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Alice Pumps You Up

Alice Pumps U Up

Time to figure out at with Alice Webb! Or rather, time to sit back with a beer and observe those fotos of Alice working out. A boy once approached Alice and said to her, “Excuse me, I’m about to go home and masturbate and I need a name for your face.” Alice has a worthy sense of humor so she thought it was beautiful funny. How does a boy really attract her attention? That look in his eyes that tells me that this chab desires me. It can not be faked. Eyes give it all away. I also adore to view a man’s fingers. I love to watch if that skirt chaser can play an instrument.” How does Alice dress when that babe goes out? “I am a total tomboy,” Alice explains. I wear movie T-shirts and a skirt. I always wear a bra. A hotty with 40HH bouncy bosoms like mine has to. It’s a must. I’ve always been a tomboy. I took karate for eight years.” What are her carnal fantasies? Does this babe have any? “I wanna have sex in a sexy air balloon travelling over the countryside. I don’t know if I’ll ever do that. There’re probably regulations against it!”

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