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An Asspipe Affair

An Asspipe Affair

SCORE and Kayla Kleevage go back to the ’90s when the blonde supertitter (born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin before becoming a Texan) was flying into the United Kingdom for studio and on-location SCORE photo sessions. “My bartending skills helped me land jobs at Bottoms Up and Fantasys, which were underware bars in Racine. When I was about Twenty, my family moved to Houston, Texas, and that is when I identified the topless lap dancing scene. I danced at Sugars on Broadway, Caligula XXX and The Ritz. One night, when I was at The Ritz partying and dancing, a buck walked up to me and asked if I had any interest in becoming a feature dancer. The rest is history!” Her energy levels and motivation are astonishing. Like Minka, Kayla, now a Las Vegas celebrititty, is one of the scarcely any ultra-busty legends from the ’90s still in action and still doing it all. It’s a lifestyle with her, not just a career, and when the one time mighty mega-boob night exotic dancing club circuit eroded, Kayla simply switched her sexual energies to other areas. This American ass-drilling SCORE Classic was originally in the DVD SCORE Xtra 8 and made about a year after the Mega-Boob Olympics. Boob bucks are a specific breed different from any other and Kayla knows this. She’s met thousands of them. “Guys acquire very amorous when they just receive to play with billibongs. It’s joy. Even table lap dancing, they’re glad if I do a dance in which I’ll pop them in their face, jiggle ’em around. Plenty of boys like to watch them just swing around. They’re very happy with that.” How important does Kayla think hardcore is to a boob lady-killer? Over time, this babe became a specialist in large tit anal. “There are angels who do not do hardcore,” Kayla explained. “Look at [retired SCORE Girl] Traci Topps, everybody loves Traci. This babe didn’t do hardcore. If they adore ya, they like ya. Certainly, u are gonna get a scarcely any more fans when u do these other wicked things, but I think it is not necessary. I savour it, though, the hardcore and all of the other naughty ram. I would not do it if I did not relish it. Having sex in front of a digi camera, knowing so many people are watching is enjoyment. And I love the idea of walking into a supermarket, let us say, having people notice me, and knowing they know that I banged on-camera. It’s thrilling in a reverse-voyeuristic kind of way.”

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