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Bra-busting bombshell

Bra-busting bombshell

At the begin of this movie, Katie Thornton is wearing an ultra-tight petticoat and a very tight, very revealing top. It is charming obvious that the cameraman can’t live without her larger than standard bosoms cuz this charmer zooms right in on her mega-cleavage. We’re talking serious deep cleavage here, sports fans.

Then, after giving us a lengthy watch her cleavage, Katie brandishes off her wazoo, which is admirable and round and grabbable. This beauty truly has it all. She is alluring, also, one of the hottest girls we have ever had. Finally, her scones come out, her captivating raiment come off and Katie treats us to unobstructed views of her magnificent body.

“I adore shooting for SCORE,” Katie said. “My hair, my make-up, the hawt outfits. I like Miami. It is all worthy.”

Katie was thrilled to be on 3 SCORE covers (August & Holiday 2015 and December 2017).

“I have them at home in a little frame on my wall in my little bedroom,” this babe said.

Katie says that babe acquires recognized more in the England than in the States, but that’s changing. The paparazzi chase her.

“I love being recognized. I was in Los Angeles, in Hollywood, and a man stopped me on the street and asked me if I was Katie Thornton. He’d seen me on the internet.”

So, basically, if you are ever out and about and watch Katie, it is ok to go up to her and say hello. Tell her you saw her in SCORE. Just be a gentleman about it. DON’T GRAB HER FULLSOME FUNBAGS. I know that is a tough ask, but try not to.

See More of Katie Thornton at SCORELAND2.COM!

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