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Paola Zaguna: Nude On The Rocks

Paola Zaguna: Nude On The Rocks

Paola Zaguna couldn’t have found a more off-the-beaten trail to bare her very big boobs and pussy than this hidden area deep in the forest by a babbling brook. Paola is the real reason that babbling brooks babble. She found being outdoors at this location exciting for several, easy-to-guess reasons.

Known as “BigBoobsPaola, the Colombian 36H-cup bra-buster spends a lot of her time in the kitchen. “I like to cook and exercise a little bit,” Paola said. Imagine Paola wearing an apron and nothing else while she prepares one of her hearty meals.

“I am a very sexual woman. I want to have sex every day. I want a man to suck on my boobs and play with them and fuck them for a long time. My favorite sex position is cowgirl facing my partner. For foreplay, I like to be masturbated with a sex toy.”

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Kim Velez: Kitchen Wet Dreams

Kim Velez: Kitchen Wet Dreams

Breakfast with Kim Velez?

Who wouldn’t be there in a flash? Any second spent with Kim is quality time well spent. Kim never actually gets around to making breakfast Colombian style. She gets distracted by her big tits, clapping, swinging and slapping them in her kitchen. Those big areolae might remind you of silver dollar pancakes, but no doubt much tastier. “My friends say I cook very well,” Kim said. We believe it.

Kim told us she doesn’t have any hobbies.

“I don’t think I have any hobbies because I’m too lazy to move out of bed,” Kim replied.

What? We don’t believe it. Kim is one of the most-seductively energetic girls we’ve ever met.

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Gia Costello: Just Wait Until Her Husband Gets Home

Gia Costello: Just Wait Until Her Husband Gets Home

Gia Costello is straightening out the furniture, and with every move she makes, her heavy hooters fall out of her halter top. She jams her tits back in but they keep flying out every time she bends over.

Meanwhile, her new husband’s son Nade is staring at Gia thinking filthy thoughts about her. He stays home all the time now watching every move she makes. On this day, his dad is away on business. Now’s his chance to make a move on his hot new step-mom like the perv he is.

Watching Gia fluff the pillows where he’s sitting, Nade thinks about Gia fluffing his cock with her talented lips. He leaps up like a crazy man and starts sucking her nipples. Gia’s shocked at first, but she likes his aggressiveness, and his tit play makes her pussy wet. In a flash, his cock is out and in her mouth. She deepthroats him and turns around so he can strip her down and pound her juicy pussy.

About dick size, Gia told us “I will admit, I think it’s relatively important! I would call myself spoiled as far as that goes. In real life, having boyfriends that are pretty well-endowed and my experiences filming with SCORE now. Perfect is a nice eight or nine inches with some thickness.

“I think all the porn pros I’ve been with thus far are exactly that–pros! They all know what they’re doing and do it well! Regular guys can be good too, but they’re either overconfident–like yeah, she loves this–or insecure and afraid to branch out and try new things! Sometimes. Not always.”

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Jenni Noble: The Pleasure Is All Hers

Jenni Noble: The Pleasure Is All Hers

Everyone loves Jenni Noble. She brings her “real girl” self (one of her many charms and natural assets) to the Big Show at SCORELAND. She is covered with awesome sauce.

Telling Nicky Rebel to wait in the bedroom, Jenni shows him what she’s been up to lately. She walks in dressed to kill in a bra and panty set with stockings and heels.

Jenni tells him that she’s now dancing in a club for guys who love girls with big boobs. She immediately became one of the stars of the place. She wants to show Nicky what she wears at the club and some of the things she does to stir up the crowd. Jenni tells him to unhook her bra. They’re going to play breast games. Sucking, licking and squeezing. What happens next is what she doesn’t do at the strip club.

Jenni straddles his face so he can lick her bushy pussy. Pulling down Nicky’s pants, Jenni wraps her sweet lips around his dick and balls and sucks with passion, then she lies on her back so he can fuck those delicious tits.

“I want you to fuck me,” Jenni moans as Nicky slides his dick between her quivering breasts and sinks his fingers into her soft tit-flesh. Now, that’s a request he is eager to satisfy. That’s what he’s been waiting to hear. He can’t wait to slip into Jenni’s wet, pink pussy.

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Demmy Blaze & Her Big Blazing Balloons

Demmy Blaze & Her Big Blazing Balloons

Something’s gonna pop when Demmy drops her top and it won’t be her big balloons.

A balloon-bouncing top-popper wearing a sexy student costume is just what the dean of this college ordered.

Young Demmy was preparing for a career as a customs officer. Then she walked into a famous bra and lingerie shop called Brazerie. This chain store in Ukraine specializes in bras and swimsuits for women with breasts in the D- to M-cup range.

“I came to the Brazerie shop to buy some nice lingerie for myself. That day, the boss of the shop was there and she was a very communicative lady. I told her that I have a hobby of taking photos and showed her some of my pics. She asked for my phone number and soon called me to model their bras. They were so professional and told me my right size. They chose for me very comfortable lingerie. Now I only buy lingerie, bras and swimsuits there for my shootings.”

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Garden hosed

Garden hosed

“There are two things I like best of all,” naturally stacked Czech chick Veronika said. “Sex and shopping.”

In this video, she is definitely not shopping.

“I can have both in porn. I love the attention I get because of my tits. It’s flattering. That’s why I wear expressive clothes that are stretchy and show cleavage.”

