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Chloe And Candy

Chloe And Candy

Candy Andes was an agreeable, happy beauty from Massachusetts who jumped heels-first into dancing and mag glamour modeling in 1997. The road led to the John Graham studio in London where this babe met Chloe for this memorable Lezzie lapper. (Candy said later that that babe actually enjoyed tasting Chloe’s snatch.) Candy sailed on Boob Cruise ’97, along with Chloe (they shared a cabin!), and was gung-ho about her future, with hopes to sail on Boob Cruise ’98. That babe was a popular enjoyable heart with the studs on the Cruise and it appeared to be adore that babe was destined for a lot of act in SCORE Mag. But then Candy promptly disappeared. No one in the strip club industry, not even her agent, knew what happened to her or where that babe was. Time passed and her name vanished from the memory banks of browsers, which is par for the course. What did happen to Candy wasn’t solved until years later during Thanksgiving 2000 when a SCORE editor who knew her received a mysterious late night email. That led to a telephone conversation that explained all. “I am a graduate student now. After the Boob Cruise, I went back to high school for my Bachelor’s Degree. I graduated and then got a Masters in political science, and now I’m working on my PhD. I was indeed favourable to have the chance to have to know such a worthwhile group of people, and truly I do miss u all very much, especially now that I’m looking at all these images. It’s pretty priceless to have the opportunity to initiate over in the academic world. As much as I enjoyed the bare modeling, one can merely do that for so long. I’m happy to have made a transition to what I feel is better for me. However, I loved the Boob Cruise and all of the photo shoots in London.”-Candy Andes

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