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Chloe And Jill

Chloe And Jill

In October, 1992, Chloe and company traveled to Tokyo, Japan for a few days to photograph her against the scenic splendor of that good nation. One of their contacts was the legendary Japanese photographer Momo, who interviewed her for Japanese fans. For a study in body contrast, Chloe posed with Jill, a long-haired lanky Dutch glamour model originally from Harlem in the Netherlands. The setting was a fashionable Japanese garden in Tokyo. Chloe is wearing an authentic Geisha Girl costume as she portrays a “maiko” or beginner geisha. (Geisha means “person of the arts.”) Her face is not heavily powdered in style of the Geisha “mask.” This pictorial was a novelty. Chloe even supresses a snicker in the opening sequence. There’s no full nudity and the posing has an awkward look to it. They could not perform a true or even simulated girl-girl in this location. There’s very little explicit sexuality, solely a small in number open leg positions and most of the time, their bottoms are fully overspread. During this trip, Chloe too posed with a real Japanese model named Yuko Yamada, whose bazookas were larger than Jill’s.

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