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Africa demonstrates the Monkey Spanker on JMac’s Ding-dong

Africa demonstrates the Monkey Spanker on JMac's Dick

Here’s a rather unusual scene. Something you don’t see daily. Africa Sexxx, one of my beloved glamour models (thank u to her larger than run of the mill, pendulous hangers, ultra-pink love tunnel and oral stimulation skills, not to mention a very ravishing personality) demonstrates a sextoy, and this babe does her demonstration on a real, live rod.

The toy is called “The Monkey Spanker,” and we were selling it at for a while. We figured, “What better way to sell a product than to have a model demonstrate it, and what more worthy way to demonstrate it than in a real tits-and-tugs scene?”

Now, you’ll notice that at the end of this scene, the buck cums on Africa’s large naturals. Does that prove the Monkey Spanker works? No, it proves Africa truly knows how to work a knob. So I’m not sure if this is more of an endorsement of Africa or of the toy.

One of our men said, “The Monkey Spanker is the finest jack assist I have ever used. I use it between discharges to keep my knob unbending and willing for act. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that it’s more fine than the real thing!”

Yeah, u are exaggerating, buddy. There’s no way the Monkey Spanker could be more valuable than planting your meat-thermometer betwixt Africa’s zeppelins or banging her cum-hole. I refuse to believe it. U will not at all hear a charmer say to a gracious lady, “Sorry, I can not go out tonight. I’ve a date with my Monkey Spanker.”

Regardless, we sold plenty of Monkey Spankers when we had them in stock, thank u to Africa. And we’re still flogging our monkeys, thank’s to Africa.

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