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Chloe And Mimi Miyagi

Chloe And Mimi Miyagi

The beauties posed in Palm Springs, California for the John Graham team, who were on a photo safari for big scones. Chloe solely made two XXX vids, Preeminent Chloe and Chloe’s Paramount Encore. As a contrast, Mimi has over 84 videos listed to her name, with a lot of anal and facial action. This now-classic photo shoot, a very odd pairing, appeared in the July 1994 SCORE Mag, a true collector’s issue. A Las Vegas resident, Mimi was in the news in the second half of 2006. Mimi Miyagi became a Republican candidate for governor of Nevada with the campaign slogan: “For the bare and honest truth.” Mimi’s official entourage included her “campaign girls,” 2 bodyguards and a makeup artist. “I have nothing left to hide,” she said when filing her papers for the November election. She was clothed in a tight pink business suit and pill-box hat invoking Jackie Kennedy’s ’60s image. “My slogan is, ‘I’m exposed and honest at all times.’ Look, I’m not some mature bastard playing golf,” declared Mimi. “I’m for the people, which means raising the minimum wage and getting rid of business taxes for entertainers. I am a Republican coz I like to bear arms and bra buddies!” Mimi’s platform included: Fresh anti-stalking legislature; the reduction of contemplating time processing police reports for crime victims; tougher laws on domestic violence abusers; removing newly added business tax laws on entertainers; legalizing clubs in hotels and more funds for programs to reduce youth gang violence. Mimi also wanted more money for public education, which lags badly compared to other Western countries. “Education in USA is also much adore our criminal justice system in USA. It is the high-reaching system in the world, but there’re inequities that are systemic to the process. There’s little doubt that cash matters! We’ve pumped up a system of education that is unfair for our children. If you are fortunate sufficient to live with out the inner cities, without the poverty-stricken areas of our country, chances are u will see more magnificant schools, more valuable teachers, more nice programs, more worthy anything.”

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