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A Beauty Called Lissa Hope

A Angel Called Lissa Hope

“I usually automatically assume that guys check out my juggs first, but that’s okay,” Lissa Hope told. “They’re there and I’m contented of ’em. I adore the way I look. I am contented of my body. I have no reason not to be. If I gain weight, they’ll acquire larger and if I lose weight they’ll acquire a little bit smaller, but I not ever receive lower than a G-cup.”

Big-boobed and proud is the way to be. What other people need to say is irrelevant.

“All throughout high-school, I’d hide them. I would wear sweaters daily and leggings even if it was summer. I’d wear T-shirts over my swimsuits ‘cuz I was told at a juvenile age that it was not appropriate to unveil my zeppelins. I was not allowed to wear bikinis either, so it was a one-piece bathing costume with a bigger than average T-shirt on top.”

And now Lissa is bustin’ loose.

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