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Angel’s Sports Bar

Angel's Sports Bar

Girl Gee will be your server today and that babe is serving up a double-decker plate of hawt. She’s up-close, in your face and personal. Not solely can you get beer and chicken wings with hawt sauce, you can get the stupendous love muffins you could ever want. Special juggs. Fullsome funbags u need 2 hands to handle, and even then it’s a struggle. Speaking of sexy sauce, Cutie likes it. So pour it on!

Traveling is a real trip for Gal. “I set the alarm off each time I go through security. Once when I was leaving Memphis, the beauty had to feel me down ‘coz of my piercings. That babe told, ‘I hope u don’t mind this.’ I said, ‘Oh, no, I don’t care.’ She told, ‘Do u mind if we do it out here or do you wanna go into a intimate room?’

“I said, ‘We can do it out here. That is kewl.’ All of the boys there…their throats were dropping to the floor watching her touching my knockers and making sure it is the ring on my adore button.

“When I’m going throughout baggage check, the crew would come up to me and commence talking to me, asking me when I was coming back, where I was going, and of course when they watch SCORE on the ticket, even the cuties all initiate staring at me.”

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