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Shara Lopez: Por Amor a las Tetas

Shara Lopez: Por Amor a las Tetas

Tourist Tony Rubino has just arrived in Medellin, Colombia. He calls for a tour guide to show him the sights of this historic city. He doesn’t speak Spanish and asks for an English-speaking guide. Who arrives at his hotel but super-sexy Shara Lopez. She is to be his guide, but she only speaks Spanish….

Shara tries to tell him where they will be seeing, pointing to places in her book but he’s only interested in a guided tour of her fantastic body and big, natural boobs and so would we, in his place. El hombre afortunado, the locals would call him.

Shara can read his mind through his eyes which are planted on her large cleavage nestled in a tight dress. She knowingly asks him if he likes big tits and if he’d like to touch hers, guiding his hand so he can feel her soft breast flesh. In no time, his face is buried between her breasts and he sucks on her nipples. Shara sucks her own nipples too and then they both suck on them. They’re getting on very nicely for two people who just met. Muy caliente!

After their breast play, Tony points to his junk, not knowing the Spanish term for blow job. No translation is needed. Shara eagerly puts his cock in a lip-lock. Her skills are outstanding, like she is. Tony fucks her big tetas next, another one of her superb skills. The tour of the city is off the to-do list because tour guide and tourist want to go around the world without leaving the hotel room.

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Large Lovin’ Babe

Large Lovin' Babe

Glory Foxxx sizes up this dude, and we do mean “sizes up.” When Glory sizes up a guy, it’s a package deal. He passes her length test. She produces a boner with her top-notch dick and ball sucking and licking, driving him crazy with her big tits. He fucks her tits next.

A busty girl like Glory loves to be tit-fucked, giving and receiving in different positions. She had a very active sex life before getting into adult modeling but she discovered that she totally loves fucking on-camera and began actively pursuing a career in big gal porn.

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Codi Vore & Milly Marks: Dreamgirls

Codi Vore & Milly Marks: Dreamgirls

I asked Codi Vore and Milly Marks about this scene.

SCORELAND: What went through your mind when you were asked about doing this scene?

Codi: I hoped it wouldn’t be awkward. It’s always a little strange at first to do a scene with somebody you’ve never met before.

Milly: I was super-excited to do a girl-girl in general but even more excited because I knew of Codi and had watched some of her content beforehand.

SCORELAND: Where did you first learn about Milly? SCORELAND?

Codi: Yup! I saw her on SCORELAND first!

Milly: I first found out about her from checking out SCORELAND before I started with SCORE.

SCORELAND: What was it like for you when you met for the first time, before the shoots began? Did you crush on each other?

Codi: Milly and I were really quick friends. I felt casual and comfortable around her.

Milly: Codi and I were instantly friends. She’s super-sweet and easy on the eyes. It also felt really good to be around another girl my age with a very similar body type. That almost never happens. I definitely had a little girl-crush on her.

SCORELAND: Physically, what do you love best about her?

Codi: Her hair is fantastic…really thick and shiny.

Milly: I really love her face and her big tits. I think it’s a tie.

SCORELAND: How about personality-wise?

Codi: Milly and I are both pretty blunt and down-to-earth. I really enjoyed doing this with her.

Milly: I love Codi’s bubbly personality. It made me feel really at ease and comfortable with her.

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Angel In The Kitchen, Devil In The Bedroom

Angel In The Kitchen, Devil In The Bedroom

Angelic Angel Wicky headed to the SCORE kitchen to bake her cupcakes, and while the young, blonde beauty waits, she heats herself up, baking her big, tasty cakes and honey-pie. Spreading takes on a different meaning in this kitchen. Angel is very good at spreading and opening up wide to give you unblocked views of her pink cookie.

Angel is all about modeling and making porn. Sex is her life. Sexy lingerie, sexy shoes, dirty talk, bondage and S&M is her life.

“I masturbate every day,” Angel told us. “I’m just a horny girl. I use a small vibrator on my clit and a dildo in my pussy. I love to orgasm.”

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Orange is the new rack

Orange is the new rack

“I love big boobs,” said Sheridan Love, who goes solo in this scene and gets a little bit of help from a very big dildo. “I love the hourglass look.”

When it comes to girls with hourglass figures, you’re talking Sheridan, Korina Kova, Amy Anderssen, Anastasia Doll and Stassi Rossi as some of the greatest ever. These girls with huge tits, small waists and big, round, shapely asses don’t come along often, but when they do, we cum often.

Elliot asked her the following questions. Since Sheridan is wearing orange, Elliot cleverly named the pictorial “Orange Is The New Rack.”

What makes you laugh the hardest? “Being tickled. I am extremely ticklish.”

What are your favorite things? “I love to be petted like a cat. Men or curvy, busty women in a uniform of any kind. Watching porn scenes with big toys, DP and anything vampiric.”

What’s your taste in men? “I appreciate a guy with a sense of humor who is polite and respectful. They need to do the little things like opening doors, and they have to treat others with courtesy and respect. If a guy wants to meet me, he should just come over and say hi. Don’t send me a drink or send a friend over to speak for you. That doesn’t look confident and that’s not a desirable trait.”