Actually, what Veronika is wearing at the start of this scene is not especially expressive. She’s wearing a little sun dress that shows a little bit of cleavage but enough to get the attention of Tom, her gardener. Now, Veronika once said, “I am very passive. You can see this in my videos. I like the man to lead me.” But here, she makes the first move, running her hands and tongue over Tom’s bare chest. That gets the party started. Within seconds, he’s all over her tits and then she’s all over his dick. The entire scene was shot outdoors.

“My sex drive has only gotten stronger as I get older,” Veronika said. “That’s why I love making pictures and videos. If I am alone, I will look at them and masturbate with one of my vibrators. I consider myself 100% sexually liberated, and I’m happy that my country no longer has any stupid sex laws. I feel sorry for the women in many other countries.”

In the Czech Republic, girls are expected to pose nude and/or suck and fuck on-camera when they turn 18. It has become a national tradition that Veronika is happy to follow.

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Double-D Your Pleasure

Double-D Your Pleasure

Little seen in travel agency brochures, the prestigious Hooter Hotel is located near an obscure village in an Eastern European nation. The staff is composed entirely of hot chicks…busty babes who could easily be SCORE magazine models.

Our Man From S.C.O.R.E. on assignment, using the code name Mr. Johnson, has checked into this pulchritudinous paradise and has already met the horny room service waitress Karina and the orgasmically-inclined bell-hop Melissa. Today he runs into Katerina and Dominno, the two slinky, mysterious maids prowling the hallways in search of…something. Mr. Johnson sees them outside his room. “I’ve only checked in a couple of hours ago,” he says to the giggling duo, gorgeous in their skimpy maids’ costumes that no other hotel on earth provides. “It can’t be dirty.”

With a saucy giggle and a wicked smile, Dominno tells him in her sexy Czech accent, “We MAKE it dirty.” She laughs. There’s nothing clean about these two young ladies.

They proceed to enter Mr. Johnson’s room and stain the sheets with fresh pussy juices as they have hot, lipstick-Lesbian sex and play with a huge toy. Johnson is impressed as he enjoys the show. These are really good maids. They’ve made such a mess of the bedsheets, it’s a good thing they’re maids. Now they can clean the room before they leave.

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Horny Matrimony

Horny Matrimony

It’s a Nikky Wilder fantasy wedding and she is the fantasy bride, resplendent in her white veil and bridal lingerie. An all-nighter with Nikky on her bridal bed would be pure pleasure. Nikky’s a vocal girl and likes to tell you exactly what she wants to be done to her soft, dangerous curves.

“To make a man feel special, I touch his arms, shoulders, back and chest while looking into his eyes,” Nikky reveals. “If he does the same things to me that I’m doing to him, it lets me know that he’s in the moment and only thinking of me.”

Nikky likes to spend time at a quiet beach with her toes in the sand, but if this were her honeymoon week, she wouldn’t be spending much time outdoors. She’d be in bed the whole time getting fucked and licked by her groom. And that would suit her just fine!

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The perfect gift for Sara

The perfect gift for Sara

George should get some praise. He’s a porn star in Prague whose love of busty women really comes through in his videos. A lot of stunt-dicks look like they don’t care who they’re fucking on any given day. George always looks like he’s really enjoying banging his porn partner, and here she’s the bosomy and attractive Sara, a girl I consider one of the all-time Czech hotties of adult videos. Like George, she always looks like she’s enjoying herself and not going through the usual motions. Most male porn performers should study how George lustily sucks nipples and eats pussy.

The opener has George buying a gift for Sara, one that’s also a gift for himself. When he helps her put on the new bra he’s gifting her, he lights up like it’s Christmas morning and Sara is his erotic gift. What’s also nice about this scene is Sara jacking George off on her tits. I get annoyed when the guy jerks himself to shoot a load on the girl, and all porn in general is filled with that.

“I don’t wear a bra in the summer,” Sara wrote in her model bio document. A friend suggested she try adult modeling. It turned out that she liked posing in sexy clothing and naked. Fucking on-camera came next. I think she’s one of the best, sexiest girls we’ve ever photographed.

“I wear tight clothing and high heels when I go out because I like to catch the eye. I’ve always liked attention. It is always a give and take with a man. There should be sharing. I do not really meet any passive men. I usually have sex once a week. Not as much as you might guess.”

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Bodacious Buxotic

Bodacious Buxotic

You won’t need to imagine anything when you see Nadia Villanova, but imagine the reaction Nadia gets when she wears an extreme bikini and goes to Miami Beach.

“I always wear low-cut tops and sexy outfits,” said Nadia. “Even at the gym when I work out. Working out and shopping are my hobbies.

“I like going out on dates with outdoor activities, doing things that are exciting. I like rock-climbing and I want to try skydiving. I can also suck a cock like a champ.” That’s a fact.

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“I was voted most-athletic in high school,” Kirra Lynn says. “I played soccer, softball, ran track, and I was a cheerleader, too. I’ve always been an active chick. I like to stay fit.”

Kirra’s got the type of ass we call, “Fit-N-Tight.” Her ass and thighs are firm, full and built to go all night. Her commitment to fitness obviously comes in very handy in the sack.

“I can never get enough,” she said. “I’m not too picky, but I do tend to prefer guys who are in shape. They can keep up with me in bed. I never get tired.”

Take note, fellas. If you want to bang Kirra’s brains out, it’s a good idea to hit the gym a few times per week.

“Fucking me is unforgettable,” Kirra added. “Every guy I’ve ever fucked said I was the best.”

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