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A party between London’s hooters leads to a glad ending

A party between London's bouncy bosoms leads to a cheerful ending

London Andrews is different from any other adult model to ever visit SCORE. I have known a lot of dancer-models who traveled from strip club to club through the year but by no means anyone who drove from town to town, town to town, state to state, posing for photographers ranging from professionals to private amateurs. That is what London does. This amazes me.

This wanderlust is very odd, especially for a woman. But London is a very unusual lady. She has probably logged hundreds of thousands of miles on America’s highways and back roads since 2007. This takes courage and a great deal of optimism and faith.

London has lived this nomadic, Bohemian lifestyle for years, constantly sleeping in different beds, visiting different towns and villages, dealing with life on the road, collision an endless flow of people as this babe accepts different photo-modeling jobs. That babe lives in an underground world of modeling that most people do not know about.

London reads Jack Kerouac, the famous novelist who defined the Beat Generation of the 1950s. This babe may be also youthful to remember Route 66, a 1960s TV expose about two allies in a Corvette who traveled The United States of America getting into a fresh dramatic story every single week. But this babe would probably love the brandish since it shared Kerouac’s philosophy. London goes in-costume to Burning Buck, that yearly, wild, psychotronic festival in the middle of the Nevada desert. She drinks deeply from the cup of life, deeper than most people who live the same routine each single day and take a two-week vacation once a year.

We were favourable to have London go all-out here cuz her main glamour modeling interests are glamour, avant garde, artistic, fetish and alternative. Her doing a tits-and-tugs and a pair of very hawt hardcore scenes with boys is basically a fluke in her resume and a fortunate break for SCORELAND members and DVD viewers. This babe never made another XXX video after her trip here. SCORELAND fans loved her love muffins, her arse and her beautiful face as well as the real-girl vibe that babe gives off. They still write in about her. I would like to see her adult model another time here.

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