Exactly. And if Sheridan doesn’t find a guy desirable, she’ll go home and pleasure herself with the kind of toy she’s using in this scene. A girl does have options, you know.

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Mature Big-breasted Sex-bomb

Mature Big-breasted Sex-bomb

A woman like Annellise Croft deserves the best poundings and as much as she wants. It would be a mistake to guess that every busty blonde MILF has a sex-packed private life with big-dicked studs.

Annellise was a little nervous before JMac got his hands on her big boobs. “My stomach was tied up a little bit. I just wanted to be good. But I’m not nervous anymore. Out comes Annellise!”

Annellise had a porn sex instructor in JMac. As a pupil, she followed his lesson plan and was a graduate with honors by the time he dropped a load on her after fucking her in the advanced piledriver position. She really brought out the beast in him.

The stacked lady with amazing nipples watches some porn at home and shoots her own amateur videos. “I like watching porn, although I don’t do it regularly. It turns me on. If I feel sexual and want to cum and play with myself, I’ll watch porn while doing it, and it doesn’t take long. I’m a fast cummer.”

Annellise has a British-style lusty attitude. Sex and being sexual is not something to be ashamed of or criticized for.

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Get in her pink

Get in her pink

We’re typically not the type of guys who use words like “pretty,” but we can’t deny that Destiny is lookin’ pretty in hot pink. Pretty bad, pretty sexy, pretty bangable with a phat, jiggling ass. As you all can see, we’re pretty beside ourselves with excitement. Our boy Tony Rubino sure is.

Tony’s never seen an ass he didn’t like, but Destiny has a special one. This Latina’s trunk is phat, firm and made to twerk. Tony gets to work on Destiny as soon as he enters the scene. He smacks and nibbles on her ass before pulling off her jump suit so he can slide a finger in her pussy. Tony starts with one, but then adds a second for good measure. Destiny has a juicy ol’ pussy, and right now, it’s dripping-wet.

But when you’re with a girl like Destiny, you can’t just fuck her cunt. Nah, she’s got a nice, tight asshole to attend to. Tony pulls his fingers out of her pussy and slides them into her ass and finger-bangs it to get her prepped. Destiny gives Tony a sloppy blowjob to get him lubed up, too, before hopping on top of him to lube his cock with her pussy juices.

Tony takes control soon after, flipping her to her side and smashing her pink cunt that way. His cock is nice and lubed now, perfect for her hungry asshole. Tony pulls his cock out and stuffs it into her ass.

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Oiled SCORE Girls

Oiled SCORE Girls

Watching big-boobed girls dripping with oil never gets old.

The oily, busty, naked bodies belong to Korina Kova, Sigal Acon, Kim Velez, Cheryl Blossom, Bhiankha, Bunny Brooks, Venera and Lilly Bordeaux. They go through more oil than can be pumped out of Texas in a month.

The poll question was “When watching a busty girl on the beach or at a pool, what do you most want to see her do?”

Over 40% wanted to see her applying oil.

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Dock of boobs

Dock of boobs

These photos were taken on the dock near our beach house in Eleuthera, the Bahamas, where Angela spent a week with Lorna Morgan, Christy Marks, Terry Nova and Gianna Rossi. This was a big deal for Angela, who loves breasts just as much as you do, keeps a keen eye on the comings and goings in this busty world and stays in touch with one of her idols and inspirations, Lorna. They were roommates that week.

“She’s such a good snuggler!” Angela said. “Since I am such a fan of the big-breasted girls, I was as excited as a kid at Christmas to be invited.”

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Blake Blakely In The Lingerie Zone

Blake Blakely In The Lingerie Zone

Slim and stacked pretty girl Blake Blakely made her SCORE magazine debut in Volume 30 No. 1. She can be a tease with a good sense of humor. That’s sexy. Blake has a winning smile and a sexy body.

SCORELAND: Have you ever had sex in public?

Blake: I have never had sex in public.

SCORELAND: Do you like anal play or anal sex?

Blake: It depends.

SCORELAND: Have you ever been in a three-way?

Blake: Yes, with a friendly couple. A guy and a girl. It was hot.

SCORELAND: Have you ever had sex with just another girl?

Blake: No, but I would be open to it.

SCORELAND: What foreplay do you like best?

Blake: Oral sex, kissing, touching and slapping.

SCORELAND: When you give blowjobs, do you spit or swallow?

Blake: Does anyone spit?

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Fuck My Big Tits

Fuck My Big Tits

What are those four words that breast-men love to hear a busty babe say?

“Fuck my big tits.”

Greta Grindhouse, Liza Biggs, Suzumi Wilder, Andi Peacock, Charlie Cooper, Marilyn White, Gina George, Lucy Lenore, Cameron Skye and Channel Sweets are the big titters who sweetly ask horny men for a round of breast-boning.

In Japan, breast-sex is called paizuri. In the UK, tit-wanking. A pearl necklace is what a girl receives when a guy spurts between her tits and splashes her neck.

Slang for tit-fucking includes hooter-humping, hosing the hangers, driving the skin-bus through the titty-tunnel, and ramming the royal rack.

What’s better than boob-sex? Boob-sex with eye-contact and horny talking.

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