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Daria’s big, oiled tits

Daria's big, oiled tits

Poor Daria. I feel sad. She opened a spa but there’s a customer shortage. This makes no sense to me. Who wouldn’t want a massage given by the soft hands of this sweet, big-busted heartbreaker? Since Daria has time on her hands with no customers, she gets on her table and gets hands-on, massaging her own breasts and shaved pussy. The oil flows.

“I like to feel sexy and beautiful,” said Daria, one of the girls who lit up On Location North Coast on DVD and Blu-ray. “It gives me confidence. It’s hard for people to guess in regular life that I’m a model.”

I asked Daria to tell us more about herself.

“I sleep on my belly, hugging the pillow. I think I look good in jeans and high heels. Also, I think that office-style clothing is very sexy. I weighed my breasts. They are about 2.9 kilos [6 pounds] together. I love massage, teasing and saying things like ‘I’m going to do______ with you.’ Use your imagination.”

Since Daria began at SCORELAND, we’ve been getting emails asking when she’ll return. Some of the writers seem to have fallen in love with her, and I can see why.

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Ashton Blake: Dirty Talking Jerk-Off Instructor

Ashton Blake: Dirty Talking Jerk-Off Instructor

Ashton Blake is a dirty talking hot wife, a swinger, a cam girl and a nudist. She spreads her pussy and butthole on webcam. She loves to fuck young guys who have big dicks and large loads of cum to squirt on her face and tits and in her asshole and pussy. Ashton likes double penetration and anal fucking. She started swinging in her twenties.

Ashton fantasizes about actor Mathew McConaughey talking dirty to her. “I don’t even need to fuck him. I just want to listen to his voice.” McConaughey would be pleased if he ever found out.

“I love a guy who knows how to use his hands and fingers. I just melt away. Then I just need a good, hard fuck. I don’t have as much sex as you would think. Being in this industry makes me more selective and I like evenings that are more planned so there’s time to watch porn and play with toys. I enjoy watching but haven’t embraced the BDSM lifestyle.”

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Boobs, Pussy & Ass is Andi Ray’s Gift To A Birthday Boy

Boobs, Pussy & Ass is Andi Ray's Gift To A Birthday Boy

It’s Brick Danger’s birthday but Andi Ray is the one who really blows out his candle in one of the hottest XLGirls scenes ever. These two have mega-energy sex chemistry together.

Boob worship, drooling blow jobs, tit-fucking, ball-sucking, ass-licking, sex talk, pussy and anal sex. All the happy, fun activities that make the world go ’round. Plus a birthday cake Brick eats off Andi’s top shelf, even though she brought dishes. Big, soft breasts make a better plate to eat off of.

First, they have table-top fun. Andi sucks his cock to the root, opens her mouth wide for his balls to suck and pull on, and squeezes his dick between her tits. They move to the couch so they can comfortably fuck, starting with Andi on top. Andi sweetly asks Brick if she can eat his ass. That’s another birthday gift for the birthday boy. When he fucks Andi in the butthole, her eyes roll back.

He’s one lucky guy to get a girl like this, if you ask us. It was one helluva birthday party.

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Winter Rae: A Trip To The Strip Club

Winter Rae: A Trip To The Strip Club

A trip to the local strip club starts off with a horny lap dance and escalates when the big-busted stripper turns out to be living sex-doll Winter Rae. In this club, the management looks the other way so everyone can have a big bang.

“I’ve never worked in a strip club,” Winter said. We never would’ve guessed. We’ve been to countless strip joints and Winter’s got her stripper and lap dance moves so down, she would become the star of the club.

“I love getting fucked really hard and I like to have sex every day. I have had multiple three-ways with my husband and another girl. We’ve had sex many times in public. Too many different times to count. In cars, bathrooms, on the beach and on the boat out on the lake. That’s my favorite.”

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Army Wife

Army Wife

Wearing a skin-tight tube dress, SCORE Girl Angel Gee writes a letter to her man in the army. “Can’t wait until you cum all over my tits,” Angel writes. What a tender sentiment. It should be used in greeting cards. She rubs her tits and pussy-hole thinking about getting fucked.

Cut to later. There’s a knock at the door, Angel wears a sexy negligee as a sweet homecoming gift. Seeing Angel’s massive tits under sheer lace, her man is on her in an instant, palming her huge, huge tits and pierced nipples. They’re not even two feet from the front door as Angel kneels before his cock to worship it with her wet mouth and soft hands.

They move to the couch so Angel can have her pussy licked and fingered as foreplay for fucking. “You’re gonna have to break me in all over again,” a hyper-horny Angel cries. A very vocal girl, Angel gets even hornier from her nasty talk. Angel’s also a screamer. Girls like that are hard to find. “I love your dick, baby!” Angel yells.

Her own personal drill sergeant pumps the heavenly hooters out of Angel in enough banging positions for a sexology manual, ending with a pile-driver on the floor that drives her over the edge. Angel not only earns another set of wings, she earns a thick load of cream all over her giant jugs.

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Get Fit With The Amazing Candy Kat

Get Fit With The Amazing Candy Kat

“Men get stupid when they see breasts of this size,” Candy Kat said. That’s how the male brain is hardwired, and it’s totally normal, no matter a guy’s nationality. The first time we saw Candy’s photos, we immediately won the Stupid Award.

Candy once again captured our hearts and lowered our IQs with her photogenic training routine. When Candy works out, her tits fly. They could knock a guy out if he ever got in the way, but it would be an honor and worth the pain.

XLGirls: So Candy, what type of foreplay do you like?

Candy: Massage is the best.

XLGirls: What’s your favorite position?

Candy: Deep doggy style.

XLGirls: Have you ever had a sexual encounter with a girl?

