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Booty-Camp Sergeant

Booty-Camp Sergeant

Pinky is slight (4’11” in her undressed feet) but don’t screw with her. She is a man-eater. As the commander of Larger than run of the mill Arse Boot Camp, Lieutenant Pinky rules the base. Not with an iron fist but with a taut vagina and skilled face hole.

She’s served below plenty of officers and has come up the ranks throughout her special talents. Her 2 workers members sex her up when this babe wants sexin’ and that time is right now. Since they’ve interrupted her, this babe craves to fuck. Pinky gives ’em great blow jobs with tons of saliva strings and gobs of spit, the way a oral-job should be served. No dry cocksucking for Pinky! If any female recruit sucked dry, they’d be court-martialled! Those two slam-fuck her just the way this babe loves it. No warm and fuzzy lovey dovey shit for Pinky. Toss her around love a life-sized doll, fuck the hell with out her and throat-fuck her. This babe can take it and come back for more, and even harder. She receives on the couch in doggie and bounces her booty in her trademarked Pinky way, a signal for her two males to discharge their mortars off on her rounded wazoo cheeks. They cover her booty in ball-butter which Pinky licks and then rubs the rest into her butt cheeks as a skin ball batter. That babe learned a lot in the army.


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