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Booty spunk fantasy

Ass spunk dream

Goldie Ray, pleasant, golden-haired and beautiful, came to SCORELAND in 2012 and took a greater than standard dick up her taut a-hole the very first day. Then the next day, that babe took one more greater than run of the mill jock up her a-hole and finished things off with an anal jizz pie.

At that point, a easygoing observer might have thought, “This goddess is juvenile and hot and loves getting ass-fucked on-camera. She’s plan to go on to do lots of porn films.” That would’ve been a reasonable thought. And it would have been not right.

Cuz after getting ass-fucked twice on-camera and pussy-fucked twice more (for our other magazines and websites), Goldie Ray stopped doing porn. That babe stopped getting paid to take dongs in her booty and mouth on-camera.

But that doesn’t mean she stopped fucking. No, never. That babe went on to do fuck-for-pay of a different kind at the world-famous Bunny Ranch. So sex has always been a greater than standard part of her life. I am not sure if she’s still there. I do not think this babe is, but if anyone’s had her, let’s know.

Goldie is from Hollywood, California. That babe reminded plenty of members of Marilyn Monroe, who at not time got ass-fucked on-camera but very likely took it up the booty from JFK, Arthur Miller and/or Marlon Brando but by no means had the worthy decency to put her screw holes up for sale.

That is why I adore girls adore Goldie Ray. They do not play that “My backdoor is likewise good for you” crap.

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