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Bedroom Tanalize

Bedroom Tease

Is this each boob-man’s dream? You’ve worked your gazoo off, had a combo meal for dinner and u come home to…Chloe Vevrier contemplating in the bedroom. But, what’s Chloe like, u know… sexually. Is this babe obedient? Controlling? Loud or quiet? The answer? All of the above and more. Danni Ashe confided to us that Chloe is an extremely fleshly paramour who likes to take control during lovemaking. Carrie, who shared a menage-a-twat with Danni and Chloe in the Feb. ’96 Voluptuous, saw another side of Chloe…she told us Chloe was very gentle and obedient, love a delicate flower contemplating to bloom. Brittany Andrews remembers Chloe on Boob Cruise ’95 doing anything that babe could to receive Britt into sofa. Apparently, Chloe told everyone she wanted to sleep with Brittany in hopes Miss Andrews would consent. Britt didn’t and, in her own words, “Now I urge I’d have. She’s [Chloe] perfect in each way. It would have been enjoyment.” We’ve likewise talked to some males who have had the pleasure of Chloe’s company, regular lads just love u, and one word they have used to describe Chloe is…”passionate.” She’s pure passion. One of the almost any ardent and sensual chicks on earth. So, after hearing all of this, what’s Chloe adore during lovemaking? She’s anything you’ve dreamed about, and no thing love u expect…the utmost bedroom tease.

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