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Laura Tithapia: Early Morning Boning

Laura Tithapia: Early Morning Boning

Laura Tithapia gets her wish. An early morning boning with Tom Holland who takes her video virginity. Laura brings a breakfast tray into the bedroom to give Tom a taste of her baked goodies. He takes a bite and gives Laura a bite, but Tom is more interested in tasting Laura’s lips and nipples.

Laura is thick and busty, a well-developed young woman who attracts a lot of attention. Here, she has Tom’s full and undivided attention as he rubs his hands all over her shapely, soft body and sinks his fingers into her velvety skin.

Laura’s nipples tingle and stiffen as Tom licks them. She reaches for his hardening cock and pulls on it. Forgetting about their morning snacks, the horny duo lock lips. Tom straddles Laura’s chest for a tit-fucking. She squeezes her heavy breasts together to trap his dick and leans her head forward to suck on the head.

Laura slips off her panties, eager for Tom’s big boy. She gets on her hands and knees, trembling with excitement. Tom spreads her pussy open, fills it with cock and gets busy, fucking Laura in her first XXX scene.

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Victoria Lobov: Heavenly Homemaker

Victoria Lobov: Heavenly Homemaker

Victoria Lobov is doing her housework in her lingerie and high heels as she usually does. The sexy, busty and leggy blonde’s mind is not focused on her domestic chores as the pictures prove. Even so, it’s exciting to watch Victoria clean her home. In fact, everything Victoria does is exciting.

When the doorbell rings, she’s eager to let the delivery man in. The soft-spoken hottie smiles and lures the man into her bedroom. She gets on the bed, giving him the eye-banging of his life. One of the hottest WILFS at SCORELAND lowers her lingerie and exposes her big, soft tits for him to touch and fondle.

Victoria spreads her legs and pink pierced pussy wide so he can stick a finger in her sweet zone. His cock becomes her toy to play with it, stroke, rub, suck and tit-fuck. He’s not leaving Victoria’s house and making a dash for the door until he does his job and fucks her good.

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A Girl Named Sigal Acon

A Girl Named Sigal Acon

Sigal Acon is a Russian make-up artist and webcam model on MyFreeCams. She said that becoming a model and webcam girl was the best move she’s ever made. Sigal loves being on-camera, and for her, it beats working at some boring job where she would be unappreciated.

The slim, busty beauty was originally photographed in Prague. Eventually she was able to visit us in Miami, and that alone was an accomplishment with all the obstacles involved in international travel.

A covergirl, with two magazines and a DVD entirely devoted to her, Sigal keeps herself in perfect shape. “I workout from time to time to keep myself in shape,” she said. “I like figure skating.”

Sigal made a comment that many other girls at SCORELAND and XLGirls have made, and she’s 100% spot-on.

“I don’t need to dress in something special to show off my breasts. People say I have killer looks. Even in simple clothes, I get so much attention. Usually I wear a bra. I don’t wear one at home and when I go to sleep. I sleep naked.”

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Winter Rae Thanks You For Cumming

Winter Rae Thanks You For Cumming

Babelicious bra-buster Winter Rae has a new, sexy stripper/bimbo outfit she wants to model. Lacy, black and sheer. Great for dancing and great for getting impaled by a hard dick. Every piece of clothing Winter owns is sexy. Said Winter, “My entire wardrobe emphasizes my breasts: Low-cut shirts, crop tops, halter tops and skintight thin dresses that show off all the goods.”

Winter doesn’t know you all that well, so she slips a rubber on your cock after making it rigid with her pretty mouth and talented tongue. Whether she’s under you or on top of you, Winter loves to vigorously pump and grind that dick and make a lot of noise. Winter for the win again. She thanks you for cumming all over her after you pull off the glove.

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Bubbly Blonde Krystal Swift

Bubbly Blonde Krystal Swift

“I would rather do this than work at a boring job for eight hours,” said sunny blonde Krystal Swift, a girl who doesn’t look, walk or talk like a porn star.

“It is fun and I get to express myself and have good sex. I like to show off my body and I like sex so this was right for me. I like to wear tight clothes and see what happens when I am in public. Sometimes people recognize me, so that means they watch my videos.”

Krystal said guys look at her boobs first, then her ass. Sometimes they look up at her eyes. She grew up in a small town near the Poland-Czech Republic border. “It’s very quiet there so I moved to Prague and became a dancer. A photographer saw me. He recommended I try modeling and I thought it was a good idea. I would not keep coming back if I did not enjoy this.”

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Suki Ski: Bonus from

Suki Ski: Bonus from

When Voluptuous magazine editor Dave previewed Suki Ski on the SCORELAND blog, his post attracted 40 comments. The record is 68 comments in a 2018 blog about SCORE WILF Shelby Gibson. Such is the power of Suki based on one photo of a model no one had ever seen before.

“I dance and do yoga,” Suki said about her personal activities. “I like to wear babydolls or tight, form-fitting, strappy tops and strapless tops with no bras. Lacey push-up bras are my favorite.

“People say I’m super sweet and friendly,” said Suki. She wears a 34FF-bra. “I get a lot of attention. I love to go out to eat, and I enjoy walks around the city. My sexual fantasy is to have sex in a hotel room and the guy’s girlfriend comes in and wants to be included. I’ve also fantasized about having sex on the beach.”

