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Bathing suit Babe Bash

Bikini Girl Bash

There’re times when the studio employees will ask the editors what the gals should wear for a shoot. When I saw Danniella Levy, the first outfit I suggested was a petite swim dress (and super-high heels). The location was swanky and the weather was priceless so it all worked out.

Danniella has one of the dirtiest face holes you could ever hope to hear. That babe is a natural at it and practices her jack off talk (Brit speak for jack talk) on British television station Babestation. I do not think there’s everything similar in the America. They have their limits to what they will do so there is rarely anything very explicit. Danniella reminds me of the era when topless cuties filled the pages of the British tabloid newspapers.

“I do the day brandish,” told Danniella. “It’s an implied-nude flaunt. It is a talk display, so people call in for telephone sex. We’ve plenty of fans. When I am being truly bawdy, I’ll say pussy, but for run of the mill use, I’ll say noonie. We have a British term for boobies in cockney rhyming slang, Bristol Cities Meatballs.”

Danniella used to be a stewardess. Just imagine a long flight with her on-board in her taut, little uniform.

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