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Annabelle Rogers: Breast Management

Annabelle Rogers: Breast Management

A girl with a lot of fetishes and raunchy dreams, Annabelle Rogers talks kink. No one would ever guess that from her apple pie and peaches looks.

“I truly adore public humiliation. That is one thing I truly have pleasure. I honestly have so many fetishes. I feel adore every single month, I am into something different or watching a different type of porn, but I really adore bawdy talk. I adore rough ram. Messy talk mostly. Vulgar indecent talk. One as well as the other of us going at it. I’m dominant and obedient, but I adore being uncomplaining with a man. I adore being abased a little bit. That woman chaser is saying, ‘Oh, you are such a immodest little bitch.’ I like when they tell me what to do. ‘Get on your knees. Widen your legs.’

“I actually love when the angel is being sauntered around on a leash. I adore when a gal is showing off some other hotty and everybody is groping her and touching her. They grope her. They fuck her. And I adore when a entire bunch of people are groping and fingering her as she’s standing there and there is no thing she can do about it. That’s just smth that doesn’t happen in your typical life.

“I’ve done public play but no thing where people were groping me. Flashing in public. Public masturbation. I do a lot of car masturbation. Car rides are likewise lengthy and boring. I’ll wear a skirt with nothing underneath it. I used to flash the pizza chap in hopes he would pull over and give me a pizza for flashing him.”

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