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Kailani Kai Vs. The Fuck Machine

Kailani Kai Vs. The Fuck Machine

Kailani Kai takes on the Fuck Machine in search of pussy and anal pleasure. She wins. Amazingly, it didn’t short-circuit.

The machine is no match for this brickhouse of a brunette bra-buster. She sticks it between her big tits, inside her pussy and in her ass. For the grand finale, Kailani gets on her back for more anal pumping as she spreads and rubs her pussy, gooey from the lube she’s squirted.

“I love the thought of guys having a happy ending watching me do anything,” Kailani purred. “Trying on sexy outfits, playing with myself, getting stretched by a big stud. It makes my day when a fan tells me he came to my pics or videos.”

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Food & Pleasure

Food & Pleasure

There’s a tasty cake on the table, but our eyes are firmly fixed on Kamille Amora and her luscious tits. She’s a mouth-watering treat with a set of I-cup breasts you have to see to believe. And even when most people see them, they don’t believe they’re real.

“Yeah, I get asked if my tits are real all the time,” Kamille said. “At first, I didn’t like it, but then I realized that people were basically saying I have great tits. And that’s flattering. But I do let them know that I’m all-natural.”

Yes, Kamille’s knockers are real and they are spectacular. And she loves showing them off, too.

“I love wearing little corsets and bras that are a bit too small,” she says. “My cleavage is great when I wear a bra that is a few sizes too small. Smaller bras push them up and guys can’t stop staring at them. It’s pretty funny when guys try to act like they aren’t staring at them. I almost want to tell them that it’s okay to stare. Boobs were made for looking at.”

And we enjoy looking at Kamille’s tits every chance we get.

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Business Is Bangin’ For Busty Boss Shannon

Business Is Bangin' For Busty Boss Shannon

Big-boobed businesswoman Shannon Blue is waiting for Tom to show up at her office to discuss the latest “figures,” but the only figures Tom is interested in are Shannon’s eye-popping measurements.

Shannon keeps Tom employed because she enjoys his lengthy qualifications, and that’s why she’s called for the usual meeting this morning. Being a businesswoman is stressful and Tom carries the kind of stress balls Shannon likes to play with.

When it comes to corporate relations, Shannon likes to get down to the root and is known for taking things into her own hands. She keeps a couch in her office because she often entertains her employees and clients and doesn’t like to waste company time.

“I don’t have time for hobbies,” said Shannon. She got a divorce, supersized her boobs and accepted an invitation from SCORE. It took time for Shannon to try hardcore, and, man, is she really into it. Tom has his hands full with this tigress, but he’s up to the challenge and completely douses Shannon’s huge tits with spunk.

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Massive natural tits of Colombia

Massive natural tits of Colombia

This is our first look at Sofia Damon at SCORELAND2, and your first view of Sofia is going to knock your socks off. The camera pans down to Sofia’s cleavage, and it just keeps going and going and going. Sofia’s cleavage is massive in her tight, ultra-low-cut top. If she wore this outfit while walking down the street in Medellin, Colombia, all of the ass-loving men in that city would suddenly become tit men. Her rack is that impressive.

In this video, Sofia speaks to us in Spanish (with English sub-titles) as she plays with and bounces her huge, natural jugs. The girl knows a lot of tit tricks, including slapping them together. I’d give her rack a standing ovation. There’s slo-mo action, too. For you boob lovers out there, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Of course, a girl’s gotta have some fun, too, so Sofia strips totally naked (barefoot, too), lies back, spreads her legs and fingers her wet, shaved pussy.

This scene is 17 minutes, 53 seconds long. I predict it will take you several hours of several days to get to the end because you’re not going to be able to hold back.

Sofia told us, “When I go out, I always wear a bra, but at home, I like to just wear a top. I love to show off my bust and I wear low-cut tops. I like to be admired.”

By the way, she’s short ‘n’ stacked: 5’3″ with G-cup tits. Man, is this girl ever a sight!

Sofia used to sell cellphones. What a waste of talent.

SCORELAND: Do you have a sex fantasy you think about often?

Sofia: Many men kissing and licking my pussy.

SCORELAND: What satisfies you best?

Sofia: I love to have my pussy licked.

SCORELAND: How often do you have sex?

Sofia: Three times a week.

SCORELAND: Any favorite positions?

Sofia: On all fours and on top.

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Business Is Bangin’ For Busty Boss Shannon Blue

Business Is Bangin' For Busty Boss Shannon Blue

The daily routine of a businesswoman sporting huge tits is a demanding one. The first thing on Miss Shannon Blue‘s agenda is to get fucked in her office by her hung employee Tom. He shows up for their meeting to discuss “figures,” but there’s only one set of figures that counts: his busty boss’s bust, waist and hips. Shannon doesn’t need him to do her books. She needs him to do her boobs.

Shannon wastes no precious company time in taking Tom’s cock in her mouth and sucking him hard. They move to Shannon’s cozy couch where she and Tom continue their business meeting. Shannon’s receptionist is used to hearing wild screams coming from her office when Tom is meeting with her. She knows her boss doesn’t like to get bad news about the company’s balance sheet.

“What I do now is the best,” said Shannon, a divorced English MILF who did a total lifestyle change. “I wish I had done this sooner.”

Now Shannon has the giant tits she wanted (and still wants to go bigger), and she’s unleashed her horny, high-powered sexual side on-camera, going as hot as she wants to with big-cock studs.

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