Candy: My first sexual experience was with a girl and for a long time I thought that I only liked girls. For four years I only had girls until I tried real cock.

XLGirls: What do you think was your most-unusual sexual experience?

Candy: It was in a store’s furniture section. Fun and scary.

XLGirls: Have you ever had sex in public?

Candy: Yes, I have. I liked it. At a nudist resort and in a park.

XLGirls: When you give a blow job, do you spit or swallow?

Candy: If my partner does not smoke, in most cases I swallow, or I allow him to finish on my chest.

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Jessy Bunny: Mystery Date With A Happy Ending

Jessy Bunny: Mystery Date With A Happy Ending

When Jessica “Jessy Bunny” Bunnington arrives at Stanley Johnson’s apartment, his dream of a fantasy afternoon having the hottest sex with a busty blonde bimbo doll comes true. Dressed to inspire hard-ons, SCORE Girl Jessy is eager to show Mr. Johnson that once they fuck, she’ll ruin him for other women. As he examines her shapely body, tits, legs and ass, he knows he’s hit the grand prize.

“I would say I’m more the cute girl, and so I’m more passive,” Jessy said. “That’s more my style. I want a guy to pick me up and manhandle me in bed. I want him to fuck me hard.” Johnson must have read her mind because that’s what he does to the German superstar of big-tit bimbofication.

“I have sex many times a week. Sometimes many times a day if the guy can keep up with me! I’m always horny, although if a guy just wants to fuck my tits, I’m happy with that, too. I like women and men. I like to touch women with big boobies like I have. With men, it’s important that they have a big dick. A big, thick dick. I also like older men with more experience at everything.

“I have my little nipple piercings, and they make such a difference, and since I got these boobies, I really love to touch them because they’re so big, and I can touch them and it’s like I have four handfuls of boobs because they’re too big for just two of my little hands. I love playing with them and squeezing them. It’s just so great.”

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Former servicewoman anally services cock

Former servicewoman anally services cock

“Here’s the thing,” busty, blonde brickhouse Alura Jenson said. “I’m not the kind of woman who likes to be treated gingerly. I’m the kind of gal who likes a great, big, fat dick and I’d like you to ram it in me, baby.”

That’s what happens here in what was her first anal scene in over two years. Alura gets “nailed,” in her own words, by big-dicked Johnny Goodluck. It’s a great combination. Johnny fucks her face with his cock, and Alura tries to take every inch. She talks dirty while she’s jacking his dick and while he’s fucking her huge tits. She moans loudly when she’s getting her pussy and ass fucked, and he cums all over her tits.

Alura, who lives in Las Vegas and measures an incredible 48-30-44, loves sex.

“I started shooting porn because my personal sexual habits were becoming dangerous. Doing porn was a safer alternative for exercising my carnal desires without exposing myself to danger,” she said.

In other words, fucking strangers on-camera is a lot safer than fucking strangers in her regular life.

A U.S. Navy veteran, Alura earned a degree in exercise kinesiology after she left the service and became an instructor in that field. She grew up in a large Catholic family and has kids of her own.

Alura dated and married one of her fans. That relationship ended when he became controlling and didn’t want her fucking black guys. As an independent woman, Alura was having none of that.

Alura’s long-term plans are to direct her own videos and spend more time on the other side of the camera. That can wait. We love her on the side of the camera where we can watch her. And jack off to her.

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Sexy Baby Chloe Stevens

 Sexy Baby Chloe Stevens

Florida babe Chloe Stevens used to be a cheerleader, and she’s a Miami Dolphins fan. She’s single and she loves the D. In this photo set and accompanying video, she shows us just how much.

Chloe said she practiced for sex before she lost her virginity by masturbating every night “just to make sure I was opened enough so it would feel nice and comfy. I thought about fucking for a long time before a boyfriend popped my cherry. Now I like to get it as much as I can.

“I’m mostly passive and I like a man to take the lead and tell me what to do. My partner had a lot of experience and a big dick. He showed me how to treat his cock. I learned a lot about blowjobs and fucking.”

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Anna Blaze: Fuck School

Anna Blaze: Fuck School

Young and pretty coed Anna Blaze is studying for a test when horndog Robby Echo drops by her dorm room to put the moves on her. The fact is, hot coeds trigger male stiffness.

First, he plays with Anna’s big, natural tits, getting hands-on for a good amount of time. All of that nipple stimulation gets Anna hot and reaching for the cock. She spits on it, eager for some sucking and tit-fucking time in. The books can wait. Anna and Robby can’t wait.

Anna lies on the bed so Robby can finger and eat her pussy. Anna’s pleasure sounds are music to his ears. That’s the kind of foreplay Anna said she loves: “Being eaten out and fingered.” He spreads her legs apart wider and gives her the dick-down, then jerks a load of nut-milk all over her beautiful big boobs. At this rate, they will both graduate magna cum loud.

“I can be either assertive or passive but I prefer to be passive,” said Anna, who’s assertive sucking and tit-fucking Robby and passive when he pounds her shaved pussy.

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Secretary of Bust

Secretary of Bust

We love a working woman. There’s just something really sexy about a woman with a good head on her shoulders and defined career goals. Sashaa Juggs is one of those girls. She’s swamped at the office and appears a bit frustrated, but she still manages to look as sexy as ever as she plugs away.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that her I-cup naturals are pouring out of her skintight dress. Sashaa is a hottie with a body and would be our Employee of the Month every month. And we know she would be the type of employee who wouldn’t mind getting into some naughty activities.

“I’ve had sex in some wild places,” Sashaa said. “Closets, dressing rooms and things like that. I once fucked a boyfriend of mine in his parent’s bed. I gave another guy head in a movie theater.”

Who doesn’t love a movie with a happy ending?

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