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Big-Boobed Detonation

Big-Boobed Detonation

The philosophy at is that you can at not time acquire likewise much of Charlie Cooper, one of the most-popular newcomers. Charlie does justice to her constricted dress. Sure, this babe looks clothed for dinner and exotic dancing but who would wanna leave the apartment when this babe answers the door like this? What does Charlie like to do for pleasure and kicks? It is called Mardi Gras. But not in New Orleans. Charlie‘s city St. Louis also has a Mardi Gras that isn’t as nationally known as its Louisiana counterpart. “It’s a 3 day celebration, and people begin drinking early, love at 9 a.m.,” Charlie said XLGirls magazine editor. “By four or five in the afternoon they shut down part of downtown and it’s just beads, scoops and beer. I’ve become the queen of Mardi Gras. St. Louis is the second largest celebration in the country and, trust me, I get bags of beads. I am the bead queen, and there is free drinks and free entrance to clubs. The thing is when u go to Mardi Gras you are not supposed to flash. But the police will even ask you to watch and they’ll give u beads. If you’re not careful you can acquire a ticket. I’ve not at any time gotten a ticket in all my years of going. I go in a ordinary outfit, just something worthy that I would wear out. And something that is accessible from the top ‘cuz I do not urge to lift up my shirt. I keep my tits on lockdown. I’ve not at any time had an accident with ’em popping out.” As pleasure as Mardi Gras in St. Louis sounds, seeing Charlie play with her traffic-stopping bod or ride the pole at XLGirls is more nice!

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