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Beach baby

Beach baby

“I live in Toronto, Canada, so I have to be bundled up for half the year,” handsome Taylor Steele said us. Toronto is a nifty town, but it is not Miami where gals walk around in bikinis and high heels.

How does Taylor dress in Toronto?

“I suit easygoing when I in a relationship with friends and I suit love a sex star when I am on a date,” that babe said. Works for me!

We sent a photographer to Toronto since YOU.S. laws prevent Canadians from glamour modeling within USA. It is a shame that Taylor cant wear skimpy charming garments all year round. I feel sad for my Canadian cousins.

Jose, our photographer, talked about Taylor when he got back to Miami. Jose has photographed thousands of models and Taylor impressed him.

“That night, we went out to dinner with Taylor in Toronto and this babe told everybody that babe saw, ‘I’m shooting for SCORE! I’m a SCORE glamour model!’ She is one of the nicest, almost any vivacious beauties I have ever discharged, and that babe can not expect to see herself on SCORELAND.”

Did being a SCORE glamour model change Taylor’s life?

“Some people have come up to me and approached me about it, which can be strange sometimes,” she told. “I do not mind that coz they’re always nice about it, but I adore to separate the 2 sides of me. The Taylor u see in the mag does have a lot in common with the real me, especially the randy me. But there’s likewise a me that the world doesn’t see. I love to cook and clean in my free time and hang out with my kittens and make and edit episodes. I’m glamorous boring. I would much rather stay home and make soup then go out and party.”

Taylor Steele in two words: Fuckin’ awesome.

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