a hand job and fuck you with my tits,” the sexy brunette counter-offers. She shows him her big breasts as a sweetener and doesn’t care if other mechanics are around.

The mechanic knows a choice auto-body when he sees one. Whitney begins her lube job with well-trained hands. She’s going to fix this guy’s wagon. Sitting on him, she strokes his piston and lubes it up.

Whitney takes a break to stand up, get totally naked and let him feast his eyes on her sexy chassis. Then she resumes her jerk job and tit-job in different positions on the garage floor until he blows his rod all over her hooters. Whitney never fails to please and ultimately get what she wants, including the contents of a man’s balls. She wants good service and gives good service.

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Brooklyn Springvalley: Mega-busty Bombshell’s Really Big Show

Brooklyn Springvalley: Mega-busty Bombshell's Really Big Show

When a SCORELAND Girl arrives for photo shoots, what does she pack in her suitcases?

If you think bikinis, monokinis and swimsuits, in general, you guessed right.

Brooklyn Springvalley has three extremely skimpy monokinis to check out in the bedroom, and after mega-busty Brooklyn puts the last one over her fantasy rack, she gets some playtime in bed before going to the beach. Naturally, Brooklyn stopped traffic on her way to the sand and surf.

SCORELAND: Have your breasts ever fallen out of your top in public?

Brooklyn: Not yet, thank goodness. I’m a little paranoid about it.

SCORELAND: Have you ever seen another woman hit or yell at her husband or boyfriend for staring at you?

Brooklyn: No, but I did have a mom apologize to me after her son almost walked into a glass door because he was staring at me.

SCORELAND: Do you ever store things in your cleavage?

Brooklyn: Pretty rarely, but it’s been known to happen. Usually money or lip balm.

SCORELAND: Do other girls ever comment about your breasts or ask you questions?

Brooklyn: Yeah, I get more comments on them in real life–pre-pandemic–from girls than I do from boys. They want to know about costs, recovery times and that kind of thing. I try to be very open about the experience as it’s been overall quite positive for me and I want to make sure women have all the info to make a decision on whether or not they’d like boobs.

SCORELAND: Do you think that SCORELAND members would like to hear SCORE Girls doing ASMR videos if big boobs could somehow be part of it?

Brooklyn: Oh, heck, yeah. There is already an existing ASMR Porn community and the sensations overlap.

SCORELAND: How do you rate your sex drive from 1–low, to 10–high?

Brooklyn: Usually around a 6.5.

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Hooked By Big Tits

Hooked By Big Tits

“Everybody wants to fuck somebody with big titties.”

So says Brandy Talore as she waits in the Florida sun. The brunette hottie has said a mouthful. And when it comes to mouthfuls, Brandy has learned a lot since we first had the honor of meeting her.

That sun is getting a little too hot for poor Brandy who is dressed like a coed. Smart girl. Everyone loves schoolgirls, from America to Japan. Brandy’s a student by night, hooker by day. Where’s all the horny guys in this neighborhood who want to share some private session time? She’s not in a gay area, is she?

But wait. Here comes a dude in his rig. He’s interested in fucking this beauty. Some small talk later and she hops into his chariot. Brandy steers him to a quiet park with picnic tables. The place is empty and the trees provide privacy.

Brandy sits on the table and feels his hog through his pants while she takes off her top and lowers her bra so her big fucking natural hooters can get some fresh air. Pulling his big dick out, Brandy gets on her knees on the table in a doggie position and blows him up. She spits on it real good. Brandy is a spitter not a quitter. She sucks him hands-free until his cock is as hard as the wooden legs of the picnic table.

Mr. Boner gets on the table so Brandy can squat over him and shove his dick up her Ohio pussy-hole. She kicks off her heels for better balance and rides his snatch-pleaser. Her tits fly and slap loudly against her chest as she fucks up and down, moaning and cooing. Her pussy is soaked and her girl juice drips down his cock. Maybe that dick is too big for her. Brandy’s tits are surely not too big for him! She has the finest and biggest pair in Ohio.

The first position is only the beginning. Mr. Boner can keep his Johnson hard a long time and he’s going to tap Brandy in as many fucking positions for as long as he can until he’s ready to give her a giant load of coconut milk. She deserves every drop because everyone loves Brandy Talore.

Why watch softcore boredom on late-night cable TV when you can watch Brandy being a nasty little sexpot?

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Lea’s Big Plump Fuck At

Lea's Big Plump Fuck At

The only difference between the video and photo set of Lea and Patrick is, in the photos, Lea stuffs her pussy with a long dildo while she waits for him to get over to the set and give her the beef.

Mature Czech plumper Lea is not the type to just sit with the photographer and patiently wait for the stud to arrive. She likes to keep busy and warm up.

Patrick finally shows up, already stiff as a log, and gives Lea something to suck on. He licked her MILF slit, like most Euro studs tend to do, slid a finger in, then replaced it with his cock and fucked Lea so hard, she walked funny the rest of the day.

“I did not know his penis was so thick,” Lea said in Czech. As for Patrick, he knew ahead of time that Lea was thick, and that’s what he likes…a nice, chubby, mature woman with big, plump tits who does whatever he wants.

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